The Thirteenth Pillar by J. L. O'Faolain

Title: The Thirteenth Pillar

Series: Section Thirteen 02

Author: J.L. O’Faolain

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel (270pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (28th November 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Tuulois MacColewyn’s simple life performing dirty jobs for fey hiding in New York City has died a quick death. Consulting for the NYPD on a case involving child abductions, losing a friend, laying siege to a stronghold at the end of Broadway, and being chased through a hospital by animated scarecrows combined to make last month hell. This month is shaping up to be much worse.

Yet, it’s not all bad. Cole has a new place to live, a steady-paying job working for the NYPD, and the heart of Inspector Joss Vallimun, head of Section Thirteen and, incidentally, Cole’s new boss.

Section Thirteen is understaffed and overworked, trying to solve every supernatural crime in New York, including a series of grisly child murders and evidence that local fey are being enslaved. When Vallimun is gravely injured just as the investigation reaches a fever pitch while a snowstorm blankets the city, Cole will need all the help he can get to have any hope of salvaging this month at all.

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Review: Oh My God… It’s here finally after waiting years and years and years… What? What do you mean it wasn’t that long ago? Well, it felt like it was years and years that I waited *pout* and honestly you should know by now I have no patience whatsoever.  Anyway, back to what I was saying it’s finally here… the long-awaited sequel to The Thirteenth Child and it is just as Brilliant.

Cole is back and he is just as leather wearing as ever.  He might now be a special detective with Section Thirteen but he’s not retiring his leather for anyone. Joss is now his lover and superior and it seems to be going well for them and James Corhagen is still living in Narnia (I doubt he will ever find those closet doors) and now makes snide remarks about Cole and Joss.

This book starts with Joss and Cole trying to solve the murders of some young boys.  Then Corhagen having really bad timing (which I thought was really funny) and a new murder which has ties to a private school. As Joss, Cole and Corhagen investigate they find it’s much worse than expected when they discover that The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn is involved.

Wow! what a trip I have got to say that this is just as good as the first book and J.L. O’Faolain keeps it paced nicely throughout; throwing us little tid-bits that begin to make more sense and fit together really well the longer we read. The relationship between Joss and Cole is really good and the sex between them is scorching hot.  Joss’s injury hits Cole hard but he has to save the fey and stop the one who calls himself the Lord of All Fey.

So my recommendation is you go get this book and read it ASAP.  but if you need more reasons than that then how about this, red-hot scorching sex, Marcel the ogre, Jynx the changeling, Boogaloo the wood goblin, Mal the ghost sorcerer, a pack of Cu Sith (fey wolves), pixies, a trow, a tree dryad, cake golems!!!, alchemy, a witch, Aed Deigh (Cole’s double headed blade which has cool new powers), Cole’s twin guns, explosions… do I really need to go on???



11 thoughts on “The Thirteenth Pillar by J. L. O'Faolain

  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. It makes me all warm inside that this story touched you. My sincerest thanks.

    J.L. O’Faolain

    1. J.L. I have to say your books really are that great, and I am currently praying that the rumour I heard that it will now be 27 books is true…. (and yes we really are waiting for a pre-quel for Cole and James 😉 )

      Good luck with your future books and I really can’t wait to read them.


      1. I should be done with the third book in a few weeks. Then it’s off to the publishers. And yes, thus far, there are 27 books planned. Thirteen sub-series, and an intermission book in-between to compose the whole thing. I expected people to tell me that would get tiresome. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  2. Woot woot, yah yah, *wiggle wiggle* Sorry excited really can’t wait. I have to say that I put your books in the same league as R.A. Salvatore, Mel Keegan and Brent Weeks. The read again and again and again league. ;-).

    1. Also, look for Blue Ninja in May/June of next year. It’s going to be even steamier than ‘Pillar’ was.

      1. Nooooo… you so did not just rub it in that I have to wait 5/6mths for Blue Ninja.
        Oh My God… you did… that’s, that’s, that’s really naughty you mean author you.

        *pouting in corner and sulking*

        *???? thinking of ways to get back at mean author*

      1. Okay I forgive you, I will just have to count the months slowly.

        Will just have to be really, really patient. (well try anyway)

        Thanks for the wonderful books up to now,I will have to read them again so I can survive.

  3. P.S. Blue Ninja IS slated to be released come June, but is being published under No Boundaries Press. Just FYI, and I didn’t know of another way to get this info to you another way.

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