The Performers by Etienne

PerformersLGTitle: The Performers
Series: An Avondale Story 10
Author: Etienne
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Super Novel (340pgs)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (20th August 2012)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Reviewer: Pixie
Blurb: Tom Foster and Noah Webster have been together for three years. In that time, Tom has completed his doctorate, Noah has begun working on his master’s, and both men have come into their own as performers. Suddenly international recognition becomes a reality instead of a dream. They even perform at the dedication of a concert hall at the University of Aragoni.
But it’s not all smooth sailing. They still have to battle Noah’s Uncle Joe over the division of property he owned with Noah’s late father. Tom’s father has been distant ever since Tom chose music over law school. And Noah’s mother’s attitude toward his relationship with Tom leaves something to be desired. With their busy performance schedules, will Tom and Noah be able to make peace with their parents and get a fair deal?
Sequel To Love Turns the Page, An Avondale Story 07
Review: Tom Foster and Noah Webster are back; they are both starting to get recognition for their performances and asked to perform more and more. In the aftermath of Noah’s family problems he and his brother Bobby are trying to settle their fathers’ business estate with their uncle, Noah’s mother is still cool towards his relationship with Tom and Tom and his father finally talk about Tom’s chosen career.
This story overlaps somewhat with Etienne’s The Path To Forever when Tom and Noah visit Aragoni. Tom and Noah find that they have a lot on their plates as they begin to gain recognition in their respected fields; they have to juggle family, friends, work and private time so they have a fulfilled and happy life. They meet new friends who help them with their careers and they find the perfect place for a mountain retreat.
I really liked seeing Noah and Tom again and seeing how their lives are progressing and how they were coping with the added pressure of busy schedules as they build up their careers. It was also really good seeing their POV during their visit to Aragoni, and has actually made me want to go and reread The Path To Forever and Prognosis: Forever again. As with all Etienne’s stories this story just gives us a glimpse into the lives of these young men as they cope with the everyday realities of life, and dealing with the difficulties that are raised with families.
I have to recommend this to those that just want a story of love, family, everyday life and problems and working together to have a happy life.