Gay Erotica, Volume 6, Edited by James Hunt

{05A7FE3A-414D-43D6-8915-2E36EEB3A906}Img400Title: Gay Erotica, Volume 6

Genre: Gay Erotica

Length: Anthology (50 pages)

Publisher: Constable and Robinson (February 2nd, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: James Hunt – editor

WEBCAM WILLY by G.R. Richards
Willy’s just another university student who likes to jerk off with strangers via webcam. He’s a voyeur and exhibitionist all rolled into one. As much as he loves getting off in front of other guys, he loves watching them stroke their big cocks even more!

by Landon Dixon
The sign in the corner of the greasy window read, ‘Man Wanted, Enquire Within’. Little did he know what they wanted him for, and to do . . .

THE ART OF STORMY SEX by Julian Benedict
Carter Bayne fearfully consents to sit for Kane Harcourt, an artist who rents his mother’s garage apartment. The weather is stormy, the guy is hot, and Carter is horny, but thinks Kane is straight. When the painting is completed, he happily learns he was mistaken, and to top it off, the sexy hunk who buys the painting hankers to enrich his enjoyment of his purchase with an unforgettable memory of the young man who modeled for it.

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Review: Stories with erotic context are in my opinion quite hard to write. They need a highly intriguing and arresting context in order to make you fall in their naughty waves and joyous sensuality. This anthology manages to capture that peculiar essence. I certainly enjoyed reading it.

Webcam Willy by G.R. Richards ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Well, talk about bone-shattering, mind-blowing, fun-tasctic online sex. Yes, you got it right, Webcam Willy is exactly that. Erotic and intense it will capture your attention and make you “clench” in time with the MC’s in the text.

If you’re expecting romance to bloom, don’t. Just turn around and hit some other book. This is pure, hot and steamy erotica with the realistic factor making it even better, and believe me when I say it hits its purpose just right.

Damn it, it reminded me my own teen days, and no I’m not even blushing from that, though it got a bit hot in here.

Threesum by Landon Dixon ♥♥♥3 Hearts

If someone offers you food, you eat it; if someone offers you drink, you drink it. It doesn’t matter if you’re hungry or thirsty; you get what you can, when you can. Same goes for sex, especially that! And come on, only an idiot would refuse the hotness that came in the form of Conor and Kend, a “happily” married couple.

But the situation turns awfully devious when someone offers you a place by their side as long as you get rid of their other half…

And while the plot “explodes,” I jump up and down figuratively, because things turn quite wicked and mischievous. Oh what fun! The devil in me basked with this little erotica.

The Art of Stormy Sex by Julian Benedict ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Ah, a virgin longing to pop that cherry never would have thought that his non-existent sexual life would spruce up in a most explosive way.

An artist renting his mother’s garage haunts his dreams, yet infuriates him with his irritating behavior, but when Kane asks Carter to model for him though, things spice up and the heat between them turns scorching.

I confess, after much building up between the two, when Kane and Carter come face to face with their desires it becomes almost unbearable. The lust is there, in your face and glaring you, daring you not to taste it.

But virgins do have that beginner’s luck some times and Carter gains an eager fan. A rich man got seduced by Kane’s painting and insisted on meeting the model. Kane of course had to see for himself that Victor was a “caring” man, unknowingly causing Carter’s jealousy. But jealousy is a wicked thing indeed for it’s like a dual-bladed sword, and Kane finds himself face to face with his own kind of poison.

Erotic and sensual, with voyeuristic treats, this story is quite sensational. Now were the Hell is that fan of mine? 

Fangs and Floggers by Saloni Quinby

SaloniQuinby_FangsFloggersTitle: Fangs and Floggers

Series: Weapons of Redemption, #5

Author: Saloni Quinby

Genre: Paranormal Erotica / BDSM

Length: Novella (50 pages)

Publisher: Changeling Press (August 23rd, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥ 2 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: To lure his rebellious blood children back into the fold, ancient vampire Tarun abducted the hunter Adrian. He hadn’t bargained on his human prisoner being a match for him in every way — including his darkest desires.

Now, Tarun is the captive and a player in Adrian’s carnal game — an orgasm for an answer. Though Tarun warns Adrian that he won’t like what he hears, the hunter is determined to uncover the secrets of the vampire’s twisted past.

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Review: This book is part of a series best read in order.

Book #5 in the Weapons of Redemption series follows Tarun’s story. Three thousand years of hidden secrets. Three thousand years of doing, everything he swore not to. The thousand years of guilt. This is the time for Tarun to finally complete his destiny or crash along with it.

While the success of his plan is fifty-fifty, Tarun never even for a moment thought that he might find an ally, lest a lover in one of his captives. Adrian proves him wrong when not only he doesn’t leave him after being offered his freedom, but also he helps him and saves him from his Blood Sons.

However, Adrian’s loyalty does not come cheap. He requires answers and he will go to great lengths to get them.

So when you read the blurb for this story you automatically think that you’ll be reading some sort of sexual “torture,” perhaps orgasm controlling techniques and bondage. Mine did. Sadly, while the author tries to approach that level of kink, it fails horribly. The narration doesn’t help as it is quite bland leaving us with no connection whatsoever with the characters. The characters themselves are supposed to be falling, or already in love with each other, yet those emotions are lost in the blandness of the prose. The BDSM scenes, which usually when properly written are quite mind-blowing, in this case held nothing of the magic that surrounds them. The bonding, the wanting, the needing, and longing were absent, making this one empty and shallow read. The erotic romance this novella was supposed to be lacked eroticism. The romance itself was the most cliché one I’ve read. The blood and fight that one comes to expect were absent too, so what was there left?

The only thing that kept me reading was the background storyline and the secret Tarun had to reveal. That was one good premise to build a story upon, even if said story failed to appeal. It was nice though to see closure for this series, Tarun deserved that much.


Full Moon Dating: Aiden and Ben by Julia Talbot

81rrDC+43XL._SL1500_Title:  Full Moon Dating:  Aiden and Ben

Author:  Julia Talbot

Genre: Paranormal/ Were-Wolf

Length: Short (34 pages)

Publisher:  Torquere Press, Inc.(August 20th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥/♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer:  Laurie

Blurb:  When Aiden goes to Wyoming on the dime of the Full Moon Dating service, he doesn’t really think he and country wolf Ben will be right for each other. He just wants some time off from city life. 

Ben knows better right away. He and Aiden are meant to be together, despite Aiden’s city ways and cluelessness about being a werewolf. Can he convince Aiden to stay with him, or will Ben and Full Moon Dating have to write this one off as a mistake?

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Review: Quirky little story about an unusual dating service for the paranormal and one of their pairings. There a small side plot of intuition versus technology in which one would pair couples better.

Not using the normal process for pairing, Full Moon Dating sends city boy Aiden to Wyoming to meet Ben. Ben knows from the first meeting that Aiden was his, his mate. But, Aiden grew up in the city and isn’t in tune with his wolf, doesn’t understand or know what his wolf’s life should be about. Ben needs to take over and teach Aiden all he needs to know.

When Aiden panics after waking up in wolf form, Ben has to hunt him down and reassure Aiden that it’s a normal part of their life. Something that Aiden should have learned in puberty, but with so few wolves in Dallas, his parents limited his time in wolf skin.

In some ways, this story could have benefited from a long length. A longer building of the relationship between Aiden and Ben would have been nice. Over all this was an enjoyable story.

Italian Weddings and Funerals, 2nd Edition by A.J. Llewellyn

18400547Title:  Italian Weddings and Funerals, 2nd Edition

Series:  Italian Stallions, Book #1

Author:  A. J. Llewellyn

Genre:  Paranormal/Vampires

Length: Novella (116 pages)

Publisher:  Silver Publishing (August 31st, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥/♥ 4 out of 5 Hearts

Reviewer:  Laurie

Blurb: There’s nothing like rediscovering ‘the one that got away’ even if it does take five hundred years…

Luca Dell’Oro has developed an unusual but successful even planning business. His specialty is Italian Weddings and Funerals, which is also the name of his highly sought-after Mendocino, California, business. He accepts an unusual assignment to fly to Rome, Italy, to cater a funeral for an Italian opera singer. Nothing goes right from the minute he accepts the assignment. Cookware goes missing and his most trusted employees mysteriously can’t go with him, leaving him with a motley crew for a staff.

Luca is stunned to find the grieving widower happens to be a man Luca met and lost to the deceased woman—in sixteenth century Italy. Luca has good reasons for still being around. He’s a vampire and all his recipes and magical ingredients have been carefully cultivated over the years. But just who the hell…or what the hell…is Franco Savelli and does he want Luca—or does he want to kill him?

CONTENT ADVISORY:  This is a re-release and re-edited title

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Review: A very different take on the vampire tale. It is well written, easy to read and just a fun story from beginning to end.

This Vampire is five hundred years old, running his own business, bedding movie stars and general happy with his life. Then Luca gets the call that changes everything. He’s been hired to do an Italian funeral for a much loved opera singer. And the name of the man hiring him is all too familiar. But how could that be? This guy was the love of his life way back in the day, sixteenth century to be precise. And this love had left him to marry…a woman.

This funeral was going to be a trial for Luca, but the trouble starts well before he and his crew leave the States. Most of his crew can’t go for a variety of reasons, cookware goes missing and then Luca finds out that it is the same man he loved and lost so long ago. So is he going to get another chance at this man? Can Luca get past Franco wanting to appear as straight man and for Luc to have been the ‘bit on the side’ or as in those days they were called a courtesan? Can Luca survive driving in Italy, in one of the funnier scenes in the book?

Love Rivals by Shayla Mist

Love RivalTitle:  Love Rivals

Author:  Shayla Mist

Genre: Contemporary

Length:  Novella (100 pages)

Publisher:   Less Than Three Press (July 10th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Laurie

Blurb: Aiden has a crush on Shawn, but there are two problems in the way of the happily ever after he knows they’re meant to have. The first is Shawn’s new boyfriend, Noah. The second is Jordan, Shawn’s best friend and Aiden’s long-standing rival for his affections. So how’s a man to overcome such obstacles? 

Not by accidentally sleeping with his rival. And not by going on the camping trip from hell, where Aiden swiftly loses track of what it is he really wants.

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Review: Enemy to friends, self-introspection and seeing those around you as they really are and growing up a bit. All of these are a part of Aiden’s story.

Aiden is a bit self-absorbed and wants who he wants, when he wants and doesn’t seem to care that’s it’s for all of the wrong reasons. I didn’t always like who Aiden was while reading this story. But he does redeem himself in the end.

Aiden want Shawn, not to keep, but just to have for a few hot encounters and mostly to keep Shawn away from his best friend, who he hates with a passion. Shawn’s best friend, Jordon wants Shawn and tries to keep Aiden at bay by always being there with Shawn. And Shawn doesn’t want either. Shawn has very different ideas of who should be with whom. As evidenced by what happens at Aiden’s birthday party.

So when Shawn invites Aiden, mister city boy, to go camping with him, his date Noah and Jordon, well he’s not giving Jordon a clear, clean shot at snagging Shawn. And he has to get Noah out of the picture too. So of course he’s going. And there starts the misadventures in the wilderness. Through those misadventures, Aiden starts the growing up process, learning about himself, how other see him and starts to see these guys as they truly are.

This story was a fun, fast and well written read, and the character are engaging, if not always likable. I would love the author to write some more of these guys’ story.

Chasing Cowboys by R.W. Clinger

tmp_16cd1a40f28d7afb1b2df5836f64f8f6_j8ILcf_html_m2f3fa7a0Title: Chasing Cowboys

Series: Stockton County Cowboys, Book 1

Author: R.W. Clinger

Genre: Western/Cowboys

Length: Novella (30,549 words)

Publisher: JMS Books (August 29th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Rugged and sexy Cord Darringer finds himself leaving Stockton County, Oklahoma, for three days when a business meeting for his belt buckle company sends him to Florida. While there, he meets adorable Bradley Hull, a no-nonsense businessman with a fondness for cowboys. Before Cord returns to Oklahoma, he agrees to have a date with Bradley. Unexpectedly the country boy falls for the city boy, and vice versa.

Cute and charming Bradley always ends up getting burned. Chasing Cord feels safe to him, though. Not only do Bradley’s clothes come off for Cord, but also his heart begins to open up to the wealthy cowboy, and he wonders if he has finally met Mr. Right. Is loving Cord a risk worth taking?

Following his visit, Cord returns to Stockton County alone, but Bradley soon chases him to Stockton County. But when Bradley arrives, a raging tornado sweeps through Stockton County, destroying everything in its path. Will the two men survive the storm and live happily ever after? Or will the miles that separate them, and the tornado’s fury, keep them apart forever?

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Review: Bradley has a thing for cowboys, but the last few he chased burned him. The handsome client Cord Darrenger comes into the office and Badley finds the attraction too hard to resist. Cord is there only for a few days but will this be more than a hook-up for one of them? Will there be broken hearts?

I was pleasantly surprised with this story. It is in first person and written in a very unique style. I found it witty and though the sex is rough and vocal I found it worked for this story. The author really delved into the characters head and was extremely descriptive, colourful and witty. I loved it.

The romance moved fast but it wasn’t sugary sweet, instead it is nice and rugged. There were a couple twists that kept the story interesting and not all about sex.

I am anxious to see what’s next.

I recommend this if you like cowboys, transsexual friends, millionaires and hot man-sex. 


The Courage to Love by E.E. Montgomery

CourageToLoveLGTitle: The Courage to Love

Series: Sequel Between Love and Honor

Author: E.E. Montgomery

Genre: Historical Romance (1920)

Length: Novel (200 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 23rd, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: In 1915, after his beloved Carl died from a vicious beating, David Harrison enlisted in the Army and went to war. He returns home to find a world seemingly unchanged, while he will never be the same. At Mrs. Gill’s boarding house, he meets Bernard Donnelly, a young man suffering the aftereffects of his own war experiences. David finds himself increasingly attracted to Bernard, but that terrifies him. He blames himself for Carl’s horrific death and fears he isn’t strong enough to lose another love to violence. 

Bernard needs David to help him face each day and find a way they can be together without stigma—and without putting them in legal and physical danger—but David clings to his idea that the only way to keep a lover safe is not to have one. His fears threaten to destroy everything, unless he learns that sometimes the risk is worth it and finds the courage to love.

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Review: Oh my God!

Ok, I’ll admit it. At first, I didn’t realize what this book was (a sequel to one of my favorite shorts) so I went and read two or three pages and the names David and Carl kept haunting me. The pain and mourning, the intense emotional shower you get the moment you start reading all were so familiar, but then it hit me and good God, it really hit me. I had to go and restart it from first line, I just had to.

You see there was a short story I read back in March that amazed me with the depth of it. It left me feeling so sad about its characters and I wished it was longer so I could keep on reading. Well David and Carl’s story was just that, short, and the loss and pain David suffered were heart wrenching, but life continues and this sequel shows you just that.

After his beloved Carl died, David went to war. The irony, a war that shattered his dreams long before he went. But the return is worse than he could imagine. Forced to go live in with his Mother until he gets a job and sorts his life again into a semblance of normalcy, forced to mourn in private when no one can witness his pain, forced to a life full of nightmares that blend the war atrocities and the loss of his reason to live, forced to the emptiness his nature has cursed him.

At least his dear Mrs. Gill was still there and while his old room had been given already, she still had one left, Carl’s room.

What a book, I tell you. I loved seeing Mrs. Gill again; I loved meeting her and her incredible personality that bled in the text whenever she was in a scene. Her subtle acceptance and love were truly great, which made what happened later in the story even more tear evoking. And we got to meet the new man who would capture and haunt David’s mind and heart.

Bernard. I loved him. This is one character that makes other’s pale. A man both strong and determined, and weak and in need of care. What a wonderful mix. What a great work describing warriors and their PTSD. Both David and Bernard suffered from it, both differently and with different levels of effect. It was incredible seeing their differences, and it was brilliant seeing the parts where their strength was great. I loved seeing them work together and stand by each other when the nightmares hit them, how terribly dangerous they were in those small moments when they were the most vulnerable at the same time.

What also captivated me was the picture of 1920 Australia. We are so used to see the historical romances deal with aristocracy or with middle class people, that when you read this book and see that time the way this author means you to, you can’t fail feeling the great job she has done with describing the area. The daily life the people led, the difficulties they faces, the reality of that time when you had to work, and work hard in order to have the simple things. Great, great work indeed.

What I disliked though was how much David’s fear dominated the story. He wouldn’t let go of his fears and while this story was about him and Bernard, Carl was very much there the entire read. I’m not exactly sure, if that gave it a stronger air of credibility or if it was a bit overwhelming. At times even, I felt like hitting David and wake him up from his stupidity.

In the end, though all I have to say about this book is that if you like intense emotional rides this is definitely the book for you. Don’t miss it.


Needing His Demon by Marie Medina

NHD__57638.1376009274.432.648Title: Needing His Demon

Series: The Year of Hearts, Book 3

Author: Marie Medina

Genre: Fantasy/Erotica

Length: Novella (66 pages)

Publisher:Evernight Publishing (August 9th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Fredric has found his mate, but he’s completely perplexed. His mate is not only a man, but also a half-demon. Fredric cannot believe the gods have done this to him. On top of this odd turn of events, Fredric is suffering from the Dissolution, a vampire disease with no cure. He knows accepting Satoru as his mate and taking his blood increases his chances of survival, yet he keeps fighting his fate, even as Satoru becomes more appealing with each encounter.

Satoru refuses to give up, and with each passing day, Fredric becomes less resistant. Fredric first agrees to drink Satoru’s blood, and then he accepts Satoru as a lover. But as time runs out and other troubles come, will Satoru be able to save his lover’s life and truly win his heart?

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Review: Frederic is a vampire and has a disease called the dissolution, He has met his mate but his mate is a male priest and half-demon. Three strikes.

Satoru, a priest and half demon, refuses to give up on trying to save Frederic.

This was one heck of a story and for some reason I picked up yet another series on book 3 seems to be my lucky number. If you didn’t know this was part of a series you’d never guess it stands alone that well. I will be getting the other two soon though.

These are such a unique take on mates, the resistance by one and fight and what the other had to give up was fabulous. The tension was nail-biting the sex hot and the plot interesting.

I recommend this to anyone that likes Vampires; demons mate bonds and hot mansex.

The Other Man by L.M. Brown

3b82cc27cd82ec84303e37858206f36c.image.300x450Title: The Other Man

Author: L.M. Brown

Genre: Contemporary, MMM Menage

Length: Novella (74 pages)

Publisher:Silver Publishing (August 24th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Simon’s open relationship with Jeremy takes an unexpected turn when Max, Jeremy’s American lover, shows up on his doorstep. The attraction is instant, but when Jeremy returns, can it become something more?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title is a re-release. It originally appeared in the Silver Presents: Three’s a Party anthology.

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Review:Simon and Jeremy have an open relationship. He knows Jeremy spends his three months with Max when he is in America; Jeremy is due home from Max’s in a week. Simon gets a big surprise one night when Max shows up needing a place to stay. But where is Jeremy? That is what Max and Simon both want to know.

I loved this story. I felt bad for both Simon and Max but as the story moves on I felt even worse for poor Max. The tension in this story is amazing and the sex is pretty hot. If you like a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and some really hot sex this one is a must read.

I recommend this if you like short stories, open relationships, and threesomes.


The Barman and the Seal by R.J. Scott

17935116Title: The Barman and the SEAL     

Series: Ellery Mountain 06 

Author: R.J. Scott     

Genre: Contemporary     

Length: Novella (99pgs)     

Publisher: Total E-Bound (27th September 2013) Available from 30th August 2013 with TEB VIP club.    

Heat Level: Low – Moderate    

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts   

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: A Navy SEAL with PTSD, a Barman starting a new life. Maybe they can find love in Ellery.

Travis Baranski, Navy SEAL, is the first veteran to attend the Ellery Mountain Veteran Center. He is having a hard time coming to terms with what he had seen and what he has done. When he has a very public meltdown in Ellery stores, Avery Gideon steps up to the plate and helps him.

Avery Gideon, a man cut off from his family for being gay, runs the only bar in town – The Alibi – and listens to many a person’s problems whilst trying to forget his own. He sees something in the wounded warrior who needs a friend and very soon finds himself falling in love with Travis.

Nothing will deter him from helping Travis, or from making Travis see he’s still capable of loving Avery in return. 

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Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Travis is the first veteran at Ellery Mountain Veteran Center. Travis was a SEAL and after a mission gone wrong has several scars inside and out, trying to recover mentally is much harder than he hoped but the Veteran Center is slowly helping. When Travis has a meltdown in the grocery store Avery is the man who steps in and helps. Avery runs The Alibi; he listens to people’s problems as he serves them their drinks trying to forget his own problems with his estranged family. When he meets Travis he sees something in the other man who has him wanting to help him and it isn’t long before he’s head over heels in love and determined to show Travis that he is worthy of that love. 

This is a wonderful addition to the Ellery Mountain series introducing us to more incredible characters and their story of love. Travis is struggling with PTSD and nightmares, his time in hostile hands has scarred him badly, and he knows he has a long journey ahead of him before he can really begin to cope with the past. Avery loves his life in Ellery; he has put his overbearing father behind him and carved out a new life for himself as the barman every talk to. When Avery and Travis first meet, it isn’t in the best of circumstances but both men feel an attraction and they begin a slow dance of courtship. 

Ah hell, this has to be my favorite Ellery Mountain book so far with both Travis and Avery being incredible characters tugging at your heartstrings as their story unfolds. Avery is wonderful, so patient, and loving and he is the perfect man for Travis. Travis is a man torn by suffering, but he is incredible with his understanding of his own limitations but doesn’t let them rule him. Their relationship is slow but oh so powerful and the love they develop is especially strong because of the time they take as Travis begins to heal. While they fall in love, we see how well the Veteran Center is doing, we catch up with the characters from previous stories, and we see how Mikey is recovering from the brutal attack in The Paramedic and the Writer. 

I really can’t tell you how much I love this series and the development of each and every character, and I can’t tell you how much I love the support that shines through the pages as we continue to discover more love in Ellery, but we also see a touch of bigotry coming through from the ignorant which makes you grit your teeth. 

I recommend this to those who love damaged men pushing through their demons, support and love, a slow romance, incredible characters and a great ending that has you wanting Mikey’s story in The Agent and the Model


In His Arms by Edward von Behrer

91TujtEnMlL._SL1500_Title: In His Arms

Series: N/A

Author: Edward von Behrer

Genre: Historical (20th cent)

Length: Novel

Publisher: Bookbaby (May 13th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Blurb: Twenty-seven year old William Brandt could not have been happier in March 1910. He was finally living in New York City, on the verge of getting a job as a teacher, and reveling in all The Big Apple offered. But then a freak accident in Central Park brought handsome, wealthy Elliot Reid into his life—and William’s world was thrown into chaos. The more two men explore their overwhelming desires for each other, the more the differences between them—plus the times in which they live—seem to make their life together impossible.

Then urgent business forces Elliot to go to Germany for several months, and he persuades William come along as the tutor for Elliot’s nephew, eight-year-old Robert. In Dresden William blossoms, and soon he is being courted by a wealthy young widow, which throws Elliot into a panic. The more frightened Elliot becomes of losing the man he loves, the more he withdraws, and the more William fears he has no alternative but to stay in Dresden—without the man he loves. But attending the world premiere of Richard Strauss’s newest opera, Der Rosenkavalier, forces both men to realize they can no longer run from the only thing that truly matters in the world: their love.

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Pixie’s Review:  ♥♥♥2.5 – 3 Hearts

William finds bliss and happiness in New York from unexpected quarters. A day out with his cousin George places William in the path of banker Elliot and their attraction cannot be ignored, but finding happiness is harder than both of them thought. With drama, angst, plots, potential intrigue, and a wealth of history, a love story unfolds.

This is one of those stories that begin brilliantly, but gets lost in itself along the way. The story has a very strong start and a wonderful buildup, but then fizzles out. only to renew itself in a new setting before losing itself again. Let me explain… William and Elliot met briefly when William was knocked over in the park by Elliot’s brother-in-law. Neither man can get the other off their minds, eventually they reconnect, beginning a relationship, they both enjoy. Elliot has had a life of privilege and doesn’t really understand William’s need for independence. But, William fully understands the difference in their social classes and Elliot’s duty to his family name. This causes some friction between them, but it gets sorted out between them. But, the threat to discovery still lingers, when Elliot’s brother-in-law starts plotting against him and Elliot’s potential fiancée begins to dig into why Elliot won’t propose… and then the storyline fizzles out when Elliot and William go to Europe.

That is when the next part of the story begins and this time it is mainly Elliot who angsts as William blossoms with new friends and Elliot begins to think that he will lose him to the lure of an easier life in Dresden. The relationship between the two is good. it shows the difficulty of the two men even being friends from two different social settings and the expectations they both have as to what to expect from the other. They have a rocky time together, as William angsts over what would happen to him if Elliot ever got bored with him. and then later Elliot angsts over William not needing him so much. 

The settings of the story are beautifully described and you get pulled into the beauty that is described and the vivid descriptions that are laid out for us. But, even that can’t make up for the disappointment you feel over the unsatisfying plot and the unfinished storyline. There was so much potential for the drama, confrontations, and secrets, but they just stopped dead leaving me frustrated and hoping it would be revisited. But the story took a turn where misunderstandings and silence dominated. And although I enjoyed the descriptions of the opera, it was done just a bit too much towards the end and it began to bore me. 

I recommend this to those who love historicals, forbidden love, crossing social settings, potential intrigue and a happy for now ending. 

Thommie’s Review:  ♥1Heart

I am highly disappointed from this book. It started so well and the descriptions were so nice to get you right at the heart of the start of 20th century industrial revolution. William’s excitement was nearly catching and I couldn’t wait for the real story and the romance to start, but it failed me quickly and unceremoniously.

First of all, there was the incredible amount of typographic and grammar errors that made the entire experience a horrible nightmare. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read a published book in such a bad state. It felt as if the book was a first draft and hasn’t even gone through a first-hand proofreading. All the enticing descriptions and the beautiful operas that we got introduced in here were lost; Lost in a sea of eye numbing errors.

Furthermore, the story itself went way out of hand. The story follows William, a man of no social rank who by sheer fortune and of course intellect managed to land a scholarship and have a good education. Yet he is still a nobody at the high circles of 1910 New York. An accident brings him face to face with the most enticing man he’s met and he experiences a deep truth inside him, that he’s attracted to men. No, not just any man, but Elliot Reed of the Reed family in New York. A series of event leads to the two men having a relationship, a first one for William, in which he falls headfirst and with utter lack of inhibitions.

But things get somehow intense when a young lady Elliot had been courting finds their “friendship” quite odd and resolves to investigate it, in addition to Elliot’s brother in law who is hell bound to make Elliot miserable and destroy anything that makes him happy.

And this is exactly where the story went off hands. There is this huge build up that lead you to believe that things are about to happen from these quarters. You expect intrigues, drama, outing, and angst… You get nothing. Absolutely nothing!

 A business deal forces Elliot to travel to Europe and he proposes William to go with him as his nephew’s tutor by day, his lover by night. I expected some dramatic events to follow this but, heh, I really should stop doing that. The three of them went to Europe and beside the enormous education on Strauss’ opera’s and classical music we received, the plot itself was from lukewarm to downright boring.

William felt much more at home in the Old World society. He became the object of interest for a Countess’s niece and Elliot felt unneeded. That cause some drama for the pair that resolved itself after the love lesson they got from hearing Strauss’ opera Der Rosenkavalier.

So I’m left wonder why on Earth did the author build up all that backstage drama with Potter and Missy back in New York and in the end what was the point of this book, besides showing us how much of a classic fan the author is? I know there is a bitterness leaking through my words, but after two days reading a book that should have taken only few hours if it was properly polished, and after all that headache those errors brought to me I’m not feeling too generous.

End result I did not like the book at all, poorly executed and pointless in my opinion. The rating it got was solely for the wonderful description of Dresden and the Der Rosenkavalier opera.


Strong Enough by Cardeno C.

StrongEnoughLGTitle: Strong Enough     

Series: Family Series, 02 

Author:  Cardeno C.    

Genre: Contemporary      

Length: Novel (200pgs)    

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (30th August 2013)     

Heat Level: Moderate     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥4½ Hearts  

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: When twenty-two-year-old Emilio Sanchez sees handsome Spencer Derdinger walking by his construction site, Emilio makes it his goal to seduce the shy professor. Getting Spencer into bed isn’t difficult, but Emilio soon learns that earning the trust of a man deeply hurt will take time and patience. With a prize like brilliant, sweet Spencer on the line, Emilio decides he is strong enough to face the challenge. 

Spencer is surprised when he’s approached by the gorgeous construction worker he’s admired from the safety of his office window. Acting spontaneously for the first time in his thirty-eight years, Spencer takes Emilio home. When the casual hookup turns into the potential for love, Spencer realizes that if he wants to build a life with Emilio, he’ll need to be strong enough to slay his personal demons and learn to trust again.     

Purchase Link:   

Review: Emilio has been hanging around his brothers construction site in the hope of bumping into the sexy older professor he spotted one day while he dropped off supplies, persuading the shy man to a date is easy but gaining his trust and healing old wounds will take a lot longer. Spencer is shocked when the sexy young construction worker he has been spying on asks him out, but for once, he finds himself being swept away with impulse and before long finds himself with a young sexy lover. Spencer has to fight his personal demons to fully accept the love he is offered but with Emilio by his side, he is strong enough to face anything.

Ahhh, Cardeno C. has produced another sweet and sexy love story with wonderfully characters you can’t help loving. Spencer is the slightly older man who has had a poor run with relationships, one of which has left him afraid of intimacy, but under the caring loving hands of the sexy construction worker Emilio he blossoms and not only discovers the love of his life but also the close family he has never really had. Emilio is the younger man who wants something different and when he spots Spencer he discovers everything he has ever longed for.

I loved this story, it made me feel all sweet and gooey and sappy *sigh*. Spencer’s and Emilio’s relationship develops quickly with Emilio being sensitive enough to see Spencer’s invisible scars, he is patient and supportive but he doesn’t let it ruin his and Spencer’s fun in the least. Spencer seems to be a very gentle soul and Emilio helps him to broaden his experiences and to give him the support he doesn’t know he needs, together they make a fantastic sweet couple who you adore. This is a slight May-December relationship and it is beautifully set out even though, because Spencer is unsure of himself, Emilio takes control of their relationship more. There are instances of humor and some sappy scenes, but we also get some sexy scenes and some tense scenes (Peter is an ass), but you come away from this book with a ‘feel good’ glow and a sappy smile fixed firmly in place. 

I recommend this to those who love sweet sexy love stories, putting the past firmly in the past, some hot sexy scenes, squishing the ex and a delightful ending. 



Cuddling, A Dreamspinner Anthology

CuddlingLGTitle: Cuddling

Length: Anthology (316 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 12th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: What happens after “happily ever after”? No matter how long they’ve been together, the couples in this anthology find that keeping a relationship alive takes work. Whether its job conflicts or family issues, the seven-year-itch or just plain stuck-in-a-rut routine, these men face the challenges of keeping the spark alive with humor, creativity, and romance. 

Product Link:

Review: Cupcakes for Two by K. Lynn   ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Oh wow, I don’t know what I expected, but this was really, really short. No matter, as short as it was it made up with its sweetness, literally.

Matt and Jacob have been friends since they were seven and boyfriends for five years now. Fifteen years they’ve been by each other’s side and now that they’re finishing college, real life awaits. But one thing remains more real than anything does; their love for each other.

On their fifth anniversary, though Matt has a special surprise for Jacob. Let’s say something akin to a trip down memory lane.

Loved it. Yes, I know. Normally I don’t care much for sweetened and mushy stories, but once in a while, I love to indulge that little girl hiding deep inside me with “aww-inspiring” love stories.

At First Sound by G.S. Wiley ♥♥♥3Hearts

A very nice story about to actors in the late 20’s I’m suspecting. One a former actor, Soren, with no hard feelings for his lost career. The other, Booby, feeling trapped in the copy/paste style of his scripts. Both in love, both hiding it from the world for having it wide in the open would only mean the end of it all. At their two-year anniversary, Soren’s surprise manages to make Bobby see what’s really important in his life.

I don’t know, I liked, of course, I always like stories of the past, but there was something about it. There was this feeling, like a building anticipation for something. I kept expecting the shoe to drop you know, but no, this is another sweet little story of two lovely men celebrating their love.

What made me an impression and captivated me was Soren. This character was so very interesting and made me want to know him better. Yes, Bobby has his appeal too, his relationship with his family (his mom) enticed me and made me wish for a closer look, but it was Soren that captured my deep interest. You think we might see a more developed version of this story? I sure hope so.


Dream Lover by Nico Jaye ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Ah, a lawyer and a freelance writer. Can it work? Can a person who has such a demanding work schedule make a life with a person whose lifestyle is so unpredictable? The opposites do attract indeed, yet how long do they keep that flame burning without crashing them down?

Aww damn, what a sweet and hot and sexy and sentimental story this one was. Yup, I gotta say I fantasized some angst for it in my head as shown above in my introduction, but even without it, this story was quite lovely.

Brady (the lawyer) is one hell of a dreamy lover indeed and Chris, well; let’s just say there aren’t many who’d be as understanding as he was.

A lovely story for two contemporary fellas full in love with each other.


Happy Holidays by Anna Butler ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

“Do you know what day this is?” A harmless question right? No matter how you examine it, what angle you approach it, or how much you shake it. It seems quite harmless…

Oh, the humor bleeding in the lines of the text is delicious. You just gotta love Anna’s playfulness. Ah, I’m still laughing with this story. It’s fun-tastic! Meh I just loved these guys.

And guess who my favorite character was here. No guess! Lol, yeah it was Kit.

Kit and John have been partners and lovers for fifteen years. They started small and finally their designing firm is handling more accounts than they can manage. It’s all good though, they manage just fine and their boundaries of where work stops and where their life picks up make for a good settling.

But Kit’s been playing little games lately out of nowhere. Games that always keep john on his toes. After fifteen years together, they still have their time of fun, but what is the meaning of this constantly repeating question day after day after day?

Did I say I loved this little story? No? Damn, oh well, I loooved it! There!


The Responsible One by Eva Clancy ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Snow White on steroids? Damn, what a line. I’m so stealing this. Moving on!

Being in a relationship and having secrets? Hmm, how long do you think that will last, especially when those are sexual secrets? Nothing remains hidden forever, and while it does, it eats you alive from inside out. Sometimes, sometimes it’s just better to let your truths out. You never know what might happen, and people might surprise you.

Yeah, I’m making it sound so much more interesting and intriguing than it really was, not fair of me. But, it was hot! It actually turned kinky; with a lite D/s touch, that surprise-surprise was well written. And you know me, I just love that take control-give control situations. Nothing ever depicts trust the way such scenes do.

So Owen is having a real problem with his lawyer boyfriend. Typical of a lawyer really, they all put work above it all, even love. Letting him down every damn time is really pissing Owen and things need to change. Now!

So after Tom leaves for work yet another Saturday, Owen attacks the house like Snow White on steroids. (Gosh, I loved this line, still chuckling with it) He goes on and cleans everything to let steam off, which surprisingly he does. But when he takes it a step further, checking out Tom’s cloths for things he might want to give to charity so their wardrobe takes a breath, he discovers a hidden plastic bag in one of Tom’s suit bags.

Yeah, what came next was a mixture of events that ranged from HOT to sweet and lovable and damn it. Just read it, you’ll love it. I sure did!


Home on the Range by Anna Martin ♥♥♥3Hearts

Whoa, whoa boys, stop fighting. Meh, what is it with cowboys and their temper? But as fast as they light, that fast they cool down in this story at least, for we’ve seen some strong-headed cowboys in several books keeping at it for years.  

But anyway, here the temper is short lived and something spicy since the after-fight snuggling is pretty good. And who can blame Colt really. Being away for months trying to find investors for his ranch, Colt comes back to find his husband, Gray, has hired someone else to run the ranch. Now from what I gathered, there was some fright of change and a spark of jealousy that caused Colt’s yelling, but damn, you can’t expect an artist like Gray to run a ranch on his own, right?

And while it was lovely reading about cowboys again I had this unexpected feeling when the end hit me full force and out of nowhere. It felt like I flat out smashed in an invisible door. God, my head hurts.

The Cat’s Out of the Bag Rowan McAllister ♥♥♥3Hearts

“I’m average in almost every way: cock, looks, height…” There, that line right there was the one that made me think “yup, I’m gonna love this shorty”. But when the furries came out, I melted.

Ah what a blast this story, how much fun it was. There is Michael, the diva, the drama personified, with the overacting imagination and the overwhelming personality. And man who temper, those waterworks, the sniffling. He really made me want to slap him a few time just for the sake of seeing if that was his kink. J

And then, there was Joel. Sexy Joel with his little secret that got blown to pieces when he got busted from his of six years boyfriend. Joel, Joel didn’t you know lies have a very short span of life.

But all is great, because despite the incredibly dramatic storming out of a relationship act Michael pulled, the next kiss-and-make-out night was pretty hot and kinky what with the tuna casserole and the tiger-print bedspread and god, how can one forget the leopard briefs.

It was so fun I’m still on a playful mode. J


Like an Old Sweater by Elizabella Gold ♥♥♥3Hearts

Temptation, temptation, I wonder why is it so thrilling. Even as Jeff reminds himself of having a boyfriend for seven years, he can’t help but be tempted by wickedly sexy Tim, with his charming grin and strong come-and-get-me vibe. But then again Ethan is the famous author, always having people throwing themselves at him, proposing him and… Surely, Jeff deserves some attention of his own, even as he’s just a librarian.

But no matter how the hectic life of an author takes away their time of the day, no matter the mundane things that come and overshadow their life together, one thing’s a constant. Their love!

So when everything might seem to reach rock bottom, their playfulness rises for the occasion and turns things upside down, changes the mundane to sparklingly sexy, and turns the lovers of seven years to near teenagers and their love games to a fun ride of joy.

As for me, well, I might not have liked the intro into the story, but I definitely jumped aboard as it progressed.


Change of Heart by Rhidian Brenig Jones ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

My, oh my! What happens when after years of “ordinary” a new face comes in the picture? What happens when the cold tendrils of doubt slither down your spine and grip your heart?

 Of course, nothing and no one would ever matter if you didn’t feel like you’ve settled a bit too much and took some things for granted. It wouldn’t matter at all I might add f you had evolved in your relationship, grown with it, instead of staying stagnant, rooted in spot.

But there you have it, things have stayed stale for too long and a youthful predator is rounding the corner. What do you do when you don’t know how to do it in first place?

Lovely and quite British. I couldn’t take my eyes from this read. Charlie’s dignity in confronting his lover, the very cool head, and that “iciness” Englishmen are so often accused were simply delicious. I can feel the taste of it still. And of course, the turnabout after the confrontation, I believe this was the best one yet – Wilde is such a honey-trap isn’t he? – even as the idea has been exhausted in this anthology.

But as I said, you simply can’t resist this one.

The Thing I Love Best About Mitch by Dawn Douglas ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Well damn! I wanted to be playful and funny about this story too, and at first, it seemed like I could really go down that path, but Hell if it didn’t turn me to mush by the end of it.

Tyler; there are many things he loves best about Mitch. He loves best the fact that Mitch’s growling voice when he irritated can make undergrads shake in their boots, yet has no power over him. He loves best the fact that ever since day one they met he knew this was the man for him. He loves best the fact that it took years for this amazing guy to give in to his love, but when that happened he gave it completely. He loves best the fact that as crazy wealthy as Mitch is, you’d never thought it if you took a look at him, or his house, or his car, or his furniture. He loves best the fact that Mitch can turn him inside out without even touching him. But what Tyler loves best about Mitch is…

Well read it already. You’ll love it; the mixture of humor, playfulness, eroticism and heady sexual intensity, and love is pretty fabulous. Hell, as I said, it turned me to mush. Who’d have thought eh?

Looking Back by Rob Rosen ♥♥♥3Hearts

Ah, the uncertain future, the stagnant present, and the truly gone and over with past. Yet can a trip down Memory Lane revitalize the present and shed light to the future?

At this point, I must make a statement about the futuristic feel of this book. A computer that merges shared memories and wearing a helmet lets you see it as if a video? Fabulous! Fantastic! Brilliant! Moving on!

It is so very difficult to escape familiarity. We crave it, we long for it, we seek it, but when we get it, what then? Does it start suffocating us? Or is it the fear that familiar things are not exciting anymore. That when we don’t say that L word often enough, the feeling itself will get transparent and fade away with passing years? What does it take to wake up deeply buried under the press of time feeling? Can they, truly awaken?

Well read this lovely little story to get a glimpse of that. For what it’s worth, I liked Mack best.

Quarter Moon Over a Ten-Cent Town by Stephen Osborne ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Absolutely delightful being introduced in this story by the town’s Gossip, Mrs. Gardner, whose age shall remain unknown, in a voice full of the humor.

“It’s almost as if they’re regular people,” she will say when giving us the intro of Dylan and John’s life together. And good God you want to strangle her so much, yet at the same time, strangely you don’t.
But back to the story of this delicious couple whose sunny days are now being cast in gloom and doom when at one of their parties John finds Dylan kissing his best friend in the middle of the living room, surrounded by the other guest. While of course that was attributed to a truth or dare game, John’s mind began a downslope into the pits of doubt and fear. All the while Dylan is wondering why on earth his lover is slowly slipping away from him.

In his delirium and stupidity, Dylan convinces himself that his lover is more attracted to his own type of men, the macho, butch guys who fight MMO and can hold their own. So of course, he would ask John’s best friend to teach him how to box. Can you see the hilarity yet?

You will not be able to resist that brilliant writing of this little story, as the author’s narrative voice is so much fun, so hilarious. I’m still laughing my head off.

Reboot by S.H. Allan ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts

Who needs enemies when you got such delightful friends? I certainly wouldn’t want to be best pals with Mike.

It is like that, one night out with their friends that a misunderstanding happens. Flynn getting in an argument with Mike and Josh being distracted by his overly intruding work, that he missed parts of the argument and when in need to put his fifty cents he completely screwed up.

One thing led to another and before he knows it, he’s finding his lover withdrawing farther and farther away from him. The inevitable approaches fast and their working schedules seem to add to that chasm between them.

Oh dear me, I nearly thought this story would have a HEA, but to be sure there is one and damn it if it wasn’t gorgeous. Absolutely perfect and filled with emotions that swept you away. Lovely, lovely story indeed.

The Making of a Family by Caitlin Ricci

This story took me back a little. All right, not a little, more like a lot. It started weirdly with a leaving scene. As Arden gets an early plane to return home, he expects to find his lover, Serio, there and happy for him. What he finds instead is Serio trying to leave the house, their life together, with only a note as an explanation.

The reason behind Serio’s attempted escape for me was not enough to evoke such a decision. I didn’t like him, and I found Arden overly understanding. In addition, this story was very mournful, so gloomy, and the length of it wasn’t sufficient to explore the “lost-child” theme. Some emotions simply need more space to properly evolve.

As it was the MC seemed simply thoughtless, rash, and lacking understanding for the man with whom he wanted a family.

Didn’t like it so much.

Remember When by River Clair ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts

Is how you remember meeting the love of your life the same as said love remembers too, or are those memories slightly different and not quite what you thought it were?

When Ben takes Aaron through the places, they first met, had their first kiss, first said “I love you” and a treat for their fifth anniversary, he envisioned it quite differently from how it turned out. It didn’t help that Aaron’s memory was not on the same page with is. So it was natural for him to brood, snap, and think that they were not on the same page in their life too.

But sometimes people surprise us so much that the only thing left to do is cling tight and never ever let go.

Fabulous little story, loved it. There was a time where I thought Aaron couldn’t possibly save this on, but damn. Lovely job on making Aaron so damn adorable and irresistible. This couple is one of my favorites out of this Anthology.

How to Date Your Husband by A.C. Valentine ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Oh, this was fun. How to spice up your marriage in five dates.

After ten years being with a person, do you think there are things you don’t know about him? If so, you’re in for a treat, because as always people never cease to surprise us.

And that is exactly what Mike learns when he makes up his mind to drag his husband Ryan in this little scheme. The way I saw it, it was fun and funny. Too many things made me smile and laugh out loud. Some events even evoked that “awww” sound from my mouth. I loved both characters and was amazed how different they were ten years previous (mostly Mike), and I went fanning myself when certain hidden kinky fantasies made their appearance. The professor really had his role down to a T and damn it if Mike wasn’t sexy as Hell.

I think this story was a hit as well.

And right here ended this Anthology. Normally I don’t like them so much, but this one crawled its way into me. I quite enjoyed it and if you’re looking for a number of stories that will make your heart beat faster, your emotions to rise and consume you, and have a fabulous time through the duration, don’t hesitate. I think it’s totally worth it.


Life in the Land by Rebecca Cohen

LifeintheLandLGTitle:  Life in the Land

Author: Rebecca Cohen 

Genre:   Contemporary/Paranormal Romance

Length:  Novella (72 pages)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (August 21st 2013)

Heat Level:  Mild

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:   The magic of the Sawyer family’s extremely green thumbs comes straight from the land. But Bobby Sawyer’s expected superpowers don’t become a reality until he kisses his best friend, Mike Flint. That kiss moves the earth—literally.

When he moves to the city, leaving Mike behind, Bobby keeps his green thumb nimble by working in a garden center and uses his superpowers to help fight crime. He’s on a mission when a bomb explodes, leaving him seriously injured, forcing him to return to the family farm—the source of his strength—to recuperate.

While attempting to recover, Bobby realizes Mike is still the love of his life. But Mike is leery: Bobby left him once before. What if all Bobby needs is one more magical kiss?

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  The phrase ‘when he kissed me, the earth moved’ takes on a whole new meaning in this short story!

Bobby is a superhero of sorts with his power coming from nature. He tried for a long time to unlock his power, but it wasn’t until his first love, Mike, kissed him that he fully developed his gifts. Several years later Bobby has moved on to a new town and a new life when a hate crime rocks his world, quite literally. Back home on the family farm to rejuvenate Bobby comes to realize that he still loves Mike and sets out to prove it and get him back.

I liked the concept of Bobby and his family of superheros getting their power from nature, even if the execution was a little cheesy. The part where Bobby wraps himself and Mike up in the grass made me sigh with contentment. I think if the author would have attempted a more serious avenue with the context of this story, it would have failed miserably. As it was, I enjoyed the light-heartedness of this story. If you’re looking for something kinda cute, kinda cheesy, kinda sexy, then give this one a go.

Gumption & Gumshoes by Alex Kidwell

Gumption&GumshoesLGTitle: Gumption & Gumshoes

Series:  N/A

Author: Alex Kidwell

Genre:  Mystery/Suspense/Shapeshifter/Humor

Length: Novel (207 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 21st, 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb: August Adahy Mendez would rather be buried in the world of his detective novels or a good film noir movie than in real life. He’s overweight, undermotivated, and stuck in a dead-end job. As a Chincha, he’s part of a long line of chinchilla shifters, but the greatest accomplishment in his life so far has been moving an hour away from his close-knit herd. That all changes when August’s grandfather leaves him enough cash to pursue his dream: becoming a detective himself.

Sam Ewing is a bitter divorcé who enjoys watching football and being alone. It’s easier when his only interaction with people is when he collects rent from his office building tenants. Then August rents space from him to set up his new detective agency, and Sam is drawn to him despite his misgivings.

Sam soon finds himself involved with one of August’s cases, and the men join forces to catch their criminal. The greater challenges they face, however, are how August makes Sam want to give love a second try and how Sam makes August believe that real life might be even better than fiction.

Product Link:

Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: Cute, sweet, round and fuzzy is sometimes hard to be sexy, but this is a fun read. There’s plenty of humor in the character of August, who is admittedly a bit voluptuous (overweight), and clumsy, and oh yeah a Shapeshifter. And no, not some hot demanding alpha wolf, or even a bear or a sexy predator panther, but a chinchilla! Sam is a sexy older man, but he’s also ornery and holds a surprising possessive uber-cuddler side to him too! And he likes his lovin’ with a little cushion. The mystery was interesting and predictable, over all this was a sweet and funny romance with wannabe Humphrey Bogart characters included. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around a sexy dust bath!

Torquere Press Announces 10th Anniversary


Fo1274889r Immediate Release651229

Contact:  Jessica St.Ama                                Email:


(Aug. 27, 2013) AUSTIN — Torquere Press is celebrating their 10-year anniversary in September with giveaways, special releases, and more.

Torquere Press, a royalty paying, full-service publisher of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual romance, began in 2003. The oldest ebook publisher for the GLBT community, Torquere has published several best-selling authors such as Sean Micha37679781603704342120918Picel, Julia Talbot, Chris Owen, BA Tortuga, and Kiernan Kelly.

508935Torquere publishes every genre of romance, from paranormal to western to sci-fi, as long as the main characters are GLBT. They have also expanded with Prizm, the first YA GLBT publisher and a subsidiary of Torquere Press, which began in 2008 and targets a young and new adult audience.

To commemorate their anniversary, Torquere Press will be re-releasing five original books in hardback for a limited time only:

  • Bareback by Chris Owen
  • Stormy Weather Series by BA Tortuga
  • Three Day Passes by Sean Michael
  • Bent by Sean Michael
  • Thatcher Brother Series by Julia Talbot.51PjbIQJbrL

1274875Each day of the month of September, Torquere will be also be doing a book-a-day giveaway. For an hour every day, a book by your favorite GLBT romance author will be free through our website. A list of these titles can be found at

The Replacement Guitarist by Lori Toland

18393807Title: The Replacement Guitarist

Author: Lori Toland

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (220pgs) 

Publisher: Lori Toland (September 1st, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Blaze Shinozuka, a hot talent who auditions as a replacement guitarist for world famous pop star Cassie, is thrilled when he draws the attention of celebrity manager Jason Stockton—and not only because it could make his career. His instant attraction to Jason sends his world careening off its axis and drives him to make a move. But Jason reacts by trying to put distance between them, and Blaze finds himself thrust into the gritty world of rock ‘n’ roll while falling for a man he shouldn’t touch, let alone love.

Straight-laced Jason Stockton is always professional and never dips his pen in the company ink. But there’s something about Blaze that leaves him wanting what he shouldn’t, and the guitarist’s exotic beauty and compelling innocence turn out to be the temptation Jason can’t resist. But just one lie in the national media sets off a chain of events that pushes Jason and Blaze apart. Can they find a way to be together in the cutthroat, jealous world of rock ‘n’ roll even after the music stops?

Purchase Link:

Review: Blaze is a great guitarist who is being given his shot to audition as the replacement guitarist for a pop singers band, but his first meeting with her manager, Jason, sets him ablaze with lust. His attraction to Jason throws him off balance, but he doesn’t let that stop him from pursuing the only man he has ever been attracted to. Jason has a very strong rule of not mixing business with pleasure, but the sexy new guitarist Blaze has him breaking his own rules, Blaze’s innocence and naivety has Jason panting for more. But, Jason’s pop starlet client is making waves for the two men trying to force them apart. Can the two men survive the cutthroat music business and family disapproval to love each other?

This is a pretty sweet story of two men discovering love in the jealous world of the music industry. This story starts off with the instant attraction between Blaze and Jason, an attraction that surprises Blaze and has Jason on his toes. Blaze has become slightly estranged from his family because of his college and career choices but he hopes that his success will have his parents changing their minds, but when Blaze falls for another man, he knows his parents would never accept it. Jason has always known that he is bisexual but he never mixes business with pleasure, but Blaze is a temptation that he can’t resist.

I did enjoy this story, but I must admit that there wasn’t as much on page interaction between Blaze and Jason just being them without sex or drama, as I would have liked. A lot of what we see is when they are both working or between rehearsals, there isn’t much of them together in their downtime just relaxing and getting to know each other. Their relationship moves very quickly and there are doubts and angst being thrown their way because of a jealous pop star, who just seems to love causing trouble. The connection between Blaze and Jason is blazing with lust and boy, are they hot together.

Blaze’s relationship with his parents is a strained one and it is interesting to see how Blaze tries to handle them and their constant disapproval, I did expect Blaze to be more affected by their disapproval at the end though it had to have been really hard to have them react that badly to his coming out. The situation where Jason offers Blaze a threesome was a little out of the left field, they had both declared their love and he was offering up a woman for their enjoyment when Blaze had never been with anyone but Jason, it was just a bit hard to believe. Jason and Blaze are a great couple when they get over the jealous mechanics of Cassie; they are really hot together and set fire to the pages.

I recommend this to those who love: love in the music industry, family angst, petty dealings, hot sex, an interesting start to a relationship and a great start to a life together.     

A Heart Without Borders by Andrew Grey

HeartWithoutBorders[A]LGTitle:  A Heart Without Borders

Author: Andrew Grey 

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novel (200 pages)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (August 30th 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   Pediatrician Wes Gordon will do just about anything to escape his grief. When opportunity knocks, he signs on to work at a hospital in a tent camp in Haiti. One night while returning to his quarters, he comes across a gang of kids attempting to set fire to an underage rentboy and intervenes, taking the injured René under his wing. At the hospital, diplomat Anthony Crowley tells Wes that the kids involved in the attack are from prominent families and trying to hold them responsible will cause a firestorm.

In spite of the official position Anthony must take, Wes’s compassion captures his attention. Anthony pursues him, and they grow closer during the stolen moments between Anthony’s assignments. Escaping earthquake destruction for glimpses of Caribbean paradise. When Wes realizes the only way to save René is to adopt him, Anthony is supportive, but time is running out: Wes must leave the country, and Anthony is called out on a dangerous secret mission. Now Wes must face adopting a boy from Haiti who has no papers without the support of the one person he’s come to rely on most and may never see again.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  It’s Andrew Grey, need I say more, that alone is reason enough to grab a copy of A Heart without Borders!

Wes Gordon is a doctor without borders in Haiti. One night after his shift he rescues a young local that a gang of boys was attempting to set on fire. He cleans the gasoline off the boy and tends his wounds. While Rene’ is healing in the hospital ward, Wes meets with Anthony Crowley, an American diplomat. He learns that Rene’ was attacked due to his homosexuality and this strikes a nerve with Wes. He’s kept his own sexual orientation a secret here in Haiti, and this recent attack only reinforces his decision.

Anthony is smitten with Wes from that first meeting and the two begin secretly dating, as much as one can in a third world country. All the while Wes and Anthony are going on picnics to some of the more beautiful landscapes of Haiti, Wes’s relationship with Rene’ grows as well. He’s very protective of the young man and soon decides he wants to adopt the orphan and take him home to America when he leaves. Adoption is hard enough for a straight, married couple in the states. Imagine being a single gay man trying to adopt an orphan that can’t prove he’s an orphan from a third world country.

Anthony helps as much as he can, but his job is very secretive and dangerous. When he leaves on another mission just days before Wes is set to return to the states, Wes is left not knowing if he will be heading home alone, having to leave behind the man, he’s fallen in love with, and the boy he wants to be a father to.

I loved how these three different people who never would have met under normal circumstances were thrust into each other’s lives, and forever changed each of them. Wes is probably one of the most loving, kind and selfless men I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. He jumps through hoops and then some trying to adopt young Rene’ and take him back to the states, just to keep him safe and offer him a chance at a life he wouldn’t otherwise have. And he loves Anthony seamlessly, even knowing there’s a strong chance that he will never see him again, when he goes back to America.

Hopeless romantics rejoice, Grey has delivered another masterpiece with the story of Wes, Anthony, and Rene’. You will seriously be on the edge of your seat throughout, and of course, he delivers some curl your toes sexiness throughout Anthony and Wes’s secret relationship. I am curious to see if we will get another installment to this book telling Rene’s story.

Attracting Anthony (3rd Edition) by Amber Kell

17319438Title: Attracting Anthony

Series:  Moon Pack, #1

Author: Amber Kell

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (54 pages)

Publisher: Amber Kell (June 11th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:   This is a re-release with minimal changes.

Anthony Carrow never thinks to find the love of his life when he goes to a bar with his best friend Steven Dell. Getting over the death of his lover has been a hard task for Anthony. After two years he’s still broken-hearted and doesn’t have any intention of joining the dating scene. However, going with Steven to scope out a werewolf club to help his friend find a mate leads to unexpected consequences.

Silver, alpha leader of the Moon pack, has been searching for his mate for a long time. Unhappy with the men he meets he’s given up searching for the man of his dreams until Anthony walks into the bar.

Can a man who’s already suffered a loss once be persuaded to give love a second try or will fear hold them back from finding the love they both deserve.

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Review: Anthony is getting over the death of his lover and his friend Steven has talked him into going to a shifter nightclub with him.

This is a pretty good story of shifters and other paranormal beings. There is some BDSM, lots of shifters and paranormal beings, and some pretty hot man-sex

I recommend this if you’re looking for a short fast read, paranormal romance, hot alphas, and sexy subs.