Hold the World Together by Pepper Espinoza

71YR+wxwp4L._SL1500_Title: Hold the World Together

Series: Vive La Différence AmberPax™ Collection.

Author: Pepper Espinoza

Genre: Gay / Historical / The Old West

Length: Extended Novella (109 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-61124-586-8

Publisher: Amber Allure, Amber Quill Press (April 20th, 2014)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Harvard graduate Alfred Chan jumps at the chance to teach languages at the new University of California, eager to leave his life behind even if it means a dangerous cross-country journey. He knows there are bandits in the western mountains, but he never expects the most infamous of those bandits to stop his wagon train and steal him away into the night.

Sam and Shane Lyons are wanted for robbing stagecoaches and wagon trains across the western territories, and they don’t just take money. Sometimes, they kidnap educated men. A mysterious Chinese scroll holds the promise of a better life for the two brothers, if only they can find somebody able to read the strange marks on the page. They whisk Alfred to their hideout high in the ragged cliffs of the Uinta Mountains, and there, during a brutal winter, they warn him that his life will end if he fails to deliver a full translation.

Alfred knows he should fear for his life, but somehow, when he’s with Sam, he’s not afraid of anything…

Purchase Link: http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/1951-Hold-The-World-Together.aspx

Review: Alfred is on his way to California for a teaching job from Boston when a pair of notorious robbers takes him from the train. The Lyons brothers have a bad reputation of murdering and robbery. He finds there is a third member of the group also and a mysterious scroll written in Chinese that they want deciphered.

They are holed up in a hidden abandoned train car. Here are more dangers to survive the winter than the men holding him captive. Alfred never thought he would want to give up his warm cozy life with servants and everything his heart desires but something about Sam Lyons makes him feel things he never knew existed.

This is an absolutely beautiful story set in the old west about roughing winters, living on the run, and discovering love. The story hooked me from the beginning. There are many twists and turns and I fell in love with not only Alfred but also Sam, Mike and Shane.
If you old-time westerns, gunfighters, robbers, hidden secrets, historical settings and an all-over beautiful store this is definitely for you.

Caught By His Vampire Mate by Dakota Dawn

caughtbyTitle: Caught By His Vampire Mate
Series: Vamp Mates, #2
Author: Dakota Dawn
Genre: BDSM/Paranormal
Length: Novel (153 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-62740-295-8
Publisher: Siren Publishing (July 24th, 2013)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Conlin McLauchlan’s need to help his brother gets him into deep trouble. When vampire Tristan Wyckoff catches Conlin breaking into his business, he doesn’t mind tying up his attractive prey, he actually prefers it.

Conlin’s desperation to help his vampire brother leads them to the Wyckoff brothers’ property. The three vampire brothers run a winery that mixes blood into each bottle. Conlin believes they’ve found a home, but his brother and their friend Ghost don’t think so.
When his small family wants to leave because they fear for Conlin’s life, he’s devastated. His feelings for Tristan were instantaneous and had only been growing over the time they’d been together.

Tristan is flying high. His mate is perfect, from Conlin’s fiery spirit to the man’s newfound love of being bound by Tristan in the bedroom. Unfortunately, there are two things trying to hinder their blooming love, Conlin’s irritating friend, Ghost, and some evil presence in the area.
Something wicked is afoot. Will Tristan be able to save Conlin from the being that wants him dead?

Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/caught-by-his-vampire-mate

Review: This was an amazing story. Each book in the Vamp Mates Series focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order. It keeps me from getting a bit lost in the stories and gives me an insight in to their world. A world that captured my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end. I love the way each character just mixes with the others. How fast they are to defend what is theirs and what they believe. Then there is how fast they get into the mood to punish their mates.

I got a kick out of this story because not only do you have vampires, humans but also you get a ghost with this one. Conlin was breaking into a blood bank to keep his little brother alive. His brother had been turned into a vampire one year ago, but Darrin never felt comfortable in taking blood from a human. He feared that he would kill them, so Conlin and Ghost would break in and take blood. Oh, they left money for the blood they took, but all he wanted was to keep his brother alive. What he had not expected was to not only be caught but to be caught by one of the owners. An owner that turned out to be totally drool worthy. Tristan was someone he wanted very badly.

Tristan had found his mate, now he had to talk his little mate into it. Although arguing with a ghost made him exasperated, he knew that he would have to take what he wanted. He was falling in love with Conlin, but boy did this man drive him insane. Conlin loved his mate, but his brother, Ghost and himself were not feeling very cared for. However when they tried to leave, they came across a danger that would make them fear. A danger that showed Ghost who he truly was. A danger that had Tristan fighting to keep his mate safe. Even if it took a bit of spanking and cuffing him to the bed to show him where he belonged.

I loved this story although when she brought the characters from book one in and had them sleeping with women I kind of lost interest. To me mates don’t sleep with anyone but each other. So that was the hardest part about this story. Other than that, it was really good. I would recommend reading it. It gives you sexy men, vampires, ghost and other paranormal beings, excitement and danger. I would recommend reading the first book though, because it does give you a hint of what they are about.

Vampire's Mate by Dakota Dawn

vampiresmateTitle: Vampire’s Mate
Series: Vamp Mates, #1
Author: Dakota Dawn
Genre: BDSM/ Paranormal
Length: Novella (94 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-62241-047-7
Publisher: Siren Publishing (August 7th, 2012)
Heat Level: Moderate to Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Renny Woolsey’s first night at his new job of bartender’s assistant ends with him running for his life. He wouldn’t have even taken the job if his college grant money hadn’t been almost depleted.

Sprinting through the woods at night to escape two vampires wasn’t something he would have ever guessed he’d be doing. His mom had raised him to believe that humans shared the earth with other beings. The truth of her belief is now chasing him. Just when he thought he couldn’t go on, Renny comes to a cabin. An owl hoots eerily and Renny bounds up the cabin’s steps. To his horror, a huge owl flies right onto the porch. In a panic, Renny rushes into the unlocked cabin.

As Renny tries to figure out how he’s going to escape two evil vamps and one freaky owl, a light comes on. He is instantly mesmerized by Zavier Thorpe’s pale green eyes.

If Renny lives through the night, his life will be changed forever.

Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/vampires-mate

Review: This is book one in this series and I can guarantee that you will love it. These guys are not only sexy but also very smart. I loved Renny, he is just so tender-hearted, loving, caring and a smart ass. He lost his parents when he was just a child and was raised in the foster system. A system that he wanted to change for the better. He wanted to finish college to start that change. When his grants ended, he decided to work with a friend at a bar, which should have been safe but turned out so very bad. Vampires do exist and now he was on the run.

He ran right into a home where an owl protected it and Zavier owned it.

Zavior was a vampire and a very dominate man. When Renny runs into his home, he was instantly attracted to him. It turned out that Renny was not what he thought, and when he looked at Zavior, he started the bonding process. His life is about to change forever.

This was a very cute little story that captivated me from the moment I started reading it. I absolutely fell in love with it and cannot wait to get my hands on the next book. This story gives you the kink of BDSM, two very sexy men, vampires, and other paranormal creatures, excitement, adventure and a bit of danger. It gives you that and so much more. With reading this story, it will give you an insight into their world. A world that you will fall in love with and keep you captivated.

Beneath the Stain: Part 1 by Amy Lane

BeneaththeStain1LGTitle: Beneath the Stain
Series: Beneath the Stain serial package part 1
Author: Amy Lane
Genre: Contemporary with an edge
Length: Serial/Novella (78 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (part 1 August 29th 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: In a town as small as Tyson, CA, everybody knew the four brothers with the four different fathers– and their penchant for making good music when they weren’t getting into trouble. For Mackey Sanders, playing in Outbreak Monkey with his brothers and their friends—especially Grant Adams–made Tyson bearable. But Grant has plans for getting Mackey and the Sanders boys out of Tyson, even if that means staying behind.

Between the heartbreak of leaving Grant and the terrifying, glamorous life of rock stardom, Mackey is adrift and sinking fast. When he’s hit rock bottom, Trav Ford shows up, courtesy of their record company and a producer who wants to see what Mackey can do if he doesn’t flame out first. But cleaning up his act means coming clean about Grant, and that’s not easy to do or say. Mackey might make it with Trav’s help–but Trav’s not sure he’s going to survive falling in love with Mackey.

Mackey James Sanders comes with a whole lot of messy, painful baggage, and law-and-order Trav doesn’t do messy or painful. And just when Trav thinks they may have mastered every demon in Mackey’s past, the biggest, baddest demon of all comes knocking.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5313
Five Ways to Buy
1. Serial Package
•Automatically get each part with special content on your bookshelf as it is released and the digital novel upon release. Serial runs 8/29/14-10/10/14. Novel releases 10/17/14.
•$12.99. This option only available through dreamspinnerpress.com.

2. Serial Deluxe Package
•Automatically get each part with special content on your bookshelf as it is released and the digital novel upon release. Serial runs 8/29/14-10/10/14. Novel releases 10/17/14.
•Also received a signed paperback mailed to you upon novel release.
•$24.99 +shipping. This option only available through dreamspinnerpress.com.

3. Serial Only (7 parts)
•Buy individual parts with special content weekly for $1.99. Serial runs 8/29/14-10/10/14.

4. & 5. Novel
•Purchase the complete novel in eBook or paperback, no special content included. Pre-sales begin 9/17/14. Novel releases 10/17/14.
•eBook $6.99, paperback $17.99
•Upon complete novel release, the serial will no longer be available.

Review: *Note. This review is of part 1 of the serial*
Young Mackey Sanders is only certain about two things… He lives to write songs, and he’s damn good at it. And he is in love with his brother’s best friend Grant. For a while, the two skirt around each other and their mutual attraction that is dangerously close to reaching the breaking point. When they finally share that first kiss, it is explosive, electric, animalistic and raw. From that moment on they can’t get enough of each other, crave each other. Stolen moments in dark corners and alleys or behind a closed door at Mackey’s house are all they have for a while.
Mackey and Grant are forever making music.

Out in the open as friends and band mates when they are with the other guys, or the songs that Mackey writes with Grant in mind, pouring the feelings he can’t share out in the open into the words of hauntingly beautiful songs centered on his feelings for Grant. And then there is the sweet music they make when they are alone, that only the two of them can share. Mackey hopes for a future with Grant, but Grant refuses to hold Mackey back. So when an opportunity presents for the band to go all the way, Grant steps back and pushes Mackey ahead, kicking and screaming.

Fast paced, intense and harsh… that is what this first look into the world of Outbreak Monkey, the band, is. The way these two love each other is almost dangerous. Forced to keep their affair a secret because of Grant’s family and obligations, as well as Kell’s, Mackey’s older brother and Grant’s best friend, seemingly homophobic nature. So Mackey channels the words and emotions he wishes he could say aloud to Grant in public into his music. Whether he realizes it or not, it’s what he has been doing since before they even became lovers. It is what attracted Grant to him in the first place.

The story ends with a cliffhanger, dammit! Outbreak has finally gotten their big break, but at a cost. Grant either can’t or won’t go with them, maybe a little of both, and Mackey is crushed because of it. I’m anxious to see where this story goes when Mackey gets to the big city and doesn’t have to hide so much anymore. When new opportunities present themselves to him, will he stay true to his love for Grant? Or will he continue to explore his newfound freedom?

Lane is a very raw, realistic and gripping writer. Her stories are always intense and dramatic, but they engage you early on you quickly become invested in the character’s she creates. This promises to be another great series for her, and I’m excited to see where Mackey, Grant and the rest of the guys go next!

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Demonspawn Academy by D.J. Liamson

81UUTYZv7BL._SL1500_Title: Demonspawn Academy

Series:  Demonspawn Academy, #1
Author: D.J. Liamson
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Supernatural
Length: Novella (59 pages)
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press (July 9th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 2.5 Hearts
Reviewer: Kid
Blurb: Chance Bane wakes up with no memories of who he is and soon finds out he’s been engineered to become a demon hunter.

On his first mission with Demonspawn Academy, he’s tasked with charting topography of Hell, assuming he can find an entrance to Hell first. He’s assigned to fellow demon hunter Riley Than, and when his emotions are super charged from demon hunting on their first mis-sion, Chance experiences feelings he didn’t know he had.

How will Chance deal with his burgeoning sexuality, while dealing with his memory loss, while trying to figure out how to become the best demon hunter he can be?

Purchase Link: http://www.darkhollowspress.com/#!demonspawnacademy/c1p80
Review: When I was a teenager, we used to spend summer evenings exploring local graveyards. I consume stories about haunted houses, I never say Bloody Mary to a bathroom mirror, and I love authors that tackle the supernatural end of the Urban Fantasy umbrella. So an m/m romance about demon hunters? Who go to Hell? And fight demons? I was so excited.

I really wish I could say this book lives up to the awesomeness of the idea. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of problems that start up small, but by halfway through they’d washed away what could have been a really interesting, great novella.

Let’s start with the good. D.J. Liamson has a really unique take on an area we’ve seen a lot of in recent years. We’re inside the main character’s head throughout the story, and Chance Bane is witty, self-deprecating, and has a definite touch of wide-eyed innocence. He’s a fun character you want to root for. Chance starts out the book on a hospital bed, in a strange, unmarked room, with his backend hanging out of a flimsy gown. Oh, and he has no idea who he is or what’s going on.

Riley Than is quickly introduced as the smirking, sarcastic White Rabbit to Chance’s Alice, leading him further into the crazy terrain of his demonic Wonderland. Through dialogue that feels painfully vague, we find out that Chance is being held in some unidentified location for reasons no one feels terribly concerned with sharing. One might think a place with the word Academy in its title would have welcome brochure or an orientation class or something.

Riley sits Chance down and has him watch a film clip of his parents being brutally murdered and possibly eaten by a demon. And that’s the way he breaks the news that not only are demons real, but that for some unspoken reason, it’s probably not possible for him to go home.
Good thing, too! Because while breaking out of his hospital room – by literally tearing apart a wall – and ripping himself out of the chair he’d been tied to by Riley, Chance noticed that his hands could actually change form, to metal and brick. That’d be pretty hard to explain at the grocery store. News number two from Riley is that while he was sleeping, they genetically modified him, presumably with no consent, into some kind of demon fighting superhero whose hands can change into anything he imagines. Surprise!

Needless to say, Chance’s view on Riley is less than warm. He thinks more than once about punching the guy in the face, which I find totally valid. And I have to admit, this is the part of the book I liked the most. The antagonism between the two of them had a lot of promise to develop into something fun to read, and the demon hunter/genetic modification angle was unique enough that I was game to overlook the plot niggles.
Marcus is introduced as the leader of the Academy. Because that’s what this is, apparently, a center for training these engineered demon hunters. Who, I guess, are all people kidnapped and operated on against their will. Not that this is ever touched on. And even though we see that there are floors and floors of dorm rooms and such we also never see anyone else who works there.

Now, even though Chance literally just woke up from a coma and discovered his unwanted abilities and even though this place is called the Demonspawn Academy, which implies some kind of teaching that Chance never receives, Marcus sends him off with Riley to go kill themselves a demon. Who is apparently robbing a bank. Why? Excellent question! One that Chance asks! One that is never actually answered at all.

This is when things started to go off the rails for me. But I hung on. Because again, cool idea! Unusual take! And maybe questions would be answered. Always give the author the benefit of the doubt, especially early on in the first novel of a series.
After the first demon kill, Chance and Riley share a kiss. The awkwardness that followed I found endearing, and I was hopeful the author would continue the antagonism, maybe a little bit of the ‘he drives me crazy’, walking the fine line between hate and attraction thing that is so wonderful.


A phrase I used often when reading this book. However, that is not what happened. After Marcus agrees to send them out on another mission and gives them a night off – side note, that is what happens every time. They go out, they get a night off. They go out again for a brief mission, they get another night off. This book spans over three or four days total and not only are they the only people working (maybe it’s a holiday weekend?), they are constantly getting told to go and have some R&R time from their strenuous…few hours of work – they go and get a drink. Play some pool. Flirt. And end up in bed.

Nothing wrong with any of that, really. Not on the surface. But let’s recap. Chance had woken up in a room less than twelve hours prior, found out he’d been forcibly changed without his consent, that his old life that he cannot remember is gone, and his parents were brutally murdered. Forget the whole demons and Hell are real thing, that’s enough to warrant some serious processing time. Riley, to Chance and to us, is a representation of that other world, of the mistrust and fear any sane person would be feeling. It’s not that I am against Chance and Riley as a couple. It’s that the quickness of it that feels like cheating – both them, in not allowing the characters to grow and develop, and us as readers in how it’s assumed we could not or would not invest in a relationship that worked through issues and emotions. Nothing about it is emotionally earned, there’s no building of trust or respect or even attraction.

Not to mention that Chance, on the way to their first assignment, greets the sight of two men holding hands like he’d just watched a purple elephant skateboard past. This is a guy who has no idea who he is, doesn’t know what kind of experience he has, or even what his sexuality means, and he’s not only in bed with someone who we as readers don’t trust yet, but we’re supposed to root for it. If any of this had been addressed, I’d find that a very interesting and worthwhile event. But none of it is.
After two days, the L-word is spoken. And only one brief nod to the fact that Chance knows nothing at all about Riley, which is quickly shoved aside for more sex.

Which, by the way, involves a virgin bottoming with no preparation at all. A scene that started out well enough, but by the end was painfully not. Dry sex hurts. Dry sex is not sexy, romantic, or sweet. The author could have had Riley, knowing Chance was a virgin, make the experience into a moment where we saw their trust building and bought into the idea of the couple.

Before I can ask him what he’s doing, something wet is applied to my ass.

Then something slides inside me.

Kind of the opposite effect, especially for a guy who’d already gotten a surprise insertion into his body that day.
The main plot of the story spirals into the same kind of forced unbelievability that the Chance and Riley relationship goes to. Marcus decides that the demon hunters should use the information uncovered to launch a reconnaissance mission into Hell. Okay, awesome. However, he also decides that Riley and the guy who just woke up three days ago and has had zero actual training at this so-called-but-not-actual-Academy are just the team to send. You cannot tell me there’s not, like, the elite force who has run a thousand missions and is totally trained and ready to go to literal Hell. There’s not even a moment of explanation for this or anyone going ‘wait, really, the kids are going’? It’s an obvious shoehorn to get to the big reveal moment where a bomb is dropped and then quickly swept under the rug because of things and reasons and probably true, undying (three-day-old) love.

And that’s, really, the problem with this book. It felt like this is a 300-page story crammed into 59. Huge chunks of plot and time were left out and what we got were the outlines of a big, kick-ass plot and an epic, developing partnership and romance. All of the meat of the piece, however, was missing.

When, a few days after meeting someone, I read a character saying:
The side of his mouth subtly twitches. Only someone who knows Riley as well as I do would notice.
It just completely takes me out of the moment. Chance doesn’t know Riley. At all. He knows, at most, ninety-six hours or so of the guy’s expressions.

The author isn’t a bad writer. The story isn’t a bad story. The characters aren’t bad characters. There are, throughout this frustrating novella, glimmers of something really great. But in the end, nothing was developed enough for me to enjoy it. There was an opportunity here for us to work through Chance and Riley’s relationship, to see stages and growth and emotional reality. We could have watched Chance train and grow into his abilities, deal with being forced into this life, grieve his parents and his old reality. Not blithely decide that he doesn’t want to remember because Riley is now his world. It just felt too abbreviated and forced.

If you like instant-romances, then this is going to be right up your alley. Unfortunately, though, for me, the great ideas were drowned out in too many plot holes and truncated emotions.

I sincerely hope D.J. Liamson keeps writing. I believe they have some really unique stories to tell. But for their next book, I also hope they give their characters and plot room to breathe and grow and develop naturally. I would go on that ride for sure. This time, though, I’m afraid I was left behind.

Finally Home by Zee Kensington Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway!

Zee Kensington - Finally Home _blog_tour_banner

Hi guys, we have Zee Kensington popping in and kicking off her blog tour for her brand new release Finally Home! Zee also has a great giveaway where you can win a copy of Finally Home and Two Tickets to Paradise where Marco and Chris first met. So guys enjoy my review and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

Zee Kensington - Finally Home _400x600

Finally Home

The Traveler and the Tourist 02


Zee Kensington

After one night in Bangkok turned into ten days trekking together, novice backpacker Marco and seasoned travel writer Chris parted ways thinking they’d never see each other again. Three months later, Marco still can’t forget the greatest adventure of his life—or the gorgeous guy he shared it with. Too afraid to come out to his family, Marco is suffocating in his suburban Southern California life, until Chris announces he’s coming to LA.

Chris has spent the past four years wandering alone, rebuilding himself from the ashes of a failed journalism career. He arrives in Los Angeles eager to eat, write, and resume the sexy, casual fun he had enjoyed with Marco. But when Chris finds his friend is a terrified closet-case at home, he’s determined to help Marco confront his fears.

Priorities change when Chris’s father suffers a stroke, and Chris rushes to New York City to face a harsh homecoming with the family he abandoned. When Marco defies his parents to be at Chris’s side, Chris begins to realize there may be more to their relationship than just work and play, and that Marco may be the one to show Chris what it means to finally be home.

Purchasing Information

Dreamspinner Press eBook: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5363

Dreamspinner Press paperback: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5364&cPath=55_558

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Cisco's Boy by A.C. Katt

18750765Title: Cisco’s Boy
Series: Indiscreet, #3
Author: A. C. Katt
Genre: Contemporary/BDSM
Length: Novel (178 Pages)
ISBN: MLR-1-02013-0167
Publisher: MLR Press (November 16th, 2013)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5 Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Master Cisco de Loria wants everything from his new sub Greg Harris, that is everything but love, in fact, his contract expressly forbids it.

Dr. Greg Harris finally has the money to buy a submissive membership at Indiscreet, a gay BDSM club. The only thing he wants is to have Dr. Cisco de Loria as his Master. Cisco wants Greg too, but the one thing Greg most wants to give, Cisco refuses to take, Greg’s love. Cisco is so sure he doesn’t need love that he puts it in as a clause in their contract. If Greg ever mentions love, the contract is terminated. Cisco finds out the hard way that things somehow don’t always work out the way you plan.

Purchase Link: http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=AK_CISCO

Review: This is book three in this series and they should be read in order. It gives you an insight into their world and into their lives. Also, most of the characters are already mentioned in the first and second book. I have never really been into BDSM stories. I don’t mind the ones that talk about spankings and light stuff, however this one pushed me passed my boundaries. It showed me a side that I didn’t really understand.
Master Cisco de Loria was a doctor as well as Greg Harris. They liked each other at work, but hadn’t really known each other outside of it.

Cisco wanted a sub that would share his life with him twenty-four-seven. He wanted him to take care of him and their home, but his one concrete order was love was never to be mentioned. It would end the contract at once. The problem was he was falling in love with Greg.
Greg had been in love with Cisco from the moment he set eyes on him. He also wanted him to be his master. So he payed to be a sub and wished with all of his might that Cisco chose him. The problem was Cisco refused to take Greg’s love. However, Cisco was having trouble keeping his own rules. Then there is a danger coming for Greg, and Cisco will do everything to protect the man he has fallen in love with.

I loved this story and was quite surprised by it. I can understand why people would like this type of control in their lives, but this story actually shows you a bit more in what it takes to make it succeed. This story gives you the BDSM scene, excitement, sexy men, passionate glances, quirky friends, and a bit of danger. It actually gives you a man struggling to keep his heart safe and slowly falling in love. It also gives you a man who has a heart so big that it spills out with every touch he gives. I loved this story and find myself wanting to check out the rest of the stories this amazing author has.

George and Harvey by Ashley John

81D9f7P5W9L._SL1500_Title: George and Harvey the complete box set {includes book 1, The Secret, book 2, The Truth and book 3, The Fight}
Author: Ashley John
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (292 pages)
Publisher: Ashley John (July 20th 2014)
Heat Level: Mild
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: “If you read one book this summer make it this one”

The George & Harvey Series is a gay romance m/m novel series, and you can get all three books (plus an exclusive short story) for the first time! Follow the dramatic and heart-breaking journey of George & Harvey as they fall in love with each other against the odds!

Book one – The Secret
The Secret is the SIZZLING and ROMANTIC first book of the brand-new ‘GEORGE & HARVEY’ series about a married writer who falls in love with his young intern.

When 32 year old married author George Lewis sees 19-year-old Harvey Jasper reading one of his books in the local bookstore, he can’t help but be drawn to him. After giving Harvey his cell phone number, he soon receives a call from Harvey asking if he can intern under George. Reluctantly, George says yes, and agrees to let Harvey into his home for a whole month.

As they spend more and more time together, Harvey shares his heart-breaking story with George and his eyes are opened up to a whole new world with whole new emotions. George soon discovers something he never thought he’d find in another man…love.

Book two – The Truth
THE TRUTH is the explosive second book in the sizzling ‘George & Harvey‘series which follows George Lewis as he tries to decide between his wife and his lover.

After Harvey’s heartbreaking confrontation with his brother, Leo, he tries to pick up the pieces of his life, but he can’t decide where Leo and George fit in.

When George’s wife returns after spending months away looking after her sick mother, George must decide between his wife and his young male lover. Will Harvey finally get the man he loves? Will he find the family that he longs for? Will George be able to do the right thing and follow his heart?

Book three – The Fight

THE FIGHT is the much-anticipated third and final book in the sizzling ‘George & Harvey‘series which follows the rocky relationship between married writer, George Lewis and his young intern, Harvey.

5 months have passed since Harvey let George behind and he is touring the country with his brother Leo, but things aren’t quite how he expected. After struggling to stay sober, Leo slips back into his old ways and Harvey’s world quickly becomes hell on earth. Terrible and heart-breaking things happen to Harvey, forcing him to go back and fight for the only person who truly loves, George Lewis.

Will George accept him with open arms once again? Will Paula step-aside and let Harvey take her husband? Will Leo ever let his brother go? Are Harvey’s actions going to have deadly consequences?
Will George & Harvey ever get their happy ending?

Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/George-Harvey-Complete-Romance-Collection-ebook/dp/B00LZF3XRQ/ref=la_B00KVMZINQ_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1409172087&sr=1-2

Review: This series chronicles the dramatic and rocky love story of George Lewis, a thirty something straight married author, and Harvey Jasper, the nineteen-year-old gay student that fell in love with the writing as well as the man.

During a trip to a local bookstore, bestselling author George Lewis literally trips over a young man sitting on the floor plowing through his latest novel. The two strike up a conversation and in the end, Harvey leaves with a signed copy and the authors phone number. It’s strictly for professional reasons and soon Harvey, who wants to be a writer himself, is working as an intern for George. Over time, a romance blossoms and blooms and soon the two become lovers. But it’s not without a fair share of issues. George is still married, to a woman, and Harvey has a slightly crazy alcoholic and abusive brother.

George is closeted and married, his wife is a bitch, Harvey is young and naive and his brother just will not go away and let Harvey be happy. George continues to make promises to tell his wife the truth and leave her for Harvey, but every time the opportunity presents itself, he can’t bring himself to say it aloud. He continues to have his cake and eat it too. Harvey keeps issuing his ultimatum, but each time he accepts the next excuse George has for not following through. But eventually he has enough and leaves.

All three relationships are tumultuous at best. George is miserable with his wife, but he won’t leave her. Harvey’s brother Leo is an abusive, homophobic alcoholic that likes to wield a knife and threaten George. All of this adds to the strain that has George and Harvey at the breaking point. Then Leo sobers up and promises Harvey a better life on the road with his new band. At the same time, Harvey finds George embracing his wife and decides to leave with his brother. It would seem the relationship is over before it really had a chance to begin.
Now both men are miserable without each other. So when Leo falls off the wagon, Harvey heads back to George, but is it too late? Will George finally leave his wife? Will Harvey forgive, and trust him again if he does?

The premise for this story was promising, but much like the relationship between the two men, it wasn’t without its rough patches. I was intrigued with the gay for you twist and the age difference, but George made himself extremely unlikable with the way he handled most situations. At times, Harvey’s naiveté was astounding, but in the end, he finally stood up for what he wanted and walked away, as much as it hurt him to do so.

I enjoyed the gentle sweetness of their romance, it was almost innocent much like Harvey in the beginning. And then the addition of the bitter, unhappy wife that refuses to admit defeat coupled with the drunken brother added some suspense and drama to the story. But there was a lot going on and some things were not explored or explained well enough for my liking. The ending was a little bittersweet for me as well. A couple twists I didn’t see coming, but then it felt so rushed I had a hard time enjoying it.
Overall, this was just an okay read for me.

Two Dumb Jocks by Jeff Erno

TwoDumbJocksLGTitle: Two Dumb Jocks
Series: Dumb Jock, #5
Author: Jeff Erno
Genre: New Adult Gay Romance
Length: Novel (210 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 18th 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate to Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Rejected by his family for coming out, Bryan Helverson boards a plane for Tampa, Florida, where he plans to attend college. Brett and Jeff’s family embrace him when he arrives, and his new “brothers,” Adam and Trevor, help him assimilate into the community.

While playing tennis with Trevor at the country club, Bryan meets aspiring pro tennis player Greg Lewis. But after a few minutes, it’s easy to see the arrogant jock is not on Bryan’s menu, and he quickly dismisses the man. Forgetting he ever met Greg is not an option, though, when Bryan is hired as a waiter at the country club’s restaurant, and Greg is assigned to train him. An unexpected romance blossom just as Bryan discovers one of Greg’s ex-boyfriends also works at the restaurant.

Greg is not the person Bryan first took him for, though. His true ambition is to become a doctor. And as their romance grows serious, Bryan discovers Greg’s mom suffers from the same debilitating depression that plagues Bryan. Unfortunately, just as Bryan is making giant strides with managing his depression, Greg’s ex—as manipulative as he is abusive—takes a battered Bryan back to point A and threatens to destroy his relationship with Greg.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5228

Review: This is the fifth and final book in a series that really should be read in order.

Bryan Helverson suffers from a severe form of depression that is only compounded by his parents ostracizing him because he is gay. On his road to self discovery he made a few mistakes along the way (hence, why you have to read the series in order) but he’s gotten away from his religious fanatic parents, and hopes to build in new life in Tampa with the help of Brett and Jeff (and you’ll know who Brett and Jeff are if you’ve read the series).

Bryan is pretty athletic, he loves basketball, and so once he arrives in Tampa, he decides to try his hand at Tennis. That is when he first meets Greg. Another jock, Greg is gorgeous but conceited, or so Bryan thinks. When he finds a job and winds up working with Greg, getting to know him better, he realizes his first assumption was wrong. Greg Lewis is truly a nice, decent guy at heart. When his father died, his mother took it pretty hard as she suffers from depression like Bryan does, and Greg has stuck by her side getting her the best care possible. As a result, he has decided he wants to be a doctor when he graduates. He is very assured and headstrong, the kind of guy that goes after what he wants. And what he wants now is Bryan. But he is also a kind soul… generous, loving and patient, which is exactly what Bryan needs.

Bryan’s own worst enemy is himself though. Because of his past and his demons, his emotions are a wreck. He goes from happy-go-lucky to sad panda at the drop of a hat, but Greg is ever-present and patient with him, even when he tries to push him away. Right about the time that it looks like Bryan may have a hold of his emotions, making some headway with his depression. Greg’s jealous ex does something so extreme in an attempt to damage the relationship between Bryan and Greg, that it may send Bryan over the edge for good.

The book was a roller coaster of emotions, especially with Bipolar Bryan. I wasn’t even joking about his mood swings, the door to them should be on hinges as wide as it swings! But that is the reality of the disease that Bryan has to live with every day. I loved the sessions with his therapist and how we saw a different side of Bryan there. Also, how he had to learn the hard way that just because he felt better and had a better grasp of his emotions, moods and life didn’t mean he could stop his medications. The consequences were dire. Kudos to Erno for doing the research for this story and making sure every little detail was accurate. It added depth and reality to the story.

I feel though that the synopsis should include a trigger warning. There is a brief rape scene, dealt with in the content of the story more so as Bryan has to tell the man he loves what happened, which broke my heart. But none the less, it has to be mentioned. There is a lot of love woven into the darker aspects as well though. Bryan is surrounded by it, even if he doesn’t always realize it, or constantly questions it, it is there. Erno did a bang up job of taking a previously hated character and explaining his machinations and turning him into someone you could not only like, but also relate to.

The passion and romance between Bryan and Greg is pretty intense, they definitely steam up the pages a time or two. But there is drama and just the right amount of angst as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I was taken aback by the severity of Ian’s actions, but everything was pretty well-balanced by the end. I’d recommend this series. It starts out on the YA end of the genre and as the books progress, so does the sexual aspect. But the characters are all growing up, so it makes sense that the situations they face would be more mature. Just remember to read the books in order.

Flare-Up by Laura Harner

91zExXkGJvL._SL1500_Title: Flare-up

Series: Fighting Fire #4
Pulp Friction 2014 #13

Author: Laura Harner

Genre: Suspense/Mystery/Thriller

Length: Novella (72 pages)

ISBN: 9781937252847

Publisher: Hot Corner Press (Jul 14th, 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: For Rob Hammond, the last two months have been a high stakes waiting game. Scott’s attempt to swan dive into an arsonist’s fire and his subsequent desire to be more independent didn’t sit well. Unfortunately, Rob’s other obligations wouldn’t wait. Now after a long separation, Robby is finally reunited with his kids, and on his way to introduce them to their new home and the man he loves. This time, he’s going to make Scott see reason—even if he has to fight dirty.

With the recent trouble at Mountain Shadows and the increasing frequency of his nightmares, Scott McGregor has to wonder if this is the best time for a relationship with Robby to go forward. Still seeking absolution for guilt he shouldn’t carry, Scott worries he’s not fit to meet the children—let alone live with them. Despite arranging a special day to make the kids feel welcome, Scott still intends to protect his heart.

One man knows they will work things out—the other is afraid they can’t. Only one of them can be right.

**This book is part of the Pulp Friction 2014 Collection**

About Pulp Friction 2014

Laura Harner ~ Lee Brazil ~ Havan Fellows ~ T.A. Webb
The Pulp Friction 2014 Collection. Four authors. Four Series. Twenty books. One fiery finale. Spend a year with an eclectic group of strangers brought together through circumstances, as they are tested by life, and emerge as more than friends.

The strongest bonds are forged by fire, cooled in air, smoothed by water, grounded in earth.
Although each series can stand alone, we believe reading the books in the order they are released will increase your enjoyment.

Purchase Link: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-flareup-1570493-148.html

Review: **This book is part of the Pulp Friction 2014 Collection**
If you’re not following this series, you should. This is book 4 and it is the best one yet. Scott is still unsure of his relationship with Robbie. Things have been looking up but each time he thinks things are fixed something else comes up. He still is having nightmares that are getting worse and worse and now just when he thinks there is a good chance for him and Robbie to build a family he has a yet another secret he is sure will send Robbie running.

There is a lot going on in this story and man oh man what a cliffhanger! I can’t wait for the next book. I love the interaction of all the characters and the relationship building among them all. There is lots of mystery and comradery.

If you like ongoing series that have explosive, cliff-hanger endings, lots of interesting characters, mystery and intrigue, cute kids, adorable puppies and sexy male bonding this is for you.


Accepting Caladon's Scales by Charlie Richards

4550AcceptingCaladonsScales510-430x645Title: Accepting Caladon’s Scales
Series: A Paranormal’s Love, #9
Author: Charlie Richards
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novella (112 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0013-2
Publisher: Extasy Books (August 21st, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa
Blurb: Into the Paranormal World: Sometimes going against family leads to better rewards than sticking with them.

After seventeen years in captivity, Caladon O’Hara is freed from his cage by gargoyles. His rescuers take him to their manor, give him a safe place to recuperate, and set him up with a new identity, Caladon Wykert. They also aid Caladon in tracking down information about his son, Taolma. Upon seeing a picture of his son’s face after so long, Caladon goes into mild shock, overwhelmed at seeing him as an adult for the first time.

Nurse Leroy Wilde works part-time at the gargoyle’s mansion. He handles daytime shifts since Perseus, the clutch’s head doctor, has not yet mated and turns into stone during daylight hours. When he spots Caladon through a doorway, he’s quickly smitten by the tall, handsome shifter. Still, Leroy keeps his distance. He’d tried dating an African-American once before, and due to his family’s bigotry, it hadn’t turned out so well.

When Caladon suffers a shock, Leroy is called to help. His mere presence yanks Caladon out of his stupor, only for the shifter to declare they are mates. Leroy is unable to resist the siren call of the mate-pull, and he agrees to a date. He quickly discovers that his family isn’t the only complication…because at the time of Caladon’s kidnapping, he was still married. Mates or not, Leroy refuses to get involved with a married man.

Purchase Link: http://www.extasybooks.com/Accepting-Caladon-%27-s-Scales/
Review: This was an amazing story. Each book in the A Paranormal’s Love Series focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order. It keeps me from getting a bit lost in the stories and gives me an insight in to their world. A world that captured my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end. I love the way each character just mixes with the others. How fast they are to defend what is theirs and what they believe.

Caladon was a boa shifters without a home. Several years ago, he had been abducted leaving behind a wife and two-year-old son. Now saved, he was living among humans, gargoyles, and shifters. However, he always missed his son Taolma.

Finding out that his son was a live, shocked him so much that Leroy was called into check him out. Leroy was a nurse and when he had first seen Caladon in human form he was in lust. Quite a different change from the first time he saw him in his shifter form. A twenty-foot boa would frighten most people. He wanted Caladon but he was afraid. His family had a problem with him being gay, but they would give him trouble for being in love with a black man.

Caladon would do everything in his powers to keep his mate and it would seem his mate would do the same for him. This is a cute story that I absolutely loved. Charlie always gives you characters that come off as someone you would want to meet and hang with. She would give you men that you would fall in love with. This story will capture your attention from the moment you start reading it and will keep it all the way to the end. I loved the way it just flows off the pages.

This is a world that I would love to be in. I would recommend reading this story because it gives you not only two sexy men, a boa shifter but also excitement, passion, quirky friends and a touch of danger.

Double Up by Vanessa North Blog Tour, Guest Post, Review & Giveaway!

Vanessa North - Double Up _TourBanner 120

Hi guys, we have Riptide Publishing’s Vanessa North popping in to introduce Double Up, her newest release, to you all. Vanessa chats a bit about where Double Up came from and there’s a great giveaway where you can win an ace prize remember to leave a comment with your email address. Enjoy the post <3 ~Pixie~

Vanessa North - Double Up  _500x750

 Double Up


Vanessa North

Knowing he’s loved can make any man fly.

Fifteen years ago, Ben Warren was a wakeboarding champion: king of big air, ballsy tricks, and boned grabs. Until a career-ending injury left him broken in ways he still has no hope of fixing. Now he takes his thrills where he can get them, and tries not to let life hurt too much.

Then Davis Fox arrives in Ben’s sporting goods store with a plan to get in touch with his estranged brother by competing in the annual wakeboarding double-up contest. The catch? He’s never ridden before. It’s crazy, but Ben’s a sucker for the guy’s sob story—and for his dimples, too—so he agrees to coach Davis.

Davis is everything Ben isn’t: successful, confident, and in love with life. And he wants Ben to love life—and him—too. But before Ben can embrace a future with Davis, he needs to remember how to hope.

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Satyr's Lure by Anya Richards Book Blast, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Anya Richards - Satyr's Lure BlueLure600x600Banner

Hi guys, today we have Anya Richards showing off her tasty little Satyr’s Lure, there’s a great excerpt so you can get a feel for the book and there’s a great giveaway where you can win another tasty treat from Anya. So minions I will leave you to enjoy this treat and don’t forget to check out my review and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

Anya Richards - Satyr's Lure Saytr's Lure Cover

Satyr’s Lure


Anya Richards

Summer in the high mountain pastures, in the shadow of ancient Greece’s Mount Parnassus, is usually Iason’s favorite time of year. A time when he feels happiest, surrounded by nature and free to take a lover from among the other shepherds. But this year he’s chosen his companion poorly and the resulting scars, of both body and soul, have left him questioning his worth.

It is only in the arms of the enigmatic and enthralling stranger Telesphoros, who rescues him from a storm, that Iason begins to heal. Yet the secrets both men hide overshadow the magic of their encounter, and foreshadow the heartache to come.

ARe: Satyr’s Lure

Smashwords: Satyr’s Lure

Amazon US: Satyr’s Lure

Amazon UK: Satyr’s Lure

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M/M Free Ebooks ~ 08/27/2014

M/M Kindle freebie…08/27/2014
61SJ-pafJ6L._SL1000_An Alpha on the Incan Trail

Tim on Broadway: Season One (Episode 1)

Through a Fog by Hollis Shiloh

Orgasmo! The Wonder Man


Sex and Desperate Hearts: Tales of Muslim gays looking for love

Of Gods and Monsters: Meneotius

Summer Lovers by B.G. Thomas Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway!

B.G. Thomas - Summer Lover 03copy

Hey guys, we have a quick visit from B.G. Thomas with Summer Lovers, we have Cat’s review and a great giveaway but you have to hurry there’s not much time left to click that Rafflecopter link 🙂 <3 ~Pixie~  


Summer Lovers


B.G. Thomas

Scott Aberdeen doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or God. Or love—at least, he knows no one will ever love him. After all, he has carried a torch for his best friend Sloan for a decade, hoping his feelings will be returned one day. But when Sloan finds springtime love with another man, Scott’s fantasies are crushed and his skepticism confirmed.

Cedar Carrington, raised by rock star parents, leads a free-spirited, nomadic life, never staying in one place for long. Due to a dark past he refuses to share or even think about, he is willing to let men into his bed for sex, but never for the night.

When Scott finds himself camping in the middle of nowhere with over a hundred men who all believe in love—and faeries and a magickal gay brotherhood—he’s pretty sure he’s in the wrong place. And when Cedar connects with cynical, critical Scott, he wonders how he could be falling in for this man of all men. But hearts and lives have been transformed at the Heartland Men’s Festival before, and it might be just the place where two very different men can release their pain and find true love at last.

Ebook http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5258 

Paperback http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5259

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Sculptor's Desire by Kerry Adrienne Book Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Kerry Adrienne banner4

Hi peeps, we have Kerry Adrienne popping in with her brand new release Sculpter’s Desire, there’s a fantastic excerpt and an incredible giveaway, so I will leave you to enjoy the post <3 ~Pixie~

Kerry Adrienne - Sculptor's Desire_HiRes (1)

Sculpter’s Desire

(The Gallant Gentlemen’s Guild 02)


Kerry Adrienne

Rocco Lazzaro is on a mission to find the perfect male body to sculpt. His inability to find “the one” has affected his creativity and he’s frustrated by his failure. With a Guild charity auction coming up, he’s expected to provide high quality sculptures, but the pieces he creates feel soulless.

When Devin, a yoga instructor, approaches him and offers to help, Rocco can’t quit thinking about the red-hot ginger. Devin’s New Age beliefs push Rocco away—he can’t deal with reality, much less mysticism. No auras and rainbows for Rocco—just stone and chisel and hammer.

But Devin is persistent. He knows he’s supposed to help Rocco find his muse—and he’ll stop at nothing to show him that the line between art and skin is very thin and a true muse can provide inspiration in many ways.

 Goodreads | Amazon| Barnes and Noble


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Deconstructing Channing by B.A. Tortuga Book Blast, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

B.A. Tortuga - Deconstructing Channing BlueChanning600x600Banner

Hi minions, today we have the fabulous B.A. Tortuga visiting with her newest release Deconstructing Channing, this is a sexy little shifter story with just the right dose of BDSM *shiver*, B.A. teases us with a sexy little excerpt and there’s a great giveaway, so read my review, check out the rest of the post and then click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

B.A. Tortuga - Deconstructing Channing _HiResSM

Deconstructing Channing


B.A. Tortuga

When they were young together back in their werecat pride, Bowie and Channing experimented with love and sex, as well as flirting with a threesome with their best friend, Emma. Channing and Emma both ran from their needs, leaving Bowie to break away and find his own life. Now a confident master dominant, Bowie discovers Channing again through a video of a consummate sub, one who Bowie knows he needs to find once more.

When Bowie shows up on his doorstep, Channing feels like a teenager again, all confusion and need. He doesn’t date his own kind, only humans, and he’s not in the market for a full time master. Bowie is impossible to deny, a force of nature, and while both men know they’ll have to think about Emma eventually, now is the time to see if they can get to know, and love each other, all over again.


Amazon: Deconstructing Channing

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Rock Haven

4250Movie Title: Rock Haven
Release Date: 21 June 2007
Director: David Lewis
Writer(s): David Lewis
Principal Actor(s): Sean Hoagland, Owen Alabado, Laura Jane Coles
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 78 minutes
Format: DVD
Reviewer: Roger Howell
Blurb: Brady (Sean Hoagland), who will shortly be going away to college, is a shy, introspective 18-year-old, who moves to the coastal seaside town of Rock Haven with his overprotective, widowed mother Marty (Laura Jane Coles), who is setting up a Christian school nearby. He spends a lot of time on the beach, either reading the bible or staring at the waves crashing on shore, until he meets a neighbor’s free- spirited visiting son, 19-year-old Clifford (Owen Alabado). There is an instant attraction to each other, even though homosexuality conflicts with Brady’s devoutly Christian beliefs.

Review: I went into this movie not really knowing what to expect. All I had read was the short synopsis on the jacket cover of the DVD I rented from Netflix. Brady is a shy and introverted 18-year-old boy. He is also devoutly Christian. Then he meets Clifford and his worldview becomes turned upside down. Clifford is totally out the closet. Bradley has to start dealing with his emerging sexuality and feelings, which to him are a conflict with his religion. He also has to deal with telling his mom about his feelings at one point in the movie. The anguish and torment occurring to Brady is something all emerging gays go through and it was really believable.

As for the plotline the movie seemed slow throughout. Maybe the director intended this to happen to give time for the relationship to build but it seemed to leave something lacking in my honest opinion. The actor portraying Brady did a great job in portraying the struggle homosexual Christians have in mixing their sexual identity with their faith. Clifford as his best friend trying to help lead him through the crisis was fantastic as well. All in all, the movie ended on a great note.

Business Strip by Jeff Erno

4533businessstrip510w-430x645Title: Business Strip

Series: Men’s Room #3

Author: Jeff Erno

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (100 Pages)

Publisher: eXtasy Books (July 1st, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb: Whoever said business and pleasure don’t mix has never been to New Orleans.

Chad Curtiss, a thirty-five year old private equity investor, is a ruthless businessman. He believes it’s a dog-eat-dog world and doesn’t understand people not driven by the desire to acquire their own happiness. Life’s about personal responsibility and making the right choices.

Chad travels to New Orleans on occasion for business and while there, he likes to visit The Men’s Room. The hottest gay club in the city has the hunkiest dancers, the cutest bartenders and the kind of service a man like Chad knows he deserves. While at the bar, he runs into young Richard Foster, a desk clerk from the hotel where he’s staying. He has no intention of becoming involved, but there’s something about the kid Chad can’t dismiss, and that something just might change his entire outlook on life.

Product Link: http://www.extasybooks.com/Business-Strip/

Reviewer: GiGi

Review: The plot was predictable, but the temporary escape both men provided for each other, all hot and steamy, was a lot of fun. We’ve seen this primetime movie before, bedraggled do-gooder meets handsome prince, well handsome business shark, and even though he tries not to, falls head over ankles on shoulders.

Chad is the perfect bad guy we love to hate, and hate to lust after, but the fireworks between he and Richard are hot and fast.
Richard is getting walked on by everyone in his life from his slutty ex to his boss, and all he’s trying to do is hold it together for his family, save his sister’s life, and hopefully keep his job.

When all the cards come tumbling down and his mother loses her job, Richard has to walk out on his, and his sister’s surgery might not happen, he discovers the person behind the curtain is the sexy executive Richard didn’t even want to fall for.
Can Richard and Chad possibly salvage what has just started to bloom between them? Yes, there is a predictable, but aw shucks, kind of ending. This is a romance after all, can’t have a sad ending right. So all’s well that ends well. Predictable, but it is what it is, hot sexy fun for a short time.

Prince Drake and the Rock Star by Lyssa Samuels

www.bookstrand.comTitle: Prince Drake and the Rock Star
Series: Royal Mates, Love’s Diamond, #5
Author: Lyssa Samuels
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Novel (284 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-63258-180-8
Publisher: Siren Publishing (August 14th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Jimmy Burrows lives the life of a rock star. He’s tired of his life of emptiness. He dreams of having one special man to share his life with who values him as Jimmy—a guy who likes pizza, science fiction, and likes to cook.

Prince Drake Sorenson knows that Jimmy is his aheri. When he looks into Jimmy’s violet eyes, he sees the man who is destined to fill their future with love and children. Jimmy’s caring heart and kindness are exactly what Drake needs to calm his soul.

Jimmy can’t trust that Drake’s anger and jealousy won’t hurt him. Drake’s stories about a world called Sanzel where there are magic, purple skies, and pregnant men are proof enough that the man is certifiable. When Drake helps heal Jimmy’s friend and her little girl, Jimmy has to reevaluate his judgment of the big man. Maybe Drake’s story of magic, love, and babies is something that’s a possibility for him after all.

Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/prince-drake-and-the-rock-star

Review: This is book five and they should be read in order. Each book brings in all the characters that you will see in the future stories that come up. It shows you their world, gives you an insight into their lives, and tells you about what it is like. I love the way their world just draws you in and makes you want to belong there. I love the way it has such tender parts that will have you in tears and then there are parts that will have you smiling.

Jimmy is a famous rock star but he is so very tired. He is tired of being alone but fears being touched by others. He had met a man who draws him in but is scared that this man will hurt him. Even more afraid was when Drake tells him that he is his and that he will make a wonderful father. I can see the fear in that statement.

Drake is actually Prince Drake Sorenson and is from Sanzel. Sanzel is a world that is full of magic, tight families, purple skies, danger, and pregnant men. So when he tells Jimmy this, of course the first course of action was for Jimmy to send him away. It is way too hard to believe. Also without his mate, Drakes magic is unstable and so is his anger. His anger is what makes Jimmy afraid. This is what makes Jimmy pull back.

After receiving some horrible news, Jimmy doesn’t want to be alone. Taking a chance, he slowly lets Drake in. Then he sees proof of Drakes magic. A healing magic so strong that Jimmy is amazed. He still fears him, but he knows Drake will do everything in his power to keep him safe. He also sees the love this man feels for him. He has fallen deeply for Drake, and slowly lowering his guards, he lets this man know that he is his.

He learns that Drake and most of the men from Sanzel can get pregnant. He was abused by his father and many others that have hurt him badly. Attacked at school by bullies has led him afraid that he will turn out just like them. A victim of abuse will soon be the abuser, or so that is what he always thought. However when he learns that Drake can have children he soon sees that he is very wrong. That their love will be strong and protective.

I loved this story just as much as I loved the others. It was told so well that the words just flew off the pages. It captures your attention the moment you start reading and will keep it all the way to the end. Lyssa has soon become one of my favorite authors. She has such a gift at giving you a story that you not only want but also need. It will draw you into their world and keep you there. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this amazing story. I would recommend reading this wonderful book. It gives you excitement, sexy men, passion, and fire, men that can get pregnant, adventure and a bit of danger.