The Tea Demon by Cornelia Grey

Title: The Tea Demon

Author: Cornelia Grey

Genre: Steampunk

Length: Short (52pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (23rd November 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Thief Eric Devon wishes one thing: for people to leave him bloody well alone. And maybe for more whiskey. Until a mysterious stranger offers him a job so dangerous that no one has ever attempted it and survived to tell the tale: recover a priceless object from the Turtle Merchants’ impregnable palace. Intrigued by the man and the challenge, Eric accepts—but the stranger is none other than the legendary airship captain known as the Tea Demon, terror of the Sea of Clouds. Eric must come up with the best plan in history if he wants to complete his job… and survive it too.

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Review: Eric has retired from thieving as it has got boring and unadventurous for him; it isn’t until a stranger approaches with an intriguing job offer that sparks his interest and excitement that he begins to reconsider. Captain Jonathon Tea has lost a precious, priceless family heirloom and needs the help of a skilled thief to retrieve it, luckily for him he gets the best and more than he bargained for.

A great story with a good plot, great characters and a strong story-line. Eric is amazed at his reaction to Jonathon Tea; he doesn’t think has ever felt so possessive over someone before. The attraction is apparent between the two characters quite quickly and gets quite steamy. This has a few funny moments in it, like when Eric realizes who Jonathan is or when he realizes what the priceless heirloom is, I giggled like mad reading that bit.

I think with this one it has a lot to offer as you have adventure, excitement, hot steamy sex, explosions, a bar fight, air ships, a giant floating turtle and the promise of something more for Eric and Jonathon, so I reckon you give this one a go, it just might surprise you.



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    1. Cornelia Grey, it was a pleasure to read. I really do enjoy Steampunk and your short stories so please keep both coming. 😉


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