Dog Tagged by James Brock

James Brock - Dog Tagged Cover s mner738Title: Dog Tagged

Author: James Brock

Genre: Military Romance

Length: Novella (147pgs)

ISBN: 9780463073025

Publisher: James Brock (13th August 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Drill Sergeant Clay Norris has his military life running right on schedule.  Career focused he appreciates that he joined up when his sexuality is at least acknowledged under Don’t Ask, Don’t tell, even if he doesn’t get to act on his urges as much as he likes.

In formation with his new trainee group he locks eyes with Chevrolet Banks and his life, their lives, are changed forever.

Dog Tagged is an insta love military romance based on real life incidents.

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Review: Clay has his world turned upside down when he sets eyes on Chevy, for the first time he’s met someone who consumes his thoughts but they are both in the Army during the time of DADT and Clay has some hard choices to make when he is confronted by his commanding officer.

I loved this story, absolutely loved it. James Brock has written a realistic hard story about life in a military under DADT, it’s not sugar-coated and it’s not a gentle romance, it’s a story written with truth in every line.

The story is all from Clay’s POV, his thoughts, his feelings and his wants. We don’t really get a chance to know Chevy, only what Clay discovers about Chevy. Both characters are wonderful though and Evan, who becomes Clay’s best friend, is a fantastic character.

There is a hell of a lot of military detail in this story which I just adored, you get fully immersed in the life of Clay because of this and understand the pressure that these guys are under to keep their feelings to themselves. And while you do wish that Clay could have fought against his commanding officers actions you know that if he did then the story would have finished just as it was getting started.

For the length of this book there is a lot that goes on, homophobia, near death experiences, break ups, going wild on the town, capture, rescue, and make ups. I also want to say a thank you to James Brock for not having his MC’s be unrealistic heroic Marines or Special Forces, which many military stories focus on, as this gives us a chance to get a realistic view of normal grunts moving up the ranks.

Readers if you are looking for a sweet soft military romance then this isn’t for you because this story might have insta love but it isn’t an easy ride, and there are other men being sexed up by Clay (but no cheating).

I recommend this to those who love military stories which are immersed in military life, who love stories of hope, great friendships and an eventual happy endings.

Zest by Claire London

Clare London - Zest Cover nsa8ejTitle: Zest

Series: The Accidental Baker

Author: Claire London

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (134 pages)


Publisher: Jocular Press (17 Aug 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: When Donnie met Will, it looked like the recipe for true love. But Happy Ever After took just a bit more work.

Donnie’s new romance with silver fox veterinarian Will looks like a real recipe for love. But first he has to deal with the problems of his job, his friends’ demands, and worries about Will’s privileged background. To say nothing of Donnie’s thwarted dreams of a catering career—and baking something that doesn’t come out a disaster.

Will is fascinated and entranced by Donnie. A mature, professional businessman, he’s far less confident in romance—and in the bedroom. Yet his eagerness to look after Donnie and show him a better life are misguided, and have a disastrous effect of their own.

Donnie is everyone’s friend. He’ll help anyone out. But who’s there to help him when he needs it?

Purchase Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Zest is a spin-off/sequel to Claire London’s Easter holiday novella, The Accidental Baker. I strongly recommend that you read the novella before starting this one, because this romance follows a couple who started their story in that story. While this is longer than the novella that introduced us to the world of Donnie and Will, this is everything that I had hoped for in terms of getting a cute and sweet romance.

Donnie and Will are great characters. They are down to earth and totally relatable. This was the reason why I really liked them in The Accidental Baker and was more than happy to see that their story continued. I hope that the other couples from The Accidental Baker get the same treatment as Donnie and Will because I really enjoyed getting to know them better. While they got together easy enough in The Accident Baker they now need to work on their actual relationship to make it a proper HEA.

Will, who recently moved to town to take over the veterinarian clinic close to Donnie’s place, is enchanted by the younger man. But despite being described as a silver fox – and is everything that a gentleman should be – he struggles with allowing himself to feel the happiness that comes with intimacy. He’s not inexperienced, just unsure. Donnie is a guy with a heart of gold, the type that would give someone the shirt on his back if he had to. But he is very much the opposite to Will and so at first it seems like their romance is impossible. It all boils down to this, Will needs to find confidence in love and Donnie needs to find confidence in himself before it’s too late for them as a couple.

This is all about the sweetness, that it could turn anyone diabetic if it were food. I’m trying to think of other words than cute and sweet to describe this, and I think that gentle romance is also a fitting description.

I recommend this one to people that enjoy a light-hearted romance, low on angst and just makes your heart happy.

Holiday Gridlock by Gretchen Evans Release Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Gretchen Evans - Holiday Gridlock RB Banner

Hi guys! We have Gretchen Evans stopping by today with her new release Holiday Gridlock, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant $10 NineStar GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

Gretchen Evans - Holiday Gridlock Cover mgj74c

Holiday Gridlock

(Cruised 02)

Gretchen Evans

Gabe is way too happy. Mark is as close to a perfect boyfriend as you can get. He’s smart, good-looking, successful, and he cares about Gabe. He’s also way more serious about their relationship than Gabe’s ready for. He wants them to move in together.

The closest Gabe’s ever gotten to living with a boyfriend is accidentally leaving his boxers behind. But he and Mark are way past that. It’s terrifying.

Mark invites Gabe home for the holidays where Gabe gets an intimate look at Mark’s family, his childhood, and how different their Christmas traditions are. It’s loud, overwhelming, messy, and…really nice. Homey in a way Gabe’s never experienced.

But Mark wants more than for Gabe to just have a peek at this part of his life. He wants Gabe to become part of the family, to go to bed with him every night, and wake up with him every morning. He wants all their Christmases to be together. Moving in may be just the start.

It might take a Christmas miracle for Gabe to figure himself out and overcome his fears. Or maybe a little familial intervention.

Will Gabe and Mark take the next step, or will they get stuck in holiday gridlock?

.•.•.**❣️ NineStar | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo ❣️**.•.•.

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Nothing Special V by A.E. Via Audio Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

A.E. Via - Nothing Special V Audio RTBANNER-114

Hi guys, we have A.E. Via visiting today with the tour for her new audio release Nothing Special V, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway where you can win your own audiobook of Nothing Special V, so check out the post and then enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~ P.S. Keep an eye out for Prime’s review coming soon!

A.E. Via - Nothing Special V Audio Cover nty373

Nothing Special V

(Nothing Special 05)
Narrator: Aiden Snow

A.E. Via

Atlanta’s notorious narcotics task force is at it again. They are stronger, bigger, and better than ever. Especially when a city councilman sends RECON Marine Edwin Steele – who’s been blacklisted from his Oakland department – to join the team.

Steele was ready to hang up his shield. He was done fighting with bigoted bastards that couldn’t respect the job. He was good at fighting; he just needed the right team to fight with. When his uncle – City Councilman Rasmus Steele – shows him a video of God’s team in action, he knows right away it’s where his nephew belongs in order to restore his faith.

Steele was skeptical about his new placement, but when he meets God’s technology specialist/computer genius, “Tech”, he’s willing to give it his all, and he definitely shows and proves.

Tech is stunning. His sweater vest and khakis, a stark contrast to the blue-jeaned roughnecks he works with. A beautiful sheep amongst the wolves. Steel thinks there’s no way the brilliant man would be interested in a hardhead like him, but Tech has a few badass hidden talents of his own and manages to surprise him…surprise all of them.

This story is a part of a series but can stand alone. It does not end on a cliffhanger and has a HEA. There are no multiple pairings in this novel. 

.•.•.**❣️ Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK ❣️**.•.•.

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Pulse of My Heart by Jessi Noelle Release Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Jessi Noelle - Pulse of My Heart RB Banner

Hi guys! We have Jessi Noelle stopping by today with her new release Pulse of My Heart, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic $10 NineStar GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

Jessi Noelle - Pulse of My Heart Cover me8cj

Pulse of My Heart

(The Inferno 02)

Jessi Noelle

Vincent Franklin’s last mistake had a body count. Now, he’s back on the fireline with something to prove to his fellow firefighters and most of all to himself. But when a sexy Irishman with talent and a camera captures him in a weak moment, he puts Vince’s heart at risk.

Still, there’s something about Aidan that attracts Vince and stirs up feelings he would have preferred to leave locked up and untouched in a dark corner of his heart. Then, after he, and the world, believe Aidan is killed in a tragic accident, Vince struggles to find the courage to love again. His chief worry: Does a screw-up like him even deserve to love again?

Warning: Past trauma, mentions of war, animal injury

.•.•.**❣️ NineStar | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo ❣️**.•.•.

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Soft Limits by Jodi Payne Release Blast & Excerpt!

Jodi Payne - Soft Limits RB Banner

Hi guys! We have Jodi Payne stopping by today with her new release Soft Limits, we have a great excerpt so check out the post and enjoy! ❤️ ~Pixie~

Jodi Payne - Soft Limits Cover ncu7cfh

Soft Limits

(A Deviations Prequel)

Jodi Payne

Fans of the iconic Deviations series will fondly recall Bradford as the beloved owner and Master of the elite and exclusively male BDSM club that anchors the series, and also as the wise man who introduced Tobias and Noah.

Dominant Bradford’s story is one defined by sudden opportunity, unimaginable heartbreak, and new-found purpose. His calling is to provide a safe and supportive environment for men in the lifestyle. Bringing Doms and subs together is his superpower, yet he feels fated to be alone himself.

In this prequel to the series, you’ll not only discover Bradford’s own history, but also how Bradford is first drawn to Nikki, a beautiful and hungry young man living on the streets, and the unexpected ways Bradford grows and changes while helping Nikki understand a world of strange, new desires.

Deviations readers already know outcome of Bradford and Nikki’s journey together. Soft Limits is a deep-dive into Bradford’s story, into what makes the Dom tick, and how he ended up with ownership of the club. It also introduces Nikki, the sub that tests Bradford’s patience, steals his heart, and soothes his soul.

.•.•.**❣️ Amazon US | Amazon UK ❣️**.•.•.

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Across The Pond by R.J. Scott & V.L. Locey Release Blast & Giveaway!

R.J. Scott & V.L. Locey - Across The Pond RBBANNER-120

Hey guys! We have R.J. Scott & V.L. Locey stopping by today with their new release Across The Pond, we have a fantastic $10 Amazon GC giveaway so check out the post and enter that giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

R.J. Scott & V.L. Locey - Across The Pond Cover sndhs7

Across The Pond

(Arizona Raptors 02)

R.J. Scott & V.L. Locey

The greatest journey isn’t from England to the States, it’s the one that two men take on the way to find each other.

Sebastian Brown is on a mission to rescue the Arizona Raptors and a vow he made to a friend in college. Either that or he’s on vacation. He’s not entirely sure that he’s made up his mind yet. Either way, traveling from England, to the arid desert of Arizona isn’t exactly a picnic, particularly with the doubts and worries he takes with him. He’s turned even the worst of companies around, but faced with the challenge of improving the reputation of a hockey team that everyone seems to hate, he knows his work is cut out for him.

Focus is key, but that is easier said than done when Seb is sent into a tailspin by the intriguing Alejandro. Seb’s entire marketing plan hinges on making Alex a poster boy for equality and fair play. But with Alex’s utter dedication to the game, and his dark secretive eyes, the gorgeous Alex is stubborn, opinionated, doesn’t want any part of being the team focus, and worst of all, doesn’t appear to like Seb at all. It takes everything that Seb has to keep his hands off of Alex, but things get out of hand and Seb’s life might never be the same again.

Alejandro Garcia has had to work hard to get where he’s at. Born to Mexican immigrants, his siblings and himself have never had it easy in this new country their parents dreamed of calling home. A native son of Arizona, Alex has always been the odd man out on the ice but he’s not going to let a stupid thing like his heritage get in the way of his dreams. He’s now a Raptor and he plans to put all that training and collegiate hockey experience to good use. Working hard comes naturally to him. It’s something his parents have instilled in him from the time he was a toddler. Being one of a handful of Latino hockey players makes him strive for success with even more determination. His first pro season has had some ups but a lot more downs, but Alex is one stubborn young man and failure is not an option.

As the Raptors struggle to rebuild not only their team but their core values, Alex finds himself drawn to one of the owner’s friends, a tall, lanky Brit with the face of an angel and an accent and attitude that bewitches and befuddles him. Sebastian is everything he thought he would never be attracted to but he can’t push the sexy, older, fun-loving man out of his thoughts. If ever there were a man he would not be able to take home to his parents – not that he can bring a man home since he is deeply closeted – it’s Sebastian, but desire knows no socioeconomic, age, or international borders. The heart wants what the heart wants and Alejandro’s wants Sebastian.

.•.•.**❣️ Amazon US | Amazon UK ❣️**.•.•.

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The Sun Still Rises by Laura Bailo Release Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Laura Bailo - The Sun Still Rises RB Banner

Hi guys! We have Laura Bailo stopping by today with her new re-release The Sun Still Rises, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant $10 NineStar GC giveaway, so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

Laura Bailo - The Sun Still Rises Cover hbcs43

The Sun Still Rises


Laura Bailo

Whenever his father asked Erik to accompany him to Pamplona for the San Fermín festival, he said no. Now his father is gone, and in a spur of the moment decision, Erik finds himself in another country to run with the bulls in his memory. Erik hasn’t booked a hotel, and he’s completely unprepared for a city bustling with people. No accommodations to be had, he’s resigned to sleeping in a park. Until help comes from an unlikely place.

David works in the tourism office, and Erik is surprised but grateful when he offers him his spare room, despite being a complete stranger. Faced with the choice of sleeping on the ground or the friendly offer of an extra bed, the decision is an easy one. The two of them get to know each other as David shows Erik what’s to love about Pamplona. For the first time in a long while, Erik feels something for another person, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is only temporary and he needs to go back home, does it?

Warning: Depictions of anxiety, panic attacks, and grief

.•.•.**❣️ NineStar | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo ❣️**.•.•.

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Bishop by A.E. Via

A.E. Via - Bishop Cover s bnjk83Title: Bishop

Series: A True Lover’s Story 01

Author: A.E. Via

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (336pgs)


Publisher: Via Star Wing Books (27th September 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: At only thirty-two, Bishop Stockley has lived a hard-knock life. His gang was his family, the streets his home. Until the crew he’d always called his brothers betrayed him. After doing five years in a federal prison, Bishop is back at his dad’s trailer and working for his landscaping company, thrust into a legit world where he’s no longer the alpha—a world where a criminal record is the least of his disadvantages, because Bishop can’t read or write. Illiteracy had never been an obstacle for him on the streets, he didn’t need to know how to read Moby Dick to survive, he needed to know how to read people… and that was a hustle he’d learned hard and fast. Now, he had to change his life.

Bishop’s only support system was a young, inexperienced dad who’d insisted he call him Mike all their life—since they looked more like brothers than father and son. And his hot-tempered, childhood, best friend from ’juvie, Trent. Bishop already had the deck stacked against him, but he wasn’t afraid of hard work to change his situation, and he did want to change. Especially after he encountered Edison Scala, a kind-spirited office manager who didn’t hesitate to come to his defense… a man that saw past Bishop’s grass-stained coveralls. A man who wasn’t intimidated by his stern features and his silence.

Edison hadn’t grown up the way most of his peers had. He’d been raised by a single father who’d owned an old-fashioned barber shop where Edison was taught how to not only shave with a straight razor, and shine shoes, but also how to treat others, to not judge, to be a gentleman, to be respectful and speak without profanity. But, the biggest lesson he’d learned, was to always be himself. His lack of friends and a social life wasn’t his fault. No matter how much weight he gained, no matter how many times his staff called him a square, Edison did not need to change.

Bishop knew Edison was off-limits. He’d made personal vows to himself when he was released from prison, ones that he never intended to break. But, when Edison asked him about providing landscaping services at his home, there was no way he could refuse. He hadn’t expected Edison to feed him, praise him, encourage him, and look at him the way he did—as if Bishop was somebody. Mike and Trent warned him not to mix business with pleasure and he didn’t intend to.

No multiple pairings. No cliffhangers. Ends with a very, very HFN.
This book is a M/M contemporary romance, a hardened man’s struggle to find real love. There are no police chases or doors being kicked in, in this one. But, don’t worry. Bishop is still intense enough to keep you on the edge.

Purchase Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords

Review: Recently released from prison Bishop has turned his life around with the help of his father Mike, Trent his best friend has been by his side from childhood and Bishop is determined that neither of them will fall back into the old ways. Working at his dad’s landscaping company gives Bishop options he’s never had before and meeting a man at one of the job sites changes his life further, making Bishop determined to tackle his illiteracy.

Edison has worked hard for his position in the company he works in and while he is lonely he isn’t about to change himself for others. Meeting Bishop has him longing for something he’s never had before, and Bishop’s past isn’t something that will turn Edison away from him.

This is an amazing story that kept me reading. This story isn’t like A.E. Via’s exciting action packed stories, it’s a slow burn love story with two amazing regular men. Each man has his issues and they handle them in different ways.

Bishop has confidence in himself in some aspects but in others he’s unsure and outright scared, Edison is confident in his work life but his social life is a total disaster and that includes his interaction with work colleagues. Each man alone struggles through their issues but together they find the confidence to tackle their problems.

God, when I started reading his book I had my doubts because just contemporary isn’t my thing, I like danger and action, angst and anger thrown in but this time around A.E. Via snatched my attention and made me enjoy it with her amazing writing skills and her wonderful characters.

A.E. Via hit straight to my heart with Bishop and Edison because although Bishop is built and hunky with a dash of danger Edison could be any man on the street with a bit of a paunch and his love of food. While Edison has had a great childhood and has a wonderful job that he loves Bishop has had a much different childhood with a very young dad who treated him like a brother and his education was on the streets.

I loved how A.E. didn’t have Edison on a diet, working out to lose weight, she had Edison loving himself and accepting that he wasn’t a stick thin model. Bishop is written as a man who admits his mistakes and is honest from the beginning with Edison but his fear of admitting his biggest secret was touching and so damn real.

The way that Bishop’s struggles were written was so touching, it wasn’t brushed over or made to seem like a simple solution was at hand, it also showed how Mike, Bishop’s dad, and his best friend Trent had his back and helped him in any way that they can. Mike and Trent are amazing and I can’t wait to see more of both of them in the future.

The relationship between Bishop and Edison is slow burn and amazing, these two together finding their way is wonderful, I loved watching as they fell in love and sorted out their relationship which does have a couple of hiccups along the way. The way that Edison sticks up for his love for Bishop is something to aspire to have, an unending belief in the love that you have where doubts can’t crawl in is just special.

If I could I’d give this book 10 hearts, it’s a fantastic love story that doesn’t skimp on character building or make Bishop and Edison super confident, it doesn’t make them perfect men or have them sorting problems with a quick fix. It has them facing twisted meddling with fears and doubts, it has them confronting back stabbers with quiet confidence, and while they’d love to take things into their own hands they know when to step back and let others do their jobs.

I recommend this to those who adore true love stories with wonderful characters, dealing with bitter men with quiet confidence, and working to overcome their problems without quick fixes. Those readers who are expecting danger and action will be disappointed but you just might fall in love with Bishop and Edison anyway.

Uniquely Us by A.M. Arthur

A.M. Arthur - Uniquely Us Cover nsd76fTitle: Uniquely Us

Series: Us 03

Author: A.M. Arthur

Genre: Contemporary 

Length: Novel (300 pgs)

Publisher: Briggs-King Books (October 24, 2017)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4 1/2 Hearts

Blurb: Taro Ichikawa needs his weekly routines. Working from home as a programmer allows him to work around his constant struggle with anxiety and OCD—everything from exact meal times to his weekly dinner dates with his best friend Cris Sable. Openly demisexual, he’s comfortable knowing he’s different from most, and he’s content being single—until he breaks routine to attend Cris’s birthday party and makes an unexpected new friend.

Dell Greenwood moved in with his uncle eighteen months ago to turn his life around, and after a serious setback last fall, he’s finally healthy and heading in the right direction. His full-time job as a porn videographer keeps him busy, so he doesn’t have to think about the fact that while he seriously dated one man last year, he’s not attracted to…well, anyone. It’s easy to assume that his traumatic past is to blame for his lack of interest in dating, but when he meets and gets to know Taro Ichikawa, Dell wonders if there’s a different reason.

Befriending someone mired in strict routines isn’t easy, but Dell is stubborn when he wants something, and being patient with Taro is easy. From emails to tentative lunch dates, what begins as a simple friendship slowly deepens into something much stronger—and completely unexpected. But Dell knows that for him to be all-in with Taro, he not only needs to come to terms with his sexuality, but he also has to be honest with himself and his family about the absolute worst moment of his life..

ISBN: B076J6M38R

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This was a well written story about two men, Taro and Dell who both have a lot issues but at the same time are lonely. When they meet they start a slow friendship which evolves into more.

They each help the other face the issues they have and I was so happy for them.

Things are not easy for Taro or Dell but with hard work they make it work for them. Some of dell’s past is so heartbreaking I wanted to hug him. Taro’s OCD at times controlled him but with Dell helping Taro managed it better.

I liked these two as a couple and enjoyed the way they handled the many issues to find a way through the problems into being a happy couple.

Great read with a lot of emotions and drama.

The Accidental Baker by Claire London

Clare London - The Accidental Baker Cover s ner7fjuTitle: The Accidental Baker

Series: The Accidental Baker 01

Author: Claire London

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (64 pages)

ISBN: B07R1Q1G12

Publisher: Jocular Press (20 April 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Donnie Watson’s baking disasters are legendary, but this Easter, his mismatched chocolate eggs bring accidental but astonishing results to four downhearted gay men. The chocolate sweets spill onto the pavement of a small parade of local shops—and go on a matchmaking tour like no other! From a bankrupt and betrayed baker, to a homeless but hopeful man, to a conceited bar owner in need of a reality check, and finally to the hapless but caring Donnie himself.
After all, Love means you can have chocolate too!

Purchase Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: The Accidental Baker is a super sweet Easter/Holiday novella by Claire London. This story was exactly what I’ve come to expect from London’s writing – a sweet romances, relatable characters and, in general, a fun read.

The story is really like an anthology of short stories, a bit of a mosaic created with eight different characters finding love on Easter through the action of one (albeit clumsy) person. I won’t go too far into things, because it would spoil the plot – I mean, at only 64 pages and eight characters getting their own little story, it’s easy to give out too much information. What I liked most about this story that each man was really down to earth, totally likable and therefore easy to relate to. The whole story kicks off with Donnie Watson, who can cook great food but is a bit of a klutz and totally sucks at the presentation of the food. He’s a lonely guy with a big heart and deserves all the love in the world. He’s made some Easter treats for the local community centre, but an accident with the trays on the street allows eight men, four couples and including himself, find an unexpected spark of love with newbie to the area, Will.

What I love most about these characters, other than being so down to earth, is they are all so different and individual. They run a whole spectrum from being a man who is homeless, to some interesting career choices like a veterinarian, to bakers and a bar owner. They all have different circumstances and issues, along with easily differentiated personalities from each other. So much so, that I had a chance to be the slightest bit annoyed at one character, Henry, but only for a bit because of when we first encounter him with Donnie. However, I felt that Henry’s own little story redeems him in a way that made me think “we all have our off days”.

This is great for anyone who is a sucker for the simple, cute romances that come out for holidays. It’s a quick read with a satisfying end.

Kiss Me Again by Garrett Leigh

Garrett Leigh - Kiss Me Again Cover s neiro3Title: Kiss Me Again

Author: Garrett Leigh

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (227 pages)

ISBN: 1913220044

Publisher: Fox Love Press (7 June 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Tree surgeon Aidan Drummond is content with his own company. He works alone, and lives alone, and it doesn’t occur to him to want anything else until a life-changing accident lands him in hospital. Then a glimpse of the beautiful boy in the opposite bed changes everything.

Ludo Giordano is trapped on the ward with a bunch of old men. His mind plays tricks on him, keeping him awake. Then late one night, a new face brings a welcome distraction. Their unlike-ly friendship is addictive. And, like most things in Ludo’s life, temporary.

Back in the real world, Aidan’s monochrome existence is no longer enough. He craves the col-our Ludo brought him, and when a chance meeting brings them back together, before long, they’re inseparable again.

But bliss comes with complications. Aidan is on the road to recovery, but Ludo has been unwell his entire life, and that’s not going to change. Aidan can kiss him as much as he likes, but if he can’t help Ludo when he needs him most, they don’t stand a chance.

Purchase Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Kiss Me Again is a standalone novel by Garret Leigh. Leigh is an author that I enjoyed immensely in the past but looking at the blurb the subject was quite different to what I was used to reading from them.

However, I am pleased that this book is a solid, heart-felt romance. I will warn that some people may find the subject of mental health issues a little confronting, especially in a romance. Yet in saying that, the only reason why I rated this 4/5 was because I felt that many aspect of mental health and bipolar disorder were just glanced over.

The book opens up with a rather grumpy Aidan Drummond. He’s a loner and for the most part he seems happy to be so, even if he appears to rub people the wrong way while doing so. An accident changes his entire life, landing him in hospital – fighting for his life and then with a long road of recovery ahead of him. It is when he starts to become more lucid in hospital that he meets his roommate properly, Ludo Giordano.

Ludo isn’t a stranger of hospitals. He suffers from bipolar disorder and has a very strict mental health plan as part of the NHS (so, yes, this is set in England). And while I enjoyed the details of his treatment when I said that some things felt that were glanced over – I was really referring to his behaviours caused by his disorder. Ludo hasn’t had an easy life either, and that has certainly contributed to his mental health issues. But when he meets Aidan, the boredom and tedium change and the two men start a friendship that is cut short by hospital moving and later discharging the men.

A couple months later they meet by chance. Ludo has missed Aidan since they last met and seeing him again, Ludo feared that his mind was playing tricks on them. But Aidan felt the loss of Ludo in his life just as acutely as Ludo had. Aidan has been struggled as well, the solitary life he had led before his accident is now something that he no longer enjoys.

Aidan isn’t scared off my Ludo’s challenges. He eventually realises that they both harbour loneliness and sees potential in them being perfect for each other.

If you’re looking for a sweet, gentle and down to earth romance, I think this would work for you.

Twice Shy by Sally Malcom Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Sally Malcolm - Twice Shy RTBANNER-113

Hi guys! We have Sally Malcolm popping in today with the tour for her new release Twice Shy, we have a brilliant giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~ p.s. keep an eye out for our review coming soon!

Sally Malcom - Twice Shy Cover nr7ehy

Twice Shy

(New Milton 03)

Sally Malcolm

The last thing Joel Morgan wants is to fall in love again. Scarred by his failed marriage, Joel’s determined to keep his life emotionally stable—which means taking a job teaching fourth grade, fixing up his house on weekends, and avoiding absolutely all romantic entanglements. And he’s doing great.

Until he meets sweet but struggling single dad, Ollie Snow.

Following the tragic death of his sister and her husband two years earlier, Ollie became the legal guardian of their two young sons—much to the horror of the boys’ conservative grandparents. They think Ollie’s too young and too unreliable to raise their grandsons. So to prove them wrong, Ollie’s determined to parent the boys without anyone’s help.

Until he meets reserved but caring teacher, Joel Morgan.

As the only two men in the school’s Parent-Teacher Association, Joel and Ollie are thrown together over a series of fundraising events, and somewhere between the Beach Fun Run and the Fall Festival they fall in love. But Ollie has another reason for moving to New Milton—a reason he’s keeping close to his chest—and Joel’s wounded heart won’t trust a man with secrets.

Dare they hope for a future together, or will their past pain keep them apart forever?

.•.•.**❣️ Amazon US | Amazon UK ❣️**.•.•.

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Love You So Sweetly by Tara Lain

Tara Lain - Love You So Sweetly Cover ydal03Title: Love You So Sweetly

Series: Love You So 04

Author: Tara Lain

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (161 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-64405-568-7

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (13 Sept 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Reading his future in a glass of sweet tea.

The youngest son of one of America’s richest families, Remy Merced is so busy trying to save his family company from collapse, he’s never taken time to figure out if he’s gay, much less if he’s happy. Then his meddling mama hires him an assistant who’s everything Remy thinks he doesn’t want. Cute Harper Treadwell, from rural Arkansas, is a brilliant business prodigy… and openly gay. His wit and charm could confirm Remy’s suspicions about his own sexuality almost instantly—if they weren’t both already partnered.

When Remy’s girlfriend and Harper’s boyfriend get a little too friendly, Remy finds that the path to happiness requires a long drive in an old Prius, a growing appreciation for small towns, and a whole lot of sweet tea. But before they can forge a future—they have to let go of the past.

Purchase Link: Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Love You So Sweetly is the fourth book in Tara Lain’s Love You So series. There is no read to read the series in order as they are completely independent books, although the premise behind each book is that the romance includes one main character who comes from or has wealth/privilege in a high position in a company, and the one main character who doesn’t have any of those trappings, and is just a “normal” person.

I was excited about this book because I have been loving the Love You So books, and they are perhaps my favourite books that are written by Lain. I found the blurb perhaps a little misleading as I expected there to be a stronger thread of plot involving the MCs then current flames, but whatever. I don’t think it took away from my enjoyment of the book.

Love You So Sweetly is a sweet romance, there is no denying that. But for that reason I also loved the book. It follows Remy Merced, the youngest son who is trying to save the family’s massive national company from collapse in the future by revitalising the brand. He’s stressed and over worked and that is the reason why Remy’s meddling mother butts in and hires Remy a personal assistant, the son of a friend from her little hometown in Arkansas.

Harper Treadwell loves the world of business and excelled during his degree. However, he is from a small town and it is only through family connections that he is able to land a job. Not that Harper will complain. He wants to go out into the big wide world, which is partly why he had left town to move in with his boyfriend in California.

Remy has never really had a chance to question his sexuality, though he does date women and currently has a girlfriend. However, despite some early resistance, Remy sees that Harper is everything he could ever need. First he displays his knack of the business world, and later on as they get to know each other and their respective personal circumstances change, there’s a spark that is a lot more than employer and employee.

I love the simplicity of this book, it’s sweet and not overly complicated, which means that we get a lot of depth out of the characters and I really liked the depth of emotion that I felt as the romance progressed. It made it feel real, and fits perfectly with the overall feel of the previous books in this series. I’m definitely keen if there is more to come!

Waiting For Him by Stormy Glenn

Stormy Glenn - Waiting For Him Cover ma74hnfTitle: Waiting For Him

Series: Hot Mess: Friends & Family 01

Author: Stormy Glenn

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: Siren Publishing (October 1, 2019)

Length: Novella (152 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Clarke

Officer Lyn Philips was too young for me, too inexperienced, and too naive for the things I wanted to do to him. Staying away from him was imperative, but it might take more control than I possessed. When Lyn is threatened, all bets are off.


The man I wanted to create a life with didn’t want that life, or me. After waiting an eternity for Sgt. Victor Clarke to make up his mind whether he wanted me or not, I decided to create the life I wanted, even if the man I was in love with wasn’t going to be in it.

When the carefully constructed life I had created was threatened, I had no choice but to call in the SWAT team, even if it meant letting Clarke back into my world. I just hoped I could let him go when the time came, because I knew it would. Clarke had made it more than clear that he didn’t want me and nothing would change that, not even a threat on my life.

ISBN: 978-1-64637-016-0

Product Link: Siren-BookStrand | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This story is branched off of the original Hot Mess so I would start reading those books first.

It is about time is all I have got to say about these two. Each time they look at each other it was like fire burning you to a crisp. Lyn has wanted and loved Clarke for over ten years but the man never made a move. In fact he said the opposite but now Lyn was done. He wanted to start over. To bad starting over has sent danger his way.

Clarke loved Lyn just as much as Lyn loved him, but his fear out weighed the rest. To him Lyn was close to perfect. Where as Clarke was hard as nails. He didn’t want to ever hurt the man but his way wasn’t working. Then when Lyn gets himself into danger, well lets say that his brains have caught up with his heart.

I think that this story and the series that it is connected to are probably my favorites from this author. It is well told and the characters are just about as sexy as one gets. Danger filled, sexy times, quirky attitudes and you get to see Lany in parts of it are just a few things in this story. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.

I can guarantee that this story will be read many times over. I just love the guys and the troubles they get into. I would definitely recommend this story and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next story.

Today by R.J. Scott

R.J. Scott - Today Cover s ner7hvTitle: Today

Series: Single Dads 02

Author: R.J. Scott

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (197 pages)


Publisher: Love Lane Books (21st August 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Firefighter Eric is on the front line, battling the threat of nature’s destruction in the California grass-lands alongside his CalFire team. Focused and calm, even in the direst of situations, he has a strong affection for his fire truck, loves his career, and has best friends he can rely on. All he needs now is love, but that seems to be impossible to find. At his friend’s wedding. Eric falls in lust at first sight with the shy, slim and sexy Brady, even if Brady isn’t the type of guy he usually goes for. What Eric longs for is an equal in his bed, not a smaller guy who might want Eric to role-play big strong fire-fighter every time they have sex. He wants to find someone he can be vulnerable with, someone who will love him for his soft heart and quiet ways.

Brady’s life plans grind to a halt when his niece and nephew lose their parents in a tragic accident, and he becomes a dad overnight. His Developmental Coordination Disorder rules his life, but he fights both DCD and the fears that chase him every day, to give Maddie and Lucas a home. Agree-ing to go to a friend’s wedding is a decision he regrets long before he even gets there. But, he re-fuses to give in to his fear, even if he might do something that makes him a target for people’s comments and laughter. Meeting Eric, a huge man with a gentle voice and a flair for chivalry, he falls hard. Now, if only he can let himself get past his panic that Eric would never want someone like him, then maybe he could fall in love for real.

Purchase Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Today is the second book in RJ Scott’s Single Dads series. I strongly recommend to read this story in order as there are a number of things about both MCs that we find out as we get to know them in their role as secondary characters in the first book. This particular series follows three smoking hot first responders in their quest for love who also happen to be best friends and have part shares in a house in San Diego.

RJ Scott is an author that I’ve only recently acquainted myself with and now will be more likely to give her books a go, now that I’ve found a connection to her writing style and characters.

Eric is a firefighter, he’s committed and passionate about his job and saving others. His best friends are Leo and Sean, who he part owns a house with. Sean has recently become engaged to their neighbour, a single dad with a baby that has her daddies and her Uncles Leo and Eric wrapped around her finger. It is at Sean’s wedding to Ash that he meets Ash’s friend, Brady.

Brady became an instant dad to his niece and nephew, Maddie and Lucas, when their parents were killed. Life as a gay single dad is tough when dealing with two kids who have lost their parents and are old enough to understand but can only cope as well as any child could. Add onto this that Brady has lost his sister and is heading towards becoming agoraphobic. He has isolated himself from the world because of his medical condition, DCD, a disorder that has affects his motor skills and makes him feel embarrassed, which has led onto a slew of other conditions such as anxiety. To an extent, Maddie and Lucas are quite good in tolerating Brady’s quirks, but Brady wants to be better. He wants to be a better dad, especially since he’s only a couple years away from navigating the teenage years and the kids are already moody (understandably).

Eric and Brady don’t exactly click straight away. Eric has a bit of a fight on his hands to show Brady the man he sees is worthy of love. Eric also happens to love kids, his annoyance when he first is sent to Brady rather than wrangling Sean and Ash’s daughter at their wedding tells the reader as much. And so he begins to bring something to Brady’s family that makes him impossible to ignore. The romance comes slow – both men have to deal with so much “stuff”, which is what makes this book feel real and relatable.

This is perfect for anyone that loves men and babies/children, single parents finding love and of course if you love a sexy doctor! I feel it ticks all the character traits that are irresistible for many romance readers. I really enjoyed reading the first book, Single, and so was looking forward to reading this one, likewise I am also looking forward to reading book three with Leo’s story.

Awesome and sweet romance, I look forward to Leo’s story which is coming up in book three!

Don’t Judge by A.E. Via ~ Audio Review

A.E. Via - Don't Judge Audio Cover s en3784ujTitle: Don’t Judge

Series: Nothing Special 04

Author: A.E. Via

Narrator: Aiden Snow

Genre: Contemporary, Action, Men in Uniform

Length: 9 hrs, 48 mins

Publisher: A.E. Via (24th July 2019)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Detective Austin Michaels didn’t think life could get any better after he was accepted into the most notorious narcotics task force on the East Coast, headed up by two of the baddest Lieu-tenants with the Atlanta Police Department – Cashel Godfrey and Leonidis Day.

Michaels knew he would fit right in as the team’s sniper, having received his fair share of com-mendations for marksmanship. He was just as badass as the rest of the twenty brothers that made up their team. But when Michaels lets their prime suspect get away from a huge bust with over a quarter of a million dollars in drugs, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it right.

Left with no other options, God chooses to bring in outside help, calling on his long-time friend and bounty hunter, Judge Josephson.

Judge was considered one of the best trackers during his enlistment in the United States Ma-rine Corps. After retiring, he used those skills to become one of the most sought out fugitive trackers in the country. When Judge gets a call from his old friend needing his help, he quickly tells God, yes.

Purchase Link: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Don’t Judge is the fourth book in A.E. Via’s Nothing Special series. It is important to read these books in order, there is a whole cast of strong secondary characters who have already had their romance story told and so it would be rather confusing to jump straight in at book 4.

I really only know A.E. Via’s work from this series, which I have loved. To be perfectly honest I am actually kind of surprised at how much I got into this series. However, there is so much going on, so much depth to each character and so much plot and character development. This is an action filled series with off the charts steamy sex scenes that can satisfy all the reader’s needs.

And being that this is the audio, we once again have Aiden Snow, who has done the narration on the previous books, working his magic at bringing the characters to life. He has the perfect tone and timbre that suits the rough and tough world of a police narcotics squad, as well as an equally rough bounty hunter. Absolutely love his narration and cannot think of any criticism.

Onto the story itself:

The main characters of this instalment of Nothing Special series is Detective Austin Michaels and bounty hunter Judge Josephson.

Austin got the job of a lifetime, in the equally revered and feared Atlanta PD narcotics squad run by Lieutenants Leonides Day and Cashel Godfrey (who also happen to be life partners, their story kicks off the series in book 1). Another plus is that because there are a number of gay men, a number of whom have lovers within the team, Austin is proud to serve in the most accepting and diverse group in Atlanta PD. Even if they do get stares and whispers from others who are less tolerant. However, you cannot argue with results.

Austin is a sniper and like his team mates, is dedicated to making busts and bringing down some of the most dangerous drug lords in the city. However, when a bust goes wrong, Austin is not only injured but he also balmes himself for letting a very important man get away from them.
God and Day, although against Day’s better judgement, bring in God’s old buddy from the military, who is now a kickass bounty hunter, Judge Josephson (as well as his awesome dog, a Great Dane). Judge is hired to help bring in the man that they lost, and it is Austin who is paired up to go with Judge.

Judge and Austin don’t exactly hit it off straight away, in fact, they do not get along. Joseph is surly about the job as he realises that he doesn’t have too much time left in the bounty hunter game, as both he and his dog are getting too old to keep up. Austin is high strung because he blames himself for losing their man and therefore is the reason that Day and Knight brought in Judge. These guys are complicated, there is great sexual tension between them from the start. Yet, they have complicated personal lives that pop up during the course of the book and the job of chasing one man down does get a tad complicated – but not impossible with the help of the people of the Atlanta PD Narcotics team.

This was a great addition to the series. It’s full of danger and tension (both the sexual and dangerous kinds). If you love a gritty cop story, with great sexual chemistry, high danger and high adrenalin that will keep you going from beginning to end of the book, I recommend to give this whole series a try and not just this book.

The Christmas Oaks by V.L. Locey Cover Reveal & Giveaway!

V.L. Locey - The Christmas Oaks CRBANNER-32

Hi guys! We have V.L. Locey stopping by today with the cover for her upcoming release The Christmas Oaks, we have a brilliant giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

V.L. Locey - The Christmas Oaks Cover zlo93

The Christmas Oaks

(Laurel Holidays 01)

V.L. Locey

Can the magic of Christmas, and the soft voice of a man who has seen too much, show Bryan a future where anything is possible?

Bryan Graham is shocked to find he’s inherited a hunting cabin in north-central Pennsylvania. From his grandfather of all people; a stubborn man who went out of his way to make Bryan’s childhood miserable. He’d vowed never to go back to the small, rural community of Kutter’s Summit, not that he didn’t have fond memories of the place. It’s just that he’d rather be celebrating a quiet Christmas back in Nashville with his cat and his contracts.

A couple of weeks of hunting, cleaning, and handyman work, and he can hopefully put the place up for sale and move on with his life. He never expected to find his childhood friend Parson Greer living in the cabin. Parson is no longer a boy, but a handsome, wary man consumed by the demons of a faraway desert war. When a rekindled friendship shifts into something deeper, Bryan finds himself lost in emotions that a workaholic like him has never made time to experience before.

.•.•.**❣️ Release date: 4th December 2019 ❣️**.•.•.

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Counter Culture by J.L. Merrow Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

J.L. Merrow - Counter Culture TourBanner

Hi guys! We have J.L. Merrow popping in today with her new release Counter Culture, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway where you can win a $10 Riptide GC, so check out the post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

J.L. Merrow - Counter Culture Cover b3t64

Counter Culture


J.L. Merrow

Customer service has never been this personal.

Robin Christopher, beleaguered retail worker, isn’t having an easy November. His boss is raising stress levels planning a Black Friday to end all Black Fridays, his family doesn’t understand him, and his best friend thinks his new crush is a hallucination brought on by watching too many episodes of Doctor Who.

Archie Levine dresses in Victorian style and divides his time between caring for his young son and creating weird and wacky steampunk gadgets from bits of old junk—when he’s not looking after his mum and trying to keep on good terms with his ex. The last thing he’s got time for is a relationship, but the flustered young man he met while disembowelling a fridge is proving very tempting.

When his mum’s social conscience is roused by a local store with a cavalier attitude to the homeless, former rough sleeper Archie shares her anger. Little does he know that Robin works for that same store. When Archie finds out he’s sleeping with the enemy, things could cut up very rough indeed.

References to past underage sex

.•.•.**❣️ Riptide | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords | B&N ❣️**.•.•.

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Irises in the Snow by Isabelle Adler Release Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Isabelle Adler - Irises in the Snow RB Banner

Hi guys! We have Isabelle Adler stopping by today with her new release Irises in the Snow, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic $10 NineStar GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

Isabelle Adler - Irises in the Snow Cover t474hn

Irises in the Snow


Isabelle Adler

It’s Christmas, and Justin’s life is fraying at the edges. The family business he took over instead of going to art school is bleeding money, and his boyfriend of seven months cheated on him. Under these circumstances, family gatherings can be rough, but Justin believes he has everything under control. That is, until Elliot, his former best friend (and the first guy to ever break his heart) unexpectedly shows up at the holiday dinner party.

With both of them still nursing the wounds of the past, it might take a real Christmas miracle for Justin and Elliot to learn to appreciate the art of second chances.

.•.•.**❣️ NineStar | Amazon | Amazon UK | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo ❣️**.•.•.

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