Fire and Agate by Andrew Grey ~ Audio Review

Andrew Grey - Fire & Agate Audio Cover 45yy5Title: Fire and Agate

Series: Carlisle Deputies 03

Author: Andrew Grey

Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 6 hrs, 9 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC (18th April 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: When Chris Anducci is moved off jail duty and into the sheriff’s office, he doesn’t expect his first assignment to be protecting a witness against a human-trafficking ring. Knowing the new sheriff doesn’t abide screwups, Chris reluctantly agrees to work the case.

Pavle Kasun has spent the last four years of his life at the mercy of others. When an opportunity presented itself, he took it, resulting in his rescue. Now, the safe houses he’s placed in are be-ing threatened, and he needs protection if he is to have any sort of chance at a life.

Chris opens his home to Pavle, but he doesn’t expect Pavle and his story to get under his skin…and stay there. Soon, they discover they have more in common than either of them thought. Slowly, Pavle comes out of his shell, and Chris finds someone who touches his heart. But as the men looking for Pavle close in, they will stop at nothing to get him out of the way. Even if Chris can keep him safe, he might not be able to protect his heart if Pavle moves back home.

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Review: Fire and Agate is the third book in Andrew Grey’s Carlisle Deputies series. You don’t need to have read the previous book in the series. I’ve read and listened to the two series Carlisle Cops and Carlisle Deputies completely out of order. And while the characters from previous books pop up and you know that they are together, there is nothing vital mentioned that I found difficult to put together on my own. That being said, it probably would be easier to start from the beginning and work your way through.

I really looked forward to the audio of this book. I am a massive fan of Andrew Grey’s writing. I connect to his writing style and I love the complex storylines which he weaves together, delivering well developed characters, relatable romances and of course a HEA.

The narration of this book was performed by Greg Tremblay. It seems like it’s been ages since I’ve heard an audio narrated by Tremblay. He is a very skilled narrated, giving the two MCs distinctive voices, in particular tackling the accent and broken English of Pavle. In fact, while I connected to his narration enjoyed how he conveyed the emotions of both Pavle and Chris, I adored Tremblay’s portrayal of Pavle who has gone through so much trauma in the space of four years.

Chris is one of the deputies for the Carlisle area. The sheriff’s office is going through a period of tension after one of their own was given the position of interim sheriff before being replaced with a man that was chosen on political grounds. Chris has recently been taken off of duty at the jail, something that he is more than happy about, with his first major assignment being far from simple. He needs to protect a witness to a human trafficking ring. Pavle, who ingeniously was able to get help which had the Carlisle cops release him from the hell he has lived since being trafficked from Serbia to the US, is now in danger from the traffickers. Pavle can identify the people involved in the trafficking ring, although the fact that his English is not too good is a barrier for the investigation.

The story tackles a very complicated issue. I feel that my explanation doesn’t do the book justice, but it is excellent. The story seems to have a simple premise, but this is an adventure that is fraught with danger and mystery. The cops are the good guys who need to save the day and capture the bad guys. But there is something really sweet about the relationship that develops between Chris and Pavle. Despite how life has panned out so far for Pavle, he is a strong and intelligent man. Love doesn’t always come into one’s life at the best of times, but Pavle knows what he wants and isn’t about to let Chris go because Chris has nothing but good intentions.

I loved how much these characters grow throughout the course of the book. They also have great chemistry and a gentle love story that happens in between the danger. Pavle is an amazing and strong character, despite being a victim, he is far from being the damsel in distress. Chris is also an awesome character, I just love Pavle more (haha).

Boy Shattered by Eli Easton (2nd Edition)

Eli Easton - Boy Shattered Cover 6gb309Title: Boy Shattered

Author: Eli Easton

Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult

Length: Novel (264 pages)

Publisher: Harmony Ink / Dreamspinner (13th August 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Popular athlete Brian had everything until a school shooter nearly killed him. He survived the massacre with the help of a hero—his classmate Landon, who faced death to help others… and who is openly gay. Brian might be alive, but he can’t face his fears or move on, especially since the shooters were never caught. He’s falling apart, and he can only reach for Landon and hope Landon will take his hand a second time.

Landon did what anyone would do when he found Brian dying on the cafeteria floor. He doesn’t think of himself as a hero, but he’s ready to take a stand against the gun violence tearing apart the lives of young people—people like Brian, who returned to school a shadow of the happy, outgoing quarterback Landon used to admire. Brian still needs him, and as their friendship grows and deepens, wounds might begin to heal. The bond they share could lead a new start for them both.

Only the terror that visited Jefferson Waller High School isn’t over yet.


Product Link: Harmony Ink | Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK 

Reviewer: Prime

Review: Boy Shattered by Eli Easton is nothing short of amazing. To be honest from reading the blurb I didn’t know what to expect, but Easton is one of my favorite authors and I was therefore more than willing to give it a go.

When I started this young adult tale of a teenager who survives a mass shooting at his high school, I thought to read only half of it and finish the rest the next night. Instead, I stayed up all night and cried from start to finish, Seriously, get those tissues ready, it’s impossible not to feel the depths or horror and despair and hope in this book.

The story is written from the POV of two teenage boys, one is a high school senior and the other is a couple years off of finishing. Landon, the senior, is out and proud to the rest of the school and not at all popular. Meanwhile Brian is a jock. He’s the quarterback on the football team, he’s friends with other jocks and to hide his sexuality he has even dated cheerleaders. Two of his friends seem to show some homophobic tendencies, while his best friend is more down to earth. Landon and Brian have both noticed each other but due to the social circles they occupy, nothing ever happens between them, or even any sort of acknowledgement of each other’s existence.

Everything changes for the boys when two gunmen open fire at the school, changing their worlds forever. Caught in the hallway, Landon does his best to find his brother and finds Brian bleeding out in the cafeteria. Brian hadn’t meant to be in the cafeteria, but when the bullets started he tried his best to hide and take cover. Brian wasn’t so lucky and as he bleeds out, Landon did his best to put pressure on the wound and keep Brian conscious.

Landon saved Brian’s life that day, but Brian has a long road to recovery. He and Landon grow close, although it is easy to see that what may have started as a dependency caused by Brian’s PTSD has turned into something more meaningful. Brian’s brush with death leaves him with a lot of fears but it also makes him want to step out of the shadows and be who he is, albeit very slowly. Landon also changes, he was already a smart and sensible guy, but he takes his passion for wanting to help others, especially since he sees the varying effects of a shooting first hand at himself and everyone at school. Landon has a great head and mind. He is one of the most inspiring characters I’ve come across, not only in young adult fiction, but any fiction.

This is a wonderful young adult novel, yet I think that it would be valuable and enjoyable for many adults as well. It is so easy to relate to the kid’s thoughts and feelings because despite the horrible circumstances it is easy to place yourself back in the mind of being a teenager once more.

The subject matter is confronting. The romance in the book is merely incidental to the actual guts of the book. However, it was the perfect mix of emotion. As many Australians, it’s difficult to understand the lack of urgency for gun reform in the US and this book highlights it all the more.

And that is the only personal view on a current affair I will put into the book review, understand that reading the book is very thought provoking and had me thinking about this. It also had me thinking, how many kids fear going to school because they know people from their school, or from other schools, who have been touched by this horror.

Fire and Agate by Andrew Grey

Andrew Grey - Fire & Agate Cover 8vc3dTitle: Fire and Agate

Series: Carlisle Deputies 03

Author: Andrew Grey

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 6, 2018)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Blurb: When Chris Anducci is moved off jail duty and into the sheriff’s office, he doesn’t expect his first assignment to be protecting a witness against a human trafficking ring. Knowing the new sheriff doesn’t abide screwups, Chris reluctantly agrees to work the case.

Pavle Kasun has spent the last four years of his life at the mercy of others. When an opportunity presented itself, he took it, resulting in his rescue. Now the safe houses he’s placed in are being threatened and he needs protection if he is to have any sort of chance at a life.

Chris opens his home to Pavle, but he doesn’t expect Pavle and his story to get under his skin… and stay there. Soon they discover they have more in common than either of them thought. Slowly Pavle comes out of his shell and Chris finds someone who touches his heart. But as the men looking for Pavle close in, they will stop at nothing to get him out of the way. Even if Chris can keep him safe, he might not be able to protect his heart if Pavle moves back home.

ISBN: 978-1-64080-942-0

Purchase Link: Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: When Chris is assigned to the sheriff’s office he wasn’t expecting his first assignment to be protecting someone. What he really is not expecting is to fall for the man he is protecting. The young man’s story pulls at his heart strings but he is not the only one.

Pavle wanted to come to America and become a citizen. He had trusted those who swore they could do what he wanted. However what he got was not what he had expected. He had been sold many times over and just wanted someone to save him. After a few disasters with safe houses, he finds himself in the protection of one very sexy police officer.

Now my main question is how does Pavle get to the point so fast as he does with Chris. Someone with that much bad experience would have a much harder time then the author has with Pavle. However once you hear Pavle you realize just how much strength he has in him. He is pretty amazing as is Chris. Now I wouldn’t think that when someone is in protective custody he is allowed to just go to church or nanna’s house but one never knows. It just felt a bit off on that part. Other than that this story caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end. It is probably one of my favorite’s as is the series.

Overall the story rocked and gave me pretty much everything I could ask for in a story. I enjoyed reading it and can’t wait to start on the next book.

Hiding The Moon by Amy Lane

Amy Lane - Hiding The Moon Cover hen47Title: Hiding the Moon

Series: Fish Out of Water 04 / Racing for the Moon 02

Author: Amy Lane

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery

Length: Novel (290 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 28, 2018)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 3.5 Hearts

Blurb: Can a hitman and a psychic negotiate a relationship while all hell breaks loose?

The world might not know who Lee Burton is, but it needs his black ops division and the work they do to keep it safe. Lee’s spent his life following orders—until he sees a kill jacket on Ernie Caulfield. Ernie isn’t a typical target, and something is very wrong with Burton’s chain of command.

Ernie’s life may seem adrift, but his every action helps to shelter his mind from the psychic storm raging within. When Lee Burton shows up to save him from assassins and club bunnies, Ernie seizes his hand and doesn’t look back. Burton is Ernie’s best bet in a tumultuous world, and after one day together, he’s pretty sure Lee knows Ernie is his destiny as well.

But when Burton refused Ernie’s contract, he kicked an entire piranha tank of bad guys, and Burton can’t rest until he takes down the rogue military unit that would try to kill a spacey psychic. Ernie’s in love with Burton and Burton’s confused as hell by Ernie—but Ernie’s not changing his mind and Burton can’t stay away. Psychics, assassins, and bad guys—throw them into the desert with a forbidden love affair and what could possibly go wrong?

ISBN: 978-1-64080-936-9

Purchase Link: Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Burton is black ops. Basically he is sent to kill for his country. However when he is sent to kill a kid, he is left with different feelings. Feelings he had not expected, seeing as he usually was with women. He was starting to feel things for Ernie and lets just see how far he runs.

Ernie is quite unique. He sees what is happening around him, he sees what is to happen and he can pretty much locate anyone with his thoughts. Oh and lets not forget he can talk to someone with his mind, pretty cool. When Burton comes to kill him but saves his ass, plus lets not forget some sexy hot times, the kid is falling in love.

I can honestly say that if it hadn’t been for the fact that I had just finished book three, this one would have sat in my inbox till eternity ended. The title itself is goofy, but for it to be for two different series is bewildering. This book should have been book three seeing as it has characters in it that should have been seen in that story. It is just off. Also two different series names makes it hard to locate. Second what is with the church reference? Really to call the man you love his church is just about as strange as one can get. Totally throws the whole book off. This is murder, suspense, mystery and some sexy times, and then the author throws in church, totally doesn’t go the way it was wanted I am guessing.

Then there is the way the guys talk, like they have no education. You know they have to have been smart in different ways, but the way they speak is not showing it. Then there is the fact that each characters boyfriend sounds like they have the same difficulties is making cookie cutters normal.

Overall the story would have been a five heart story had the story followed a different pattern than where it went. I actually have come to a final conclusion about this particular series. I felt like the author is pushing religion on her readers. To call someone their church is about as quirky as one can get and lets face it, it made the story drop quite a bit. 

A Few Good Fish by Amy Lane

Amy Lane A Few Good Fish Cover 328rnbwTitle: A Few Good Fish

Series: Fish Out of Water 03

Author: Amy Lane

Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Mystery

Length: Novel (290 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 28, 2018)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 3.5 Hearts

Blurb: A tomcat, a psychopath, and a psychic walk into the desert to rescue the men they love…. Can everybody make it out with their skin intact?

PI Jackson Rivers and Defense Attorney Ellery Cramer have barely recovered from last November, when stopping a serial killer nearly destroyed Jackson in both body and spirit.

But their previous investigation poked a new danger with a stick, forcing Jackson and Ellery to leave town so they can meet the snake in its den.

Jackson Rivers grew up with the mean streets as a classroom and he learned a long time ago not to give a damn about his own life. But he gets a whole new education when the enemy takes Ellery. The man who pulled his shattered pieces from darkness and stitched them back together again is in trouble, and Jackson’s only chance to save him rests in the hands of fragile allies he barely knows.

It’s going to take a little bit of luck to get these Few Good Fish out alive!

ISBN: 978-1-64080-816-4

Purchase Links: Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Jackson and Ellery are back in the fight. Jackson just can’t seem to stop getting shot, stabbed and well you can imagine. Although this time it might just be worth it to save Ellery. The killer from the past has friends or leaders that want the same reaction as the others. It seems like someone is making killers who have no thought to life. When a young woman is killed in front of her children and another is blamed, it is up to our guys to prove it wrong. It brings some friends into the fight to help.

When Ellery is taken the ones behind it make an even bigger mistake, they take Ace as well. So you have Jackson, Sonny, Ernie and Burton in the mess, but Ellery’s mom as well. The bad guys won’t know what hits them.

The story itself is top notch however the religious aspect in this book was to much. I look for danger, death, sexual heat, excitement but you get that and more. Also the title is what made me not read the book as fast as normally. I didn’t recall the story itself but when I went through my library and saw the title, well I passed it on by. Also the way the guys talk is a bit to much, they don’t come off damaged as well as uneducated which is not the case. But back to the religious parts, it was to much and made the story drop quite a bit in my mind. It almost had me putting the book back down. Plus the boyfriends, Jackson and Sonny come off more damaged then you would expect but Ernie is made to sound the same way. It is like the author has given you one strong and one damaged through out the whole series which is nuts. One is fine but multiple characters with pretty much the same damage is asking too believe to much.

Now the story itself rocked, the danger, suspense, action were pretty much a hit with me. I did like the characters quite a bit but not how they came off. As I said above the title didn’t pull me in but the opposite. It might have been meant to come off catchy but it came off as goofy instead. I am a fan of the plot and characters, however not a fan of the same cooky cutter styles.

Netminder by Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams - Netminder Cover 348hn2Title: Netminder

Series: Codename: Winger 04

Author: Jeff Adams

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Teen Fiction

Length: Novel (195pgs)

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press / Dreamspinner Press (May 28, 2019)

Heat Level: Nil

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: For teenage secret agent Theo Reese, summer brought one surprise after another, and now that he’s back at school, the shocks keep coming. The unthinkable has happened—enemies have breached Tactical Operational Support, forcing Theo and his parents to instigate the protocols they’ve put in place in case of a worst-case scenario.

As Theo goes on the run and tries to stay ahead of those pursuing them, he realizes the TOS network is down… and he’s on his own.He soon discovers the renegade organization Blackbird is responsible.

Theo’s been targeted by an old nemesis, who will do whatever it takes to force his hand and obtain his help in taking global control of the internet.

Theo must prevent the internet hijacking, and while he finds allies, they’re in the last place he expects….

ISBN-13: 978-1-64405-001-9

Product Link: Harmony Ink | Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Theo is back in this heart stopping addition where Blackbird strikes again. Only this time they mean business. The cost is high as the plans are put into motion. Theo is cut off from everyone else as all communication has been hijacked.

Demands are made and Theo realizes he has no choice after he saves Mitch but to help Blackbird. It’s a complicated but brilliant plan that Blackbird has, but Theo tries to thwart the plan the only way he knows how.

Edge of your seat, non stop danger and a great plot are all ingredients that make this story awesome.

I loved everything about the book. The twists and turns as well as the deadly events that unfold are riveting.

Fantastic read.

The Spy’s Love Song by Kim Fielding ~ Audio Review

Kim Fielding - The Spy's Love Song Audio Cover 76bvcTitle: The Spy’s Love Song

Series: Stars from Peril 01, Dreamspun Desires 67

Author: Kim Fielding

Narrator: Drew Bacca

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 5 hrs, 32 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC (28th February 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 3.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: For a singer and a spy, love might be mission impossible.

Jaxon Powers has what most only dream of. Fame. Fortune. Gold records and Grammy awards. Lavish hotel suites and an endless parade of eager bedmates. He’s adored all over the world – even in the remote, repressive country of Vasnytsia, where the tyrannical dictator is a big fan. The State Department hopes a performance might improve US relations with a dangerous ene-my. But it means Jaxon’s going in alone…with one exception.

Secret agent Reid Stanfill has a covert agenda with global ramifications. Duty means everything to him, even when it involves protecting a jaded rock star. Jaxon and Reid’s mutual attraction is dangerous under Vasnytsia’s harsh laws – and matters get even worse when they’re trapped inside the borders.

Romance will have to wait…assuming they make it out alive.

Purchase Link: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: The Spy’s Love Song is the first book in Kim Fielding’s series Stars from Peril. I really enjoy Fielding’s writing style and so was pretty confident that I would at least enjoy this story. The writing style is easy for me to connect to and I find a majority of Fielding’s characters both relatable and entertaining.

It was actually good timing for me to listen to this audio, because I also had the ebook for book 2 in the series and I listened in case I needed a refresher. FYI: these do work as standalone book with only passing reference with the character who happens to be the famous person from the small town of Peril. In fact, the characters aren’t even physically in the town, it just happens that one MC is a small town boy who has made it famous.

The audio narration for this story was by Drew Bacca, who is a completely new narrator for me. I found his voice matched both characters and the theme of the story well. He was able to convey the emotions – the danger and the passion – pretty damn well. I look forward to hearing more performances him in the future.

For me this book is a mix between The Cold War (in the style of The Man from UNCLE) and the Seth Rogen/James Franco movie The Interview. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you could also think gay James Bond with a spoiled Rockstar and hot sexual tension. If a pseudo-James Bond minus the Bond girls is your thing in a romance this book will probably go for this one.

Jaxon Powers transformed his life and moved to the big city to try to make his big break after his parents took his coming out badly. In fact, he hasn’t spoken to them in years. But now he has made it big and a big name. He’s doing world tours, recording albums, and basically living the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll lifestyle. He is a spoiled, bored and jaded celebrity. Then one days he gets what has to be the strangest request. Apparently, the dictator of some eastern European country is a massive fan of his and requests that Jaxon fly over to perform a couple shows. The US State Department see this as the perfect opportunity to see into the country Vasnytia and get some intelligence. Vasnytia is basically like North Korea/USSR.

This is where Secret Agent Reid Stanfil comes in. He is all that is awesome and the embodiment of a secret agent man: he’s ex-military, knows the local language, sexy as well and good to have when you’re in a spot of trouble. He accompanies Jaxon to Vasnytia and goes to all lengths to ensure the man’s safety, as well as conduct any secret agent type business. They have an instant connection, but Reid is well aware of the dangers of giving into his base desires. However, things go awry, to put it nicely, and when the guys are running for their lives the last thing they have time for is to give into their feelings.

I really liked the two characters together and I love that they didn’t have sex in stupid places at ridiculous times although they had a good chemistry. I found that Drew Bacca’s performances lifted this chemistry between the characters and made the whole story a lot more relatable.

The Dame of Notre Dame by Geoffrey Knight

Title: The Dame of Notre Dame

Series: A Fathom’s Five Short Adventure

Author: Geoffrey Knight

Genre: Action & Adventure

Length: Shorty (26pgs)

Publisher: Geoffrey Knight (May 7, 2015)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Blurb: Within a centuries-old tapestry on display in the palatial French estate of Lawrence Vanderbilt is a map to one of the greatest treasures of all time—the sword of Joan of Arc.

But when Professor Fathom’s men wind up captive in Vanderbilt’s dungeons, there’s only one person who can come to their rescue—the Professor’s caring yet cantankerous German housekeeper Elsa.

Now Elsa will have to use all her wits and feminine wiles to navigate her way through the secret passageways of Notre Dame Cathedral if she is to save the Fathom’s Five team.

Join the enigmatic Professor Fathom, New York adventurer Jake Stone, Brazilian biologist Eden Santiago, Texas cowboy Shane Houston, Italian art expert Luca da Roma, Californian college quarterback Will Hunter as well as Professor Fathom’s most trusted and cherished housekeeper herself, Elsa Strauss, on her very own adventure in… The Dame of Notre Dame.

Collect all the Fathom’s Five adventures—
The Cross of Sins: Fathom’s Five Book One
The Riddle of the Sands: Fathom’s Five Book Two
The Curse of the Dragon God: Fathom’s Five Book Three
The Tomb of Heaven: Fathom’s Five Book Four
The Temple of Time: Fathom’s Five Book Five
The Dame of Notre Dame: A Fathom’s Five Short Adventure


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: I must say I was a little at a loss with this story as the MC is a female and I’m an mm reader.

But as the story progressed I enjoyed it. Elsa was simply adorable. The professor’s gang get themselves in a pickle and are captured and only Elsa can rescue them.

This is a fast paced short and sweet story with plenty of action and suspense as is fitting an adventure series. Really good addition to the series.

Great read.

The Temple of Time by Geoffrey Knight

Geoffrey Knight - The Temple of Time Cover 93nhlTitle: The Temple of Time

Series: Fathom’s Five 05

Author: Geoffrey Knight

Genre: Action & Adventure, Mystery

Length: Novel (309pgs)

Publisher: Geoffrey Knight (June 17, 2018)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4 1/2 Hearts

Blurb: There is a civilization that vanished without trace. There is a lost temple that can change time as we know it. There is a fragile fraternity that protects the most important secret in human history. And there is one man who will destroy everything and anyone to know the truth—his name is Caro Sholtez.

In his possession are the four pieces of the most powerful mythical clock in the world, and the only person who can stop him from finding the Temple that can unlock Time itself is Professor Fathom.

And so it seems to Caro Sholtez that distractions, kidnappings, killings are necessary to disperse the Professor’s men to keep them from stopping him from finding the one thing he wants—the power to control the passage of Time.

From the markets of Marrakesh to the pot parlors of Amsterdam, from the landmarks of London and Prague to the very cradle of Mayan civilization, join hunky New York adventurer Jake Stone, Brazilian biologist Eden Santiago, Texas cowboy Shane Houston, Italian art expert Luca da Roma, and Californian college quarterback Will Hunter on their greatest adventure yet.

Collect all the Fathom’s Five adventures—
The Cross of Sins: Fathom’s Five Book One
The Riddle of the Sands: Fathom’s Five Book Two
The Curse of the Dragon God: Fathom’s Five Book Three
The Tomb of Heaven: Fathom’s Five Book Four
The Temple of Time: Fathom’s Five Book Five
The Dame of Notre Dame: A Fathom’s Five Short Adventure

**Please note: This is the fifth book in the Fathom’s Five adventure series. It is recommended to read the series in order to fully appreciate the sequence of events.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: The gang is back for more adventure in this exciting addition to the series. Caro wants the piece of the clock to change time. He will stop at nothing from attaining the knowledge he seeks to achieve his goal.

Exciting, adventurous and danger are all in abundance in this fifth installment. The gang must stop Caro, but Caro is on a mission no matter the cost. Fathom’s Five finds themselves in precarious predicaments to save time itself from a madman.

I truly enjoyed this action packed installment. Danger is in abundance as well as sexy times in between the adventures the group are involved in. A wonderful thriller/adventure in the series.

Great read.

The Tomb of Heaven by Geoffrey Knight

Geoffrey Knight - The Tomb of Heaven Cover 26ft3Title: The Tomb of Heaven

Series: Fathom’s Five 04

Author: Geoffrey Knight

Genre: Action & Adventure, Mystery

Length: Novella (135pgs)

Publisher: Geoffrey Knight (February 14, 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4 1/2 Hearts

Blurb: There is a man who changed the course of Russian history in his quest for the ultimate power. There is a hidden tomb that holds the secret to eternal life. There are five keys that can unlock the riddle to something every man desires—immortality.

From the islands of Mauritius to the streets of Karachi, from the rooftop terraces of Park Avenue to the ice-capped rooftop of the world, can New York adventurer Jake Stone and Texas cowboy Shane Houston find the mythical Tomb of Heaven before the legendary Elixir of Life falls into the wrong hands? Or is the destiny of humankind about to change forever?

Collect all the Fathom’s Five adventures—
The Cross of Sins: Fathom’s Five Book One
The Riddle of the Sands: Fathom’s Five Book Two
The Curse of the Dragon God: Fathom’s Five Book Three
The Tomb of Heaven: Fathom’s Five Book Four
The Temple of Time: Fathom’s Five Book Five
The Dame of Notre Dame: A Fathom’s Five Short Adventure

**Please note: This is the fourth book in the Fathom’s Five adventure series. It is recommended to read the series in order to fully appreciate the sequence of events.

ISBN: B06W5681DH

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Jake and Shane go on an adventure to find the elixir of life and immortality before it falls into the wrong hands. Though I’m used to whole gang being in each book it was a nice change to focus on a few characters at a time.

I liked that romance seems to blossom but in each book it also appears elusive. There are still plenty of sexy times to be had as the two continue on with their mission. I enjoyed the story and it’s many elements as well as the characters themselves.

Great read.

Fire and Flint by Andrew Grey ~ Audio Review

Andrew Grey - Fire and Flint Audio Cover 364t3lTitle: Fire and Flint

Series: Carlisle Deputies 01

Author: Andrew Grey

Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Genre: Contemporary, Men in Uniform

Length: 6 hrs, 8 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (12th June 2018)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Jordan Erichsohn suspects something is rotten about his boss, Judge Crawford. Unfortunately, he has nowhere to turn and doubts anyone will believe his claims – least of all the handsome deputy, Pierre Ravelle, who has been assigned to protect the judge after he received threaten-ing letters. The judge has a long reach, and if he finds out Jordan’s turned on him, he might im-pede Jordan adopting his son, Jeremiah.

When Jordan can no longer stay silent, he gathers his courage and tells Pierre what he knows. To his surprise and relief, Pierre believes him, and Jordan finds an ally…and maybe more.

Pierre vows to do what it takes to protect Jordan and Jeremiah and see justice done. He’s willing to fight for the man he’s growing to love and the family he’s starting to think of as his own. But Crawford is a powerful and dangerous enemy, and he’s not above ripping apart everything Jor-dan and Pierre are trying to build in order to save himself….

Purchase Link: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: I love almost anything written by Andrew Grey. The man has a way with words and romance that I absolutely love. So, I’m not going to spend time gushing over how much I love his characters and how well they develop over the course of the book, and the chemistry, the sexual tension between the MCs. He also does wonderful stories with kids, who don’t steal the show but are often as sweet and as lovable as their fathers. I basically love everything.

Greg Tremblay performs the audio for this book. I know his narration from other Andrew Grey audios, particularly from the Senses series. In this book, his voice is absolutely perfect for tone and suspense in the stories, as well as providing the perfect tone for the individual characters.

Fire and Flint is the story of Carlisle Deputy, Pierre Revelle, and Jordan Erichsohn, the assistant to Judge Crawford. The judge has been receiving some threatening letters lately which is what brings the two men together. Jordan, finds it difficult to trust the deputy and scared to do anything that could jeopardise his adoption of a sweet little boy who needs love and parent. The situation is dangerous because Jordan is sure, or at least suspects, that there is something crooked with this boss. Pierre is instantly attracted to Jordan, but he is a professional and he is intent on finding out what the hell is happening. Love comes organically as Jordan helps Pierre try to discover the truth of who and why the judge is being threatened.

Fire and Flint is a fast paced suspense, romance. This is good for people that love a good romance where the sexy cop comes riding in like a knight in shining armour and a strong lawyer who has so much love to give. They aren’t a conventional family but their chemistry together is perfect.

Murder in Torbaydos by Ian James Krender Release Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Ian James Krender - Murder in Torbaydos RB Banner

Hi guys! We have Ian James Krender popping in today with his new updated re-release Murder In Torbaydos, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant $10 NineStar GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤ ~Pixie~

Ian James Krender - Murder in Torbaydos Cover 102ijn

Murder In Torbaydos


Ian James Krender

What could possibly go wrong when buying an old Victorian property by the seaside to remodel and run as a hotel. Plenty when the ghostly inhabitants from past generations want their say…

Marjorie, Stanley, and the apple of their eyes—their camp son Christopher, buy a leaky wreck, transforming it into a 1970s house of wonders. Marjorie’s Bejam inspired cuisine soon puts their seaside guesthouse on the tourist map. The utterly vile Marjorie’s ambitions for her henpecked husband will stop at nothing, even murder when it comes to climbing to the top.

Meanwhile, in the 2000s, gay couple, Jez and Graham—who have exquisite taste, escape the London rat race and buy the same building—now derelict and full of Marjorie’s draylon headboards and lace curtains. They refurbish it into a modern five-star hotel, the self-described jewel in the crown of English seaside hotels.

Jez, a shallow yet fabulous queen with a penchant for designer clothes, is soon led astray by the opportunity of television fame, a not-so-straight Bulgarian boxer, and a cocaine-fueled celebrity lifestyle—all overseen by the malevolent spirits, an evil bunch, determined to create misery for all.

Warning: scenes of graphic violence, the deaths of secondary characters, and references to drug addiction and cheating

.•.•.**❣️ NineStar | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo ❣️**.•.•.

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Murderous Requiem by Jamie Fessenden (2nd Edition)

Jamie Fessenden - Murderous Requiem Cover 865yfsa2Title: Murderous Requiem

Author: Jamie Fessenden

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Other Paranormal

Length: Novel (234pgs)

Publisher: DSP Publications (22nd March 2016)

ISBN: 978-1-63476-551-0

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Jeremy Spencer never imagined the occult order he and his boyfriend, Bowyn, started as a joke in college would become an international organization with hundreds of followers. Now a professor with expertise in Renaissance music, Jeremy finds himself drawn back into the world of free love and ceremonial magick he’d left behind, and the old jealousies and hurt that separated him from Bowyn eight years ago seem almost insignificant.

Then Jeremy begins to wonder if the centuries-old score he’s been asked to transcribe hides something sinister. With each stanza, local birds flock to the old mansion, a mysterious fog descends upon the grounds, and bats swarm the temple dome. During a séance, the group receives a cryptic warning from the spirit realm. And as the music’s performance draws nearer, Jeremy realizes it may hold the key to incredible power—power somebody is willing to kill for.

Purchase Link: DSP Publications | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Jeremy is drawn back into the occult order he helped found many years ago. With the temptation of transcribing a score of Renaissance music never heard of before, he returns to a world and a lover he left behind. Re-entering a world of free love and occult magick, Jeremy begins to wonder if the score hides a dark purpose and can he really trust some of the people that surround him, when strange events begin to happen.

Well, this story takes you on a journey leading you down a path that many view as suspect and some view as cult. It shows us a side of the occult that many don’t look at; mixing music with magick and that’s where Jeremy comes in. Jeremy is contacted by his old lover, Bowyn, to help transcribe an old score said to be written by Ficino, a Renaissance scholar. A score that has never been published or transcribed before. The temptation is too much and Jeremy is pulled back into a world he walked away from. Jeremy still loves Bowyn and finds it difficult at times to remember why he walked away, but remembers when jealousy starts to creep in. Deciphering the score isn’t all that easy, but as Jeremy starts to piece together the music he discovers that it may not be as benign as he first thought.  and mysterious sinister events point to someone who is determined to perform the ritual at all costs.

I will be the first to hold my hands up and say that some of the details in this book flew over my head no matter how detailed the explanations were. Renaissance music, occult and alchemy might make a great background for a slightly sinister book, but having no grasp for even the basics made it harder to grasp the full details and intent of what the characters were hoping to achieve. But, saying that I still enjoyed this book. It’s very well written and draws you in as the story unfolds.  And it has suspense and mystery woven through, adding a sinister undertone. Although there is a basic relationship between Bowyn and Jeremy and they apparently love each other, they still have sex and fool around with others. I can’t actually say that they get a happily ever after, but it is a happily for them arrangement.

The mystery and suspense are good and leaves a thread of tension throughout the book. There’s death and betrayal, love and hope and occult dealings. I actually think this is an intriguing story that shows a ‘whiter’ or good side to the occult. It has informative information and you can see that the author has done a lot of research.

I will recommend this to those who love mystery and suspense, occult dealings, twists, betrayal, underhand dealings, murder and manipulation and a happy for them ending.

Tea and Consequences by K.C. Burn ~ Audio Review

K.C. Burn - Tea or Consequences Audio Cover 37U3JE4Title: Tea or Consequences

Author: K.C. Burn

Narrator: Darcy Stark

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense

Length: 7 hrs, 24 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (19th December 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Riley Parker: temp, twink, geek… sleuth?

Maybe Riley isn’t living up to his full potential, but being a temp executive assistant suits him. He’s never bored at work, he’s got friends who let him geek out, and he’s got a carefully crafted twink exterior… which might be getting constrictive now that he’s on the other side of 30. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s comfortable.

It all unravels when he takes a job working for a tea-obsessed cosmetics queen, the owner of Gautier Cosmetics. During the launch party for a new product, Riley finds his boss dead under suspicious circumstances, and the homicide detective is none other than Tadeo Martin, Riley’s high school obsession who never knew he was alive.

Tad drafts Riley to get the scoop on the inner workings of Gautier, and for Riley, it’s like a drug. His natural inquisitiveness is rewarded with more and more Tad. Unfortunately, his snooping puts him in the running for two other roles: suspect and victim. The killer doesn’t care which.

Purchase Link: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Tea or Consequences is a mystery/suspense/romance by KC Burn. Burn is not a new author to me and although no on my list of automatic reads, I nonetheless am usually excited to give a new book by the author once I decide that I like the look of the blurb. I think it’s Burn’s way of writing feels so accessible to the read and flows easily, add on top of that generally relatable characters I’ve read in Burn’s books so far, it usually a pretty pleasing experience.

Darcy Stark is a relatively new narrator for me, the only other book I’ve heard him narrate is another KC Burn gem. I found his narration quite enjoyable. He makes the romance both cute and hot, but also has a great voice lending to the mystery and suspense aspect of the story. I especially loved the voice that he gave Riley.

In the book, Riley works as a temp PA for company executives, he enjoys the changes in work place as he takes on the job from PA’s that go on maternity leave, annual leave, etc. He knows that this isn’t the life for everyone, and he also knows that he is capable of doing a lot more, but for now he is happy in his current career choice and has worked hard to develop a reputation that many professionals would envy. Everything changes when he finds the boss of Gautier Cosmetics, his current assignment, dead in her office on the night of one of the most important party’s of the year. Think of The Devil Wear Prada but with a touch of a tea totalling, French Lady.

With the police and investigators investigating the suspicious death comes Tadeo Martin. He’s the homicide detective in charge the investigation and also the man that Riley had crushed over in high school. Back then it was the usual case of nerd crushing on jock and the jock not seeing the guy. And although Riley recognises the detective, he says nothing. Instead he is more than happy to jump on the band wagon and do a bit of poking around himself for Tadeo. The romance is sweet and happens quite naturally, however, the major part of this story is instead the investigation. I really liked how Burn seamlessly intertwined the romance into the ongoing mystery, without sacrificing the feel of danger as the guys close in on the murder.

This is good for someone who loves a murder mystery, it has an opulent setting and two ordinary guys caught in the middle. Awesome book in all and the narration just enhanced my enjoyment of the text.

Cowboy in the Crosshairs by B.A. Tortuga ~ Audio Review

Title: Cowboy in the Crosshairs

Series: Dreamspun Desires 53 / Turquoise, New Mexico 01

Author: B.A. Tortuga

Narrator: Dorian Bane

Genre: Contemporary, Cowboys

Length: 6 hrs, 23 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (16th August 2018)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Once upon a time, a prince lived in a magical kingdom called Turquoise, New Mexico.

Well, really, TJ is a small-town police chief. Every Friday, he holds court in the diner with the local holy roller, the art colonists, and the horsey people. But the Benes, who own the rodeo company, keep to themselves. TJ knows because he was once hot and heavy with the oldest Bene son.

When Wacey Bene gets trampled by a remuda and comes home to heal, he’s none too happy to run into TJ or his two little boys and their momma. The story might end there – if it wasn’t for some pesky bastard trying to kill Wacey.

The law steps in, and the townsfolk are cross about somebody messing with one of their own.

But once the bad guy is put away, can TJ and Wacey make their place in this wild and eccentric town a permanent one?

Purchase Link: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Cowboy in the Crosshairs is the first book a new series called Turquoise, New Mexico by BA Tortuga. I’m a fan of Tortuga’s writing, especially their books with cowboys because cowboys are hot and awesome. But I wouldn’t have thought that without enjoying Tortuga’s writing style, which feel simple and accessible, but at the same time the plotlines are interesting.

The story is about cowboy Wacey Bene. He’s been away from his family’s ranch on the rodeo circuit for ten years after having his heart broken when he was barely out of high school. The boy that broke his heart was TJ. He is now the police chief, but ten years before he was a confused young man who was scared of coming out of the closet and somewhere along the way in the past ten years also decided that he needed to marry a woman so he could have a family. TJ now has two cute little boys and an ex-wife he is good friends with, despite divorcing because he finally was able to come out of the closet to her. These guys need to get over past hurts, as well as TJ needing to help Wacey avoid being injured or killed by some mystery person.

The narration for this audio is by Dorian Bane. I have to admit, I absolutely adore Bane’s voice. He has one of those rich and husky voices that are often spoken of in romances as the type that would make a lady (or anyone) swoon. His voice is well suited to books with rough, tough and ready men – i.e. cowboys and cops and whatnot. Luckily for us, in this book we get both a cowboy and a cop. Interestingly, probably because of the tone and emotion that Bane was able to inject into the story I find that I by far preferred the audio to reading this book and I was less inclined to be bothered by the points that had annoyed me in the original reading. Mostly at the time I had been annoyed with how Wacey and TJ treated each other at the start and I didn’t feel that I got enough plot development as to how they were able to go to a loving relationship. I suppose that is still true, but as I said I was merely less annoyed by this hole in the plot.

Overall, an enjoyable story to pass some time, particularly for those that have a weakness for cowboys and cops.

Dawn and Dusk by Dirk Greyson ~ Audio Review

Title: Dawn and Dusk

Series: Day and Knight 03

Author: Dirk Greyson

Narrator: Andrew McFerrin

Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Mystery

Length: 5 hrs, 50 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (24th October 2018)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: For Scorpion agents Day and Knight, their relationship is slow to develop, and trust is hard to build. Then Day’s brother, Stephen, goes missing, and Day finds out more about him than he ever dreamed. Day’s first reaction to Stephen’s disappearance is to try to get to him as fast as possible.
Knight initially holds him back so they can attempt to find out what they’re walking into. But when Knight sees Day’s desperation, he steps in to help and tries to calm the man he’s growing to care about, even though the trail is cold and clues are scarce.

When Day witnesses his brother being shot live on television, he loses the last of his control. Despite the lack of answers, Day is more determined than ever to find out what happened. Ste-phen was all the family he had left.

Bone-deep fear and adversity threaten to tear Day and Knight apart, but facing unimaginable hardship together might finally cement the bond between them.

Purchase Link: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: Dawn and Dusk is the third book in Dirk Greyson’s Day and Knight series. Dirk Greyson is the pen name for Andrew Grey when he’s writing suspense/mysteries or paranormal type books. I’ve read and heard audio from a couple of his other books (not the paranormal ones) besides the Day and Knight series and I am quite happy with reading the departure from the usual Andrew Grey formula that I know and love. In fact, I’m keen to check out what these paranormal stories are. But back to Day and Knight.

So yeah, Day and Knight series has been a great departure from what fans of Grey would usually expect. It follows secret agent guys Day and Knight (their nicknames, its corny but works awesome) as they try to work together and then discover that there is a lot more between them. The series has been a slow burn romance which needs to be read/listened to from the start to get to know the guys and to be able to track the story as each instalment starts off from where the previous book start. If you’re a person that prefers to have a HEA, perhaps now would be the best time to get into the story because we finally get an ending for these guys. However, in saying that both Day and Knight have a lot of demons to battle through, particularly for Knight, who has a tragic past that makes opening his heart to love difficult.

In my opinion Dawn and Dusk is the best book in the series and is a major pay off for anyone who has gone through the journey with the guys.

Day and Knight are back in the real world once more after their adventures in Mexico and Europe. They are excellent at their jobs and work well together, but once, more after arriving home Day is left confused by Knight. As soon as they are back Knight once again struggles with the relationship forming between the two men – which makes sense since the man has tons of baggage and an alcohol dependency that he has been working through. However, Knight is a man that struggles with his inner emotions and so how he treats Day in these periods is less than stellar. Their world is thrown into chaos once more when Day finds out that not only is his brother, a man he has idolised since Steven had raised Day after their parents’ death. Day needs to find his brother and Knight is torn in needing to protect Day and protect his feelings. But things just snowball when Day is shown television footage where he sees his brother shot and he suddenly faces the possibility that his brother is bad guy. This is where Knight steps as he is slowly beginning to come to terms with demons and realises that he will do anything for Day.

What I love about this series is that we’ve taken the time to get to know Day and Knight. They have developed and changed so much from the first book. They have had so much to work through before they could trust each other with their hearts. They needed to get to know each other beyond the physical side of their relationship and the professional side of things. Dawn and Dusk is a really pleasing story where I finally feel like I know these guys and finishing a few months after the first book started, I feel like they are strong together – as well as be awesome men of action. I liked the story with Day’s brother in this book because it gave even more depth to Day.

Andrew McFerrin has done an excellent job narrating this entire series. His voice and the tone he gives to Day and Knight individually suits them so well. It was so easy to get lost in the story just listening to the narration. McFerrin had me emotionally invested right to the end with the guys, something that I’m not completely sure would have happened if I had read the book first.

Skin and Bone by T.A. Moore

Title: Skin and Bone

Series: Digging Up Bones 02

Author: T.A. Moore

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel(234pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (February 26, 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Blurb: Cloister Witte and his K-9 partner, Bourneville, find the lost and bring them home.

But the job doesn’t always end there.

Janet Morrow, a young trans woman, lies in a coma after wandering away from her car during a storm. But just because Cloister found the young tourist doesn’t mean she’s home. What brought her to Plenty, California… and who didn’t want her to leave?

With the help of Special Agent Javi Merlo, who continues to deny his growing feelings for the rough-edged deputy, Cloister unearths a ten-year-old conspiracy of silence that taps into Plenty’s history of corruption.

Janet Morrow’s old secrets aren’t the only ones coming to light. Javi has tried to put his past behind him, but some people seem determined to pull his skeletons out of the closet. His dark history with a senior agent in Phoenix complicates not just the investigation but his relationship with Cloister.

And since when has he cared about that?

ISBN-13: 978-1-64080-940-6

Product Link: Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Cloister and Javi both have issues that they deal with on a daily bases. I liked these two together as it seemed they both needed the others help at times. Javi is injured and decides to invite Cloister over because of it. The men closer as the story deepens.

Although I did enjoy this addition I felt there were too many unanswered questions left at the end. I wanted more about the murder/mystery going on and what the details were surrounding it. This story focused more on Javi and Cloister’s issues rather than the mystery at times which was fine but I wanted a balance.

Never the less it was still an entertaining and engaging read and I have to hope the unanswered questions will be answered at some point.

Great read.

The Lovely Pines by Don Travis

Title: The Lovely Pines

Series: A BJ Vinson Mystery 04

Author: Don Travis

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel (254 Pages)

Publisher: DSP Publications (August 28, 2018)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: When Ariel Gonda’s winery, the Lovely Pines, suffers a break-in, the police write the incident off as a prank since nothing was taken. But Ariel knows something is wrong—small clues are beginning to add up—and he turns to private investigator BJ Vinson for help.

BJ soon discovers the incident is anything but harmless. When a vineyard worker—who is also more than he seems—is killed, there are plenty of suspects to go around. But are the two crimes even related? As BJ and his significant other, Paul Barton, follow the trail from the central New Mexico wine country south to Las Cruces and Carlsbad, they discover a tangled web involving members of the US military, a mistaken identity, a family fortune in dispute, and even a secret baby. The body count is rising, and a child may be in danger. BJ will need all his skills to survive, because between a deadly sniper and sabotage, someone is determined to make sure this case goes unsolved.

ISBN: 978-1-64080-122-6

Product Link: DSP Publications | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Another case down for the books. A break in with nothing messed with, a dead vineyard worker, missing stolen artifacts, shootings and BJ is in the middle of it all. He was hired by the owner of the Vineyard and he wanted to find out what was going on. You add in that the worker was not who he truly was will be a big hit with some major tears, money in high demands and some big secrets have got BJ running all over.

I love how you see Paul in parts of the story but doesn’t really have anything to do with the investigation. He is a joy sometimes and damn hot. Wow the author does give you one hell of a description of the surrounding areas they go into, it tends to drive me in a different direction. I loose interest when there is so much detail. The characters as always are very entertaining and quite interesting. He is very loyal to his friends and family, but push him in the wrong direction and your ass is grass.

The secondary characters are always a big hit with these stories. They really help with the investigation. They also have some pretty easy quirks to like. I like how the mysteries were wrote in this one but will admit that I figured out parts of it before the end. It is still enjoyable to watch BJ interact with his clients, the suspects, other agencies and his friends. He is like a dog with a bone in some parts which gets a big hit from me.

Now for the downside as well written as it was, the murder itself was too neat and it didn’t come off the way three bullets would or should have. It shows a more violent type then what was really behind it. As I said above the story just had too much description in it to make it keep my attention throughout the story. Usually I get caught up in a story but this one had me skimming parts of the story just to get through it. However that is just my insight.

Other than my issues with the story it was well written, even paced and a fun read. I would recommend it and the previous titles in the series.

Snow Storm by Davidson King Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Davidson King - Snow Storm Tour Banner

Hi guys, we have Davidson King stopping by today with the tour for her new release Snow Storm, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic $10 Amazon GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway!  ❤ ~Pixie~

Snow Storm

(Haven Hart 05)

Davidson King

The city of Haven Hart rests under the heel of Christopher Manos. He reigns over the most dangerous and deadliest citizens as the most powerful crime boss the city has seen in generations. Yet, for the last five years, the harshest edges of his nature have been tempered by the loving devotion of his husband, Snow, and the nephew Christopher adores like a son. His life is a balance of darkness and light until a birthday trip for his nephew, Simon, is interrupted by a hail of bullets and explosions, threatening to destroy it all.

Snow has found a home, a family, and the love of one of Haven Hart’s most powerful men. When Christopher and Simon are kidnapped, Snow risks everything to find his family. Utilizing specialized skills he learned on the streets and the finer points of running a city from his crime boss husband, Snow takes on roles he never dreamed he would–protector, leader, and avenger. No one threatens his family and lives. Experienced enough to know he can’t do this alone, Snow calls in every favor he is owed, risking his life promising favors in return, all to save his family and the man he loves.

The sins of the Manos crime family are escaping the dark recesses of the past and threatening the bright future of everything Snow and Christopher have built. Yet, even with the help of some unlikely and uniquely dangerous people, Snow finds himself wondering if their efforts will be enough to save the two most important people in his life. Will the loving family Snow has finally found be taken from him forever?

.•.•.**❣️ Amazon US | Amazon UK ❣️**.•.•.

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Time Taken by C.B. Lewis

Title: Time Taken

Series: Out of Time 03

Author: C.B. Lewis

Genre: Science Fiction

Length: Novel (385pgs)

Publisher: NineStar Press (March 18, 2019)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 3.75 Hearts

Blurb: Time travel is a precarious business at the best of times, but when Qasim El-Fahkri’s mission to the past ends in violence, it has a ripple effect through every level of the Temporal Research Institute.

Rhys Griffiths finds himself caught in the wake of the disastrous jump, his own career uncertain. With the Supervisory Board breathing down his neck, operatives demanding answers to baffling questions, and life outside of work bearing down on him, his only respite comes from Qasim’s company. As the professional slowly becomes the personal, they must confront the echoes of their own pasts to try and move forward in the future.

But another past is waiting for Qasim, and there may be no coming back from this one…

For full enjoyment, it is recommended to first read books 1, Time Waits, and 2, Time Lost.

ISBN: 978-1-950412-20-4

Product Link: NineStar | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Many things are in upheaval in this addition of Out of Time. Qasim and Rhys lives are thrown for a loop when a jump turns bad. With time running out both men struggle finding out answers while seemingly growing closer to the other.

Interesting story with a lot of twists and turns around every corner. I was fascinated with how Rhys and Qasim handled different aspects of the questions as well as Qasim’s past.

I liked the story and the characters throughout as the story progressed. I felt as though I was there with the men as traversed through what was going on and the subsequent answers to some questions.

Good read.