The Revolutionary by Rebecca Leigh

Title: The Revolutionary

Sequel to: The Outlaw

Author: Rebecca Leigh

Genre: Steampunk, Western

Length: Novella (70pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (11th January 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: After months of hiding out in the badlands, ex-Bringer Damian Junter has returned to Terra Noir to plot war with the East. The tide of public opinion is shifting against the corrupt Statesman Paulin, the man who accused Damian’s lover, Kell, of a murder he did not commit. With Kell as their leader, the Outlanders make the only move they can: revolution.

But the West isn’t the only side gearing up for war. In the East, Statesman Paulin has been preparing a mechanical army of his own. When Kell sends Damian back home to spy, Damian has to fight against his own insecurities: Kell’s ex-lover, Paul, is his right-hand man in this war. Damian trusts Kell with his life—but can he truly trust Kell with his heart?

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Review: Here’s the looooooonnnnnggggg awaited sequel to The Outlaw and I have to say it was worth the wait. Damian and Kell have been in hiding since the last book , but now has come the time for them to return to Terra Noir to finalize the plans for the revolution.  Damian tries to control his jealousy, but more doubts surface when he returns to the East and thinks about all that he has lost.

What a brilliant conclusion for those of us who wanted more of Damian and Kell. Damian lives for Kell now and he has problems controlling his jealousy when Paul gets too close to Kell.  it leads to a bout of rough, primal explosive sex and a down and dirty fight where I really thought for a moment that someone would get killed. Kell has no interest in anyone else he just wants to get the revolution started.  They both know that either one of them could die but it doesn’t stop the passion or the love between them.

This has some great action, a little bit of adventure, lots of violence, some incredible passionate, primal sex, some really cool Steampunk, jealousy and love. We also see a side to Damian where he begins to resent the West even though he knows that everything that befell him was the East’s fault. This has a really great battle near the end where we nearly lose one of our brave men, really well done.

So I have to recommend this if you enjoy any of the above (I really did) and if you want a great novella where the story is all wrapped up nicely and nothing gets left out then this is for you.



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  1. Mahalo for reading THE REVOLUTIONARY, Pixie! I’m so happy you liked it! Damian and Kell are seriously my favorite characters out of all my stories, their sequel really was a long time coming!!

    1. Thank you for writing it, I must admit it was a long wait but well worth it.


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