They Called Him Nightmare by Deja Black

51kSld9dLxL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: They Called Him Nightmare

Series: Dreamspinner Press 2016 Daily Dose package “A Walk on the Wild Side.”

Author: Deja Black

Genre: High Fantasy/Shifters

Length: 26 pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 1st, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥2 Hearts

Blurb: Growing up, Kai Bennu was taunted for skin dark as midnight and his otherworldly appearance. They called him Nightmare, but Alec Vasilios, a wealthy and powerful businessman, wants to call Kai his own. Kai’s past has left him with little trust in others and even more reluctance to surrender himself to Alec’s power.

With both men harboring supernatural secrets, finding common ground won’t come without sacrifice.

ISBN: 978-1-63477-502-1

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Kai has always tried to stay out-of-the-way and not get close to others. He was what everyone called dangerous, but in truth it was the golden boy who was the dangerous one. Alec wanted Kai and was going to get him.

You can’t really get into a good detail about these stories because they are short without giving the story away. So far I have like most of the stories in this package, but this one was just way to creepy in my opinion. I started reading it and just put it down. I did go back since it was so dang short, but this is one story that was not for me.

It was way too dark to actually like for me.

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One thought on “They Called Him Nightmare by Deja Black

  1. I would give this really short story 4 stars. Alec and Kai are made for each other. In fact they need each other. Give this unique story a chance. I have read all of the current Daily Dose stories and this is one of my favorites.

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