The Dog Trainer by Owen Keehnen

22237025Title: The Dog Trainer
Series: N/A
Author: Owen Keehnen
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (70 Pages)
ISNB: 978-1-925180-01-5
Publisher: Wilde City Press (May 21st, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Sometimes the last thing you expect is exactly what you need.

Richard is a typical neurotic gay urbanite, a serial monogamist with a domineering peer group and a well-paying dead-end job. That is until one night, while stumbling home drunk, Richard finds a puppy named Hambone. Almost immediately, Richard’s life and his relationships begin to change. At the recommendation of Evelyn, his neighbor across the hall, Richard hires a dog trainer named Abe. From the moment Richard hears Abe’s voice on the phone he feels a connection with this professional pooch-handler. When they meet face-to-face, the attraction is palpable. Richard loves the way Abe treats Hambone. Abe opens Richard’s eyes to a different take on life and what really matters.

Will love conquer all in the end? It will if Hambone has any say in the matter.

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Review: This was a charming little story. It has wonderful men that you will fall in love with and wish that you were right there with them. Watching and learning from them both. Richard is a typical neurotic gay urbanite with lousy taste in friends and exes. When Richard and his boyfriend broke up, Richard took up drinking and eating lots of carbs. Then one night, while walking home drunk he hears this cry. After his muddled mind lets him focus, he goes to see what is there. What he found about tore his heart out. Three puppies, two of them were dead but one was still alive. The puppy just knows that this man is his hero. He jumps into his arms and Richard takes him home.

When his neighbor Evelyn recommends hiring someone to train Hambone and maybe walk him he ends up calling Abe. However when Richard hears Abe’s voice he is drawn to him. Drawn to him in a way he never expected. Abe has seen Richard out with his friends but they never noticed him.

Abe awakes Richards feelings to a strong point. He shows Richard how good life can be. Even when he is poor, he still feels like he is alive. He wants to show Richard the way. The way starts with showing him that all he has to do to make Hambone happy is to love him. The same way all he has to do is to love Abe also.

It made me cry when Evelyn’s dog had to be put down due to cancer. Both Richard and Abe helped her get through her loss. It just shows how tender both these men are. It is just so cute the way Richard just starts to bond with the pup and when his feelings start getting stronger with Abe. I do wish that this story were just a bit longer, because once I started reading it my attention was caught. I loved it and cannot wait to check out the rest of Owen’s stories. He has a great gift that just seems to make ones day brighter.

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