Street Rat by Stormy Glenn

Stormy Glenn - Street Rat Cover ndrv7fhjTitle: Street Rat

Series: Hot Mess: Friends & Family 02

Author: Stormy Glenn 

Genre: Contemporary 

Publisher: Siren Publishing (November 28, 2019)

Length: Novella (134 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Patty

I was the head of the Irish mob in Chicago. That got me very few friends and even more enemies. With the DEA breathing down my neck, figuring out who’s hijacking my shipments of merchandise is made all that much harder. It’s not until Danny was kidnapped that I learned I had more friends than I thought I did. I just didn’t know if we could rescue Danny before he became a victim to someone’s plot to get to me.


Patty Flannigan has been my hero since he rescued me from the streets when I was a teenager. Over the years, that hero worship turned into something stronger. I’ve watched a string of boy toys move through Patty’s life at an alarming rate and I didn’t want to become just another notch on his bedpost. I wanted something more meaningful but proving to Patty I could be an asset to him became harder than I was prepared for when I was kidnapped in a plot to get to Patty.

ISBN: 978-1-64637-051-1

Product Link: Siren-BookStrand

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Hot Mess: Friends & Family collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc I would suggest reading them in sequential order. I would suggest you start with the Hot Mess collection as it will give you a idea on some of the characters you will meet in this series.

The fourth horseman of the apocalypse has finally appeared. Danny’s father passed away, his mother was a hard core drug addict and his foster family were evil. He ran away and was living on the streets at the age of fifteen. He had been rescued and brought in by a man he adored. The man was also the head of the Irish Mob.

Patty has seen some crazy things in his life although I would say Lany was the craziest. He was the head of the Irish Mob and had many rules to follow. He never dealt in drugs or girls. He wasn’t clean cut but it would be hard to prove anything. He rescued a young boy from the streets and pretty much protected him. Now here he was trying to keep him safe and falling in love.

I will admit that out of all the contemporary romance stories I have read, this series and the one it is connect to are probably my favorites. There is a serious tone to them but they have so much humor in them that parts of the story will have you laughing your ass off. They are told with such a flare that you are not wanting to put the story down. I loved the characters and everything about them. I was glad that Patty got his head out of his ass though.

I am so glad that Lany’s friends are meeting the ones they will love forever. I do hope that I will see more of them in the future stories. I can’t wait for Vinnie to get his happy ever after though.

I can guarantee that this is one of those stories that will be read many times over.

Broken Halo by Lynn Hagen

Lynn Hagen - Broken Halo Cover 65rht7jTitle: Broken Halo

Series: Maple Grove 12

Author: Lynn Hagen

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc. (November 25, 2019)

Length: Novella (116 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Blurb: Dr. Ari Bjord uprooted his life, leaving behind a broken heart as he moved to Maple Grove to become the new town doctor. His work was fulfilling, but he missed having someone special in his life. Ari just never expected that special someone to be an actual angel with a chip on his shoulder and perpetual whiskey bottle in his hand. Ari definitely had his work cut out for him.

Tortured and punished for thousands of years, Gavril was nothing short of bitter and broken. He wouldn’t know love if it walked up and slugged him on the jaw. That was until a sweet little doctor risked his life to help Gavril. Now Ari was all Gavril thought about, all he craved. With overzealous angels out to kill him, Gavril knew it was time to stop running and fight. But his biggest fight of all was learning how to love the most important person in the world to him. His mate. 

ISBN: 978-1-64637-030-6

Product Link: Siren-BookStrand

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Maple Grove collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc I would suggest reading them in sequential order. This series is connected to the Brac Pack, the Brac Pack Next Gen, Brac Village, Zeus’s Pack, Christian’s Coven, Demon Warriors and a few others. For a better understanding of this amazing world I would suggest start with the first book in the Brac Pack collection.

Ari loved what he did and the help he could give. He loved traveling and enjoying his patients. Then he lost a bit when his ex turned out to be worse then evil. He left his life behind to start a new one in Maple Grove. He was still a damn good doctor but he had lost a bit of himself. Now here he was helping a very grumpy and drunk man who didn’t seem to want his help.

Gavril is an angel and has lost his way, so to speak. He loved the humans he looked over but many angels saw it as wrong. Angels are not the good that they stand for but can be worse then humans when it came to bigotry. They held him prisoner for thousands of year and tortured him every second of every day. His escape led him to the one man that might give him hope, his mate.

I liked these guys quite a bit. I was hoping that this author would throw in angels after awhile. So it was a nice surprise and I truly enjoyed their story. Like most of this authors work there is quite a bit of action and danger mixed in with a bit of humor to make it flow better. I always did like a story that had quite a bit of humor in it and this one had it. I enjoyed seeing some of the old gang back from previous stories.

I had a blast reading it and can guarantee that it is one of those stories that will be read many times over.

For a Unicorn’s Happiness by Catherine Lievens

Catherine Lievens - For A Unicorn's Happiness Cover gmg9glgTitle: For a Unicorn’s Happiness

Series: Legendary Shifters 02

Author: Catherine Lievens

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: eXtasy Books (September 20, 2019)

Length: Novella (161 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 3.5 Heart

Blurb: Toby has known little more than loneliness since he was taken from his home and his family was killed. He’s a prisoner, forced to heal the members of the gang that bought him from the men who kidnapped him.

Until he’s not.

Camden didn’t expect to find out that Sam’s brother, the brother who was sold to a gang, is his mate. He’s not sure where to go from here. Toby is understandably wary and cautious, and most of the time, he won’t let Camden close enough to talk to him. Camden doesn’t have a problem giving him the time and space he needs, but they might not have much of it.

When the envoy from another pack arrives and demands Camden give up one of the unicorn shifters, Camden refuses, even though he knows the Rosewood pack doesn’t stand a chance. The pack is small, and its members aren’t warriors. He’s not about to give Toby or Sam up, but he has no idea how his people are going to deal with this—or if they’ll make it out alive.

ISBN: 978-1-4874-2625-5

Product Link: eXtasy Books | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Toby and his brother are very rare shifters and very unique. When their parents were killed they were told to run, but only Toby managed it, so he thought. He had been taken and sold to gangs to be their healers. Hell he didn’t even know if he wanted to be one. Then another group showed up and rescued him.

Camden is an alpha of a small pack but Toby’s brother was one of them. So he did what any good alpha would do, he rescued the sexy man. Then he realizes that Toby is his mate. Things are going to get interesting real fast.

I like the unique shifters you see in this story. They are cute and funny in a way but also scared of what would happen. It is a cute story with a bit of action. Although it was only a bit of action which was a bit disappointing. It also ended in a bit of a cliffhanger which drove me nuts. It comes off rushed and leaves you hanging. It felt like it was going to slow and nothing major happened. I mean you have a threat, worry to death, rush a wedding and then all of a sudden it was done. No true fight was seen in the story.

I hate to admit it but I was a bit disappointed in the story. It just left me wanting more.

Walk Tall by Susi Hawke

Susi Hawke - Walk Tall Cover gnjk8ks1Title: Walk Tall

Series: Assassin’s Claw 01

Author: Susi Hawke

Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Susi Hawke (August 10,2019)

Length: Novella (134 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖 3 Heart

Blurb: Clay Moreno is a paid killer, just like his four brothers. It’s the family business—they fight together, they die together. Whether they’re working as a group or alone, they are a tight unit who protect their own.

Clay drew the short straw on their latest mission: assassinate the American president. He knew the case was going to be tough, but the last thing he expected to find was his mate… the president’s own son. The fact that he began the case with plans to seduce his way into the White House via that same son is beside the point. What his mate doesn’t know shouldn’t hurt him…

Nick Jackson is lonely and ordinary in a family of overachievers. He doesn’t want to do photo ops for the press, prep for the next year’s tests over the summer or any of the hundreds of other things his mother hassles him about. All he wants is to relax after his first year of college, work on his tan… and maybe find a boy to flirt with.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Someone is about to tell the world about shifters. It is up to Clay to make sure that doesn’t happen. Even if it means he is going to have to kill the President of the United States. Now only he had to figure out a way to do it.

Nick is the son of the president and hates being in the spot light. He only wants a man to love, a family and the white picket fence. When he meets Clay things are looking up. Then he finds out that Clay is trying to kill his father. Clay is a shifter and Nick is his mate so it is going to get even more interesting.

The thing about these stories is that they are not really as short as the author states they are. So in reality there was no reason the ending couldn’t have included the surprise. It drives me nuts and actually does the exact opposite of what an author intends. Which is to look forward to the next story. I tend to stay away from stories that leave a cliff hanger.

Now for the main issue, no one in a world would send a text detailing all of the plan. It came off as if the story needed to be rushed. There was a reason to let Nick know the truth but no handler or assassin would be stupid enough to leave that type of evidence floating around.

The story started off quite interesting and had it not been for the text, might have been a higher rating for me. Things moved way too fast to make it believable as well. It went straight to sex, then more sex, then meeting the family and no true focus on what was suppose to happen till bam the assassination. Also assassinating bunnies in bunny form is a bit goofy and dropped the story as well.

Overall the story might have had a good chance to stand out, but some of the actions written in made the story burn. I can’t say that I will be looking for the next story and can honestly say that it is one that will be read only once.

Made for Him by Lynn Hagen

Lynn Hagen - Made for Him Cover cvdbh7hTitle: Made for Him

Series: Maple Grove 10

Author: Lynn Hagen

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, MPreg

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc (October 21, 2019)

Length: Novella (103 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Blurb: Jude Pearson is nearly killed twice, and now all he wants is to be left alone. But his ex-coven leader has different plans. He’s hired an assassin to kill Jude for something Jude had no control over. Things become worse when Deputy Roy Benton invites Jude out, and Jude reluctantly accepts the invitation. He has no clue his mate is the cook at the tavern. There was just one problem. Reese detests vampires.

Reese Baas lost his little brother to a vampire attack a decade ago, and the pain is still fresh. When a panicked man runs into the kitchen at the tavern, Reese is shocked to find out Jude is his mate. Jude also has trouble on his heels, and Reese is torn between helping his mate and walking away. The decision is taken out of his hands when Jude becomes pregnant and the assassin closes in on them.

ISBN: 978-1-64637-008-5

Product Link: Siren-BookStrand | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Maple Grove collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc I would suggest reading them in sequential order. This story is connect to the Brac Pack series, which has many branched off series.

Jude is a sweet heart of a vampire. He has not had an easy life. He had almost been killed twice and one of those times was by his own uncle. He had killed that asshat but now his family wanted him dead. When a friend asks him to hang out with him, it leads him to someone he had not expected, his mate.

Reese is a rhino shifter who like many rhino’s has a temper but manages to keep it down. It would seem his mate had a way of driving him crazy though. What neither expected was Jude to become pregnant.

Pretty interesting story going on with this one. I have always liked reading this author’s work and have not been let down. It always has a serious tone to it but there is so much humor in it one would not expect it. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.

I had a blast reading it and look forward to reading the next story. I can guarantee that it will be read many times over.

The Kill by Ulysses LeMolina

Ulysses LeMolina - The Kill Cover 54jfjeTitle: The Kill

Series: Pandora Shifters 02

Author: Ulysses LeMolina

Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Ulysses LeMolina (August 11,2019)

Length: Novel (289 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖 3 Heart

Blurb: It was supposed to be his dream job, but Dr. Benjamin Connors is trapped: his psychopathic boss is performing nightmarish experiments on the man he loves. He begins to plan for their escape—free in a beautiful future together. But with surveillance everywhere, nothing is what it seems—and Ben doesn’t know whom he can trust. Can Ben battle the sadistic guards, the cruel staff, and the harsh Alaskan wilderness to save the one man who has set his heart free?


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Benjamin is basically trapped in a job he hates. He first starts out cleaning after an experiment or death, then moves to an executive job. He is now a doctor who helps to work on them. He however has found himself falling in love with one of the men who was being experimented on and needed a way to free him.

Nikolai was taken from an orphanage, separated from his twin, experimented on and tortured. There is one man whom he finds interesting. The only man that has been kind to him. But things are getting harsher and he knows it will soon be his death.

First off Micah is his twin, which he Nikolai remembers yet Micah doesn’t. How does that even factor in. There is so much jumble mixture in this story that it will leave a reader with more questions then answers. Micah went through hell, but when you hear about Nikolai, well lets just say it gets even worse. Now for the problems in this story, well there were way too many. First off if this place is so secure that no one can get away with anything, then how the hell does he get away with stealing dead bodies. Also there is the fact that they are having sex in the room where Nikolai is. It came off as though the sex scene was just thrown in there to up the game. Then they blew up the lab, well what about all the other prisoners they stated was there. Why not blow the place up in the first book. Like I said there was just too much thrown in that made it all jumbled.

The first book was a questionable read so I wanted to just give the second book a chance, but it really was so similar as the first one. They were going to rescue all and then destroy the place, yet you only have two rescued. The fact that they rescued themselves with very little help from the outside was sketchy. Over all this book had potential but failed to deliver.

I can honestly say that this is one of those series that is only read once. I hate to admit that I didn’t really get into this story and can’t see myself looking for the next book.

Operation Delta by Stormy Glenn

Stormy Glenn - Operation Delta Cover nfdh7hTitle: Operation Delta

Series: Geek Squad 03

Author: Stormy Glenn

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: Siren Publishing (October 24,2019)

Length: Novella (145 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: I was a pocket protector, glasses wearing, social anxiety disorder, nerd. I was also one of the smartest people I knew, which was why I never understood how some people could do the things they did.

After witnessing a murder and then having someone break into my house and destroy it, my disgust with the world at large only grew deeper. When the man who’d committed that murder takes an unusual interest in me, my disgust took a nosedive. I did the only thing I could think of. I called in the geek squad.

When my friends couldn’t reach me in time, they sent Corporal Abiola Sesay. I had no idea the man even knew who I was, but when Abe showed interest in me, I wasn’t about to say no. Genius, remember?

Someone is after me and they have no problem eliminating any obstacles in their way, including Abe. When I end up having to rescue him, my view of the world starts to change. I still wasn’t sure I liked it, but I was willing to do just about anything to save the man I was falling for, even leave the safety of my comfort zone.

ISBN: 978-1-64637-0344

Product Link: Siren-BookStrand

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Geek Squad collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.

Geek Squad to the rescue and it would seem that Danny might just need him. Not to long ago Danny had came out of his cave to help his best friends out. In the end it left him able to shift in to a beautiful cat. He was also smarter than anyone would ever think and could work on anything. His only problem was people. After working a bit on a program he had headed home but went back to the university when he forgot his gloves. It gave him the opportunity to witness a murder. Now those who are behind it are after him, but not for what he saw. He needed help and Abe came to his rescue.

Abe was part of the same military team as Ian’s boyfriend was. So when the geek squad need rescue they were the ones who went in to help. Abe has always wanted Danny from the moment he saw him and now might just be the chance. But this time Abe is the one who needs to be rescued.

Fascinating, entertaining, unique and some hot sexy times are just a little of what you get in this story. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end. However I wasn’t too surprised because this is one author who I will always be on the lookout for her books. The worlds that are created and the characters are a blast to read. I love the closeness that these guys have going on with each other.

I had a blast reading this and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book. I can guarantee that this is one of those stories that will be read many times over.

The Hunt by Ulysses LeMolina

Ulysses LeMolina - The Hunt Cover ndf7fhTitle: The Hunt

Series: Pandora Shifters 01

Author: Ulysses LeMolina

Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Ulysses LeMolina (April 10,2019)

Length: Novel (273 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖 3 Hearts

Blurb: He only knows himself as “Forty-Seven.”

His body is ravaged with scars from decades of beatings. And if Adam hadn’t rescued him, naked, unconscious, and alone in the middle of the Alaskan forest, he’d be dead by now.

Can he resist the frightening changes taking place in his own body? And can he and Adam escape the insane scientists and soldiers who won’t rest until they’re both dead?


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Micah is known as Forty-Seven. He was taken from an orphanage in Russia and kept in a lab from that time on. He has been experimented on, tortured and was ready to die. They knew that with pain he would shift in to the wolf they created in him. One night he managed to kill the doctor and escape, only to be rescued by a sweet man.

Adam had no clue what was going on. He found a sexy man, naked and shot. He brought him home to help but damn if things are not going to get real interesting.

In the blurb he only knows himself by the name Forty-Seven, however within the first chapter he knows his name is Micah. However you kind of figure out his name before then because the author let it drop before hand. The story itself would be amazing if it didn’t come off so wacky. There are so many holes in the story that I could have driven a truck through it. There are many questions in how Micah acts the way he does when he was held captive for quite a long while. It would be impossible. Captive and tortured one would act more like a very scared rabbit but he is not.

Also Adam finds this naked guy with a gun shot, brings him home, tends to his wounds and gets all touchy with him, before he even knows his story. That is so far blown off that it was just not reasonable. There were more questions then answers for me. Then there is Anna and Jimmy. They know what is going on and is trying to help but lets face it, they don’t really seem like they did much in the beginning. And to mention beginnings, well it just starts off fast and kept on going. Didn’t really give you a time to get drawn in before you feel like you have been dropped.

Like I said above, it does have great potential and for a first story that is a good sign. I will just have to waive my full ruling on the series for now. Luna was a good start with this story, she rocked.

The Cub Club by Ardy Kelly *Dual Review*

Ardy Kelly - The Cub Club COVER b hc6hyTitle: The Cub Club

Series: Lone Wolves Ranch 01

Author: Ardy Kelly

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novel (235pgs)

Publisher: Ardy Kelly (October 8, 2018)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts (Combined)

Blurb: What would you do if your adopted son shifted into a wolf cub before your eyes?

For single dad Steven the choice was simple – find the boy’s family and hope they had the answers.

As the alpha of Lone Wolves Ranch, Mack trusted in humans as much as he trusted in love. Not at all. But he had a soft spot for the brave human searching for his son’s relatives. When he discovers Steven is his fated mate, he’s stuck between a soft spot and a hard place.

The Cub Club is a gay wolf shifter romance containing Mpreg and knotting. A complete 65,000-word novel – no cliffhanger!

ISBN: B07J5Q8469

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa & Shorty

Lisa’s Review 💖💖💖 3 Hearts:

Steven’s husband had came across an infant and his dead mother, brought the child home, fought to keep him and raise him. They were a happy family until Steven’s husband passed away in an accident. Now thirteen years later Steven is in for one more big shock. His son has changed into a wolf cub. He needs to find his son’s birth family to find out what to do.

Humans have never been trusted nor allowed on the ranch. So when Steven showed up asking for help, Mack is tempted to run him off. That is until he realizes that the man is telling the truth. Then he realizes that Steven is also a wolf that can’t change, a recessive.

This story started off with what I had assumed would be an excellent story. However the alpha of the pack couldn’t stop lying to save his life, hid quite a bit and just made a mess of things. There was little to no heat between them both, however the author paired them up. The sex between them was suppose to be hot but it came off dull and dry. The knotting was the only thing exciting and even then it fell in delivery. It was hard to connect with any of them. Even the son’s reaction to his own father was wrong. There was little humor in it which to me makes a story pop out to me, but nope very little.

You don’t really get the recessive definition until a bit later in the story. However it is well written but didn’t stand out to me. The characters also fell a bit flat. Then there was Mack’s grandmother, she pretty much gave me the creeps through out. Also you get the title, Cub Club, but you don’t see it until almost the end of the story and even then you only see the guys for a few pages. Steven’s husband dies in an accident but you find a different solution later on, but just a mere mention of it. This story just left a lot of questions and very little answers. I did like Steven more than anyone else.

This is the first book by this author and while the story had a great promise, it failed to deliver. To much detail for a story when most could have been left out, mainly the ex. So I am sorry to say that this story was not for me.

Shorty’s Review 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts:

Steven gets the shock of his life one day when his adopted son Peter shifts into a wolf. Not one to back down from a challenge Seven goes to the Lone Wolves Ranch for help where he meets Mack. Mack the alpha of the Lone Wolves Ranch assumes Steven is there to unload Peter on them. He is proven wrong by Stevens fierce determination to be thee for his son.

I liked the story. I thought it was great Steven was no pushover. I did not understand Mack’s need to lie to Steven. He should have explained everything upfront. Mack’s ex was a piece of work who I was surprised the pack let back in for a short tie given all that happened in the past.

All in all it was an intriguing story with humor, some angst, action and a whole lot of twists and turns with enjoyable characters that made for an amazing start to the series. I am looking forward to getting to know the lone wolves ranch pack better with each book that comes out.
Fantastic read.

White Knight by Mary Rundle

Mary Rundle - White Knight COVER s dy6t6Title: White Knight

Series: Blackwood Pack 08

Author: Mary Rundle

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: Mary Rundle (October 4, 2019)

Length: Novel (390 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Heart

Blurb: Hunter always expected to be the next Alpha of the Rolling Hills Pack until he had to walk away, leaving behind his dream, forced to build a new life for himself and his brothers. Arriving with them to visit his cousins at the Blackwood Pack, he never expects to find his mate there, but when he catches his scent, it’s impossible for him to concentrate on anything else, including a secret he has that will change his cousins’ lives.

From the moment Hunter meets Jackson, tempers flare between the two Alphas as their anger builds about secrets both are keeping. Their distrust of each other grows yet they must struggle to find common ground due to their mutual responsibilities toward Hunter’s mate.

Fionn, a rare white dragon, has fought hard for his independence, believing it will protect him from relatives who want to seize his hoard. As a recent member of the Blackwood Pack, he looks forward to sharing the future with his new family. That is, until he realizes he has a mate. Needing time to sort out his feelings, he flees to his hoard, hiding from Hunter who impatiently waits for him.

Together, Fionn and Hunter must put aside past hurts and disappointments as they try to forge a new world for themselves while facing a dangerous threat to Fionn…and to the rest of the Blackwood Pack.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Blackwood Pack collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc I would suggest reading them in sequential order.

Hunter’s mother trusted him with her visions right before she passed on. His aunt had shown up in bad shape a few years before but now she was dying. Her family, she believed had been killed. He was to take her to her son’s. He had not expected the shock of what was going to happen nor the shock of finding his mate.

Fionn is a very rare dragon, so rare only one is born at a time. He was a white dragon gifted from the gods. He was also only eighteen and had not been free from his father’s evilness for very long. Now he has found his mate. To top it off danger is coming their way.

This is one of those stories that need to be read back to back and in order. It gets pretty jumbled with all the characters and their story mixed in. I felt like I had been missing quite a bit when I first started reading the story. It is also a very long winded story that made it even more confusing then ever. It is a very entertaining and interesting story however and did manage to keep my attention. I can admit though I have no clue in what direction the story is headed. The characters were not a big hit with me but their shifter animals were. I just couldn’t figure out whether or not I liked them.

I will admit though I didn’t much care for the cover. It did not show any connection at all with the characters just a sex appeal. I didn’t really think about reading it due to the fact of the cover. However that is on me. I will also admit that it took a while for me to be in the story to even remember the previous ones.

Over all the story was interesting and the world was quite unique. I enjoyed the story and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Catch a Tiger by the Heart by Jane Wallace-Knight

Jane Wallace-Knight - Catch A Tiger By The Heart Cover nfurh7fvTitle: Catch a Tiger by the Heart

Series: Agents of C.L.A.W. 04

Author: Jane Wallace-Knight

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc. (October 22,2019)

Length: Novella (98pgs)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Deer shifter Leon Kinney’s first day at C.L.A.W. sees him thrown into the deep end when he catches the attention of tiger shifter, and assassin, Alistair Byrne. When one of Alistair’s colleagues tries to kill him, revealing himself to be a member of the terrorist organisation known as Pan, it’s Leon’s help he needs.

Leon knew his life would change when he left his old job working for a technology company, but he hadn’t anticipated just how much. He finds himself jetting off to Cuba to go undercover in the house of a drug lord where the only person he can trust is the assassin assigned to protect him.

Falling in love with a killer while pretending to be someone else, being held hostage, and having guns pointed at him way too often wasn’t the way Leon had imagined his life going, but as he was quickly learning, maybe he didn’t know himself as well as he thought.

ISBN: 978-1-64637-014-6

Product Link: Siren-BookStrand

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: He had been working a normal job that wasn’t exciting but had what a normal person would need. That is until he was recruited by an organization that included excitement, adventure and danger, for those who were working on the outside. Leon was working as a collection and helped spy’s land on their feet. That was what he thought but on his first day he ended up helping one blow up a tank, and his life got stranger after that. Which considering he was a deer shifter was saying something.

Alistair was not only a spy but an assassin. One assignment that was suppose to be easy turned deadly, a tank was shooting at him. He needed help but the one on the other line was not who he expected. A tiger shifter who had a rough life until he had been taken in by a bear shifter, his job was what one would expected. Now with the help of a sexy little deer shifter they might just get out of this alive.

I came across this author quite some time ago and have always been fascinated by the worlds she has created. So when this series came out I knew I had to get my hands on it. I love paranormal’s that have a bit of suspense, danger, excitement and sexy ass spies in them. This gave me that and so much more. A tiger and a deer are an interesting combination. It caught my attention from the start and kept it till the very end.

I can guarantee that this is one of those stories that will be read many times over. I had a blast reading it and can’t wait to get my hands on the next story.

The Bear Necessities by Stormy Glenn

Stormy Glenn - The Bear Necessities Cover nur6cgTitle: The Bear Necessities

Series: Bear Essentials 04

Author: Stormy Glenn

Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc. (August 22,2019)

Length: Novella (116 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4.5 Heart

Blurb: Enforcer Jeb Taylor found his mate in bear shifter Erik Thomas. He couldn’t be happier. The man was sexy, smart, and funny. He wasn’t happy that someone seemed intent on taking Erik from him. Helping his alpha establish a new clan wasn’t easy, but losing his mate would be impossible.

Erik Thomas’s life was one big roller coaster ride. He went from traveling home from seeing friends to being kidnapped to being rescued by the sexiest bear he’d ever seen. He’d get off the wild ride except that might mean giving up the best thing that ever happened to him.

When trouble comes at them from every direction, they have to learn to rely on each other and those around them to survive what might be someone’s bid to take over the clan.

ISBN: 978-1-64243-979-3

Product Link: Siren-BookStrand | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Jeb’s best friend had found his mate and his mate was an omega, which in turn made Rob an alpha. Two alpha’s can not stay in the same pack so Rob and his mate left the clan but not alone. So when Rob took over the new clan it was full of crafty asshats who thought they could have the clan and sell people. When one of the men ran he had a small accident and Jeb rescued his ass. To Jeb’s surprise the little guy was his mate.

Erik had went on a small vacation, ended up kidnapped to be sold, ran and help his friends escape. Then he had to just step on a bear trap, nothing was going his way. To his surprise a sexy bear shifter saved his ass. A sexy bear who just so happened to be his mate. To bad trouble seemed to follow him.

As always Stormy has written a book that kept me on my toes. I absolutely loved the characters and their story. Bear shifters are one of my top favorites and this just gave it to me. It was well written and was full of action. Although the only thing I found weird is the fact that his ankle was injured, could not shift into his bear but Erik was running after another before he could even shift. Other than that it was an explosive read.

I had a blast reading this and can admit that it will be one of those stories that will be read many times over. I can’t wait to see what the next story will have going on.

Just Like Cats and Dogs by B.A. Tortuga (3rd Edition)

B.A. Tortuga - Just Like Cats and Dogs Cover bwe439Title: Just Like Cats and Dogs, (3rd Edition)

Series: A Sanctuary Novel 01

Author: B.A. Tortuga

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novel (213 Pages)

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives (9th October 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb:  Can cats and dogs ever get along, let alone fall in love?

Sam knows you can never go home again. As an orphaned feline shifter raised by wolves, being an outcast is nothing new to him. But the pack is still his family, and when one of them passes away, Sam returns to the New Mexico desert to say good-bye.

Gus is a loner who rarely returns to his pack, but as fate would have it, Sam is there when he chooses to visit. The history between Gus and Sam is tumultuous, to say the least, but when Gus gets an eyeful of the grown-up and gorgeous version of his childhood bully, he can’t control his reaction. And he isn’t alone.

The attraction is powerful, but so are their differences. And with trouble brewing in the pack and danger surrounding them, Sam and Gus might not have the opportunity to seek common ground.

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2011. Second Edition published by Dreamspinner Press 2017.

ISBN: 978-1-951532-25-3

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review:  When I first saw this book on the list, I thought the title very quirky and fun.  However I wasn’t paying attention to what kind of book it was going to be.  So when I started reading you can imagine my surprise at some of the words they called each other and the scratching.  So I ran to the site to take a look at the blurb, and from there did the happy dance of the century.  

This is a very unique shifter story that was very surprising to say the least.  Where one of the families in the pack loves to take in strays but the pack is a bit full of asshats.  Sam is a cat shifter who is one hell of a dancer and lives in the city because the pack is not really into shifters unlike them during the moon.  He had to be locked into the basement during those times, but now he doesn’t have to be.  He knows that he will never be safe coming home, but when his ma called about pop’s death he came home.  

Gus is a wolf shifter and a bit of a loner.  He loves to dig in dirt for some nice gems.  He never really gave Sam the time of day other than to pick on him.  But in his heart he knew that was because he wanted Sam and he knew it would never be allowed.  Then he sees Sam for the first time in a very long time, and damn if the man isn’t hot.  Danger seems to follow Sam everywhere and he has always felt that he would never belong.  It looks to be like Gus might just be willing to help.  If you want to know more then read the book, you won’t be disappointed.

Now I have to admit that I didn’t much care for the pack dynamics or the other cat shifter’s attitudes.  It wasn’t as fun as the title made it seem to be though. Other than those minor problems, this book rocked.  I can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

Enlightened by Maggie Walsh & Cree Storm

Maggie Walsh & Cree Storm - Enlightened Cover ns7rp0Title: Enlightened

Series: Savage Island 02

Author: Maggie Walsh & Cree Storm

Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Maggie Walsh & Cree Storm (October 2, 2019)

Length: Novella (133pgs)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and underappreciated with having to set up everything for the new training facility on the island all by himself, Heath has very little time to eat or even sleep, forget getting to know his new found mate.

Because of his size, Felix had always been underestimated and forced to prove himself. He had hopes that starting a new life on his friend Savage’s island would change all of that, but this time is no different. Having to deal with trainees who only see the size of his body and not the skill that lives within him as well as having to deal with finding his mate who is frustrated and angry, it forces Felix to call on all his training to find inner peace. But this time, trying to prove himself, Felix may have gone too far. It’s the only explanation as to why someone would try and kill him.

Will he be able to get out of this situation before he pays with his life? Can Felix count on his mate to help? Or will Heath be so consumed by what needs to be done and trying to make others happy that he doesn’t even notice when his mate’s life is in danger?


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Savage Island collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order. This series is connected to Eternal Flame, Eternal Flame Maddox and Kaliss series. I would suggest starting with the first book in the Eternal Flame collection.

Heath has been running back and forth trying to get the island ready for training other paranormal’s. He is one of the oldest sharks out there and here he is missing the important parts like sleeping and eating. He is about to blow up at everyone. Here he was trying to get things done for the Savage and it keeps on coming. Now his mate has shown up and damn if the man is the best thing ever.

Felix is a very cute shifter whose size has been overlooked. People underestimate him and he is going to prove just how wrong they are. Now he has a mate that needs a little tender loving care. To top it off he has managed to piss off a very strong shifter by kicking his ass, and someone wants them all dead.

I laughed the whole time Heath was against Felix coming to the island and then got the shock of his life. The mating pull definitely hit these two, now if they could just get some sexy times. As always these two author’s have manage to give a story with so much in it that will leave you on the edge of your seat. I love how even though there is a serious tone to it, there is still quite a bit of humor mixed in. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.

I can guarantee that this is one of those stories that will be read many times over. I loved the characters and their stories. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book. I would definitely recommend this book.

Someone To Hold Me by Lisa Oliver

Lisa Oliver - Someone To Hold Me Cover fn7fhs3Title: Someone To Hold Me

Series: The Gods Made Me Do It 06

Author: Lisa Oliver

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Publisher: Lisa Oliver (August 11, 2019)

Length: Novel (185 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Heart

Blurb: Hades, Lord of the Underworld, has spent years searching the world for his Fated Mate. He’s watched his brother and nephews find their “light” and yet he can’t find his. On the verge of giving up hope, Hades attends his brother Poseidon’s wedding; so outside his comfort zone, but his discomfort proves worth it. Because there, at the reception, he finally sees his light.

It wasn’t that Ali was uncomfortable around wolves – he’d been a good friend of Claude’s for years. But when one of the wolves at Claude’s and Poseidon’s wedding gets verbally pushy, he feels he has no choice but to shift and find the alpha. What he doesn’t expect is to find a beautiful man with soulful eyes, holding out his hand.

After all Ali and Hades have been through in their lives, you’d think the Fates would be kind to them. But between Cerberus’s howling, Persephone’s snarking, and Ali’s family proving there is more to them than their blatant wealth, Ali and Hades have their hands full creating a life with each other. But maybe, just maybe, the Mother has a gift for them after all.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in The God Made Me Do It collection features a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.

Hades is the Lord of the Underword giving out the sentences for those with evil in their souls. However he might be a God he still is a man. A man that has been lonely for so long. When he became the Lord of the Underwood even his own family distanced themselves from him. The problem was he was just as good as they were. Fate has found a way to bring him the light he deserves.

Ali is a sweet shifter who definitely has an attitude. He stands up for those who have no one to stand up for them. Now at his best friends wedding he might get the surprise of his life. Even though he gets a sexy God as a mate, he gets some snarky asshats right along with it. Fair warning, Ali has no filter when it comes to his mouth. It is definitely going to be a fun time.

Sweet and sexy, the perfect length to keep me entertained for a few minutes. I got a kick out of Ali, but Hades came off just to much on the downside. He is a god with a heart but he came off as a prey shifter, which is what Ali is. Ali came off as a predator which is funny as hell. I got a kick out of the way he stands up to Hades ex. This story caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.

I got a kick out of this story and can’t wait to see what comes next.

Waiting For Him by Stormy Glenn

Stormy Glenn - Waiting For Him Cover ma74hnfTitle: Waiting For Him

Series: Hot Mess: Friends & Family 01

Author: Stormy Glenn

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: Siren Publishing (October 1, 2019)

Length: Novella (152 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Clarke

Officer Lyn Philips was too young for me, too inexperienced, and too naive for the things I wanted to do to him. Staying away from him was imperative, but it might take more control than I possessed. When Lyn is threatened, all bets are off.


The man I wanted to create a life with didn’t want that life, or me. After waiting an eternity for Sgt. Victor Clarke to make up his mind whether he wanted me or not, I decided to create the life I wanted, even if the man I was in love with wasn’t going to be in it.

When the carefully constructed life I had created was threatened, I had no choice but to call in the SWAT team, even if it meant letting Clarke back into my world. I just hoped I could let him go when the time came, because I knew it would. Clarke had made it more than clear that he didn’t want me and nothing would change that, not even a threat on my life.

ISBN: 978-1-64637-016-0

Product Link: Siren-BookStrand | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This story is branched off of the original Hot Mess so I would start reading those books first.

It is about time is all I have got to say about these two. Each time they look at each other it was like fire burning you to a crisp. Lyn has wanted and loved Clarke for over ten years but the man never made a move. In fact he said the opposite but now Lyn was done. He wanted to start over. To bad starting over has sent danger his way.

Clarke loved Lyn just as much as Lyn loved him, but his fear out weighed the rest. To him Lyn was close to perfect. Where as Clarke was hard as nails. He didn’t want to ever hurt the man but his way wasn’t working. Then when Lyn gets himself into danger, well lets say that his brains have caught up with his heart.

I think that this story and the series that it is connected to are probably my favorites from this author. It is well told and the characters are just about as sexy as one gets. Danger filled, sexy times, quirky attitudes and you get to see Lany in parts of it are just a few things in this story. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.

I can guarantee that this story will be read many times over. I just love the guys and the troubles they get into. I would definitely recommend this story and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next story.

Cauldron Cake Pops and a Witch’s Kiss by C.W. Gray

C.W. Gray - Cauldron Cake Pops and a Witch’s Kiss Cover dfcask98dTitle: Cauldron Cake Pops and a Witch’s Kiss

Series: Holiday Omegas 01

Author: C.W. Gray

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: C.W. Gray (October 22,2019)

Length: Short Story (46 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Heart

Blurb: Sonny is an omega witch with a huge crush on the alpha bear shifter next door. Unfortunately, every time they meet, Sonny’s normal sassy personality disappears and he becomes a shy, babbling idiot.

Leo is captivated by the adorable kitchen witch that lives in his apartment building, but what could Leo possibly offer him? Thanks to his ex, Leo knows he’s not exactly the greatest catch. The problem is, Leo’s bear knows Sonny is his mate.

Fed up with their awkward mating dance, Sonny and Leo’s friends decide All Hallows’ Eve is the perfect time to cause a little mischief to bring the two together.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Sonny is a sweet omega witch who has a major crush on the next door neighbor. But it would seem Leo likes him just as much. Leo is a bear shifter who has found his mate. However they have been basically avoiding each other for some reason, yet it only takes a few friends meddling in to have them humping like bunnies.

It is a cute little story that I had not realized was that short. It was pretty entertaining and I actually thought it was a blast. The characters were a blast to read about and I liked their friends even more.

I can honestly say that this is one of those cute stories that will be read many times over.

How to Shield an Assassin by A.J. Sherwood

A.J. Sherwood - How to Shield an Assassin Cover msrt7hTitle: How To Shield an Assassin

Series: Unholy Trifecta 01

Author: A.J. Sherwood

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: A.J. Sherwood (October 13, 2019)

Length: Novel (269 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Heart

Blurb: It’s not stealing if you’re stealing it back….

Ari had a game plan for life. Shoot people. Get money. Hang out with fellow criminal friends. He saw absolutely no reason to change that plan until one dark night in Memphis, when a little girl reached out to him with pocket change and a desperate plea for him to help her.

Adopting an abused little girl off the streets was, needless to say, not part of the plan. Ari had no idea what he was doing with an eight year old. He especially didn’t know how to juggle taking contracts and raising a little girl.

Things get more complicated when the mercenary, Carter Harrison, approaches him with a job. He needs Ari’s expertise to get into the very high-security museum, Knowles, and steal back Monet’s Water Lily Pond. The job isn’t an easy one. He’d need more than the two of them to make it happen. It’s further complicated because Ari’s not sure what to do with his new daughter while working this job.

And for that matter, how’s he supposed to handle the sexy mercenary?

ISBN: B07Z4263WC

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK 

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Ari and his twin, Luca, were orphaned and sent into the foster care system. One came out a lawyer and well Ari is the assassin. He was damn good at his job and with the help of his two friends, he was even better. There was one basic rule that he followed and it was no harm came to kids. So when a little girl came to him for help, lets just say he now has a daughter. One that might just beat them all.

Carter is in some need. He is hired to steal back a painting from one of the high security museums. He is hired by an unknown to get a stolen painting from a private museum and return it to another. He could go in and get a kid back but this one was a little harder to work. He liked working with a team and it looked like he might have found a good one.

No one would take a job by an unknown even for a big payday. That would say that he is not as sure of his job or his life if he did. Also who goes to check up on an assassin where their kid is without getting the heads blown off.

Remi is unlike any kid I know and comes off not so positive in this story. While the idea of an assassin adopting some random kid just because he felt bad for her is a bit strange, it was still a good add into the story. However the fact that she doesn’t act like she really should is the problem. Just because someone helps you doesn’t mean you automatically trust them. Also the characters don’t act like assassins, mercs, thieves and hackers. Once in an assignment you don’t change it, yet they rushed a job that was supposedly not able to do. It just came off wrong. You get the mention of Luca, the meeting between them all set up but then it stops. You don’t get to see it through.

Then there is the security they are going through, and lets face it, it just doesn’t pan out. Now on the flip side of the coin, the story is still pretty entertaining. I might have griped about the characters but lets face it they still were a big hit with me. I like the way they interacted with each other. It is a slow burning romance and for once it worked out all right with this story. I am not a fan of the dual voices in the story, but I think the part that drove me nuts is the author put their name ahead to know who was talking, but lets face it it was easy to figure it out right off the bat.

Over all I really liked the story and can’t wait to see what the next book has going on.

Mastering the Flames by S.J. Himes

S.J. Himes - Mastering the Flames Cover s ij473Title: Mastering the Flames

Series: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer 04

Author: S.J. Himes

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Publisher: S.J. Himes (October 4, 2019)

Length: Novel (394 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖 3 Heart

Blurb: Guilt-ridden after the massacre of his family, Isaac Salvatore turned to binge drinking to escape the pain. Now twenty-four years old, Isaac is a recovering alcoholic woefully out of practice in the magical arts, leaving his fire affinity hanging on the edge of disaster. After a month of rehab, he returns to Beacon Hill and his family, determined to remain sober, learn to control his magic, and figure out a plan for his life that doesn’t involve drinking.

Constantine Batiste is the oldest, most powerful vampire in the city. Born in ancient Gaul, the bastard son of a Celtic king, his long life has been shrouded in tragedy and horrors. Recent mistakes have left him wary and determined to guard his clan from all foes. When two of his clan members fall victim to an ancient evil, he summons the Necromancer of Boston for aid. Accompanying his older brother to the Tower is the handsome young fire mage once wounded by Constantine’s arrogance, and their encounter reignites an attraction that burns within both Constantine and Isaac.

The answer to who is targeting the vampires of Boston is buried in the dark, early days of Constantine’s transition to an immortal life. Isaac finds himself saddled with a painful insight into the evil cutting a swath through the supernatural population of Boston. While his brother, Angel, takes over the hunt to find and stop the threat to the city, Isaac struggles to find a balance between helping his brother and finding his own purpose and place in the world, free from his brother’s shadow.

Falling in love wasn’t part of his plan, but mastering the flames that burn between him and Constantine soon becomes the most important thing in his life, even as an ancient evil seeks to destroy them.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Isaac had finally gotten to the bottom and needed help. He was finishing his time in the hospital trying to get over drinking. He had made one big mistake and didn’t tell them just how much he was drinking so it was harder then he had expected. Now home he is bout to see the one man he was in lust of, very powerful vampire.

Constantine missed the man he was falling for. He had screwed up and lost the ability to entice the young fire mage. Isaac’s brother marked him so it would never work again. That didn’t take away from the fact that he was falling in love. To bad for them someone is not only out to get the vampires but also for Isaac and Constantine.

It might have been a damn good story if it didn’t come off the way it does. It felt like the author was rambling and mixing up parts of the story. Also some of the words that were used was just plain nutty. It was long winded when a shorter story would have been better. It was so slow that it took me four days to finish, where it should have been maybe two hours. I liked the guys quite a bit but the story was just off to me. There was action but it was more of a blur then something you would have expected. There was a distinct feeling from Isaac that he wouldn’t be liked by the vampires but you saw just a handful in the story. So there was no reason for the way the character felt. There wasn’t even really any heat from his brother or his brothers mate.

There was some action as I said above but very little. You get a bit more romance but mostly how each other is feeling. The sex scenes were a bit dry and not all what one would expect. There was just something that made the story go in the opposite direction than it should have. The characters while charming were not as full as they should have been. You don’t see much of his brother, don’t get me wrong it is Isaac’s story, but you would expect his brother to be there more. Then they were all worried to death about the evil in the story being so hard to die, then one move does it, came off lame to me.

Overall the story was fine, not the best that I expected but was still a good read in the end. I can’t say that this is one of those stories that will be read more than just once, but I am afraid that it probably will just be put on the shelf. It was just to long winded with to much added in than was needed. I am sorry to say but this story just wasn’t my idea of fun.

Dragon Elements by Cree Storm

Cree Storm - Dragon Elements Cover ntr745gTitle: Dragon Elements

Series: D.O.A. 05

Author: Cree Storm

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: Cree Storm (September 1, 2019)

Length: Novella (155 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Cobra has never interacted with the people of Drago since most are there to hide from their nasty past. Coming across his mate having a picnic with his dragon in Drago Park and a freak trying to kill him is more than unexpected as is discovering Cal is not Cal and isn’t even human? Cobra wants answers. He just hopes that he can get them before whoever is out to kill his mate succeeds.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the D.O.A. collection features a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.

Cobra is one of the D.O.A. and his best friend is Taco, who is also his dragon. For one day every year for twenty-five years he has received a note leading up to a meeting. The bad side is he has no clue what that person wants. Now is the time to meet, but when he goes there it is to a big surprise.

Taco and Cal have started to become best buds. They hang out and get to know each other. He has an idea that he has found his and Cobra’s mate. But as a dragon he is not for sure. So he decides to help Cal with this meeting.

Calvin is not who he says he is. He has one hell of a big surprise that places him in danger. He has watched Cobra and is falling for the man. He has never actually talked to the man but with the help of Cobra’s dragon he might have a chance.

To bad that danger has came looking for them both. There are many different twists to this story that your attention will always be captivate, as has mine. This is one of my favorite series and I love how the characters are with each other. They are quite quirky and are very protective of their friends and family. The story is intriguing and will keep you entertained.

I had a blast reading this and can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. Now a new member has been born and damn if it is not going to be a big hit as well, I can’t wait. I would definitely recommend this story and the previous ones as well.

Fantastic read.