Tribulation by Etienne

Title: Tribulation

Series: A Buckhead Tale – Appearances Trilogy 02

Author: Etienne

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (271pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (19th March 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Two weeks after Philip d’Autremont is acquitted of his wife’s murder, it’s time for him and his partner and lawyer, Charles Barnett, to start building their life together. But it turns out that not everyone in Atlanta is as ready to leave the trial in the past as Charles and Philip, and a surprise attack leaves Charles in the hospital and Philip’s arm in a sling.

With thoughts of their own mortality fresh in their minds, Charles and Philip make a decision that will change their lives forever. Future plans and home renovations take their minds off the attacks, but the danger isn’t over yet: the people behind the attacks are still at large, and they weren’t acting alone.

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Review: Philip and Charles are building their lives together, but there are repercussions from the trial when supporters of those who tried to derail justice decide to serve out their own form of justice. Philip and Charles take stock of their lives and make life changing decisions and further plans for the future.

Another well-crafted story from Etienne. With this story we see the progression of Philip and Charles’s relationship as they make changes in their lives and try to find those who would harm them. Philip and Charles are still as close as ever when they are attacked.   it makes them take stock of their lives and their future and so they set in motion plans to enrich their future. They are still a much loved up couple and at times they struggle to keep up their active sex life, as they recover from their injuries.

As always, the story is focused on the MCs relationship, with the hunt for the attackers going on in the background. In this one we also get to see that Richard’s and Bruce’s relationship has progressed and they make a very nice couple together. We meet Philip’s nephew, Steve, who will be prominent in the next book.   So, we get some details on his background and his current fears.

The realistic relationship portrayal is fantastic and although there is danger it isn’t over done or down played too much.  we just have two men who are just trying to live their lives the way they want without interference from others and they manage that with the support of family and friends old and new. The focus of Etienne’s books is always the relationships and the everyday life they lead and how they cope with the ups and downs that life throws at them and this one doesn’t let us down.

I have to recommend this to those who love solid relationships, slight danger, true love, well written stories and a happy ending. P.S. I am hoping that we might get Richard and Bruce’s full story one day.


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