The Working Elf Blues by Piper Vaughn

theworkingelfblues400Title: The Working Elf Blues
Author: Piper Vaughn
Genre: Paranormal/Holiday
Length: Novella (53 pages)
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (December 17th 2014)
Heat Level: Mild
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Garnet Evergreen has never heard of an elf abandoning the North Pole for a human, but he yearns to be the first. Ever since he saw Wes, the boy with sorrowful eyes, Garnet felt an undeniable kinship. Over the years, he’s watched that boy grow into a man, and now he’s determined to give Wes a Christmas he’ll never forget. If only Garnet had thought to test his father’s sleigh before leaving…

Orphaned as a child, Wes spends every Christmas alone at his cabin. When he’s woken by a suspicious boom and finds a wrecked sleigh and an unconscious elf, he doesn’t know how to react. Wes isn’t fanciful. He doesn’t give much credence to the stories about Santa Claus and flying reindeer. But a part of him wants desperately to believe when Garnet promises forever, even if life has taught him that no one ever stays…

ISBN: 9781620044667

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: Garnet has been watching over Wes since he was just a little boy, and he snuck onto his dad’s sleigh one Christmas Eve, only to find a lonely and afraid kid who had lost his parents. He stayed by Wes’s bedside that night and watched him sleep, and he’s watched over him from afar since that night. Now Garnet finds himself in love with the man who Wes has become, but will Wes feel the same way?

Wes has distant memories of the family he lost, and of the boy turned young man with the red hair that has been in his peripheral vision a time or two. He’s rudely awoke by a loud bang one night to find a crashed sleigh and an injured man with red hair and pointy ears. What the heck?! When Garnet wakes up in Wes’s bed, he is honest with him about everything. Who he is, how he’s watched over him for a lifetime and most important, how he feels about Wes.

Garnet has a choice to make though. Will he chose his family, his life as an elf? Or will the possibility of a life with Wes be strong enough to convince this elf to spend just one lifetime as a human who is loved?
Vaughn has delivered a sugary sweet, romantic little Christmas treat with this one. A short story that is busting at the seams with content. You really get a thorough look into the lives of both Garnet and Wes, the loss of Wes’s family and how it affected him, Garnet watching him over the years and how their feelings for each other grow into more very quickly. There is no full on sex in this story, but the heavy-duty make out sessions more than make up for it.

The perfect story for readers of the genre that don’t care for the more sensual stories. There is definitely a passion and chemistry between Garnet and Wes and boy do they like to kiss, the focus of this story shines on how they found each other and how they complement each other in the present. This is a must read if you are looking for a fun, cheesy, romantic Holiday story!

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