Protecting His Soul by Amber Kell

Title: Protecting His Soul

Author: Amber Kell

Series: Scared Stiff

Publisher: Total E Bound Publishing (April 2nd, 2012)

Length: Novella

Genre: Paranormal

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:  When two souls are entwined, true love doesn’t end…even after death.

When Bartholomew sees his dead lover at a café, he thinks he’s imagining things. Bart follows Cullen only to learn there’s a lot more going on in the world than he ever knew.

Suddenly assigned the task of collecting his lover’s soul, Bart goes through many trials in order to reclaim a man he’d thought he’d lost forever. However, nothing prepares him for discovering the truth about Cullen’s past.

Now he must figure out what to do with a man who kept his real self-hidden from Bart, while handing over all of his love

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Review: Bart thinks he is seeing things when he thinks he is seeing his dead lover. He follows him to find out that his lover was never who (or shall I say what he thought he was.)

This is a very unique take on a vampire story. Lots of twists and turns. It is also a very good love story and the sex is hot. If you’re looking for a good short romantic vampire story give this a shot. My only complaint is that it was too short. I’d love more.  What would you go through to save your dead lover’s soul?

I recommend this to anyone that loves paranormal especially vampire stories. A soul-mate story, a good love story, trials and tribulations, and some hot man-sex.

Harlequin by Sage Marlowe

Title:  Harlequin

Series:   N/A

Author: Sage Marlowe

Genre: Contemporary M/M with some M/F and M/M/F elements

Length:  Novel (61,097 words)

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   They’re an unlikely couple—Harley Sinclair, pilot and openly gay, likes fast cars, easy boys, and late nights. Quinn Lancaster, lawyer and deep in the closet, likes his life quiet with just that little bit of extra spice that engaging in a ménage with his wife, Miranda, and Harley adds. Neither of them can admit that there might be more to this affair than just indecently hot sex.

A lie soon breaks them apart, but when Miranda dies in an accident, Harley and Quinn are reunited by an even more unlikely couple—twin sons with different fathers. While Harley is willing to commit to the responsibility of having a family, Quinn’s fear that accepting Harley at his side will destroy everything he has worked for keeps them apart. But when Harley makes the ultimate sacrifice, Quinn realizes that sometimes, what appears to be the worst case isn’t quite so bad after all…

Note: This book contains forced seduction. Female on Male

Review:   This was a pretty good book. At first when I saw the woman appear I was like, “oh no. another mmf and gunna be all about the girl.” I was wrong. I am so glad I kept on reading. The woman’s part was short, but really important to the story.  So here we go.

Harley likes fast cars, fast planes and a fast sex. He is openly gay and very happy with his life as it is. He isn’t looking for change. Then he meets Miranda Lancaster. She changes his life forever in so many ways.  She comes on the plane and asks to meet the captain. He sees straight away she is interested, but he would rather have her husband than her.   He is in a randy mood and glad when they leave so he can take matters into his own hands. She shows up early and comes on hard and strong, not taking no for an answer. Caution this here is a fine line between seduction and rape; he does say no but doesn’t really fight her off.  A couple of weeks later, the Lancasters come back and she repeats the performance. He still tells her no, but goes with the flow. Then the story skips a little and he shows up at her house, ends up in her bed and her husband joins them. This is where the story gets good. The sex is hot. Very hot. Then the story skips again and he shows up at their house again. Only this time Quinn, the husband, beats Harley up landing him in the ER. When Harley really thought things were going great for them he was willing to accept Miranda just to be with Quinn (Quinn is a big lawyer still in the closet). The story skips again and it has Quinn showing up to tell Harley he has a son. From here the story really picks up. There are lots of more twists and turns heartache, agony, really hot sex, but overall a good story. It’s worth reading.

I liked the story a lot after the first couple times with the woman seducing him. Once it got to adding Quinn it got better, though I really didn’t particularly like Quinn. I wanted to shake the living crap out of him over and over and a few times to smack some sense into Harley.  My only complaint with the book was the skipping of time. Each chapter seemed to go from days to weeks to years; maybe a header would have helped. But, all in all, it was a good read with lots of twists and a nice love story which I am a sucker for. I like one with lots of angst and fighting to get what you want.

I would recommend this to anyone that likes a long story with lots of twists, men in uniforms, and suits, a bit of mmf action, fast cars, fast planes, fast men, great fathers, an mm story with children (family) and really hot mansex.


Shacked Up by Hank Edwards

Title:   Shacked Up

Series: Sequel to: Holed Up

Author:  Hank Edwards

Genre: LGBT Suspense

Length: Short Novel

Publisher: Loose Id (June 5th, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts~ Really liked it.

Blurb:   FBI SFBI Special Agent Aaron Pearce is recovering from his injuries suffered while on assignment in Detroit, stuck in the offices of the FBI running database searches for agents in the field. He is bored and edgy, and takes it out on those closest to him, including Mark Beecher, who lives with him.

While Mark cannot deny the heat between them, he struggles to find his place in Washington, DC, and in Pearce’s apartment. He notices a car following him back and forth to work and panics, certain it’s the terrorist mole Robert Morgan who escaped them in Detroit.

As Mark and Pearce try to identify the driver, Pearce is drawn into an investigation concerning the disappearance of data discs from government employees. During research, he discovers the catering company where Mark works may be at the root of the thefts, and, when the company is booked to cater a prestigious party, Pearce realizes it is the perfect setup for an undercover operation. He doesn’t think twice about disobeying orders to stay out of the field, and risks not only his career, but his life as well, to join Mark in an undercover operation that will change.

As Mark and Pearce try to identify the driver, Pearce is drawn into an investigation concerning the disappearance of data discs from government employees. During research, he discovers the catering company where Mark works may be at the root of the thefts, and, when the company is booked to cater a prestigious party, Pearce realizes it is the perfect setup for an undercover operation. He doesn’t think twice about disobeying orders to stay out of the field, and risks not only his career, but his life as well, to join Mark in an undercover operation that will change their lives forever.

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Reviewer:  Cat

Review:   I have been waiting for this one ever since I finished Holed Up! I was not disappointed.  Shacked Up is very well written, delving deeper into agent Pearce’s and Mark’s relationships. Pearce has never had a steady relationship or really been in love. Mark has moved from home and into Pearce’s apartment in DC, but he isn’t sure if it is because Pearce cares about him or is just still protecting him. Morgan, the man that tried to kill him and almost killed Pearce is still on the loose.

So, does Pearce really love Mark or is it just work? Does Mark stay with Pearce or go back home? Who is following Mark and why? Does Morgan come back to finish the job? I am not gonna tell ya you will have to read the book!!

If you love detective stories, relationship conflicts, deep heartfelt romance and really hot mansex…this book is for you!!  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Just One More by Stephanie Beck

Title: Just One More

Series:   N/A

Author:  Stephanie Beck

Genre:  M/M/F

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Beachwalk Press ( May 1st, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥2Hearts- it was okay

Blurb:  Two is enough, but three could be everything. Kit and Adam Jacobs know what their marriage needs-Gavan Karik. He’s the one man they both want and the only one who can make their relationship complete. Making Gav part of the family comes with a price. Family, infidelity and self-worth issues plague Gav, but Adam and Kit are willing to tackle those issues if Gav is willing to commit. For every problem they conquer, another one pops up. Not only are the three adults working to meld a broken family into one, they’re also struggling with a blackmailer threatening to out the two men’s sexuality and issues with the kids being mistreated at school. With each battle all three have to decide if the vision each sees for the future can match and if the reward is worth the fight.

Content Warning: Strong language, graphic sex, and explicit incidents of laundry washing within.

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Cat

Review:  I really was excited about the idea of a MMF three-way, especially between committed and married people. I have to say I was let down. The story was too sweet and unrealistic. It would have been a good fairytale. I did like the fact that Kit loved her husband enough to indulge his bisexual side.  I also liked that she welcomed Gav’s kids, too and I really liked Gav’s character. I always have had a thing for the bad boy types. I also loved the rugged mansex between Gav and Adam. The only problem I had was it seemed like the story never really moved. If it had been shorter it may have been a great short, but it seemed too droll on and on about how Kit loved them both and loved the kids and she was just way too good to be true. The story would have been awesome with just Gav and Adam.

I recommend this book  if you like MMF romance that is focused on the female, a too good to be true romance, some very rugged hot mansex (just not enough of it) and a story involving the struggles of a relationship with spouses with children from multiple relationships.



Till Surrender by Arvil Ashton

Title:  Till Surrender

Series:   Paranormal Security Council 02

Author:  Avril Ashton

Genre:  Gay MM/ Paranormal/ Multicultural/ Contemporary

Length: Novel

Publisher: Total- E- Bound Publishing (May 7th, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   Book two in the Paranormal Security Council Series

The key to his salvation is the one person he’s destined to love…and betray.

Tattooed half-breed Takayo ‘Saint’ St John kills for the PSC with single-minded efficiency. He’s never questioned or failed his assignments…until he stares into the cornflower-blue eyes of Ryken Valte, the man whose life he’s infiltrated under false pretences. Harsh words and a cold shoulder aren’t enough to keep the distance between them, but Saint’s mission damns him. His job is to kill the brother of the man he loves and he sees no way out of his predicament.

Ryken melts under the intense attraction between him and Saint, but the man keeps pushing him away, denying their connection. Ryken would give up everything, do anything to have Saint at his side and in his bed, but secrets bigger than them make it impossible. Ryken yearns for Saint’s surrender, but he’ll get more than he bargained for when dark forces neither comprehends return with a vengeance.

Product Link:

Reviewer:  Cat

Review:  I was absolutely blown away by this book.  Oh my, where to start? Every single page was thrilling and exciting and mostly a surprise.  I am genuinely impressed.

Even though this is a book two, it stood on its own extremely well. It was so good that even though I wanted to read the first I had to finish this one first… And then the end!! OMG. Please Arvil, hurry with the next one!!

Here is a quick rundown.Saint is a half-breed para and works for the Paranormal Security Council. He is hired to kill Nathan, a professor, who lost his wife and child to shifters tragically. He is really stirring up trouble so the council has sent Saint in for the job. Easy peasy.  NOT!  As soon as he meets Nathan, he is introduced to his younger brother Ryken.  And here is where it starts getting wild. Immediately, Saint realizes that Ryken is his mate…Ryken knows that he has to have Saint. Then it gets wilder. Saint finds out that Nathan has an insider on the Council.

So do Saint and Ryken mate?  Does Saint kill Nathan? Does Ryken end up hating Saint? Will Saint die if he and Ryken aren’t together? Who is the mole?  Did I mention a curse that has to do with Saint and his Mate? Well you better hurry and get this book to find out.

I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE!!  Especially if you love paranormal.  A whole new sort of paranormal, not run of the mill vampire or shifters,  true love or mate stories, lots of twists and drama, and lots  and lots of really hot mansex.!


Carny's Magic by K. Z. Snow

Title:  Carny’s Magic

Series:   N/A

Author:  K. Z. Snow

Genre:  Paranormal

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Loose Id (May 29th, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts-liked it

Blurb:   Carny Jessup here. The best part of my life began when my aunt’s homophobic squeeze smashed his fist into my face. I already knew a wizard named Jackson Spey lived on my side of town, so I figured I’d turn things around by becoming his apprentice.

Problem was, Spey didn’t want an apprentice. He was going through a midlife crisis. All he wanted was to build beautiful furniture and get cozy with his beautiful husband, Adin. He still took me in, though. Guess he felt sorry for me. And he was intrigued by the red paths I’d been seeing in the air.

I’m only 19, so how could I have foreseen the rest? That I’d fall for a breathtaking boy named Peter, who was at the center of some strange magic tied to Jackson’s past. And that I’d have to deal with a sorcerer named Bezod, an evil pig who plagued all four of us and threatened to destroy our relationships.

Hey, sometimes you just have to fight for what’s right. Like love. I might’ve been new to the boyfriend gig and Jackson might’ve been a reluctant wizard, but when the time came, we were ready to kick some supernatural ass.

Product Link

Reviewer: Cat

Review:   When I first started reading this book, I loved it. It was in Carny’s POV and had a very sweet but dry sense of humor… then we get to part two and what happened? It switches to Jackson and Adin without warning and it’s like Carny disappeared and the sense of humor. It was as if an entirely different writer took over… but towards the end it switched back and redeemed itself. All in all it was a pretty good book. A great romance and good plot.

Carny is an abused boy, well just become a man actually at 19. He is fed up with being unwanted and beaten on by his aunt’s boyfriends, so he makes a decision to leave. He had heard his other aunt mention a wizard and he has checked him out. Strange things start to happen as soon as he decides to go meet Jackson Spey. He starts seeing paths; he meets a young boy and a very handsome young man. Not to forget Jackson himself is hot and his roommate/ lover even hotter.  Carny’s life takes a drastic change. So does Carny find the wizard he is looking for? Does magic really exist? Does Carny meet a lover or two or three? Who is Jackson Spey really?

I am not gonna tell you. Get the book and see for yourself

I recommend this book to anyone that loves Magic, Wizards, sorcerers, Vampires, and a nice sweet romantic love story.



Concord Grape: Unexpected by TC Blue

Title: Concord Grape: Unexpected

Author TC Blue

Series: Color Boxes

Publisher: Torquere Press, Inc. (May 15, 2012)

Genre: M/M/M menage

Length: novella

Heat Level:  Hot (could go explicit)

Hearts Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb: The last thing Pauly expects during a simple night out is to wind up embroiled in a cab chase. Then again, if something weird happens, it made sense that it would happen to him. He can only count himself lucky that his cab driver is smart, attractive, and seems to like him, even with the drama.

Being involved in a situation that requires police attention isn’t something Randy’s ever aspired to, but he can’t resent it when it’s brings Pauly into his life. Pauly’s just about perfect, as far as Randy can tell, but that means he’s unlikely to be interested in anything more than friendship with a guy like Randy. That’s better than nothing, right?

James isn’t looking for a relationship. He’s not even looking for a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement. That’s why he finds his obsession with two guys he picks up in a bar so bizarre. He’s too busy for love, of course, but becoming friends with the two men somehow leads to wanting things he shouldn’t. Even more complicated is the fact that he can’t seem to decide which of them he’s more interested in — the stunningly hot Pauly or the more quietly attractive Randy.

All three men have decisions to make, and choices to face, not an easy task. There’s no way the three of them could ever build a relationship together… is there?

Product link:

Review: This was a cute look into the complications of three-way love. I won’t say threesome because this was so much more and that’s what I liked about it. You know me, I’m hopeless when it comes to a good juicy true heartfelt love, so add a second person, oh yeah, and I was hooked.  All three characters were so well-developed you couldn’t help but feel each one’s thoughts and feelings.

The story started with Pauly telling his story to a friend and the other two came out and joined them. Then it almost lost me when it went back to Pauly, before he met James and Randy. But, I finally figured out he was telling the story.  He was in a bar and some dude was hitting on him too aggressively, so he split. He caught a cab but the other guy caught one also. A chase ensued. The cab driver was watching him in the mirror and figured out there was a problem, called the other cab found out there was a real problem and called 911.   The next morning, Randy, the cab driver, woke on a strange couch; he had stayed at Pauly’s. They become friends. The 911 operator had felt a pull to the two men in the cab and worried. He goes to a gay bar and sees two men dancing provocatively and was just entranced. The next morning Pauly wakes up, naked in bed with two men, and can’t remember what was going on. So he ran home. Pauly is a trouble magnet, Randy is insecure about his looks and James isn’t use to relationships. So, is this the beginning of a beautiful three-way romance? Or does one choose one over the other? How can three men love each other? Well, get the book and see.

Recommendations:  I recommend this book to anyone that loves a good fun light-hearted romance, threesomes, and nice hot romance and fairies and craft fairs. (You’ve got to get the book, just to read this part it’s hilarious!!)

Please Save Me by Becca Van

Title:  Please Save Me

Series: N/A

Author:  Becca Van

Genre: Contemporary, MMF, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

Length: Novel

Publisher: Siren

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥2Hearts

Blurb:   Selina Bauer has been working for Steve Cuthbert and Gary Soams for four weeks and has the hots for them. She moved to the town of Orderville, Idaho, from Little to escape her stalking ex.

Even though she would love to start a relationship with her two bosses, she doesn’t dare approach them and doesn’t think they like her in that way. When danger follows her to Orderville, Gary and Steve take her into their home, and much to her delight seduce her into their bed as well.

She is surprised to find out the two men are bisexual and have been waiting to find the right woman to invite into their relationship. And they believe Selina is that woman. Selina must try to break down the walls the two men have surrounding their hearts.

Will she succeed? And will they be able to save her in return?

 Product Link:

Reviewer:  Cat

Review:  Ok, first let me clarify that I do like ménage, Especially M/M/F and the blurb sounded really good. The story had a great premise. I mean a woman finding love with too hot men and them saving her from a sociopathic ex? Who wouldn’t like that?  But I was very disappointed. I found a lot of things in this book repetitive and some descriptive words much overused and really unnecessary. The two men were supposed to be long time lovers, and I get them being bi and wanting a woman in the relationship,  but for the first half the book there was no sex between them, even when they were aroused over her.   ON a more positive note, the story was cute. I loved the idea of two big, hunky and both alpha-type males in a relationship. The story had lots of potential.

I would recommend this to anyone that likes F/M/M relationships. Hot construction workers.  A little hint of Dom/sub and a damsel in distress.


X Bar by Michele L. Montgomery

Title:  X Bar

Series:  N/A

Author:  Michele L. Montgomery

Genre:   Contemporary

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Self-published – Cre8ive Inspirations: Imprint of Dare Empire eMedia Productions (May 30, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts                                                                          

Blurb:  “Unless things have changed since the beginning of time, it’s not even remotely possible for two guys to make a baby. A family of two, yes, but not three.”

Being a straight, single man wanting to adopt in today’s society is hard enough. Not being straight? Whole new level. Red tape, classes, interviews, not to mention the expense, drive so many away with shattered dreams.
Steven comes from money, has a degree in business management, even though he’s chosen to work as a bar tender, he believes making a family can be done. He’s determined to do it, with or without long time lover Jorge.

At thirty-four, it’s time. Fate, of course, has other plans. His haunting past, and the brutal grind of daily life all have the power to destroy both the life he has with Jorge and the family he’s trying to build. Determination might not be enough to keep his dream of a family alive.

X Bar is about a man finding the truth in lies, lies in truths, and learning how to be stronger than he ever thought possible.

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Cat

Review:  X Bar is a beautifully written story of a gay man trying to fulfill his life’s dreams. He wants a bar of his own, to be with the man he loves and most of all to adopt a child. For most of us, that is easy to accomplish, but for a gay man it’s like fighting a losing battle.  His battle is a struggle and keeps us the edge of your seat, page after page, as he hit many obstacles and setbacks.

All Stephen wants is to adopt a child and live his life, like a normal person. He lives with three roommates, his best friend Cassidy, and another friend Simon and sometimes Cassidy’s lover Jackie. Stephen is in an open relationship with a much younger man Jorge. He loves Jorge very much, but has commitment issues after being in a long-term abusive relationship with Clay.

Even with things going well in Stephen’s life, Clay tries to control him. Clay’s father has a stroke and he talks Stephen into breaking the restraining order he has on Clay and helping him with his father. Trouble ensues with Jorge. Stephen still has feelings for Clay, but is in love with Jorge.  As if the triangle of Jorge and Clay and the trauma of Clay’s father’s coma isn’t enough, a woman, Jasmine, shows up accusing Cassidy of getting her pregnant. More drama ensues… So,does Stephen ever get to adopt a child? Does Jorge leave him because of the time he is spending with Clay? Does Clay win Stephen back? Does Clay’s father die? I‘m not gonna tell, you will have to get the book… You won’t be sorry.

I recommend this book to anyone that loves a great heartfelt romance. There are several here.  D/s relationships, which here was the only thing in the book I didn’t quite get, was how submissive  Stephen is with Clay, to an obsession. But, he was more a Dom with Jorge. But, it really didn’t hurt the story.  If you love hot man-sex and  hot bartenders that dance  provocatively ( my favorite parts and it was in there a few times…Michele you should make us a video of this it was amazing I go to sleep dreaming about Cassidy and Stephen’s dancing!!

For the Rest of Eternity by Lynn Hagen

Title:  For the Rest of Eternity

Series:  Christian’s Coven 05

Author:  Lynn Hagen

Genre:   Paranormal

Length:  Novella

Publisher:  Siren Publishing/Everlasting Classic (May 5th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts                                                                             

Blurb:  Jacob was devastated when the doctor diagnosed him with a rare blood disorder. Deciding to make the best of what time he has left, Jacob casts all caution aside and pursues the one man he had been warned away from…Shelby.

Shelby smells the sickness on Jacob, his mate. After finding out that Jacob doesn’t have much longer to live, he begs the prince to convert the human, but Christian refuses. He tells Shelby that the choice is up to Jacob and Jacob alone.

When Shelby is attacked by a pair of rogue vampires, Jacob learns the people in this world are not just human. He can live with that. But what he can’t live with is the fact that he is too weak to defend the man he is quickly falling in love with.

Time is running out and Shelby isn’t sure he can convince his mate to be converted. When Jacob collapses right before Shelby’s eyes, Shelby realizes just how close he is to losing the one man fate has given him to love for the rest of eternity.  

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Cat

Review:  This is a very well-written book. Though it is part of a series Christian’s Coven and the fifth in the series, nothing is lost. I was able to follow perfectly. I think a series like this is really a showcase of the author’s abilities to develop such defined characters and settings to reel you in and make you want to go back and read the rest and continue on. I can say mission accomplished here. I loved the story, all the characters, good and bad alike, the storyline of this book and the depiction of the love scenes. As we all know by now, I am a major sucker for a great love story.

This one the blurb pretty much says it all. Jacob finds out he is sick and decides to not waste his precious little time. He wants to spend what little he has left with Shelby even though he has been warned off, but no one really says why. He soon finds out the Shelby is a vampire. Shelby knows he is sick and that they are destined as soul-mates and that Jacob is all he will have. Eternity is a long time to be alone so he tries to get Christian the Prince of his coven to turn Jacob to save hm. Christian refuses. If Jacob wants to be turned, he will…but not against his will.

Time is running out for Jacob and for Shelby to convince him to change his mind. So does Jacob finally decide to convert? Does Shelby have to live forever without a mate?  What are the rogues and who are creating them? (Oh, forgot to mention evil rogue vampires that could threaten Shelby’s safety!) I am not gunna tell ya!! You will have to read the book.

I recommend this book to anyone that loves vampires, the soul-mate principle. Good solid love stories, hot mansex and a well-developed series.


In Deep Water by Kaje Waters

Title:  Into Deep Waters

Series:  Love Is Always Write

Author:  Kaje Harper

Genre:   Historical

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Goodreads M/M Group Free Read

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts                                                                          

Blurb:  Two young sailors – one a working-class artist from California, the other an upper-middle-class pharmacists from the East Coast – meet onboard the Japan-bound U.S.S. Gageway in April 1942.

This was dumb. It was stupid to get involved with someone, to care about anyone in this soul-numbing war. That was like opening yourself up to be flayed. And yet how could you help it? They were all closer than brothers, these men he fought beside.  And that one man, well, there was nothing brotherly going on there.


“…Given the choice, don’t you think they would have rather had this, what we have in this room, than died without it?”

Product Link:  Free download available in multiple formats.

Reviewer:   Cat

Review:  Oh WOW Oh WOW. Into Deep waters is such a well-written heart-wrenching and breath-taking story. It is absolutely beautiful. The characters are so well done that I felt like both of them. I could feel their lust, their love, their fear, not only of the war, but of being found out and the consequences that held at the time. The story covered a very long time span (sixty years), but  not once did it get slow or  dull. I laughed ,I cried, I sighed, I cheered, and I worried ( I won’t tell  you why I worried, since I don’t even like saying if a book has a HFN or HEA) .

Now, for just a bit about the story. It starts out in World War II after Pearl Harbor. It is about a sailor Danny meeting a new sailor, pharmacy assistant Jacob. Jacob actually trips staring at Danny thus getting the affectionate nickname Trip from him. They fall (hehehe… literally couldn’t resist the pun) in love or at least lust at first sight. Jacob is two years younger than Danny. They met secretly and have sex (well fondling and kissing), until they get a leave and actually get to be alone and have sex. The war gets as heated as the lovemaking and their ship is destroyed .( I have no nails and bleeding fingers from the chewing of hoping they find  each other and at least they are safe.  So do they find each other? Do they get discovered? Just how long does their love last? I’m not telling you will have to read the book yourself. I will say this much after reading the prompt I just knew I had the end figured out had me an entire box of tissue waiting, I was wrong….

Who do I recommend this book to? Everyone!! If you like a good sweet Romance (yes, I am a hopeless romantic) with really hot mansex. This is for you. If you’ve never read M/M romance start here.  If you have ever dreamed of the perfect love and forever love… This is f or you. And it’s free so what are you waiting for… Hurry go get it…Be prepared to swoon…Kaje you have a new fan!



Finding Eden by Scarlet Blackwell

Author: Scarlet Blackwell

 Series: Clear Water Creek Chronicles 04

Publisher: Silver Publishing (May 5th, 2012)

Length:103 pages novella

Genre: Contemporary

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Heat Level: Explicit

Reviewer : Cat

Blurb: Eden Gray is traumatized from his rape eighteen years earlier and the part Sean Keller played in it isn’t easy to forget. Eden goes from happy to desperate within minutes, never sure how long a good mood will last. But he knows that he loves Sean with all his heart and wants to lay his ghosts to rest permanently.

Sean feels the same way. He treads on eggshells around Eden, afraid for his mental health and mindful of his suicide attempts. He has a hard time dealing with his guilt, and hates that it overshadows his love for Eden more often than not.

Something needs to happen to let them connect and bond permanently and bring them into the light…

Product Link:

Review Finding Eden is a very well-written and character driven love story. Such a gripping and heartfelt story of two men with secrets in their past and a love/hate relationship that is to die for.

In Finding Eden, we follow Sean and Eden after Eden’s trial for murdering Paul, Sean’s best friend.  We also find out that it isn’t the happy-ever-after we had thought we got from Into the Light, the first book. Eden still hasn’t adjusted well and after he killed Paul is even more distraught. Sean is handling Eden the best he can with love and attention, but Eden’s mood swings are about more than even Sean can deal with. Sean even sometimes still worries that Den hasn’t forgiven him.

Even after finding out Sean’s involvement in Eden’s rape eighteen years before, I can’t help but just fall for Sean. Eden, even after all he has been through, I’d really like to slap the crap out of him. So, does Eden finally heal? Do Sean and Eden finally make their relationship work? Is Sean’s love for Eden worth giving up his career and home? I am not telling. You will have to read the book. I promise you will want to read the first three, too, so might as well buy them all now.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that loves a very intense romantic love story. Several twists and turns, really hot sex scenes, a little light BDSM , men in uniform, and very well put together characters.  I just swoon for Sean.

Aggressive Alpha by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Title:  Aggressive Alpha

Series:  Twin Pines Grizzlies 07

Author:  Anitra Lynn McLeod

Genre:   Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Shape-shifter

Length:  Novel (35,894 words)

Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Note: Aggressive Alpha [Twin Pines Grizzlies 7] was previously published as Wide Receiver [Gridiron Gods 7]. Due to popular demand, the series has been revised to emphasize the bear


Blurb:   Deception and love don’t mix…

 Desperately poor Dustin Brooks thought he’d won a scholarship to Twin Pines College, but instead, he finds himself tricked into a blackmail scheme he doesn’t want to participate in and can’t escape.

Mitch Gay loves learning, football, and sex—not necessarily in that order. When Mitch finds out a reporter is joining the team for an away game, his suspicions and libido are equally aroused. Determined to uncover the truth, Mitch goes after Dustin with an aggressive hunger that shocks them both.

Casual sex play on the bus turns surprisingly intense for both men at the motel, but Dustin’s secret inhibits a deeper connection. Dustin has never met a man like Mitch, but falling in love goes against his clandestine mission. When Mitch is injured and falls into a coma, Dustin is terrified of losing him. Mitch pulls through, but when he wakes up, he has no memory of Dustin as anything than just another gorgeous guy.

When Mitch’s love is on the line, Dustin makes the right moral call, but will he be too late to claim Mitch and become part of the brotherhood?

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Reviewer:   Cat

Review:  Dustin sets out on a mission to uncover some scandal and make money for college. He meets Mitch and uncovers more than scandal. He finds himself in love with the man. So does he continue to earn the money to feed himself or does he follow his heart? I’m not telling…you will have to read the book.

I thought this book was pretty good. I have to admit that this is Book 7 and it’s my first in the series. I felt it stood on its own quite well. I never felt lost and I wanted to finish the entire book. The story was a very good, sweet romance (I love good heartfelt love romance!)My only problem with it was that I never quite figured out who the aggressive Alpha was. I loved the uniqueness of the bear shifters also and would have liked to have seen a little more of that.

If you love a good heartfelt love story, some pretty hot Mansex and shifters, this is for you. A nice quick afternoon read with something different.


Lies of Omission by Michele L. Montgomery

Title:  Lies of Omission

Series:  N/A

Author:  Michele L. Montgomery

Genre:   BDSM, Erotica

Length:  Novella

Publisher:  Self-published (December 31, 2010)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   There’s a fine line between a secret and a lie of omission, and Trenton Otero has been walking that line for years. Past relationships have left Trenton with trust issues; then he met and fell in love with Braden Kelly, and he thought he’d finally found the one man on whom he could depend.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but what if those words aren’t the truth? Does the camera lie, or does the mind trick the eye into seeing what it expects to see? Both Trenton and Braden must decide what to believe, and they’d better do it quickly, or it may be too late.

An interfering friend, incriminating photos, and the memories that bind Trenton to the past might just tear the couple apart. Because love and lies can’t coexist.

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Reviewer:   Cat

Review:   This story was amazing. I was stuck after the first page. I couldn’t put it down for a minute! If I can connect with the characters, become one, I’m hooked. I was hooked first paragraph.  I could feel Trent’s pain when Derek dropped the news about his husband cheating. I could also feel his denial. I sat on the edge of my seat every page waiting to see what happened next. There were times I really wanted to smack Trent though and Derek I wanted to smack too- but he would like it, no I take that back he’d prefer to do the smacking. Anyways—the characters all were so well written the story held a lot of pain and past loss. I cried   a lot—


So a little about the story.  Derrick, Trent’s best friend tells Trent his husband is cheating and supplies photo- Trent freaks and runs—straight out into traffic and gets hit. Trent does a lot of reliving his past with an abusive lover. Then there comes a twist when he finally leaves and goes to stay with Derrick and his lover.  Derrick is a Dom.  Then just when you are like- wow I didn’t see that coming—BANG- smacked with another twist! Yeah awesome!


So does Trent leave his husband? Does his husband try to get him back? Does Derrick finally get Trent after all these years? What are these two big twists? I am not telling you will have to read the book!! It’s worth it


Facing the Truth by S. Dora

Title:  Facing the Truth

Series: Calling the Shots 01

Author: S. Dora

Genre:  M/M-BDSM

Length: Novella

Publisher: Total-e-bound

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

BlurbSometimes the question being asked might not be the one that actually needs to be answered.

When twenty-two year old Tom asks his older, conservative lover Isaac for an afternoon of kinky sex, that experience turns out to include much more than bondage, adult toys and spanking.

Both are surprised to discover Isaac’s need to dominate his lover as much as his lover needs to be dominated by him.

Excerpt From: Facing the Truth


Isaac Newhouse knew that voice like he knew his own thoughts. “Yes, Tom?”

“I was thinking… You’re not going to get angry at me? Or think I’m weird?” The twenty-two-year-old looked genuinely shy, and Isaac wondered if it was about something other than sex. Because after the vibrator, the blindfold and the handcuffs, what could possibly make Tom worried that his lover would frown in disapproval?

“Why don’t you tell me? Probably the worst you’ll hear from me is ‘sorry, this time it’s no’. And you know very well there isn’t much of a chance of that. I admit I lack somewhat in the fantasy and imagination department, but luckily I have you for that.” Isaac smiled reassuringly. “Unless you’re asking me to go to a bar, pick up a stranger and have sex with him while you’re watching us, because that is one of the very few things I’m unable to give to you.”

“What…? You think I’m some kind of pervert?” Tom huffed. “It’s nothing like that at all. I want you to tell me what to do. That’s all. As long as it has something to do with sex, of course, in case you’re thinking about the kitchen floor needing a good scrub.”

Isaac scratched his head. He loved Tom with all his heart, mind and body, but during moments like this he couldn’t help but wonder if they even lived on the same planet. “Tell you what to do? Why? When I’m in the mood, you’re always more than willing to have sex. What more could I possibly ask of you?”

“This was a stupid idea.”

“Not stupid.” Isaac touched his lover’s shoulder. “Please don’t say that. But do I understand correctly? You want me to ask you to perform a number of sexual acts over the day and you promise to do them?”

“Sort of.” Tom shrugged. “It’s the weekend, we have two days to ourselves and I’ve been having fantasies about being dominated by my strong older man.”

“Oh.” Isaac fell quiet.

“Please don’t think what I think you’re thinking. I don’t want you to be a domineering brute who couldn’t care less about me. I love you for being sweet, patient, introverted, old-fashioned you. Knowing you, you’re going to order me to do things I love anyway.” Tom gave Isaac a quick kiss. “Just pretend you’re a bit more dominant than we both know you are, please?”

Isaac kissed him back. “Promise you won’t be disappointed?”

“That would be a first. Perhaps you don’t have a natural talent for kinky stuff, but you’re willing to give almost anything a try because of me. And oh, man, that is really something.” Tom now stood even closer to Isaac.

Very, very close.

“Getting excited about what I might ask of you? Wondering if it’s something we’d usually do anyway? Perhaps I’m going to order you to go to the drawer where you keep all the sex toys and lube. Or perhaps…” Isaac teased his lover.

Tom ghosted his lips against Isaac’s ear. “You think this might be the perfect moment to confess I bought some new stuff online?”

“You did, eh? Then I have to personally inspect the sex toys drawer to see if I actually approve of what you’ve bought. Now, you be a good bloke and make us a cup of tea while I take a look at what you ordered at the web-store for grown-ups.” Isaac patted Tom’s behind and walked straight to their bedroom, knowing when he got back there would be two mugs of hot tea on the table and one extremely eager Tom waiting for him on the couch.

He recognised most of the objects—the half-dozen different brands of lube, the handcuffs and the blindfold, the vibrating, bright red dildo and… Oh…

Tentatively, he took the larger-than-average butt plug in his hand. The solid weight of smooth black silicone was something he both could and couldn’t imagine pushing inside his lover’s arse, keeping him stretched and ready for almost immediate use. Once the plug was fully inserted, the flat round disk would be the only reminder of what was hidden inside. Isaac realized Tom could wear the plug while fully dressed.

He didn’t even look at the other recent purchases. This was more than enough for now. He placed the plug on the bed, together with a full bottle of lube. After getting a towel from the cupboard, he looked one more time in the toy drawer and hesitated at the sight of the leather cock ring, remembering the last time Tom had used it. He tried to ignore the erection pushing against the fabric of his cotton boxer shorts.

Although, why should he?


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Reviewer: Cat

Review:  Facing the Truth is a very beautifully written story of two men in a long-term committed relationship, taking whatever steps necessary to fulfill the needs of their partner.   I am a hopeless romantic at heart.  There is nothing I like better than a romance that has two people so madly in love with each other that they would do anything the other needs. (Well perhaps a really good chocolate).

This story is about 39-year-old Isaac Newhouse and his much younger lover, (21 years) Tommy.

They have been together about two years and love each very much. Isaac loves Tommy so much that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone and learn  how to be a dominate. This is quite a big step considering he is anything but dominating.  But, he knows Tommy has these needs and is willing to explore this new sexual desire to please his lover.  Isaac has a few qualms about this. He is also afraid that if he can’t take this step and trust Tommy to not go overboard, and to keep the games safe, he may lose him.

So Does Isaac give Tommy what he needs?  Does this change their relationship? Does Isaac find out things about himself and Tommy he would rather not know?

I’m not going to tell ya. You will have to read it for yourself.  Why not? It is short and sweet and extremely hot.

Portia’s Two Cents:  This was an interesting book.  It’s not often you are given an opportunity to peek into the beginning of a D/s relationship.  Tom recognizes his own submissive nature and ask Isaac to dominate him.  Isaac is floored with just how much he loves having Tom submit to him.  This is his story.  Between some scorching hot love scenes, these two talk a lot.  And somehow, those conversations added to the sensuality of the book.  And I have no idea whether the author is male or female, but the dialogue had a masculine authenticity I liked.  *mini rant– Regardless of orientation, men tend to view life in terms of tasks/goals.  When I am reading and a male character starts rambling off tasks, I hear a feminine voice in my head…very distracting.*

I also liked that Isaac was open with his insecurities.  Again, normally, when you meet a Dom, he has already identified his personal kinks and at least begun training to safely dominate his partner.  Isaac is on square one and watching him embrace his nature was very enlightening.  There is more “plot” in Facing the Truth, then there was in Three, but the raw sensuality is the same.  I highly recommend this title for those of you who like a bit of kink with your loving without it being over the top.