Trailmaster Phelix by Adrianna Dane

Title: Trailmaster Phelix

Series: Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood 03

Author: Adrianna Dane

Genre: Gay / Erotica / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic

Length: Short Story (35pgs)

Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Amber Allure (18th September 2011)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: The ancient myths of the Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl tell of an island formed from the depths of the ocean, in the midst of a sea of mystical, sapphire beauty. It is an island paradise built on love and devotion to a common belief, a society made up entirely of handsome and desirable men. And Alonzo Smith is on a journey to discover his place among them.

The initiates are set to be tested. After a span of relatively unregulated sexual play on the beach, the real challenges begin. Trailmaster Phelix arrives, along with his apprentice, Abel, to guide these lusty young men with their raging libidos through the dangerous jungles on Mannos. Alonzo, David, Helmer, Krispin, and Parker prepare themselves for new discoveries, yet adventures in the jungle may not be quite what they expect. Master Phelix has his eye on Alonzo, and this new leg of the journey may be even more challenging than Alonzo can imagine as Master Phelix forces more of Alonzo’s dark past into the light. Past blends into present as Alonzo turns himself to serving the demands of Master Phelix.

Review: This book can be read as a standalone but it is a continuation of The Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl series that really should be read in order.

Alonzo has to face his past and settle with the present and with the help of Trailmaster Phelix we begin to see Alonzo’s acceptance.

This book pulled me in with the first few pages as it described the Island of Mannos.   I didn’t realize that it was a part of a series until the end when it seemed to abruptly cut off. It was very well written and the world building was good, we learn a lot about Alonzo and his past.   We see how he starts to come to terms with his submissive nature.   Because, although he knows he is submissive he has never really faced up to it.

To me this seemed to be a part of a larger book which has been cut into bite-sized pieces.   In fact, I have just read the blurbs to 1 & 2 and for 4 (Expected publication: 23rd October 2011) and it basically is a larger book cut down into installments that leave you unsatisfied.

I would recommend that if you have already got 1 & 2 then you need to get this.   if you haven’t then it might be a good idea to wait until the series has ended then get them all at once and read them together as though it was just one book.

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