To Be Human by Pearl Love

81jIPCDKujL._SL1350_Title: To Be Human
Series: To Be Human, #1
Author: Pearl Love
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Novel (326 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 9th, 2015)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: TM 05637 was created to be a killer. Genetically engineered for superiority, he was facing a life of missions, blood, and death until his creator decides to set him free. On the run from those holding his leash, he is found by David Conley, an ordinary storeowner who stumbles upon a remarkable find. Renaming himself “Tim,” TM 05637 sets out to discover what it means to have a normal life.

Through his friendships with a young boy dealing with a nightmarish family life, and David’s mother, who decides Tim is perfect for her son, Tim slowly discovers his humanity. Even more importantly, David teaches Tim about the power of love. But General Woodard, leader of the project that created Tim, threatens their happiness with his determination to bring his evasive quarry permanently to heel.

As the search net closes ever tighter around him, Tim must find a way to thwart his pursuers so he can stay with David and live out his dream

ISBN: 978-1-63216-302-8

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Reviewer: Prime

Review: This is just… wow! This book is both complex and amazing, so don’t be intimidated if you prefer reading short novels or novellas. The book is set in present day (I had initially thought that it was set in the future) and features a big scary government, or rather a mad character who represents the said government. I

t’s a bit like Terminator (minus the time travel). Actually, the main character Tim (aka TM 05637) reminds me more like River Tam from Firefly. Yet at the same our main character, Tim, is also learning to be human, so from that aspect he had the charm and plain analytical nature like seen from the character of Data in Star Trek: TNG.

Ok, all sci-fi references out the way and I think it’s plain to see that I loved this book. So…

Tim, as in the blurb, is genetically engineered and was born in a lab for the express purpose of being trained for military ops (this is kind of where the River Tam association came in for me). He’s a sad figure because other than the lead scientist that created him, as well as his birth mother,

Tim has not known love. Hell, he doesn’t have a real name beyond his barcode. As for David, he’s a rather ordinary small-ish town guy. He is sweet, kind, and loyal to a fault. He’s just about everything that Tim needs after escaping.
I really enjoyed how the attraction between Tim and David was set to simmer. It especially works really well so as the romance doesn’t get in the way of the other forming subplots.

There is a lot going on, but everything is interesting and they all worked well to develop the characters, particularly Tim. There are a few surprises in store as well, but again, these too were put on a slow simmer.

There is one main plot point throughout that is integral and had me both ongoing and dreading for the end – that’s when some of these little pleasing surprises really helped me along. It’s not specified in the blurb, so suffice to say it’s about a genetic flaw inbuilt into Tim’s DNA by his creators.
And that brings us to the end! Oh-my-bloody-God! The biggest tease of all? We get the Prologue and first chapter of the sequel (To Be Loved, released February 23).

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