Wrestling With Desire by D. H. Starr

Title:  Wrestling with Desire

Series:  Wrestling #1

Author:  D.H. Starr

Genre:   Young Adult

Length:  301 Pages

Publisher:  Featherweight Press (November 26, 2011)

Heat Level:  Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   Derek Thompson is a senior, a wrestler, and has a secret. He’s gay. Scott Thayer is a new student who has just moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts from Iowa. On the first day of school Derek and Scott meet and their lives change in an instant. As Derek and Scott discover the things they have in common, they enter into one of the closest and most loving relationships either of them has ever experienced. When unexpected circumstances threaten their relationship, they both have to make a decision. DO they protect their secret and separate? Or fight for what they want…each other?

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Reviewer:   John

Review:  Wrestling with Desire is a very touching and emotional coming of age novel that is probably one of the most realistic I read so far. The story revolves around Derek Thompson, a very reserved teenager. On the first day of classes of his senior year, he meets Scott Thayer who recently moved to his hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Derek, who is secretly gay, is intrigued by Scott’s charming good looks and the fact they both wrestle. There is an instant connection between the two that they can’t deny. Soon, they become friends and allies in the sport that they love. At first, Derek was unsure of Scott’s sexual orientation, but he soon sees a new side of him that he loves. Without giving away too much of the plot, they fall in love and their struggles begins.

I loved Derek. He was smart, funny, sensitive, caring and compassionate. I absolutely adored his relationship with his best friend, Beck (Rebecca). Their friendship is everlasting and they are there for each other when they need someone to cry on. Scott was a dream. He was tall, charming and the perfect guy. His relationship with his parents is not the best in the world because they move a lot and that puts a strain on their relationship. The secondary characters are very intriguing and in no way overshadow the main cast. I also loved the fact that in this story, no one found out about their secret love affair. I found that to be new and fresh since on many other YA novels, that is a main issue. I also loved that the novel was real and raw. It did not have any bizarre scenarios or fake plots. It was simply and clean.

There are two things that I didn’t like. One was the fact that the story was too long. I think that it could have been shorter. I also disliked the wrestling scenarios. I am not a fan of the sport, so I found them to be dull and boring, but if you are a fan, you will love them. Those scenes did not set well with me.

Overall, this novel was an amazing read. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys wrestling and wants to read a sweet love story of two boys, as they become aware of who they are and what they want in life.

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  1. Wow John, what a great review. I’m so glad you love Derek and Scott. They are close to my heart. I’m planning a thirst story for them, but Wrestling With Love is the sequel to Wrestling with Desire where the two young man go to college. It’s no longer YA, but a piping hot erotic rompfest.

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