Things Happen That Way by Tinnean

Tinnean - Things Happen That Way 3d Cover 84u5rhfn

Tinnean - Things Happen That Way Cover 84u5rhfn sTitle: Things Happen That Way

Series: Mann of My Dreams 02

Author: Tinnean

Genre: Suspense

Length: Novel (466pgs)

ISBN: 9781311775979

Publisher: Tinnean (31st March 2015)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Maya

Blurb: Quinton Mann and Mark Vincent are settling into a relationship that shouldn’t be possible. After all, Quinn is CIA, while Mark belongs to the WBIS, an agency labeled by others in the intelligence community as being staffed by sociopaths. Somehow, in spite of that, they seem to be making it work.

Surprisingly, it isn’t work that separates them but family matters and a friend’s plea for help when his partner is kidnapped. Quinn is off to London, while Mark heads for Los Angeles to solve the kidnapping. Then Mark gets called to Paris by Femme of the Division, where things are not as they seem. Quinn, thinking to meet Mark in Paris, ends up coming to Mark’s rescue. Back in the States, Mark fights taking time to recover from being shot while events are happening at the CIA that could endanger both Quinn and his best friend, DB.

Between family, friends, and Mark, how will Quinn make the opportunity to talk to Mark about moving in together and even starting a family?

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Review: Well, I can safely say this was an interesting experience. The story this time is from Quinton’s POV, which brought a change of pace. It should be read immediately after book one, because half of it covers previous events – just from Quinn point of view. Despite repetition, the story held my attention as there were bits and pieces I hadn’t known, and surprisingly, Quinn’s voice is quite different from Mark’s – the book had different vibe. Yes, Quinn is a spy, same as Mark, but his background is completely different and it shows.

This story is softer, gentler and focuses a little bit more on their relationship than the previous one. Maybe part of it was Quinn’s worldview: he knows he wants Mark and is not letting him go, while Mark, while in love, is wary of the future and insecure. There is one matter where Quinn is as ruthless as Mark is: no one is allowed to hurt Mark and he will move heaven and earth to make sure he is safe. He doesn’t flinch at Mark’s actions, which Mark finds baffling.

Once again, there is a whole slew of secondary characters from this series and others and they play important part in the story.

There is a hook up for the next book in series, so if it follows the pattern, there will Mark’s view of what happened in second half of the book, so I’m impatient to see what happens. (Or Tinnean will cook up something else – this was rather unusual experience for me!)

This is not a standalone, the books have to be read in order and hopefully with the next one already sitting on e-reader!