Thirst by Lisa Worrall

Title: Thirst

Author: Lisa Worrall

Genre: Contemporary, Crime, Thriller, Vampires

Length: Novel (301pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (21st January 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Max is hunting a killer who leaves bodies drained of blood. After being attacked, he never expected to wake up in Carter’s bed. Who is this man? What is his dark secret?  Is he the one leaving a trail of bodies across the city?

Detective Max Bowman is hunting a serial killer terrorizing the city, who leaves victims drained of blood. No fingerprints, no clues, no ideas. Only a mysterious inscription carved into each body.

Frustrated with the lack of progress, Max takes a break in a local pub.  Attacked by the attractive man buying him drinks, he is left for dead in the alley behind the bar.

Waking up in Carter Gray’s bed was the last thing he expected.  Who was this mysterious man?  What was his dark secret?  Why does he make Max tremble with anticipation every time their eyes meet?

It becomes apparent that Carter is the only one with the ‘expertise’ to help him find the killer.  But is his attraction to Carter clouding his judgment and is he refusing to acknowledge that the killer may well be Carter himself?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains a MF scene, in addition to the MM scenes.

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Review: Max is attacked after he picks up a guy in a bar; just as everything goes black he is rescued. Carter doesn’t know what came over him when he rescued the guy from the bar and what’s worse he wasn’t able to drain him dry, now he has the sexy man in his bed asking him questions.

This is a well written novel with the concept of vampires always draining their prey. Carter has been around for a while now and his sire taught him to cover up his kills well, but when a man is attacked and he comes to the rescue he tosses his prey away carelessly. Max is the man he rescued, a detective who is hunting a serial killer. Max asks questions but the answers he gets are hard to believe, but when the bodies of the two men that attacked him are recovered he learns that things are not quite as they seem.

Carter and Max are both surprised by their reaction to each other and as they get to know each other Carter begins to realize that his past has caught up with him and he has put Max in grave danger. Max is drawn to Carter, but he is a detective and Carter a killer.   How can he reconcile the two?   Max and Carter make a passionate and erotic couple, both trying to fight what they feel, but unable to.

Now there is a warning that there is a m/f scene and to be honest with you I found it easy to discount because it was a case of Carter playing with his food.   it had no bearing on the story other than as a way for Carter to eat and to try to get his mind away from Max. I thought Lyle and Boyd were very well written, but I wanted a more violent confrontation between Cater and Lyle when the truth emerged (I am bloodthirsty ;-)), the ending could have been left open for Lyle’s story but we will just have to wait and see.

So all in all I have to recommend this to those who love darker vampires, scorching sex, conflicted emotions, vampires bent on revenge and a great story-line and a happy ending.




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    1. It was a pleasure…. but you can’t leave a tease like that, that’s just mean.

      *Wandering off with fingers crossed, hoping Ms Worrall is off writing Lyle’s story*

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