The Florist by Serena Yates

Title: The Florist

Series: Workplace Encounters 08

Author: Serena Yates

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (148pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (7th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Hearts: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Dylan White craves a life of adventure, and his job as freelance florist gives him the freedom he needs. So what will he do with the flower shop he just inherited from a good friend?

Dylan decides to give it a try. Despite the stubborn resistance and sabotage of one of the employees, he manages to do a good job. Until he gets an offer to sell that sounds too good to be true.

Sean Mellick, a defense lawyer at the firm that executes the will, runs into Dylan and is intrigued. He pursues a relationship despite his heavy workload and will do anything to convince Dylan to stay.

Will Dylan be able to stop running and settle down?

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Review: Dylan loves his carefree life; the freedom, the excitement and the challenge, but he fears he will lose all of that when he is left a florist shop by a friend. But, now he has a new challenge one that includes the hunky lawyer Sean. Sean is captivated the first time he bumps into Dylan and prays that Dylan will settle down in Jacksonville. But, Dylan isn’t the only change in Sean’s life, as Sean has to make a decision about how far he would go to win a case.

Serena Yates brings us another warm-hearted sweet romance, where the characters come to life, the romance is sweet and loving, and the sex is hot and erotic! Dylan doesn’t like to be tied down; he enjoys being able to go where he wants, when he wants and being creative in his floral designs. But, now he is about to get tied down to one place because he can’t bear to sell his friend’s shop. He has to at least try to make a go of it and he has the added incentive of the sexy lawyer, Sean. Sean is so used to his routine that he doesn’t even notice just how staid his life has become. That is, until he meets Dylan, who adds joy and excitement to his life. He just hopes that Dylan will stick around and does his damnedest to help convince Dylan that Jacksonville is the place stay.

Oh. I loved Dylan and Sean. They complimented each other really well and it was a joy to watch them fall in love. Dylan and Sean’s relationship was easy-going, it was perfect in every regard, now, their work lives is where problems crop up and they are the perfect support for each other, while they deal with their work issues. Now, if you are worried that the relationship is boring believe me it isn’t… just wait till they go horse riding (wow, really hot). And, oh my, *fans self* they are very, very passionate, which can brush over into intense at times.

So, I recommend this to those who love hot, passionate relationships, two hot men, a good and interesting storyline and a happy sexy ending.

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