With Heart by E.A. Reynolds

E.A. Reynolds - With Heart 3d Cover n3j4k374

E.A. Reynolds - With Heart Cover erhj37rTitle: With Heart

Author: E.A. Reynolds

Genre: Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Suspense

Length: Novella (113pgs)

ISBN: 9781642435184

Publisher: Siren Publishing (Nov 2018)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖 2 1/2 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Covington left home for college and has been back to Talonwitch many times, but when he’s summoned home he knows there has to be a So, with his lover in tow, Cove heads home finding danger stalking the town and an inheritance he never expected to get.

Cameron’s relationship with Cove is on the verge of falling apart, but Cameron can’t just let Cove go without trying to work it out. As a result, he tags along with reconciliation in mind.

Cove’s family is anything but receptive to him bringing home a man so pretty he could be a woman. Not only that, Cove’s mother insists Cove settles down with a woman, only his hawk isn’t willing to let Cameron go. To claim Cameron, Cove knows he has to be honest with Cameron, and Cameron has to release his own fears. But will Cameron take that final leap and accept the claim?

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Review: With Heart is a standalone paranormal romance by E.A. Reynolds.

I’m familiar with Reynold’s writing and while I am always to happy to give one of their books a go, I will say my opinion goes between liking and loving some books, while others leave me feeling “meh”, although I would never go as far to say that I dislike a book but more simply it’s unlikely that I’ll re-read it. Definitely one of those authors that is on my radar but I don’t think I’ve really formed a personal opinion on their writing because it does feel like a 50/50 split between “awesome” and “meh”.

And, unfortunately, With Heart is one of those books that falls on the “meh” side of the scale. There is basically only one reason for this and I’ll go into soon.

The plot is quite simple, although I have to admit that I find the blurb a little clunky to read. Covington is a shapeshifter who has lived away from his hometown and his family for some years. He escaped to the big city where he became a cop to get away from his controlling mother and the judgmental family members that do not approve of him being openly gay. But after being summoned home, Covington reluctantly goes. He brings along his human lover, Cameron.

Cameron is a little lost. His relationship with Cove is floundering. He’s happy enough but he knows he needs more from life. He’s grown up without a family, with no parents or siblings, and the confusion over his relationship feeds into this loneliness. Going to Talonwitch with Covington is an eye opening experience. He meets Cove’s disapproving family, finds out some of his boyfriend’s secrets, finds something that could link him to actual family and discovers a world he never thought possible.

However, there is also danger as a number of poorly investigated crimes over the past decades has culminated to this moment. Cove investigating and while Cove is discovering new depths to his relationship, there is also an immediate danger to Cameron.

I like the storyline for the most part. Cameron’s plotline of self-discovery was the most interesting part of the book in my opinion. I also liked the mystery and crime aspect as Cove unravels the darkness plaguing the town.

However, while there is chemistry between Covington and Cameron, I truly struggled. This was a couple on the brink of breaking up, with Covington hoping that Cameron tagging along would speed up this process. However, like with an instalove scenario, these guys suddenly get their shit together without much explanation. In fact, it made Covington a tad unconvincing and unlikeable at first. I get that this was where the BDSM really should have come in, this was part of what was missing between them, but I just didn’t feel it all. I

In general, I think this book is worth a go to anyone that loves paranormal romances, particularly those that like other paranormal titles published by the myriad of Siren authors.

I recommend this one to anyone that is a fan of Reynold’s previous work, particularly those that like their work without reserve. The BDSM elements aren’t particularly strong, but may appeal to those that like a bit of kink with shapeshifters.