The Complications of T by Bey Deckard

25992904Title: The Complications of T
Series: N/A
Author: Bey Deckard
Genre: Transgender romance
Length: Short (38 Pages)
Publisher: Bey Deckard (August 18th, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: A bite-sized Trans* love story:

Stuart Leandro knows he’s washed up, both on the big screen, and in his marriage. Then, when things take an even bigger turn for the worse one night, he winds up blind drunk and lost in a foreign city.

Thankfully, someone’s there to rescue him before his face ends up plastered all over the tabloids.

Wary of the motives of the reclusive stranger who brings the fading star into the quiet shelter of a hip but isolated loft, Stuart nonetheless can’t deny his curiosity… Or his attraction. Tim is unlike anyone the actor has ever met, but underneath the mystery and quiet attempts at invisibility, Stuart discovers someone whose life has been intertwined with his own for years.

Neither could have predicted that Tim’s act of kindness would lead to one of the most intense encounters of their lives—but, are they willing to weather the media storm their extraordinary relationship will cause?

ISBN: 9780994790026

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Reviewer: KathyMac

Review: Bey Deckard tells the story of Stuart, an actor who has lost his mojo, his marriage, and, at the time, appears he may be falling off the wagon, of sobriety. Forced to the take the hand of a stranger… to avoid the tabloids smearing his drunken face all over for the world to see, sets into motion an affirmation of life.

Waking up in a strange bed, surrounded by unfamiliar walls, is the beginning and the end for Stuart. Confronting his savior, across a cup of coffee, puts a tingle of apprehension in his stomach. It’s a very eye-opening experience on many levels.

The complications of T, translate to more than one meaning, as I read this short tale about Tim, born a woman but always knew he was a man. With the transition complete, in body, he still has a ways to go, in mind. Not really his own mind, but exposing himself to others.

The beautiful thing about the story is the way Stuart opens up his heart and mind to accept Tim for who he is not what he was or what society wants him to be. In Stuart’s words – It’s all rubbish anyway. I thought. What point was there in getting caught up in tiny details that didn’t actually matter? All that mattered to me, right then and there, was that I felt like I was at the very beginning of something incredible.

Over the course of a week, Tim and Stuart, share everything, as much as possible within that time frame, from laughing and sharing memories to realizing they have a lot in common. They both want more but Tim has a few stipulations before he is willing to uproot from his safe haven.

Will they still have their strong connection when they are miles apart?

My takeaway from this inspiring and uplifting tale is it really doesn’t matter what your plumbing is if you have a connection with someone. Life can change in an instant and while fancy possessions are nice to have and/or claim to fame is rewarding, those things are pointless if your life is miserable. Finding that spark or connection with another human being is what’s important.

Tim offers himself, freely, to Stuart and they both find themselves eager to explore these new revelations… together.

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