Vanquished Knight by Yamila Abraham

81k-EH855lL._SL1500_Title: Vanquished Knight
Author: Yamila Abraham
Genre: Yaoi / Dark Fantasy / Forced Seduction
Length: Novella (74 pages)
Publisher: Yaoi Press (February 17th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts
Reviewer: Thommie
Blurb: A debauched dragon king subjugates a chaste knight who has volunteered to be his willing captive.
King Caine and his councilor Randell are owed a debt by the mortal king ruling in the land above them. When Caine sees the knight Jonah he’s stricken by his beauty and innocence—and then senses something even more compelling about him. Jonah surprises everyone by accepting his fate as Caine’s sacrifice. He willingly descends to Darkhelm to be used as the king and his councilor see fit.
An erotic medieval fantasy with a romantic twist!
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Review: Okay, I had tremendous fun and laughed my head off with this little book. It seriously made me weep with the dialogue and Jonah’s lines. The best part of it was the “eeee” screeching and the “aaaeeiiii” that had me almost to my knees in surrender. I’m taking this book to be a bit in the comedy side, because frankly there is no other way to read it. It was hilarious as hell and even when in the most erotic scene that demanded all my attention and seriousness I couldn’t stop laughing. Jonah was simply irresistible when it came to that.

So, setting: medieval…? Hmmm… It is the year 8 thousand plus somewhere, in an alternate world where there are gods and demons and gods rule the above world while demons rule the Underworld. The mortal’s god is kind of like the Christian one. I mean, who has Knights/soldiers and demands them to be chaste? The hell is that all about? No touching, no getting off and of course no intercourse…especially any kinky stuff. That is punishable with death.

The Underworld though, King Caine’s domain. Oh Hell, I wanna go offer myself there for eternity. Perverse, cruel, sublime. King Caine is freaking awesome. I want to worship him forever awesome, and if you take a look at that exquisite cover, he is drool-worthy. His Councillor Randell follows right after him in hotness level and dear Lord they have such depraved longings. Yes, I’m still grinning from ear to ear. Cheshire cat has nothing on me.

The story is simple enough. The above world is plagued with evil sky-rocks that turn men into animals (not literally you wicked minds) and the King has no other way to save his people but to ask for the help of the demon King. In return King Caine may ask whatever he wants, no matter how cruel it may be. Deal made and Caine leads his soldiers to remove the wicked rock. On his way though he sets his eyes upon this gorgeous young soldier, who seems to be the only one not afraid or disgusted by him. Yup, Caine’s got his sacrifice all right.

I liked the plot, I liked the way the story spun and made all parties wait and get frustrated. I even liked the fact that cruel demonic all-feared Caine was so gentle (not literally again) and sweet with Jonah, the Knight. I liked how Randell seemed to be the exact opposite of Caine. I loved the ménage. Oh yeah, I definitely loved that. What weirded me out a bit and was somehow a turn off was Jonah’s immediate compliance. He not only surrendered to two fearsome demons with, let me tell you, huge, massive, gargantuan appendages, but he went from chaste knight to whorish slut in the blink of an eye. What was up with that? I mean some sort of… ah I don’t know, uhm pain? Suffering? Something was call for there, just not that…

Okay, perhaps I’m being weird, after all Jonah said so himself that he didn’t like the war and fighting in the above world, but most of all he didn’t like to be made feel as if he was evil for merely thinking kinky stuff. So he was very relieved to be claimed by Caine. But it was a bit too easy, and oh my freaking God how hilarious his lines. I can’t stop thinking of it. He was made to speak about how it felt to be penetrated and all that, so you can imagine how that went. Needless to say that I pictured and heard it all in my head in Japanese language and tone of voice. Just imagine it for a moment: “eeee, itai, itai, yada, yamero kudasai”. No, I’m not a nerd… I think.

So anyway, funny book, funny story. The erotic blended with hilarity and the story was laden with that weird kind of tender, the tender cruel masters give. It was a bit romantic, a bit sweet even at points. I wished it was darker and a bit more blood and gore – it had demons of course I wanted blood – but overall I had a splendid time reading it. If that’s what you looking for, I suggest you give it a try.

Disclaimer: I find Yaoi a blend of erotica and comedy, so my view of it might be quite different from that of hardcore Yaoi readers.