The Gentleman and the Rogue

7871930Title:  The Gentleman and the Rogue, 1st edition

Author: Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon 

Genre:   Historical Romance

Length:  Novel (163 pages)

Publisher:  Loose ID (March 17th 2010)

Heat Level:  Mild

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:   A lad from the streets meets a lord of the manor…

When Crimean war veteran Sir Alan Watleigh goes searching for sex, he never imagines the street rat he brings home for one last bit of pleasure in his darkest hour will be the man who hauls him back from the edge of the grave.

A night of meaningless sex turns into an offer of permanent employment. As Alan’s valet, Jem offers much more than polished boots and starched cravats. He makes Alan smile and warms his bed. Just as the men are adjusting to their new living arrangement, news about a former soldier under his command sends Sir Watleigh and Jem on the road to save a child in danger.

The journey brings them closer together as they travel from lust toward love. But is Alan’s love strong enough to risk society discovering the truth about him?

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Alan Watleigh is a war veteran and a sodomite. He loathes himself for his secret attraction to men. He sets out to quench his thirst one last time before he ends his miserable existence. The last thing he expected to find in the dark gutters of the streets is the man that will breathe life back into his dying soul.

Jem is a homeless whore that sells himself for security and survival. As Alan, he has always known that his a

2nd edition, released Published March 13th 2013 by Duet Publishing
2nd edition, released
Published March 13th 2013 by Duet Publishing

ttraction was held only by the same sex. But when his mother, a whore herself, learned of his persuasion she disowned him and threw him out. Jem has done what he had to do over the years to stay alive and has become a decent rogue thief. Will Alan be his next mark?

What these two find in each other is the strength to become the men they should be. Jem is young and vivacious. He can make Alan smile even in the darkest times. Alan was ready to end his life until he found Jem. But Jem woke something up inside Alan and he makes him feel more alive than he ever has. Now he’s torn between his growing feelings for the young cad, and his desperation to keep his sexuality a secret.

I loved the concept of this story. The homeless kid from the streets full of piss and vinegar meets Mr. Darcy in all his ruffles and refinery.

The narration left a lot to be desired though. It ruined part of the book for me. It was liken to listening to an instruction manual on assembling a desk! I would still recommend this BOOK for your viewing pleasure, but skip the audio as it will turn you off what otherwise is an excellent story of struggle and loss and then the joy of finding love in the last place you expected it.

Thankfully I have this book on my Kindle as well so I can go back and read it, once I wash the bitter taste of the narration out of my mouth. ** Note; my 3 star review is based in huge part on the narration **