The Doctor and the Bad Boy by R.J. Scott

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Title: The Doctor and the Bad Boy
Series: Ellery Mountain 04
Author: R.J. Scott
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (86pgs)
Publisher: Total E-Bound (19th July 2013) Available from 21st June 2013 with TEB VIP club.
Heat: Moderate
Heart: Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)4 Hearts
Reviewer: Pixie
Blurb: Mitchell Ryan, the recovering alcoholic bad boy, meets Doctor Liam Wolfe, the man who shows him it’s okay to love…
No one has ever understood Mitchell Askett. The bad boy. The alcoholic. The loser. Buying into the Ellery Mountain resort and placing down roots in the community for himself, his sister and his niece puts him on the radar of the Fridays and Doctor Liam Wolfe.
He soon realises he has friends in his new home who don’t judge him for what happened before and finally begins to escape his past. When he falls hard and fast for the doctor, he even sees a future for him in Ellery.
But when his new happiness is first threatened by family interference then by disaster, he begins to lose faith, until Liam shows him it’s okay to ask for help.
Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Mitchell is returning to Ellery Mountain after his family moved away when he was just a boy, he is returning for a quiet, peaceful, safe place for his sister and his niece, a place where they can call home. Mitchell had a reputation as bad boy though and he hopes it will stay in the past where it belongs, especially when he meets sexy doctor Liam. Liam is sympathetic to the uncle worrying over his niece in his hospital, but that sympathy is soon destroyed when Mitchell side swipes his car. Mitchell and Liam soon come to an understanding though and it is the beginning of something special.
This is a wonderful addition to the Ellery Mountain series where we see Liam, our favourite doctor, find his man. Mitchell’s return to Ellery is fraught with drama when his niece is rushed to the hospital, leaving Mitchell wondering if he has done the right thing with his move to Ellery. Liam makes his move on Mitchell when things get straightened out between them, finding what a loving gentle man he is and how much he cares for his sister and niece means more to Liam than some old gossip. Mitchell is happy with how their new start is going and the new friends being made, but he still has to worry about his parent’s interference.
This story really shows just how wonderful Ellery Mountain really is, people coming together and welcoming strangers into their midst’s, helping out where needed and offering friendship easily. Mitchell’s past was rocky but he has straightened himself out for the sake of his sister and his niece, returning to Ellery is for all of them and to get out from under the criticism of their parents. Mitchell is a character that warms your heart quickly, the fear and worry for his niece, the concern for his sister and the developing love he has for Liam shows him in a light that makes him shine. Liam might be a touch judgemental when he first learns of Mitchell’s alcoholism but he quickly sees the light and him and Mitchell are just wonderful together, he makes Mitchell realise that there are others to support and help him and that he doesn’t have to take it all on but can share the burden.
The Doctor and the Bad Boy is a story that is the perfect afternoon read, we have a relationship that develops at a great pace, we have caring and compassionate characters, we have wonderful friends helping where needed, we have a touch of drama and angst and we have the harridan of a mother trying to interfere. And we mustn’t forget how hot Liam and Mitchell are together either.
I say if you love hot men finding love, some angst and drama with problem parents, great friends (who are all hot) and a great new relationship, then you have to read this story.


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