The Christmas Dragon’s Mate by Silvia Violet

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Silvia Violet - The Christmas Dragon's Mate Cover uivn7fhTitle: The Christmas Dragon’s Mate

Series: Lonely Dragons Club  01

Author: Silvia Violet

Genre: Paranormal, Shape shifter, M-Preg

Length: Novella (128 pages)

ISBN: 1707820686

Publisher: Silvia Violet (12th November 2019)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Best Surprise Ever: Going out to add to your Christmas hoard and finding your fated mate.

I’ve been longing to find my mate for over a thousand years. When I see him for the first time, he’s standing beneath sparkling glass ornaments, like a present waiting to be unwrapped. A present I intend to lay claim to.

If I can lure him back to my lair, I’ll shower him with so many gifts he’ll never want to leave. Bonded with my mate by Christmas? Yes, please.

I’m no good at flirting and have terrible luck with men, so when a gorgeous alpha says he wants to take me home, I’m shocked. And wary. My heat is about to start, and I’ve never shared it with anyone, so why do I suddenly want to say yes to this stranger?

There’s something unusual about him, the way his eyes shine, the odd phrases he keeps using. He says he wants to add me to his collection of beautiful things. I should be offended, but instead, I’m intrigued. Just this once, should I take a risk?

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Review: The Christmas Dragon’s Mate is the first book in Silvia Violet’s Lonely Dragons Club series. I like the premise, which is a group of dragons who are about 1000 years old all long for their mates, living rather solitary lives except when they get together on occasion. With the coming Christmas season gives at least a couple of dragons hope for their HEA. This is a totally enjoyable read for anyone that likes shifters and m-preg but not looking for anything too heavy. This is just purely a romance without no angst.

I’m not super familiar with Violet’s work. However, a Christmas story, an alpha shifter and his omega human mate and throw in some M-preg… I was totally down for this. The only word of advice I will give is to those that don’t like insta-love (i.e. the whole fated mate thing in shifter romances) or pushy alpha getting their omega partner into bed.

This is a relatively quick holiday read. What you read in the blurb is essentially what you get, so I’m not going to get into too many details.

Dragons are well known for guarding their hoards. Laszlo is no exception to this rule. He loves the glittery and sparkle of Christmas, it is his favourite time of year. It is the one human festival that he loves. So he goes to a small gift shop in the town near his home, knowing he wanted to buy some glass baubles. This is how he meets his mate, a human omega called Roman. Laszlo has to fight his dragon, who wants to claim his mate as soon as possible, so that his mate won’t run screaming. He lures Roman to his lair and that’s when things heat up!