The Reluctant Rent Boy by C. R. Guiliano

Title: The Reluctant Rent Boy

Author: C.R. Guiliano

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (43pgs)

Publisher: Self-Published (23rd October 2010)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Sebastian St. Martin hates life…his life. Kicked out of his home at 17 by mortified and cruel parents, he hitched to California to make it big in Hollywood. He made it big in Hollywood, West Hollywood, as one of the most sought after rent boys the city has seen. No movies, no TV, no commercials.

Now, three years later, Bastian is cynical, jaded, uncompromising and believes the worst in everyone but his best friend, Hunter. Hunter taught Bastian everything he knows about pleasing a man. But Hunter broke his own number one rule. Never go bareback. Thinking he was in love, now Hunter is paying the price…with his life.

Between taking care of his sick friend, earning a living selling himself, giving up on his dreams, Bastian wonders why it’s even worth it. And love? Yeah, whatever. Love is for idiots. Hunter proved that. Love will hurt you and get you killed…slowly and painfully.


Alistair is tired. Tired of one night stands. Tired of his friends hooking him up like it is their God-given mission to find him the man of his dreams. The One. Mr. Right. It just wasn’t going to happen.

And his 30th birthday was looming too fast. It was depressing. He was just thankful his practice kept him busy. Maybe he could pretend he wasn’t turning a year older. Ignore the date; maybe work the night shift at the hospital. Lose himself in his research. If his friends would let him, that is.

Then Alistair met Bastian. The exquisite young man with enough compassion to bring in a very sick friend in the middle of the night. And Alistair would suddenly do anything to save the life of this beautiful man’s friend. Would bend over backwards to bring a smile to Bastian’s face and take away the pain and anger from his deep blue eyes.

Can a doctor, scared of hitting mid-life without love convince a young, cynical rent boy that life can be fulfilling and worth every minute…with the right person?

Warning: This book contains content that might be offense to some readers. M/M intercourse, vague consent, prostitution

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Review: Wow was info on this book hard to find and believe me I searched everywhere, it was actually an accident that I found C.R. Guiliano’s blog and that was only because I was following Amber Kell’s birthday extravaganza (oh, shut up, like you haven’t been.) The link above is the only one that I found that actually sells her book, the other one said ‘Not currently available’. I have taken a guess that it is self-published as I could find no details for a publisher. So you’re asking ‘why didn’t you do a search of the author’s name?’ err well the problem being that my review copy didn’t come with an author’s name but hey-ho it’s sorted now.

So to the actually book… why the hell hasn’t this author been snatched up by a publishing firm I really don’t know but I will tell you that they are missing out.

I really can’t add much to the blurb because it says it all.  But these characters are people who you will come to care for a great deal.  you have Bastian who loves his best friend like a brother and will do anything for him, including making sure he gets all the medication he needs, even if that means he has to take on more clients to be able to afford it. You have Alistair who is sick of one night stands and short-term relationships and wants more but he is also a little depressed as his 30th birthday is coming up and he feels that he has achieved nothing. You have Hunter who made one mistake and now he is suffering with it, his lover deserted him after infecting him, Bastian has stuck by him but he just seems to be getting sicker but with Alistair’s help that will all change.

I thought this was a well written story and yes, it is love and lust at first sight.  But that doesn’t mean it is easy for Bastian and Alistair. In fact, Bastian runs the other way because he believes that Alistair will never want him when he realizes the truth of Bastian’s occupation. All the characters are good and realistic, there are quite a few sex scenes that relate to Bastian’s job but he does have a really hot kiss with Alistair. This story left me feeling good with a warm feeling that love can conquer all and I really liked the fact that Hunter found love as well.

So, I will recommend this book to those who love hot sex, a bit of angst, a really good story and a happy ending for everyone.