Until Thanksgiving by Michael Rupured

UntilThanksgivingLGTitle:  Until Thanksgiving

Author: Michael Rupured

Genre: Contemporary

Length:    Novel (238 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 17th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 to 4Hearts

Blurb: Josh Freeman knows his best days are behind him. After his partner of seventeen years has an affair with a younger man, Josh buries himself in takeout boxes, half-smoked joints, and self-pity until his best friend gently kicks him in the ass and encourages him to try out a new job in Washington DC—at least until Thanksgiving.

Though DC has its share of troubles, specifically in the form of a murderer targeting gay men, Josh soon discovers its charms as well. Unlike his old home, DC is crawling with men who want to date him—apparently he’s not as overweight, out of shape, or over the hill as the man he once loved made him believe. In particular, Josh would love a chance with relocation expert Thad Parker, but Josh is sure Thad is seeing someone, so he looks for love elsewhere. He tells himself he and Thad don’t have anything in common anyway.

Then Josh learns Thad really is available. Maybe they can work it out after all. Suddenly the future seems bright again. Of course, Josh doesn’t know he’s the murderer’s next target

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Reviewer:  Showme

Review: Josh Freeman has been stuck in a rut. His partner of seventeen years found another lover and Josh isn’t exactly the sharing type. This doesn’t help his self-esteem and he starts to believe in the gay and almost forty crap about your life being over. He has himself a little pity party until his best friend pushes him to take a chance on a promotion in DC. Josh has never left his hometown and a lot has changed for him recently but he decides his new life couldn’t be any worse than the one he’s living now.  A visit to DC leaves him nervous, but excited about his new start. The cute man who shows him around town upon his arrival is just a bonus.

Thad is a confident and sweet man who knows what he wants out of life. He’s happy waiting for love and he just might have found it thanks to his job. Thad’s in charge of helping the new employees find apartments and getting settled in DC.  Josh Freeman is not at all what he was expecting. The connection between the two starts the moment they shake hands at the airport.

So, Josh moves to DC and he likes it. He doesn’t really know anybody but his coworkers, including the adorable Thad. You’d think the guys would get together, more than friends, since they are obviously attracted to each other but they don’t. They hang out but a silly misunderstanding puts Thad in the “can’t have you so I guess we’ll just be friends” category. This leads to some casual sexual hook ups and dating with a new group of friends in DC all while Thad waits for Josh to realize they are meant to be. Based on the advice of someone Thad trusts implicitly he thinks building a friendship and some time is what Josh needs since Josh was hurt and newly single. Even though Thad isn’t quick to hook up, everyone has a laid back vibe about Josh screwing his way back to Thad. That sounded a little nasty, but everyone seems mostly okay with it even though it didn’t work for me. We’re told often and see that Josh is a relationship guy. He practically plans his future and changes his life over a hot guy who buys him a beer. Thad is always in his thoughts however.

I liked Josh with the other guys but it’s a little hard to get truly invested in a couple who spends more time apart than together. I wanted that feeling that I needed them together, but it never really happened.

Then there’s the psycho serial killer. He’s totally crazy. There were points where I could buy into why he was doing what he was doing, but he was a little over the top at times. Josh and the guys also went back and forth between worried about the serial killer and being oblivious to danger.

Phillip was great. I hope there is someone like him out there!  I’d like to know what happens with Greg and Ed. They were fun even if they kept stealing Josh and Thad time!

The last third of the book was super sweet with some drama. I can’t say I loved it but it was definitely worth reading.

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