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MM Good Book Reviews is always looking for avid readers who appreciate MM fiction.  If you think you have what it takes, please send a sample review either from the Books in Queue or from your personal library to:

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  1. I’d like to submit selections of my lgbt writings to you for reviewing, but recently received quite a RUDE reply from another reviewer that a particular story of mine was too graphic. Another reviewer (different story) that I was being too timid. Before submitting to you, may I ask where your policies lie with reference to the degree of “specifics” in description? I have six lgbt books ( scheduled for publication between now and May – one online now: “Just Call Me Kris.”
    My thanks for your candor and response.
    Allen Mack (McGill)

  2. Just a quick question about becoming a reviewer … I have reviewed in the past when requested to do so by particular authors … when I’ve had major issues with the book I have withheld my review (publicly) and contacted the author privately with my reasons for not being able to write a positive review.

    In the past (on Amazon for example) I have noticed 5 star reviews from professional reviewers for frankly, appalling books.

    If a person is accepted to review for your site, are they compelled to ‘like’ every book they read or are genuine, honest reviews appreciated?

    Thanks in anticipation


    1. Hi Beck, our review site is for honest reviews and we know that not everyone will agree with our reviews because we review a book based on our own feelings about a book. As you know, everyone here has different tastes so what Cat or Lisa may rate a 5 Heart, myself, Tams, Eli or Thommie may rate as 3 Heart but because they are honest reviews and reflect the reviewers own feelings about the book we don’t censor or judge.

      We only want honest reviews with constructive criticism but we don’t want a bitchfest, we can write a negative review without being nasty about it and we do not allow any negative remarks about authors, we review stories not the people who write them. If you think a book is only worth 1 or 2 Hearts that’s great but explain so the readers know why, we don’t write the reviews only for the authors but mainly for the readers.

      Our reviewers don’t have to like a book, they just need to be honest with their reviews. There are many books being released every day and we have a large selection of books to review, we do not want to force a reviewer to read a book from a genre they do not like, some people don’t like BDSM, some don’t like Fantasy (they’re insane, but what can you do!) and some don’t like paranormal and we try to fit a reviewer with a genre they like…. it doesn’t mean they will like the book but it won’t make them uncomfortable to read it.

      Many thanks


  3. I have a question. I like to write reviews for some of the Authors that I follow, I write the for Amazon and Goodreads. I’m looking for other places I can put them. I would like to spread the word. I would like to leave reviews on your site also. Is this possible? I’m not a professional reviewer but I do write honest reviews. The Authors that I write for seem to like what I right. I just want more people to read their books.

  4. This may be an issue better left unmentioned on your site, but is there any place here in the scheme of things for M/M fiction that pushes the buttons of men more so than women? As an avid (male) reader of what I tend to think of as “gay” books, for the last few decades, I have come to realize that “M/M Romance” novels overwhelmingly seem to be written by women and, whether by intention or not, appeal more to women. And no wonder, because who would know better what women readers look for in a novel than a woman author?

    That being said, it also follows that male authors may intuitively know better what might appeal more to male readers. I’m NOT talking about who writes “better” M/M fiction, not at all. Maybe what I’m referring to are the differences in the details. In any case, looking over your site, I don’t see what I was hoping to see: I was hoping for both male and female authors, AND male and female reviewers, but this seems to be a place for M/M stories written by women for women.

    Which is completely okay, because in the case of fiction, if one were to try and appeal to both women and men equally, one might fail on both counts. But I’ll ask my question anyway: is there a place here for M/M fiction written by men, appealing to men?

    And if not, do you know of a similar site for male readers? It would be great to find a place where the M/M books particularly appealing to men are reviewed by male reviewers.

    I tried to ascertain whether you have any male reviewers, but of all the reviewer links I was able to follow, none of them identify themselves as male. And the lack of any response, on your part, to the earliest post here (from February 2013) also seems indicative of your focus. All of which is okay… you don’t seem to use the word “romance” here much, but this does seem to be a place focused on M/M Romance written by, and for, women. More power to you. My guess is there are many more women than men interested in reading about M/M romance.


    – Josh

    1. Hi Josh, we have had male reviewers in the past but have no active ones at the moment, life has pulled them away from actively reviewing but we do still have a few who can do the occasional review.

      We review all MM books no matter the sex of the author or the ‘genre’, we try to review more than just ‘romance’ including more fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, horror and erotic stories. We encourage any author who has gay main characters to contact us about reviewing their stories, there doesn’t need to be a romance as long as there are gay main characters, unfortunately many books submitted for review are classed as romance.

      In regards to the above comment we contacted him privately and the reviews for his books can be found here: and here:

      There is only really one review site that I can think of off the top of my head that might have a more male oriented view and that is Gay.Guy.Reviewing and Friends which is owned and run by the wonderful Scott Burkett, who also reviews and has a couple of other male reviewers

      I hope I helped in some way 🙂


      1. Hi Pixie,

        Thanks for your response to my posting. I have a recently-published novel, “If It Feels Good” (a sequel) I’d love to get some attention for, but I’m still not sure it’s appropriate for your site, because: a.. It doesn’t follow the “romance” formula, although the two main characters are in love and have been together for a year (they met in my first novel, “Try Anything Twice”, published 2011 , which I’d also love to get reviewed); b.. It doesn’t have much conflict to speak of, although there is a story line; c.. It’s long (90,000 words or more); d.. It’s erotica (but the characters have depth and appeal); e.. It’s not “only” erotica, but what sex it has is explicit and detailed; f.. Both of my novels seem to have more appeal to men than women. If you are interested (and especially if you may have a male reviewer available to read it), I would be glad to send you a digital copy. I’m just a little leery because female readers of M/M fiction seem to prefer more romance, and less graphic description of sex, than what this book has. I want a fair and honest review but ideally the reviewer would be someone who is not expecting a formula “romance” novel.

        Thanks for your time and attention,

        – Josh

        P.S. Thanks for the suggestion of Gay.Guy.Reviewing, I have also submitted an inquiry at that site.

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