The Jockstrap Murder by Vincent Lardo

712bL5kAshL._SL1425_Title: The Jockstrap Murder

Series: N/A

Author: Vincent Lardo

Genre: Mystery/ Suspense

Length: Novel (273 Pages)

ISBN: MLR-1-02013-0186

Publisher: MLR Press (January 2nd, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Mike Gavin uncovers a political scandal that makes Watergate read like FIFTY SHADES OF LAVENDER.


At the Vice President’s party in Washington, Mike Gavin is approached by Matthew Bokowski, a young reporter who tells Mike he knows of a political scandal tantamount to Watergate but refuses to tell Mike what it is. Super model Johnny Jones comes home to his Greenwich Village apartment to find a corpse strangled with a jockstrap. The victim is Matthew Bokowski. Mike teams up with his lover, tennis pro Jack Montgomery, and prick tease NYPD Lieutenant James Rocco to solve THE JOCKSTRAP MURDER. Mike makes a play for Rocco and scores but their sex party is shockingly interrupted. A senator, his son, his son’s lover and a blackmailing paparazzo join the trio for the ride from New York, N.Y. to Washington, D.C.


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Review: Vincent definitely has a gift at telling stories. He gives you amazing and believable characters that either you will fall in love with or want to shoot. In my case, I want to shoot Mike for some of the things he does, especially how he treats his lover Jack. I am not really sure why Jack keeps him around. And then you add in James who is a NYPD Lieutenant. This story was quite difficult for me to follow but that is only because it was my first mystery and suspense story. It has the best plot and storyline that I have come across in quite a while.


Mike uncovers a political scandal that rocks right up there with the Watergate scandal. His source is Matthew Bokowski who is a young reporter. However Matthew if found dead in super model Johnny Jones’s apartment. Murdered with a jockstrap. Interesting way to kill someone if I say so. I am not really sure what to say about the fact that he not only is with Jack but also with James. During their sexual adventure, they are interrupted. I actually had to laugh at that part, because it only can happen to someone once. That is the way they were interrupted. The senator, his son, his son’s lover, and a blackmailing paparazzo join them in the trip to Washington D.C. Must have made a spectacular sight to see though.


When I was midway into the story, I realized that this was a very sexual mystery series. I am talking threesomes and so much more. It has murder and suspense, very hard to miss certain stances. With each question asked there were so many more unanswered. I loved how it was told with a bit of humor mixed in with all the seriousness. It took me a little more time to read this book but it was so worth it. It seemed that when Mike wanted answer’s he would give a flirty attitude to the person whether he wanted them or not. Then when they get around to finding the killer, it was a shock to find out who it was.


I am not really sure whether I really liked it or just liked it. I can now see how people use sex to get what they want, but like I said, it is a very sexual book. Although to find out the killer, Mike seemed to jump through all sorts of hoops. It will catch your attention from the start though. I would recommend this story to anyone who loved hot and sexy men, threesomes, lots of danger, murder, and questionable ways of finding the answers. I can actually see myself reading it again.