Waiting for the Moon and You by L.J. LaBarthe

L.J. LaBarthe - Waiting For the Moon and You 400x600Title: Waiting for the Moon and You

Author: L.J. LaBarthe

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (234pgs)

ISBN: 9781632168382

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (27th April 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: All his life, Leith has loved Aaron, and all his life, Leith has wondered if Aaron returns his feelings. Through high school, college, and beyond, Leith and Aaron are drawn together and pulled apart. Leith is finally convinced he and Aaron are not meant to be when a cowardly act of violence against Leith changes everything. 

Aaron returns to Leith’s side, but Leith struggles to accept that Aaron can love him now. 

If Leith doesn’t overcome his doubts and fears, he will forever be waiting for the moon and Aaron… and true love. 

Product Link: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6320

Review: Waiting for the Moon and You is a wonderful book which is mostly about the path that one man’s life went down after the dramas of high school. It is a warm, sweet and heartfelt tale which is written like a memoir. The writing is well done and it was just so easy for me to lose myself in (this is the 3rd book I’ve read by LJ LaBarthe and I had the same experience that time too).

As for the story itself, we centre on the life of Leith. As I said, it’s like a memoir, so the story is told entirely from Leith’s POV. I was impressed that I did not feel like I was missing parts of the story because we didn’t get the direct POV of Leith’s crush, Aaron. As for Leith himself, he was not dealt an easy card in life. This story touches on a few tricky issues including domestic violence he encounters over the years, but more important is to think of this as something of a proper journey towards true love.

This leads me to the unrequited love of Leith’s life, Aaron, which is completely mutual! More than a couple of times it seems unfathomable that these guys have not been together sooner, but then you realise that this is just exactly how life is. Things get in the way and we sometimes neglect our personal relationships or are too scared to move on with anything. Thinking on that, it’s probably accurate to add that this book is also quite poignant.

There is a lot of feeling, particularly when we see our characters go through high school and the inevitable changes that come with university or college is so easily relatable in one way or another. If you’ve not experienced it you’ve heard about such stories second or third hand. Interestingly, our love interest here, Aaron, was notably absent for over half the book but when he made his appearance…I was ready to cry like a baby half the time he popped up.

I absolutely adored this book and its characters. The minor characters, Leith’s friends and parents, are also a highlight of the story. By the end of it I wanted to hug both Aaron and Leith. If you like the memoir style narration this book is especially for you, but I tend to think that this one has a broad range of appeal for people.

Fragmented by Indra Vaughn

25562294Title: Fragmented
Series: Shadow Mountain, #2
Author: Indra Vaughn
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel (266 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 17th 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: The capture of the Tattoo Murderer has demanded a heavy price. Doctor Tobias Darwin is dead, Lieutenant Hart is back in Riverside licking his substantial wounds, and he needs to gather his courage and tell Isaac he made a mistake. Isaac will forgive him—he knows that—but he can’t promise Isaac an easy life. Being a cop comes with its own risks, after all.

When they finally reach the same wavelength, their idyllic reprieve is cut tragically short. Hart doesn’t know yet that Isaac is terminally ill, that he will take off to find the Phoenix to heal him as a last resort. This time, it will be Hart who pays the price.

In the meantime, a new killer roams the streets of Riverside. He kidnaps, tortures, and kills gay men in horrific ways, and he has the newly healed Isaac in his sights. Hart’s time is running out on every level.

ISBN: 9781632169808

Product Link: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6502

Reviewer: Aerin

Review: There was one line from a song that kept playing in my head while reading this masterpiece:


This couldn’t be more fitting for Isaac and this book.

I’ve been waiting for this book for centuries it seems. Yes I know I’m not known for my patience, and I also know it’s only really been a few months, but to me this wait felt never-ending. Was this book worth waiting for? Absolutely!!! This book has earned the 5 stars for brilliant, thoughtful writing.

Fated was more focused on the paranormal aspect than the relationship between Isaac and Hart, and after getting teased with a possible relationship between those two amazing characters, we were left with the feeling that fate has other plans in store for them.

Fragmented picks up where Fated left off and there’s more development and progress in the tentative relationship between Hart and Isaac. We get some AWE-worthy moments, and some hot, steaming sexy ones, and I can’t express how much I enjoyed Isaac and Hart together! Of course there were moments my inner perv was doing cartwheels, because the sex between Hart and Isaac definitely turns from sweet and emotional to filthy and hot at the drop of a dime.

I love it when we get the chemistry and emotional connection between characters without bypassing the filthy sex to make it all complete.

Although Fragmented is more focused on Isaac and Hart’s personal relationship, there’s plenty of mystery to keep you entertained. There are murders, and mysteries that Hart works on, and I thoroughly enjoyed that part of his life as well. There’s also plenty of heartbreak, because the price Isaac pays for his healing is a cruel one indeed.

I was fuming there for a while, especially when a new character is introduced; a hot young lawyer who Hart meets while investigating a series of murders, and there’s so much attraction there, that it made me fear a new love interest when things between Isaac and Hart were put on hold. There is no cheating, so rest assured Hart and Isaac don’t do anything they’re not supposed to. Ummm, well…let me rephrase that. They’re not doing anything they’re not supposed to with anybody else, because there’s this steamy scene in a movie theater that even Isaac admits Hart should be arresting himself for. It’s hot people, really hot!

This was an amazing book, and I can see where this story is going. There are enough hints to figure out what/who Isaac has become, and I’m left once again squirming to read the next part. So now I officially start my next few centuries of waiting for book #3. *pout*

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Jerricho's Freedom by JC Wallace

JerrichosFreedomTitle: Jerricho’s Freedom
Series: N/A
Author: JC Wallace
Genre: Dark Fantasy / BDSM (Light) / Mpreg
Length: Novel (431 pages)
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (June 14th 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 ½ Hearts
Blurb: Jerricho never expected to fall in love with Rex, the sexy, construction foreman, but he did.

Too bad tradition forbids Jerry from marrying for love. Prince of the clandestine Anzuni demon clan, a Baelso (bearer of children), and a virgin at twenty-four, tradition dictates that Jerry marry a man chosen for him. Despite his soul-deep love for Rex, Jerry has no choice but to follow through with his obligation as prince and marry someone he doesn’t love.

But Jerry isn’t prepared for his dominant, aggressive fiancé who is interested in marrying him only for the future title of king. Facing the reality that he will lose his virginity to the cold man, Jerry flees to Rex for one night of passion. When Jerry finds himself pregnant with Rex’s baby, however, the actions of his enraged fiancé release Jerry from his marriage obligation.

But just when Jerry believes he will marry for love, he and Rex are ripped away from life as they know it. Betrayals, kidnappings, cruel experiments, pregnant men, and the reappearance of the Anzuni’s greatest enemy force Jerry and Rex to fight for their lives, their love, and their unborn child…

ISBN: 978-1-68175-039-2

Product Link: http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/2203-Jerricho-s-Freedom.aspx

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: Wow. Just Wow. I never actually know what I will get when I start reading a book by JC Wallace. But I know one thing, I am in for one hell of a ride. Damn did this deliver.

Jerricho, aka Jerry is twenty-four years old and still a virgin. Due to the traditions of his people he will be marrying the man of his parents’ choice in less than a year. A man he has not met nor loves. Not that it really matters. Except it does. Jerry has fallen in love with human Rex.

I felt for Jerry. He has spent years rebelling in any way he can. But he knows that the time will come when he will have little choice. Finally after meeting his “finance” for the first time, Jerry makes a decision to at least lose his virginity the way he wants and with someone he cares about. And that opens a whole hell of a lot trouble for everyone.

This book went all over the place, but in a good way. There is so much going on. So many twists and turns. There is a lot to keep up on. Like who to trust, who is a bad guy? Those Jerry and Rex thought they could trust turn out to be their enemy. Those they know are enemies turn out to be unwilling victims. Everything was topsy-turvy.

And the sex. Damn, I did not see that hotness coming. Jerry and Rex together were not what I was thinking they would be. No, they are a hell of a lot more steamy than that.

JC Wallace has created an interesting, unique, and intriguing world. The history of the Anzuni is a definite new spin on the demon myth.

The characters are well-developed, not just Jerry and Rex, but also the secondaries. For such a long book it was still very fast paced.

I found myself drawn into the story from the start and could not put it down until the very end. I needed to know what would happen next. Would they escape, would they be rescued, who would turn into an ally or enemy next? These were all things I would ask I was read.

Now I really hope there is a follow-up, because there are some situations left open-ended, that I would like to see explored and resolved.

This rollercoaster ride is well worth the read.

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Wounded, Vol. 1 by Amy Lane, 2nd edition

25490760Title: Wounded (Vol. 1), 2nd edition
Series: Little Goddess: Book 2
Author: Amy Lane
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Length: Novel (200 pages)
Publisher: DSP Publications (June 23rd, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Cory fled the foothills to deal with the pain of losing Adrian, and Green watched her go. Separately, they could easily grieve themselves to death, but when an old enemy of Green’s brings them back together, they can no longer hide from their grief—or their love for each other.

But Cory’s grieving has cut her off from the emotional stability that’s the source of her power, and Green’s worry for her has left them both weak. Cory’s strength comes from love, and she finds that when she’s in the presence of Adrian’s best friend, Bracken, she feels stronger still.

But defeating their enemy is by no means a sure thing. As the attacks against Cory and her lovers keep coming, it becomes clear that their love might not be enough if they can’t heal each other—and themselves—from the wounds that almost killed them all.

ISBN-13: 978-1-63216-954-9

Product Link: http://www.dsppublications.com/books/wounded-vol-1-by-amy-lane-92-b

Reviewer: Zane

Review: At first release (2005), Amy Lane’s “Little Goddess” series was clearly a precursor to her future work. Showcasing her creativity and writing skills, it introduced the author and her characters as forces to be reckoned with. Now, in a second edition, “Little Goddess” is back. Better than ever. If you haven’t read it, stop now and pick up “Vulnerable”. You’ll need it before reading “Wounded”, and really, it’s a damn good book.

Picking up where Vulnerable leaves off, Cory and Green are grief-stricken and attempting to heal, though not finding solace in one another as lovers should. True to Amy Lane’s style, forces beyond their control will soon change that. The lovers and those around them who are also in pain must come together to control their destiny.

Secondary characters are brought to the forefront. There are new names, faces, and relationships; no character is unimportant in this series. Ms. Lane continues to build Green and Cory’s world(s), with more layers of love, romance, family, loyalty and yes, treachery and betrayal. Age old opposing forces of good vs. evil, love vs. hate arise as Cory, Green, their friends, family and enemies struggle to persevere. We learn more about their magic, their preternatural selves and their importance to one another.

Lane immerses us in rich character history; in this first volume of “Wounded” Green’s past is further revealed. Faces from said past have returned – both to help and to cause harm. The bond between Green, Cory and their loved ones, how they handle this as a united front, as a family, through the danger is the crux of this amazing story.

As with any Amy Lane book, there is love and romance, but here it is taken to another level. The intimate moments are not just love and sex, but are filled with magic, beauty, romance, sadness and angst. There are happy and tender moments as well, and sometimes it is a combustible whirlwind of it all. There are times when love literally saves the day.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Ms. Lane is the master of her craft. Her skill with the written word is one of the best I’ve encountered. It draws me in every time, bringing me back for each new release, and at times for a reread of one of my many favorites.

Being reintroduced to these characters, I remembered why I fell so hard. For all their power there is such vulnerability; they are easy to love. I’m so invested in them and their world. I urge you to venture into the world of “Little Goddess”, the world Amy built. Let a little fantasy into your reality – not only will you not regret it, you’ll come back for more.

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Acting On Love by S.J. Frost

1769229Title: Acting On Love
Series: Conquest Series, #8
Author: S.J. Frost
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 121 Pages (Novella)
Publisher: MLR Press (March 27th, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

Blurb: Brandon Alexander has known many struggles in his acting career, even more in his relationships. He’s found the man of his dreams in Shunichi Miyamoto, but when his career takes an unexpected turn, the greatest role of his life might keep him from spending his life with the man he loves.

Brandon Alexander has risen to the top of theatre in Chicago, but when you reach the top, there’s usually only one way left to go. Funding fell through on the latest play he was to star in and now he finds himself an unemployed actor. Coming fresh off a bad audition, he wonders if his time in the spotlight is over. But what worries him more, is not making the man he loves proud of him. Shunichi Miyamoto runs a highly successful dojo.

He had always let work be the focus of his life, until over a year ago, the man of his dreams walked into the dojo to rekindle his passion for karate, and it led to further passions between him and Brandon. He knows Brandon is worried about his career, but he loves him, he’s proud of him, and he’ll do anything for Brandon’s happiness.

Both Brandon and Shunichi want to spend their lives together, but when a new opportunity comes to Brandon, he must decide whether to follow his career dreams or to act on his love for Shunichi.

ISBN: MLR-1-02015-0389

Product Link: http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=SJFACTLV

Reviewer: KathyMac

Review: SJ Frost was one of the first authors I found when I started reading M/M 5 years ago. The Conquest series was then, and remains still, to be one of my most favorite series ever. Acting on Love is book #8 and I highly recommend each and every one of them.

In this book, Brandon and Shunichi are already together, but if you haven’t read the others prior you can still read this one and follow along without feeling lost. I always recommend reading the series, if you can, because the history leading up to the here and now is priceless.

Brandon is struggling with his career. He bombed his last audition, according to him, and he starts to doubt if anything worth having will come along for him. His main concern, however, is feeling like he let Shun down by not pulling his weight. Of course, that’s the furthest thing from Shunichi’s mind because no matter what Brandon does he is always proud of him.

When Brandon gets a call from his agent with incredible news about an audition, he is ecstatic. This will be an opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dreams of being on stage. Once the excitement levels off he realizes there may be too many stumbling blocks in the way. If he would get the part it would mean a lot of time spent away from Shun, and that is something he can’t fathom.

Brandon has a lot of people giving him support and no matter what happens with the audition they will find a way to make it work. Shunichi was worried at first but he knows how important this is to Brandon. He will do whatever is necessary to put Brandon and his dreams first.

SJ Frost writes beautiful stories and this one is no exception. It was awesome to catch up with Jesse and Evan and I was smiling from ear to ear at the banter between the brothers. The love between Brandon and Shun has only gotten stronger and it was beautiful to watch their interaction.

There is more than one surprise in this story and I hope that the author dropped those little hints so that she may use them in the future for more books in this series. I can’t recommend this book or the series enough. There is humor that will keep a smile on your face and the sex is always hot and passionate. Everything you could want in a story you will find it with this author.

Acting on Love is a beautiful and heartfelt window into the journey of Brandon and Shunichi.

fanart acting on love sj frost
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Painful Pleasure by Shea Balik

painfulpleasureTitle: Painful Pleasure
Series: Cedar Falls, #5
Author: Shea Balik
Genre: BDSM
Length: Novella (138 pages)
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. (June 17th 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smoky Mountains. Where the people are friendly and the men are hot.

Jax Rankin came to Cedar Falls for a new start. He never expected to meet Flynn Anderson or to fall in love the moment he laid eyes on the clumsy waiter. As a Dom, Jax was drawn to Flynn’s natural need to submit. He just needed to find a way to help Flynn accept that side of himself.

Flynn Anderson was living in a recurring nightmare. Ten years earlier his twin sister died and he’d never been able to get over the loss. When he meets Jax, he’s sure there’s no way the sexy man could ever be interested in him.

Will Jax be able to show Flynn the happiness that could be found through submission? Or will Flynn miss out on the bliss Jax could give him with a little painful pleasure?

ISBN: 978-1-63259-457-0

Product Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/painful-pleasure

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: This book is part of a series and should be read in order.
I have to say I think this one has been my favorite in this series so far. There is just something so heartbreaking about Flynn’s circumstances that drew me to him. He has been suffering since his twin sister death years ago. Something that was never his fault, but his parents made sure he felt was his. Now he is supporting his mentally ill mother and younger sister.

I found myself completely cheering on Jax as he made Flynn his. Flynn so deserved someone who would look out for his best interests and take care of him. Not to say Flynn was weak because honestly he was not. To have been able to function and do what he needed for long takes a strong person.

Jax was the perfect partner for the type of man Flynn is. Jax was able to get Flynn out of his shell and really open up to life. He was able to make Flynn stronger and accept what happened, and also what he needed to do. Flynn literally blossomed under Jax.

This was well written and moved at a steady pace. It was a sweet read that was heartwarming in the simplicity of how the two men are drawn together and make a life for themselves. Plus the hot sex didn’t hurt anything.

I enjoyed this lovely story.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

A Life Without by Katya Harris

LifeWithout[A]LGTitle: A Life Without
Series: Dreamspinner Press 2015 Daily Dose package “Never Too Late.”
Author: Katya Harris
Genre: BDSM/ Older man/Younger man
Length: Novella (47 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 1 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: After decades of wondering and worrying over his submissive tendencies, fortysomething Todd decides to explore his fantasies. His first step is to join a BDSM club, and it’s there that he meets Malik, a young and beautiful Dominant who is very interested in introducing Todd to this world.

In fact, Malik is interested in everything about Todd, which is startling to the older man given the differences in their ages. Malik helps Todd explore his submissiveness, but after an unpleasant meeting with Todd’s ex-boyfriend, he also encourages him to confront his demons so he will no longer live his life in shame.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Daily Dose package “Never Too Late.”

ISBN: 9781634764148

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6548

Full Collection http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6576&cPath=63_1424

Reviewer: Cat

Review: I liked this story a lot. It shows the inner turmoil and struggles of someone who is trying to feel needs that do not fit in with the normal society. I liked both Todd and Malik.

I would have liked to have seen more of where Todd and Malik’s relationship went in the future as we only get a couple of weeks. Also, there was only one mild spanking scene with Malik and Todd, the rest were only alluded to. I would have liked to see the scene and how Todd reacted to it. I also would have liked more of Malik’s reactions.

Having said that, this is a very sweet, romantic, hot story. You can’t go wrong for a short story!

If you like sweet romance, short stories older men/younger men, mild BDSM and some sensual but hot man-sex this is definitely for you.
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The Windup by Kate McMurray

WindUp[The]LGTitle: The Windup
Series: The Rainbow League, #1
Author: Kate McMurray
Genre: Contemporary/Sports
Length: Novel (214 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (24 April 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: Ian ran screaming from New York City upon graduating from high school. A job offer too good to turn down has brought him back, but he plans to leave as soon as the job is up. In the meantime he lets an old friend talk him into joining the Rainbow League, New York’s LGBT amateur baseball league. Baseball turns out to be a great outlet for his anxiety, and not only because sexy teammate Ty has caught his eye.

Ty is like a duck on a pond—calm and laid-back on the surface, a churning mess underneath. In Ian, he’s found someone with whom he feels comfortable enough to share some of what’s going on beneath the surface. The only catch is that Ian is dead set on leaving the city as soon as he can. Ty works up a plan to convince Ian that New York is, in fact, the greatest city in the world. But when Ian receives an offer for a job overseas, Ty needs a new plan: convince Ian that home is where Ty is.

ISBN: 978-1-63216-968-6

Product Link: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6307

Reviewer: Prime

Review: This is the first Kate McMurray book that I’ve read and I have to say, this is an author that I will happily go back to in the future, especially for the continuing books in this series. The Windup is the first book in the Rainbow League series and I look forward to more stories.

Hot guys playing sports – make that ordinary, everyday, hot gay guys playing in New York’s all-gay baseball league. There’s competitiveness, bitchiness, more testosterone than you could imagine and a whole heap of drama.

Our introduction to this world is through Ian. He had grown up in Brooklyn, escaped for some years and has returned “home” to a very different city. The neighbourhood where he grew up is less gangs and more family orientated. Ian had used his job to move around for some years and fully intends to continue his lifestyle – settling down to help refurbish one hotel before picking up his life and moving on to the next hotel. However, upon his return, Ian’s high school friend convinces Ian to join his baseball team, in the hopes to get Ian out and meeting some new guys.

Then, at baseball, we meet Ty. He likes to call himself the team slut, but he has a lot more depth than that. There is an instant attraction between Ty and Ian that is palpable and had me immediately and emotionally invested in these guys getting together and actually staying together.

There is plenty of sexual tension going on between these two. These guys are great together but I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Ty and his Texan drawl.

In fact, all the characters have a great sense of depth to them. There also happens to be more than enough sexual tension involved with many of the minor characters too, adding a splash of colour and life to the world. I can already see the threads of future stories in a number of the minor characters, as well as being given a rather teasing introduction to what is going to be the second book.

I would assume that another couple (not literally) of characters are also going to be the basis of perhaps the third book because we got a teasing glimpse at the story that is going on there.

This is a busy book, there is a lot going on other than the Hipsters playing baseball. However, the most of the loose ends of story involving Ian and Ty are all tied together is a pretty little bow by the end of the book. The only threads of storyline left hanging are the stories that have been set up for future books.

Can’t wait for the next installment!

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Constant by Megan Slayer

25543728Title: Constant
Series: N/A
Author: Megan Slayer
Genre: Contemporary / BDSM
Length: Novella (90 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (July 21st 2015) Early Download Available June 23rd 2015
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
Blurb: He demands his submissive’s body and soul…but can he accept his sub’s heart?

Roddy Green never planned to fall in love and certainly not with his Dom, but every time he goes into Darkness, a fetish club, he falls for Vegas all over again. Being in love isn’t the same as being loved in return. Vegas is there to do a job—not to build a romance. But what if the main constant in Roddy’s life is also the one person he can’t live without?

Andrew Vegas knows his job. He’s a Dom. But there is more than one side to him and he’s tired of keeping the other parts of him hidden. One man makes him feel safe and comfortable enough to open up—his pet, Roddy. But will Roddy, the producer of a local news broadcast, want to be with a man with secrets?

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to light knifeplay.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains characters who also appear in Permanent.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-638-0

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/constant

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: This book has both good and bad about it.
What I did like was that they were both men that have been hurt by others before. They finally have a shot with each other to have the best of both worlds. They each want a lover and to be able to have a D/s relationship…all with the same person.

They each have someone who understands and will meet their needs, all of them. And the sex between them was decently hot and sexy, but I really expected a little more BDSM element than it had.

This book starts in what feels like almost the middle of the story. When it begins Andrew and Roddy have actually been seeing each other regularly for two years as Dom and sub. There has never been actually sexual intercourse between them.

However after Roddy is seriously feeling the tension from his job as a news producer for the local news he goes to see his Dom, Master Vegas after several weeks. Once there they finally break past their boundaries and have sex. After that things move in at rollercoaster pace.

There is no back story to really explain how the two of them have started to fall for each other. Nothing to explain why Andrew was suddenly willing to change the rules after two years. It just jumped to let’s do this and have a relationship. I felt like I completely missed something.

Plus there are a few other things that I questioned happening. It all left me a little underwhelmed when it was all said and done. However I did still manage to enjoy the story since the two men did work well together.

So not a perfect book, and if you look past certain things, both Andrew and Roddy are nice guys who manage to find someone to spend their lives with.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Charlie's Hero by Nic Starr Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Nic Starr - Charlie's Hero BT Banner

Hi peeps, we have Nic Starr popping in with her newest release Charlie’s Hero, this is a sweet little number that’s sure to please 😉 We have a great excerpt, a brilliant giveaway and my review, so enjoy the post and click that Raffecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

Nic Starr - Charlie's Hero ORIG-final-01 (1)

Charlie’s Hero

(Heroes 01)

Nic Starr

Schoolteacher Charlie Matthews returns to his hometown, looking to regain a sense of community, reconnect with friends, and settle down. It looks like his dreams have come true when paramedic Josh Campbell attends an accident at the school. It’s love at first sight, and a romance begins.

But Josh’s reluctance to come out to the brother who raised him, puts pressure on their fledgling relationship. While Charlie understands Josh’s concerns, he can’t help growing impatient. After all, Charlie came out years ago.

It’s not until Charlie confronts his own parents and realizes he hasn’t come to terms with their rejection that he fully understands what Josh has to lose. But Josh is Charlie’s hero, and Josh will do anything to prove to Charlie that to be part of a family, he doesn’t need his parents.

Continue reading “Charlie's Hero by Nic Starr Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!”

Charlie's Hero by Nic Starr

Nic Starr - Charlie's Hero ORIG-final-01 (1)Title: Charlie’s Hero

Series: Heroes 01

Author: Nic Starr

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (200pgs)

ISBN: 978-1-63476-095-9

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (17th June 2015)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Schoolteacher Charlie Matthews returns to his hometown, looking to regain a sense of community, reconnect with friends, and settle down. It looks like his dreams have come true when paramedic Josh Campbell attends an accident at the school. It’s love at first sight, and a romance begins.

But Josh’s reluctance to come out to the brother who raised him, puts pressure on their fledgling relationship. While Charlie understands Josh’s concerns, he can’t help growing impatient. After all, Charlie came out years ago.

It’s not until Charlie confronts his own parents and realizes he hasn’t come to terms with their rejection that he fully understands what Josh has to lose. But Josh is Charlie’s hero, and Josh will do anything to prove to Charlie that to be part of a family, he doesn’t need his parents.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6466

Review: Charlie moved back to his hometown because he missed the sense of community and his friends, he’s settled in to his home and job at the elementary school with gusto but his love life is sadly lacking, that is until he spots a sexy paramedic across the playground and is immediately attracted to him. Josh loves his job as a paramedic and has a great group of friends, meeting Charlie has his romantic hopes rising but he dreads his brothers reaction to him being gay. Charlie understands but is getting impatient and it isn’t till he is confronted with his own parent’s rejection that he truly understands Josh’s fear, but Josh will do anything for the man he loves to prove that they can be their own family.

This is a great sweet story where two men open their hearts to each other and seek happiness. Charlie has built a good life for himself in his hometown even knowing that his parents want nothing to do with him, now he just longs to meet someone who he can love and build his own family with. Josh is happy with his life even if he wishes that he had someone to share it with, but he never forgets that while his friends and colleagues know he’s gay his brother has no idea. When these two men meet the sparks fly but Josh’s reluctance to confess to his brother is beginning to tear them apart.

Charlie is a really great character who is very easy going and understanding of Josh’s situation, it does begin to wear on him though and it isn’t until he sees his parents again that he understands just what Josh fears he’ll lose. Josh is an incredible character, he is sweet, slightly shy but oh so willing to embrace all around him. When it comes to his brother though he wishes Andrew would lighten up, but he still acts like the big brother who brought him up after their father died and Josh wishes Andrew would see him as the adult he has become.

Josh and Charlie together are beautiful, their relationship moves at a delicious pace, not to fast but not to slow either. Their connection is instant but they still get to know each other, they share their pasts and their fears and fit together perfectly. Oh and they are completely smexingly hot! The storyline is really good, it keeps pace throughout and offers some interesting nuggets and it also gives us a sneak peek at Andrew’s story 😉  

I recommend this to those who love great friends, a blossoming love, accepting rejection and embracing acceptance and love, hot sexy man love and a very happy ending.  

The Tide of War by Lori A. Witt Blog Tour, Excerpt Review & Giveaway!

Lori A. Witt - The Tide of War Banner Final

Hey guys, we have the amazing Lori A. Witt stopping by today with her newest release The Tide of War, and I have to say it’s an amazing Sci-fi/ Dystiopian/ Thriller 🙂 We have an amazing excerpt, a fabulous giveaway and Aerin’s review, so enjoy the post, leave a comment (with email, facebook or twitter details) and check out this fantastic book! <3 ~Pixie~

Lori A. Witt - The Tide of War _600x900

The Tide of War

(Defending Epsilon 01)

Lori A. Witt

Lieutenant Commander Kyle West is one of Earth Fleet’s greatest fighter pilots. Every day, he leads his squadron into battle over Earth’s cities in a seemingly endless war against a vicious alien race, defending his home and his loved ones.


Millions of miles away, the Fleet’s Elite Squadron attacks from another angle, engaging the enemy on its home turf. Casualties are high, and the Squadron needs more of the Fleet’s very best. But joining the Elite is a death sentence—a surety Kyle isn’t willing to face. Until a devastating attack wipes out the family he refused to leave.


Commander Andrei Dezhnyov, an Elite Squadron gunner, isn’t sure what to make of the cocky new American pilot. Kyle is equally uncertain about the snarly Russian, but as they warm up to each other, their tentative alliance becomes a deep bond—one that endangers them both when a daring and disobedient rescue reveals secrets that call into question everything they’ve ever believed about their enemy. Secrets that their superiors would kill to protect.

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Branded by Ana J. Phoenix Book Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Ana J. Phoenix - Branded 960x350

Hi guys, we have Ana J. Phoenix stopping by with her newest release Branded, a darker paranormal/ fantasy story, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway so check out the post an click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

Ana J. Phoenix - Branded cover


(Ash and Flames 01)

Ana J. Phoenix

Asher doesn’t like people, and people don’t like him. He’s cool with that—all he needs from them is sex, anyway. But when he’s suddenly thrust into a strange and dangerous world filled with magical creatures, joining forces with other people may just be the only way to survive.

It’s not all bad though—in this new world, he can turn into a fire-breathing dragon! Which would be awesome if it weren’t for José, the pesky fire elf sharing his fate whose goal in life seems to be to stop Asher from ever having fun. José is hot, though and Asher wants to get into his pants just as much as he wants to get home. But José is also blind, and Asher has no clue how to charm a man without relying on his looks.

Somehow, Asher has to show José that he’s more than a sex-obsessed pyromaniac with no filter between his brain and mouth. Preferably before either of them ends up dead. Civil war rages around them, and finding the way home isn’t going to be easy. And for Asher, getting there in one piece, and with his heart intact, might just prove impossible.

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Herm I. T. by David Connor

HermITLGTitle: Herm I. T.
Series: 2015 Daily Dose Delivery Package – Never Too Late
Author: David Connor
Genre: Contemporary (2001)
Length: Novella (58 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC (June 1st 2015)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3 ½ Hearts
Blurb: Robin Paley, a Vietnam vet, and Hendrix Higgins, a former teacher who witnessed a school shooting, become trapped together during a storm in March of 2001, when Hendrix, now a computer tech, arrives to fix Robin’s only source of contact with the outside world.

Discovering they have much in common, an afternoon of bonding leads to more. When Robin admits he’ll never contact Hendrix again, however, a heated argument ensues. Hendrix fights hard to move on, while Robin seems to want to stay stuck. They angrily part ways, Hendrix telling Robin to call him if he ever wants to live again.

When Robin finally reaches out, he fears it may be too late and that Hendrix has moved on.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Daily Dose package “Never Too Late.”

ISBN: 978-1-63476-436-0

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6583

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: For a book so short it had a surprising amount of depth and emotion. Robin and Hendrix are men from different generations that find a commonality between themselves. They are both broken in their own ways.

They each have very different ways of dealing with their issues. And those differences caused a bit of angst for both men.
The writing was good. The author had a bit of a balancing act as Robin would have flashbacks of his past.

But I also felt it was missing something to give it that little extra impact. I can’t put my finger on it, I just know something was not there I was looking for.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Teach Me by Sloan Johnson ~ Audiobook

61UeE6eZUvL._SL500_AA300_PIaudible,BottomRight,13,73_AA300_Title: Teach Me
Series: N/A
Author: Sloan Johnson
Narrator: Christopher Rain
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 6 hours and 51 minutes
Publisher: Sloan Johnson (05-22-15)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Two words stripped Austin Pritchard of the privileged life he’s used to. The moment he uttered the words, “I’m gay,” he realized there is no such thing as unconditional love. Now, he’s gone from traveling the world with his family to living on the streets trying to figure out how he’s going to stay in school.

A chance opportunity changes everything. Austin impresses the foreman and lands a job, but even more, he catches the eye of David Becker, who is determined to teach him that true love doesn’t come with strings.

The only thing David had as a child was love. His family struggled to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. That has driven him to stay focused on his goals; become a tenured professor at a university and save enough money to build a home of his own.

It’s not until he sees an insecure college student working on his new house that he realizes that he hasn’t planned on someone to share his life with. He’s about to learn that everything he’s already accomplished is nothing compared to the task of making Austin see that he is worthy of love.

Product Link: http://www.audible.com/pd/Fiction/Teach-Me-Audiobook/B00Y1410QE

Reviewer: Tams

Review: Austin Pritchard has his whole life ahead of him. He is young, smart and focused on his college education. Until he tells his parents he is gay and his dad responds by dropping him off at the bus station with nothing but the clothes on his back and a few words of disdain. As if disowning his own flesh and blood and telling him not to come back until he learns the error of his ways and taking away his car weren’t enough, dear old dad stops paying for Austin’s tuition.

Broke, homeless and depressed; Austin winds up living in the park and desperately trying to find work to save money so he can return to school in the fall.

When a day job brings David into Austin’s life, he doesn’t dare hope that the smart, sexy, older college professor could ever fall for the likes of him. That is his first mistake. David Becker never thought that landing the perfect job and building his dream home would be followed up by meeting the love of his life. But Austin barrels into David’s otherwise perfectly manicured life, like a tornado and turns it upside down.

The two are instantly smitten but there are concerns. Austin doesn’t want anyone’s pity, least of all the man he’s falling for, so he doesn’t share the fact he is homeless. David’s friends are concerned about the fifteen year age difference between them, there is definitely a level of maturity that Austin has yet to achieve and it could drive a wedge between them.

I was engrossed in this story from the start, but the narration took some time to get used to. This is Rain’s first audio and there is room for improvement. I love a good May/December romance when the Author can draw me in and make their love story endearing and believable, and Johnson surely accomplished that.

Austin is only twenty years old and has had everything he holds dear jerked out from underneath him. He is in pain and confused and unsure about where he is going in life. That was evident in not only the way he was written, but the way he was voiced by the narrator.

David is mature, worldly and handsome. He also has the patience of a saint, and though he is instantly drawn to Austin he doesn’t immediately act on the attraction of that draw. In fact, it is months of long talks, heavy make out sessions and constant refusals to consummate the relationship before David finally makes love to Austin. Unfortunately, the tone Rain chose to tell David’s voice in was too deep and nasal, it was forced and I never did get used to it.

There was a ton of emotional highs and lows and a lot of angst, but here’s the thing, the angst didn’t bother me too much because it was expected for Austin to be confused and unsure of himself both as a person, and as half of a couple. David truly teaches Austin what it means to be loved, to be cherished and protected. He also helps Austin learn valuable tools on how to cope, communicate and deal with life and all the curve balls it throws at you.

My first point of note would be if you are listening to this book and you think, this narrator is going to kill me, hang on, it gets better as the story progresses. There are some tone and nuance issues, but the story itself should keep you enthralled in the book. This would have been five stars easy but the narration was an issue for me, sadly.

Still, I’d recommend this book.

It’s intense, emotional and angsty… but it’s also passionate romance and the story of a young man who may struggle finding his way in life, but he is determined to make his mark on the world. And the ending, oh my goodness, if you don’t shed a tear at the ending of this book, we can’t be friends.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Lord Heliodor's Retirement by Amy Rae Durreson

LordHeliodorsRetirementLGTitle: Lord Heliodor’s Retirement
Series: 2015 Daily Dose Delivery Package – Never Too Late
Author: Amy Rae Durreson
Genre: High Fantasy
Length: Novella (52 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC (June 1st 2015)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Unlikely hero Lord Adem Heliodor saved his queen’s life during the Screaming, a magical attack on his city, but his broken nerves have forced him into an unwanted early retirement to his country estate. Adem thinks his life is over, but retirement holds some surprises.

First, there’s his new librarian, who turns out to be not just the first love he thought was dead, but also someone surprisingly knowledgeable about political intrigue. Then there’s the assassin in the orchard and the discovery that the Screaming was just the first attack on the city.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Daily Dose package “Never Too Late.”

ISBN: 978-1-63476-421-6

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6554

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: Adem and Corun had an affair when they were both young men. Then Corun went off to war and Adem found out later that Corun was dead. For next thirty something years Adem went on living and working for the crown. After a horrible attack, Adem is suffering what I would term PTSD. When he is forced to his country estate he learns that his lost love is not dead after all.

Adem and Corun have the chance to fall in love all over again. And it was sweet and really kind of adorable. Corun has lived a lifetime as a soldier and is able to help Adem begin to deal and heal from the trauma he suffered.

I this a pretty neat little story. It had political intrigue, some action, and a lost love found. It also shows that bravery comes in all types of packages.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Coffee, Pop, and Bisexuality by Nicole McCormick

CoffeePopandBisexualityLGTitle: Coffee, Pop, and Bisexuality
Series: Dreamspinner Press 2015 Daily Dose package “Never Too Late.”
Author: Nicole McCormick
Genre: May/December
Length: Short (24 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 1 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: When a stranger runs into Douglas, makes him spill his coffee, and offers to buy him another one, Douglas thinks that’s all it will be. Even though the man is gorgeous. Even though his daughter has other plans.

Turns out, the stranger, Anthony, has other plans as well, and Douglas soon agrees to go to a movie with Anthony. It’s absolutely not a date. Douglas has slept with men, sure, but he isn’t gay. Or bisexual. No matter what Anthony says.

However, a late night and a frank conversation with his daughter’s best friend, leaves Douglas with a different opinion. Not that he plans on letting Anthony know he considers it a date. It’s too much fun to wind Anthony up.

After one not-so-perfect date, Douglas thinks maybe if he keeps Anthony around, turning fifty won’t be so bad.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Daily Dose package “Never Too Late.”

ISBN: 9781634764155

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6549&cPath=63_1424

Complete package http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6576&cPath=63_1424

Reviewer: Cat

Review: After spilling coffee on Douglas, Anthony wants to make up for it by taking Douglas out to the movies. Douglas is reluctant, though his 18-year-old daughter pushed him to give it a shot. Douglas doesn’t want to admit that he could be bisexual, even though he fooled around with some men in college, but Anthony is determined to prove him wrong.

For a short story this was very fun to read, short and sweet with a touch of humor. The characters are very well-developed for such a short story. I could see each of their personality as clear as if I were sitting there with them. The story leaves you with a warm feel-good felling, a perfect book for a vacation read or filler sitting in waiting on appointments. I love keeping a good short story for that!

If you like determined men, kindergarten teachers, Younger men/older men, bossy teenaged daughters and a short, sweet sexy romance this is definitely for you.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Dead Button by Lee Brazil

1838313Title: Dead Button
Series: Jack of Spades #3/ Pulp Friction 2015: Altered States #9
Author: Lee Brazil
Genre: Paranormal/ Supernatural/ Mystery
Length: Short (46 pages)
Publisher: Lime Time Press (June 15th 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Haunted. Seduced. Betrayed.

When ghost enthusiast Dr. Sabine Brusilov plucks a weathered skull from the mud and debris at the bottom of the Mississippi River, he gets more than he bargained for. The skull comes with a moody, petulant, sexy ghost who is not shy about his attraction to Sabine. Along with proof that ghosts really do exist, Sabine finds a treasure beyond compare.


Love is everything to long dead Barton Montoire. He’s lived for it, faced dishonor for it…killed for it. Now that he’s found it again, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep Sabine at his side for eternity. Even if that means more blood on his hands.

With the darkness that circles Sabine growing stronger, and his lover’s actions becoming more erratic and unpredictable, Bart is challenged to protect his love from some unknown danger.
Ghosts and humans exist on two separate planes, and there’s only one way for them to be together.

But betrayal lurks in the shadows…


Product Link: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-deadbuttonjackofspades3-1838313-145.html

Reviewer: Cat

Review: This is the third book in this series and the 9th in the collection. You do need to read the series in order and it would help if you are reading the entire collection.

Sabine has been trying to prove the existence of ghosts. He found the remains of a body several years before and he and Bart have been lovers since. Recently though there is a darkness settling around Sabine and after four attempts on his life he knows what he must do.

Bart loves Sabine but senses there is a problem. He garners the help from all of his friends, Laurant a sex demon, Nico a hot older vampire, Jett a werewolf and Artie a physic to help him figure out what is wrong with Sabine.

This is a short story so I can’t say too much without giving it away. I love all the characters and I love the relationship between Sabine and Bart. I really like Bart even if he is a ghost I like that he was from so far ago and a riverboat gambler. There is so much emotion in this story and lots of action, suspense and it is hotter than hell (yes pun is attended).

If you like supernatural and paranormal characters, mystery, suspense, spells, and some hot man-sex you will love this!

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

City Slicker at the Horny Goat Ranch by Daisy Harris

25056320Title: City Slicker at the Horny Goat Ranch
Series: N/A
Author: Daisy Harris
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (120 pages)
Publisher: Daisy Harris (4 Mar 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Keith Kelley doesn’t normally take kindly to strangers, but his flashy new neighbor has long legs, lips made for kissing and might prove too much temptation for a boy hiding his sexuality in rural Idaho. Unfortunately, between working his mom’s goat ranch and land disputes with his wealthy father, Keith has enough problems. He doesn’t need the best sex of his life threatening to expose his precarious secrets.

Real estate developer Max Levin vows to turn the one-stoplight town of Pookataw Valley into a quaint vacation destination…and then leave before the dust clears. Given his next assignment starts in five months, Max shouldn’t start loving the quaint little town—the ranchland, the mountains, even the goats. If only Max could stop thinking about his sexy neighbor and the time they shared in the front seat of Keith’s truck. Because he especially shouldn’t fall in love with a guy who can’t openly love him back.

In a town the size of Pookataw Valley, nothing stays secret for long. If Keith wants to hold onto his birthright, he’ll have to fight for his land and his pride. Most of all, he’ll have to fight for Max before he slips through Keith’s fingers.

Warning: contains angry parents, horny ranchers and snarky city boys just asking to be hogtied.


Product Link: Amazon: http://www.amazon.com.au/City-Slicker-Horny-Goat-Ranch-ebook/dp/B00U6HQAX8

Reviewer: Prime

Review: This was a fun and enjoyable book. The title was what first drew me in and luckily for us readers the title is exactly what we get.

We first meet the city slicker, Max, in dire straits on the side of the road when country boy/goat rancher (seriously, I would just call it a farm, but whatever), Keith, pulls over to help the obviously stranded stranger. Max has arrived in Pookataw Valley to oversee the redevelopment of a site for his boss. It’s never explicitly said, but it’s safe to say that Keith’s boss is also a good friend.

This is exactly the type of book that I love. Okay, I will admit, it’s all a bit stereotypical. Small town where everyone knows your name and the gay local(s) are all in the closet. Then enters the out of the closet out-of-towner to stir the pot and shake things up a bit. However, the characters are all for the most part engrossing and relatable although there is no hard-hitting emotion in this story. The only thing that disappointed me somewhat was that the story seemed to lag for about the third quarter of the book.

Still, if you like your country meets city, you like a somewhat naive but knowledgeable rancher (albeit a goat rancher) and a restless city boy then this story is a bit of fun to pass the time.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Sweet, Seductive Wolf by Marcy Jacks

sweetseductivewolfTitle: Sweet, Seductive Wolf
Series: Mating with Wolves, #3
Author: Marcy Jacks
Genre: Paranormal / Shifters
Length: Novella (119 pages)
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (June 20th 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: Sam Turner is still getting used to the fact that werewolves exist, and he’s not sure he likes it. When Alain Lake, a man who has been making eyes at him more than Sam is comfortable with, is forced to subdue him, he’s pissed off. The whole thing scared the hell out of him, even if Alain had a good reason, being a stupidly strong, gorgeous werewolf and all.

But Alain, though he might be a werewolf, has all the desires and needs of a man, and he makes them known again and again, apologizing for dragging Sam into this whole mess, and then pressing him up against the wall and kissing him senseless. Sam, despite thinking of himself as being a girl-liking guy, cannot deny how good that kiss felt, but he’s not ready.

That’s all right, because Alain is willing to fight for what’s his, and defend his mate from those who would do him harm.

ISBN: 978-1-63259-479-2

Product Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/sweet-seductive-wolf

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: This book is part of a series and should be read in order.

Poor Sam, learning about the werewolves the way he did sure knocked him through a loop. He is still trying to come to turns with it all. However there is the issue of Alain who keeps coming onto Sam. The biggest problem for Sam about that is he is straight, or so he thought.

This book was pretty funny in how Sam had to come to terms with the fact that he was in fact attracted to Alain. He is annoyed and yet turned on, and so confused. I liked how Alain wore him down.
It’s not until something happens that finally Sam faces the facts and accepts Alain and all that entails. Then things turn downright hot and sexy between the two of them.

I am enjoying this series. It is nothing really new, but they are fun and sexy reads. And that is what I am looking for from them. So these books are delivering.

I got to love how Macy Jacks keeps ending each book in the series on a cliffhanger. Because really it just makes me want to find out what will happen next.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *