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Hi guys! We have Sean Michael popping in today with their upcoming release The Gentle Dom, we have a brilliant guest post from Sean and we have a great excerpt, so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~

The Gentle Dom

(Iron Eagle Gym 07)

Sean Michael

When one of their own is threatened, the men of the Iron Eagle Gym will stand together and prove they are stronger as a family.

Stuntman Barclay Drambor suspects his fall from a roof was no accident. He believes his abusive ex was responsible, but he can’t prove it. Fortunately, a year has gone by with no word from Duncan, letting Barclay move on with his life—and that means dealing with the aftermath of his injuries. He finds personal trainer Reece “Rec” Gordon through a member of the gym, and it’s not long before their workouts together become much more intimate. Rec is gentle and goes out of his way to make Barclay comfortable, and in no time there’s talk of moving in together….

But just as Barclay is healing and finding a place to belong, Duncan returns to destroy his happiness. Though Duncan will learn he’s messing with the wrong group of men, in the end, Barclay must face him. Will Rec’s love and the friendship of the others at the gym give him the confidence to stand up for himself?

Release date: 14th August 2018
Pre-order: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | Kobo

Sean Michael!

Thank you to MM Good Books Reviews for hosting me today!

The Gentle Dom is the seventh book in the Iron Eagle Gym series. This one is a stand alone – two brand new characters, although some of the ‘regulars’ make an appearance in this book, too.

I really enjoy writing these stories, and one of the great things about BDSM is that it covers such a wide range of kinks and needs and you can have guys who are into service, but not kink, which I would say is on the mild side, kink-wise, all the way to guys who want to be whipped within an inch of their lives, or blood play on the very kinky side. With lots and lots of stuff in between. So I get to write what I’m in the mood for. Or, you know, what the characters are in the mood for, because they come complete with their own kinks. They might not tell me right away what they are, but I can’t impose what I want on them!

This book, as you might guess from the title, is one of the more gentle ones. Barclay is brand new to the scene, and Rec is more than happy to take his time and slowly introduce Barclay to the lifestyle. Barclay has lots of baggage he brought with him, so there was all that to deal with as well as a new relationship. It made for a fun write!

I hope you like Barclay and Rec as much as I do.

Sean Michael
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BARCLAY WHEELED up to the doors of the Iron Eagle gym for his PT appointment and tried not to sigh.

He could do this. He so could. This was him. Doing it.


At least they had wheelchair access and the doors into the gym itself from the lobby were good and wide.

A young man with long dark hair and a striking face was mopping the floor. “Oh! Careful. The floor is damp. Stay left and you should be okay.”

“Thanks. I have an appointment with a Reece?”

“I’ll tell the front desk.” The man went over to the desk. There were two guys, one quite young, behind it, and a tall, stacked guy standing in front of it. That was who looked over, then smiled and waved and came toward him.

You can do this. You got this. This is how you heal.

As the man approached, Barclay could see that he wasn’t quite as musclebound as he’d first thought. They were great muscles, though. Which you wanted in a personal trainer, right?

This guy had curly brown hair and bright smile that lit up his face. He moved well too, limbs loose and easy. Barclay imagined the man would do well at parkour; he walked like he had great body control.

“Hey there. You must be Barclay Drambor.”

“I am. Hey. Nice to meet you!” He raised one hand in greeting.

“Reece Gordon. But you can call me Rec. You’re several minutes early for your appointment. I like that. Shows that you’re serious.” Rec stood like he felt easy in his skin.

Barclay used to stand like that. When he was standing, that was. He had always liked to be on the move. Fucking chair made that a little hard right now.

“I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going.” He hated being late, and if he was headed somewhere new, he’d give himself more time than the GPS claimed he needed.

“You didn’t have any trouble finding us, though, right?” Rec continued when Barclay shook his head. “Cool. Let’s go into the gym, you can see what the setup is, and then I’ll do an interview with you—find out where you are in your recovery, what your goals are, how much time you have to put into it, that kind of thing.”

“Fair enough. Lead the way.” He wanted to get started so he could have that done. It would be easier to keep going than it was to have wheeled in here in the first place.

“You got it.” Rec headed to the double doors across the front lobby, hitting the button to open them automatically. “You should be able to make your way around the first floor without any problems. And there are showers on this floor.”

“Good deal.” He’d shower at home where he felt safe, but it was good to know it was possible to do it here.

“So as you can see, we have a large variety of equipment. We’ve got freestanding weights as well as the various machines for muscle targeting, and you’ll be able to work out every part of your body, even from the chair. There are tons of cardio options as well, including the hand bikes, so you’ll be able to get moving there right away too.” Rec sat on one of the equipment benches and opened his iPad. “Okay. Let’s talk turkey.”

“I’m cleared to work out. I broke three vertebrae, but my spinal cord is intact. I broke my left arm in three places, my right leg, and my hip.” He rattled his injuries off emotionlessly, like they were someone else’s. “I’m ready to get out of the chair.”

“Damn, that’s impressive. Do you mind if I ask how it happened?” Rec’s eyes were hazel—the kind that were almost light brown but for a few flecks of green in them—and they weren’t judgy or full of pity.

“I was doing some stunt work and fell off a building. I fell four stories.” Fell. Was pushed. Whatever. Rec didn’t need to know his theory on that.

“Oh man. I take it you’re lucky to be alive, eh?” Rec shook his head.

Yeah, except just alive wasn’t anywhere near enough. “That’s the rumor. I intend to be back to work.” Maybe not soon, but someday.

“Good for you. I’m glad you chose me to help you get there. So what kind of time are you looking at dedicating to this?” Rec pulled up a scheduling app.

“I’m not working right now, and I have some savings. I’m shooting for Monday, Wednesday, Friday.” He could do cardio in between just wheeling himself around the block a few times. The chair was surprisingly hard work. He could have gotten one of the fancy electric ones, but that would have been significantly more expensive. Besides, the self-propelled variety were a better workout. That’s what he told himself anyway.

“Sounds good. For a half hour to begin with?” Rec suggested. “We can work up from there, add in some cardio in between as you grow stronger.”

“Let’s do an hour. I can handle it.” A half hour three times a week was not going to give him the results he wanted.

“How about we start with a half hour for the first week, and we can talk about turning it into an hour the next week?” Rec countered.

“Fair enough.” Barclay needed to get back on the horse, start riding.

“It’s good that you’re eager, and I understand wanting to put in a lot of work, but if you go at it too hard right off the bat, you risk hurting yourself or aching so badly you don’t want to come back.” Rec’s eyes were kind and his voice deep, even.

He still didn’t see any pity there, but he straightened his spine and raised his chin all the same. “I’m not a pussy. I can take it.”

“There’s nothing weak about taking things slowly and giving your body time to heal, time to get used to redoing things.” Rec laid a hand on his leg. “Trust me. I’m on your side.”

“Thanks. I’m just… I’m ready. I need to get back to normal.” He needed this more than anything. It wasn’t only a need to be doing better physically—he needed to be able to move.

“I hear you. Pushing too hard, too fast can actually set you back, though. Okay? All right. Are you ready to start now? We can run through the machines we’re going to use, see what weights you’re good to start at, that kind of thing.”

“Yeah. I’m ready. Let’s do this.” He grabbed his weight gloves out of his pocket, telling himself he wasn’t worried.

“All right. You’re going to do great.” Rec stood and led him over to a machine with a bar currently above his head. “Let’s start with ten pounds and see how you do.” Rec set the pin to ten pounds and brought the bar down for him. “From your shoulder to your waist.”

This should be imminently doable. Barclay got himself in and out of the chair before he could use his legs at all, right?

They got up to forty pounds before Rec stopped him and put it back down to twenty-five. “Okay, I know you want to actually start, so ten reps, rest for thirty seconds, then ten more.”

Barclay worked doggedly, refusing to let up, forcing himself to work, to get stronger.

They went through a number of machines, focusing on his arms and torso, back and core before they got to the ones where he’d have to move out of the chair.

He set his brake, his arms shaking hard. “Let me get my crutches.”

He pulled out the arm crutches and unfolded them.

“Hold on.” Rec put a hand on his arm and shook his head. “I think you’ve done enough for today. Next time we’ll start with your legs so your arms aren’t tired.”

“You sure? I can do it.” He totally fucking could, dammit.

“I’m sure you can. But I’m also sure it’ll be a better experience for you if we wait to do your legs next time. You did great here today. I know you think it wasn’t much, but it was a lot. And we’re already at the half-hour mark.”

“Okay.” Okay, he guessed it was time to catch a bus and go home. “I’ll be back Wednesday, ready to work.”

“You need any help with the showers?” Rec asked as they headed toward the locker room.

“I’ll just…. It’s gonna be slick. I’ll take care of it at home.” He didn’t want to fall again.

“I’m happy to help—no judgment or shame. And there’s a wheelchair-accessible stall. If you want—it’s entirely up to you.” Rec held the door open for him.

“Thanks.” He wheeled himself through. “I can probably manage, thanks.”

“Probably?” One of Rec’s eyebrows went up.

That made him laugh and feel a bit better. “I can totally manage on my own.” Especially as he wasn’t actually showering.

“Okay, cool. I’ll see you on Wednesday.” Rec squeezed his shoulder and headed out, leaving him alone in the locker room.

He sat there until someone else came in, then wheeled himself out and headed for the bus stop. His muscles were tired, but pushing through all the shit had gotten him this far and he’d be damned if he stopped now.

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