The Dragon’s Heart by B.A. Stretke

B.A. Stretke - The Dragon's Heart 3d Cover 947hcw

B.A. Stretke - The Dragon's Heart Cover 39ojr7aTitle: The Dragon’s Heart

Series: Dragon’s Blood M.C. 02

Author: B.A. Stretke

Genre: Paranormal Vampire Romance

Length: Novella (173 pgs)

Publisher: Superiorland Publishing (July 24, 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Dane has been searching in vain for his sister for five years. She vanished with a violent biker gang and now no matter what he does, he just can’t get close enough to find her. After a violent altercation with a gang of thugs hell bent on killing his friend Chance, Dane is at his wit’s end, and he wonders if he will ever be able to piece his life back together. Everything changes when this large man literally charges into his life and saves him from certain death at the hands of the Night Whispers gang. He is swept into the strongest arms he’s ever known, and safety feels, for once, like more than just a daydream. Alrick Keith is an enigma to Dane. He’s a biker, Dane’s greatest fear, but he is also kind and brings Dane a sense of peace. Dane is still determined to find out what happened to his sister and he is willing to put himself in danger’s path to do it. Will Dane survive the same forces that have taken his sister or can Alrick get there in time and claim his forever love?

Alrick Keith has been on a quest from his Dragon King, searching for his forever love. When Calum, his Chieftain, found his mate at a café in Laramie, Wyoming Alrick had hope that maybe his love wasn’t far behind. Finding his mate about to be devoured by a wolf shifter was not a part of the plan. Once the threat is dispatched, Alrick is loathe to let Dane out of his sight. Alrick must tread lightly, between the biker gang and his dragon secret he can’t risk overwhelming his already stressed mate. However, danger lurks, and a rogue gang is setting its sights on Laramie and Alrick’s mate. Can Alrick save his mate and have that real chance at forever?

The Dragon’s Heart can defy any odds

ISBN: B0747RL1D2

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Alrick finds his mate when he helps Calum rescue Chance from rogue wolves. Dane is Chance’ best friend and ends up being kidnapped and hurt by the wolves. Alrick takes Dane home but Dane has a secret. He’s been trying to find his sister who left five years prior with the death rangers, a group of rogue vampires that are known for their brutality.

Eventually he tells Alrick everything and Alrick with help from the clan help Dane in his quest.

I loved this story. Dane and Alrick were a great match. There is suspense, romance and action.

Fantastic read.