The Storyteller By Blaine D. Arden

Title:  The Storyteller

Series:   Storm Moon Press Free Reads

Author:  Blaine D. Arden

Genre:   Fantasy, Mild BDSM

Length:  Short story

Publisher:  Storm Moon Press

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥41/2Hearts

Blurb:   Banished by his family, young, blind aristocrat Oleg finds there are advantages of living isolated with just his tutor for company. But the perfect day said tutor, Neiam, planned for them, Oleg’s father seems hell bent on ruining.

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Reviewer:   J.

The Storyteller is another wonderfully written story with a little extra towards the end. More of the B&D and S&M themes but not in a way where it’s all the usual “whips and chains” but an understanding between Neiam and Oleg. It’s interesting how the term “pet” comes to mind in this and how it’s used in a term of endearment. Overall, I also enjoyed this story writing which wasn’t all about fluff and sweetness. Then I read the biography and saw that the author is from the Nederlands so that made all sense. Europeans are more sexually open and tend to go for the gut of things without the sappiness that some American writers go for. I did like that ideal that these two characters trust each other and that their relationship stays constant even after the more kinkier edges.

I’d give this story an A- for its depth (father and the relationship between the two) and that realness in the story (two friends, lovers, exploring each other in safe boundaries).

3 thoughts on “The Storyteller By Blaine D. Arden

  1. I really enjoyed the intensity of this story between the two characters for it’s genuine feelings and emotions without turning this into a X-rated Hallmark card setting. The guttiness makes it sexy and so does the trust and exploration of two male adults that religion or politics cannot control. A definite must read for those willing to explore beyond what they know……

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