Winter Falls by Sean Reid Scott

719fd3ZiKEL._SL1500_Title: Winter Falls
Series: The Tales of Monarchy Ray, Book 1
Author: Sean Reid Scott
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (91 Pages)
Publisher: Sean Reid Scott (January 20th, 2014)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Lake is a 20-year-old apprentice in the small village of Gaeburn, Monarchy Rae. The kingdom is on the fantasy Isle of Blid, where social values are medieval, and tolerance is not in the lexicon.

When a huge, gorgeous man from the village of Terrymide comes through town, Lake is enamored with the man’s confidence and astoundingly muscled physique. The “Manman” stirs in Lake feelings that should not be stirred in a man. He makes Lake want to do the “unspeakable.” The townsfolk band together to make sure this Manman (a man who does the thing with a man— and not a lady) doesn’t engage in the unspeakable while in Gaeburn, or corrupt any of the innocent villagers. But when Lake’s unspeakable desires are aroused, he makes his own plans.
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Review: This is definitely a strange story. In a time where men who have sex with men can be stoned or another type of punishment. It actually left me with more questions than answers. However, to me it comes off a bit humorous. It is a kingdom on a fantasy Isle of Blid. The village’s sees men that have sex with men as unspeakable. Bull comes riding in from Terrymide, just passing thru but when he notices the apprentice, he knows he will be coming back to this village. Even though he knew of the warnings. However, the men of Terrymide are big bear types. It would take more than a group of village men to take him down.

Lake is enamored by the gorgeous man from Terrymide. He wants to see what more this man has to offer. Knowing full well that he will get punished for it. Just looking at Bull, Lake wants to do the unspeakable and his lust is aroused to higher heat than he had ever felt before.
They even send another village man to Terrymide to get the proof that these men are Manmen. However when Reed gets back he dares not tell the truth for he knows he will get the same punishment that they are promising Lake that he will get. Lake confesses to Reed, but Reed tells him that he needs to leave and not come back. Lake wants Bull and will run if needed.

This story is a good one but it is told in a tone that left me wanting something more. I did like the story but I want more from a romance and this just didn’t give it to me. I do love Lake and Bull. They are very sexy men who want each other. I don’t much care for a bunch of idiots in a village thinking that there is something so wrong with men who sleep with men that they are willing to stone someone. It is barbaric to me. It has a great story line that if twisted just a bit different would be a perfect story.

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