The Case of the Dragon's Dilemma by Amber Kell and R.J. Scott

17447081Title: The Case of the Dragon’s Dilemma    

Series: End Street Detective Agency 03 

Author: Amber Kell & R.J. Scott     

Genre: Paranormal     

Length: Novella (102pgs)    

Publisher: Total E-Bound (20th September 2013) Available from 23rd August 2013 with TEB VIP club    

Heat Level: Moderate      

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts  

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: Dragons, battles, a Siren attack and a deal Sam may come to regret leave Sam and Bob in danger…and result in Mikhail finding a mate.

Bob and Sam take their kind-of-adopted-now vampire daughter Mal to look at new schools. Mikhail is left to babysit the last of the remaining rescued children whilst they are away. When Sirens appear to steal her away, he is left facing the attack alone until a mysterious hero comes to his aid.

Ryujin, or Jin to his friends, is a dragon shifter and his role as Captain of the Dragon Guards puts him in direct conflict with Mikhail. The minute he sees Mikhail he knows what he wants. Now if he can only get Mikhail to see the same.     

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Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Mikhail is babysitting the last of the rescued children when they are attacked by Sirens; rescue comes from an unexpected source in the shape of a sexy dragon shifter Jin. Bob and Sam come back from dropping Mal off at her new school to find the bathroom destroyed and a new quest to undertake…. returning the little dragon shifter princess home and discovering who was behind her kidnapping. Jin is surprised to discover his mate is a vampire/siren hybrid, but Mikhail isn’t sure if he could be a dragons mate. 

Dragon’s *sigh* I just love dragon’s, and this story is an excellent paranormal with a horrid new enemy. Mikhail is left in charge for only a short amount of time when Siren’s attack with the intention of snatching the last remaining child, Eliza, when Jin comes to the rescue they realize that a dragon must have been involved with the original kidnapping. Jin, Mikhail, Sam, and Bob along with Eliza head back to the Dragon Mountains to return Eliza to the safety of her father and to discover who would want to get rid of her. Mikhail and Jin also have to find out if their mating stands a chance, because Mikhail doesn’t have much hope of anyone really wanting a vampire/siren hybrid. 

This story is a wonderful addition to the End Street Detective Agency continuing the kidnapped children/ siren storyline while weaving slightly darker elements into it to give us an exciting dangerous story. While we have met Mikhail in previous books, this book gives us insight into his life and you can’t help but admire him, as his past is unfolded. Jin is a very sexy new character who is also tough, but sweet and vulnerable at times. We see both men instantly connect but because of Mikhail’s mixed heritage, Mikhail doesn’t recognize, at first, that Jin is his mate. Jin is so understanding of Mikhail’s qualms and they really are a fantastic couple when they finally get it together. 

The rest of the storyline reveals more than just the siren’s involvement and we discover that someone, who Jin thought was a good friend, is a traitor. We see Sam make an ill-advised deal in his desperation to save someone, and he is delightful in his worry for Mal. Bob and Sam’s relationship continues to develop and they are brilliant together in this story, as well as the support they show their friend. We also get an excellent ending with hints for the next case. 

I recommend this to those who love brilliant paranormal investigations, danger and mad dragons, new storyline directions, great characters, incredible hot sex and a brilliant ending that leads us to the next book. 


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