The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard by Charlie Cochet ~ Audio Review

Charlie Cochet - The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard 3d Audio Cover 47e6ryduh

Charlie Cochet - The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard Audio Cover 39ke83mTitle: The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard

Series: Paranormal Princes 01

Author: Charlie Cochet

Narrator: Greg Boudreaux

Genre: Paranormal

Length: 3 hrs, 18 mins

Publisher: Charlie Cochet (26th December 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Prince Owin

Being a fierce predator – not at all adorable, despite my graceful stature – the last thing I needed was a bodyguard. Especially a wolf shifter, whose presence alone was an insult to my princely principles.

As prince of the Ocelot Shifters, I prided myself on my infallible feline instincts, uncompromising dignity, and flawless fashion sense. If having a canine follow me around at all times wasn’t bad enough, I now faced the most important moment of my entire life.

The time had come to prove I was worthy of my crown. If only I could find a way to get rid of the pesky bodyguard…


When the king of All Shifters asked me to guard Prince Owin, I admit I had no idea what to ex-pect. Cat shifters tend to be a little intense, not to mention kinda cranky. Owin was no exception, though he seemed crankier than most.

Being his bodyguard was proving to be one of the greatest challenges of my life, but not nearly as great as convincing him there was something special between us.

When Owin was tasked with a perilous quest to prove his worth, I was determined to keep him safe, even if the same couldn’t be said of my heart.

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Review: The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard is the first book on Charlie Cochet’s Paranormal Princes series. I was actually really surprised by this and how much I enjoyed it.

I’ve known of Cochet’s work for years but never really took a full dive into their body work – I’m not sure why, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the books or whatever caused my aversion. Whatever, it was silly. And I really enjoyed The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard. The flow of the story just worked well for me, of course it also a relatively short story, and so the pace is quite fast. However, for me everything in this story just clicked into the place fairly well.

The narration of this book was performed by Greg Boudreaux, this is only the second audio I’ve heard by this narrator, but so far I’ve been impressed. I have simple needs, all I need is a narrator that is engaging and shows a good connection for the main characters they are portraying. I’ll definitely be looking for more from Boudreaux in the future. Who knows, he might go into my ultimate list of narrators (yes, I do have that list in my head).

The story is pretty simple, which considering the length makes perfect sense. What you read in the blurb is essentially what you get, so I’m not about to and rehash the blurb and then potentially spoil the book. This is a paranormal romance that includes an ocelot shape shifter and a wolf shifter. The two MCs are interesting guys, the titular Prince is Prince Owin and his bodyguard is Grimmwolf. Owin seems a little on the high strung side, and I suppose that’s the cat in his characters, while Grimmwolf is all growling and brooding strength. They are essentially two sides of the same coin, so different and yet there is enough similarity to start the simmering sexual tension between them.

Fans of shape shifter romances will no doubt be entertained, this was a fun and action filled story. This certainly has piqued my interest for the rest of the series.