The Tracker Claims the Cutie by Bellann Summer

ecm-bs-rohw-trackerclaimscutie3150902_0406Title: The Tracker Claims the Cutie
Series: Rescue for Hire West, #2
Author: Bellann Summer
Genre: Contemporary/ Western/Cowboys
Length: Novella (85 Pages)
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing (September 12th, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Welcome to Rescue for Hire West, a team of specialists ready to take on America’s rugged west to rescue victims in trouble. The first time Tristen Earl visited his brother, the team’s tracker, Santos Elbarize, watched the flirty man entice the entire team with his charms.

By the time Santos had warned the other men away, it was too late and Tristen was gone. Now Tristen’s back and heading toward the cook’s rooms. Santos has other ideas.

For Tristen Earl, finding men to warm his bed isn’t a problem. Finding one who wants a forever is a whole different matter. Desperate and lonely, he sneaks into his brother’s home ready to throw himself at a man he’s shared one mediocre kiss with. What Tristen encounters is a big Brazilian who announces Tristen is his, before throwing him over his shoulder and taking him to his bedroom.

Can Santos convince Tristen they are true partners while surviving forest fires, and rescuing accident victims?

ISBN: 978-1-63259-722-9

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Rescue for Hire West collection features a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order. To get a better look at them, I would suggest reading Rescue for Hire first. There you will meet the original characters and learn how the west was born.

I came across Rescue for Hire not long ago and can honestly say that they are probably one of my favorite series to read. So when I saw that Bellann was writing a new one that was connected I had to jump on it. Rescue for Hire West has definitely been a hit for me. Not only because they have the past military history, so you know that these men are strong, but they also have the heart.

There is always danger mixed into the love story which to me makes for a better story. I also love the fact that once they are on the team the become family and those that they fall in love with automatically become family also. They will protect their family with every bit of power that they have.

Tristen was Jimmy’s brother. Everyone thought he was a slut, but in truth he just liked to flirt. He knew when Jimmy had been dating the stable hand back home that the man was not for him. He had made a mistake though in believing that they had broken up. He seemed to just keep screwing up though. After going to the ranch to apologize to Jimmy, he had kissed the boys. He was going back for one of them, when he was intercepted by Santos.

Santos knew that Tristen was his. He had not moved fast enough the first time, but now that Tristen was sneaking in, it was his turn to make the move. He learned that his little hellion was a brat but a sexy one. It was up to him to show him whose boss. He would keep his man safe at all times, and show him that he is definitely taken.

Although Santos has a bit of attitude that definitely sets me on edge. There is just something about the man. He comes off a bit cold throughout the story. Whereas Tristen is a definite submissive he is the one that a person would love. He is just so damn cute.

This book just grabs your attention from the moment you start reading and keeps it there till you have read every word. Hell my attention is caught by the cover right off the bat. They will also have you laughing at parts of the story.

This book gave me everything I could ask for in a story and so much more. I just wished that there were more to read, I absolutely hate having to wait for the next story.

Hint Hint for Bellann. Come on girly give me another book to read. I loved this one and cannot wait for the next amazing story.

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