Acting On Love by S.J. Frost

1769229Title: Acting On Love
Series: Conquest Series, #8
Author: S.J. Frost
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 121 Pages (Novella)
Publisher: MLR Press (March 27th, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

Blurb: Brandon Alexander has known many struggles in his acting career, even more in his relationships. He’s found the man of his dreams in Shunichi Miyamoto, but when his career takes an unexpected turn, the greatest role of his life might keep him from spending his life with the man he loves.

Brandon Alexander has risen to the top of theatre in Chicago, but when you reach the top, there’s usually only one way left to go. Funding fell through on the latest play he was to star in and now he finds himself an unemployed actor. Coming fresh off a bad audition, he wonders if his time in the spotlight is over. But what worries him more, is not making the man he loves proud of him. Shunichi Miyamoto runs a highly successful dojo.

He had always let work be the focus of his life, until over a year ago, the man of his dreams walked into the dojo to rekindle his passion for karate, and it led to further passions between him and Brandon. He knows Brandon is worried about his career, but he loves him, he’s proud of him, and he’ll do anything for Brandon’s happiness.

Both Brandon and Shunichi want to spend their lives together, but when a new opportunity comes to Brandon, he must decide whether to follow his career dreams or to act on his love for Shunichi.

ISBN: MLR-1-02015-0389

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Reviewer: KathyMac

Review: SJ Frost was one of the first authors I found when I started reading M/M 5 years ago. The Conquest series was then, and remains still, to be one of my most favorite series ever. Acting on Love is book #8 and I highly recommend each and every one of them.

In this book, Brandon and Shunichi are already together, but if you haven’t read the others prior you can still read this one and follow along without feeling lost. I always recommend reading the series, if you can, because the history leading up to the here and now is priceless.

Brandon is struggling with his career. He bombed his last audition, according to him, and he starts to doubt if anything worth having will come along for him. His main concern, however, is feeling like he let Shun down by not pulling his weight. Of course, that’s the furthest thing from Shunichi’s mind because no matter what Brandon does he is always proud of him.

When Brandon gets a call from his agent with incredible news about an audition, he is ecstatic. This will be an opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dreams of being on stage. Once the excitement levels off he realizes there may be too many stumbling blocks in the way. If he would get the part it would mean a lot of time spent away from Shun, and that is something he can’t fathom.

Brandon has a lot of people giving him support and no matter what happens with the audition they will find a way to make it work. Shunichi was worried at first but he knows how important this is to Brandon. He will do whatever is necessary to put Brandon and his dreams first.

SJ Frost writes beautiful stories and this one is no exception. It was awesome to catch up with Jesse and Evan and I was smiling from ear to ear at the banter between the brothers. The love between Brandon and Shun has only gotten stronger and it was beautiful to watch their interaction.

There is more than one surprise in this story and I hope that the author dropped those little hints so that she may use them in the future for more books in this series. I can’t recommend this book or the series enough. There is humor that will keep a smile on your face and the sex is always hot and passionate. Everything you could want in a story you will find it with this author.

Acting on Love is a beautiful and heartfelt window into the journey of Brandon and Shunichi.

fanart acting on love sj frost
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Knight of Fire by S.J. Frost

71PWOZJWKeL._SL1425_Title: Knight of Fire

Series: Terra 02

Author: S.J. Frost

Genre: Fantasy

Length: Novel Plus (299pgs)

ISBN: MLR-1-02014-0232

Publisher: MLR Press (11th April 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Dragon Speaker, Torran, and knight, Karrick, begin a passionate relationship, but when threats to the crown turn to them, they must fight to protect themselves and the kingdom.

Once in the kingdom of Ocassus, humans and dragons shared the lands as allies. That time has passed into legend. But there’s one who wants to see it return.

As a Dragon Speaker, Torran is gifted with the rare ability to understand dragons. He knows dragons aren’t the vicious, mindless creatures many believe them to be and uses his gift to save them. It’s a lonely task. He’s never found a partner who understands him. He doesn’t believe he ever will.

Sir Karrick Brenton is a Knight of the Crown and a man with secrets…one in particular that draws him to Torran. They come from different positions in life, but never has he met anyone he feels more kindred to than Torran.

When Torran is requested to come to the capital city of Dragon’s Landing, both he and Karrick realize their passion for each other. As he seeks to help the king, soon the threats to the crown shift to becoming dangers to him, Karrick, and their friends.

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Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Torran is a dragon speaker, able to talk to and understand dragons, it’s a gift he cherishes and uses it to aid dragons whenever he can. Karrick is a Knight, a position he worked hard for despite his commoner background, sent on a mission to bring the Dragon Speaker and Gatekeeper to the King, but Karrick has his own secrets to keep. As they try to assist the King Torran, Karrick and their friends uncover a plot against the crown and it is up to the friends and the Ancient One to bring peace to Dragon’s Landing.

This story continues in the world of Terra and picks up not long after Bryson’s and Garrick’s story ended. Torran has a crush on dashing Knight Karrick and finds it is reciprocated when they spend a little time together but carrying out the Kings wishes must come first. The Ancient One, Rordan, has approved the heir to the throne for many generations, but will no longer speak to the current King. Torran has to talk Rordan into approving the current heir, but someone has plans to interfere. While Torran is called for his Dragon Speaker skills, Bryson has been called for his Gatekeeper skills as Cara, another Gatekeeper, is dead and Bryson must find out what happened to her.

Torran, Bryson, Garrett, Aleric, Larkin, Zane and Karrick stick together and support each other as they enter into danger. Torran and Karrick’s relationship is a pretty easy one, there’s no conflict on either side and they don’t doubt each other, the situation they are heading into is a different matter altogether. Karrick has enemies who would love to see him fail and he has a couple of secrets, which would see him killed. Torran has nothing to hide and gets Karrick to open up to him easily. We see the friends working together seamlessly, we learn more about each one, and I can’t wait for their stories.

This really is a great story, which is written beautifully; the world building is wonderful and leaves you with medieval type setting with mystical and legendary creatures. All the characters are wonderful, each and every one down to earth and interesting, whetting your appetite for more about them. The storyline is great with danger and action and dragons, deceit, anger and manipulation and love, hope and happiness.

I recommend this to those who love fantasy, cute dragons, fierce dragons, taking a chance on love, a great storyline, defeating evil and an ending that just leaves you wanting more.


Vampire Prince by S.J. Frost

vampireprince_9781419948602_msrTitle: Vampire Prince

Series: N/A

Author: S. J. Frost

Genre: Paranormal/ Vampires

Length: Novel (168 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-4199-4860-2

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave (March 7th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:For three years, Sebastian has lived as a blood slave, giving his blood and body to vampires. He’s a prisoner, owned by the blood house he serves. Sebastian dreams of freedom, of feeling the sun and wind on his face once again.


Valentin has earned the title of vampire prince. But status and age haven’t brought him love. When his blood craving grows too demanding to be ignored, he goes to the blood house and finds himself entranced by the spirited Sebastian.


Their passion is strong, their connection to each other undeniable. Sebastian wants to be Valentin’s, and Valentin wants to keep Sebastian—forever. The danger of making the blood slave immortal is high and the price might be both their lives.


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Review: This is a truly beautiful love story of a man whose life was full of pain and heartache finding the one man meant for him. Sebastian would have been hurt if he had not signed a blood contract to a vampire. He had not even been given the chance to even read the contract so he did not know what it meant in total. He had been a blood and sex slave for over three years and he was very close to choosing death as his way out. That is until he met Valentin. Valentin was a prince of the vampires.


Valentin really hated going to a blood house however, he really needed blood since moving to Georgia. However as soon as he arrives he sees Sebastian. Choosing him, he talks to him and gives him the choice to choose to be his blood slave for the night. But it turns out that they both wanted more. On a night where the head of the house choose to hand Sebastian over to one cruel vampire, Sebastian calls out for Valentin. Valentin gets there and ends up buying the contract.

Sebastian ends up at Valentin’s home and meets his brother and a demon. With their help, Sebastian was now completely free to choose whether to stay with Valentin or find his way out in the real world. After realizing he really wants, he chooses to stay with the man he wants. The family he now has.


This story has lots of danger in it, all coming to kill everyone in Sebastian’s life, but it also show a lot of love coming from them. Brotherly love and the love of mates, although they are not called that in this story you can still tell that it is there. I would definitely be recommending this amazing story to everyone who loves the paranormal worlds, vampires, demons, hot and sexy men, tender sex, and the dangers coming for them. I will definitely be watching this author for more stories just like this one. It is being added to my favorite list.

Refined Instincts by S.J. Frost

18593960Title: Refined Instincts

Series: Instincts Book #5

Author: S. J. Frost

Genre: Paranormal 

Length: Novel (213 Pages)

Publisher: MLR Press, LLC (October 31st, 2013)

Heat Level: Low to Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5 to 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Troy Raines wants it all to end. His pain, his heartache, his regrets. Having been in hiding to avoid capture from the Tribunal, he returns to Chicago believing since that’s where everything began for him, it should end there, as well. Renart Bellerose has known many regrets in his long life as a vampire, but few are stronger than what he has regarding Troy Raines. As the one to make Troy a vampire, he gave him power, money, anything he thought Troy wanted, but he restrained on giving him what they both needed. When Renart and Troy face each other again, anger and passion explodes between them. Renart wants to help Troy find redemption, but as danger closes in, it might be too late to set right the wrongs of the past.

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Review: This is one of the most heartwarming stories I have had the pleasure of reading. It has everything you would want in a story: love, hatred, pain, fear, heartache, passion, and tenderness. Troy’s pain in the past has led him to his future. Trying to end his life, found his beginning to happiness. Renart has in the past, turned his followers but never taking full control over their care. He did however feel passionately for one of his turnings, Troy. The plot of this story is exceptional. You are given an uprising by some young vampire who just wanted control over others and one who was evil. The evil being killed by his best friend.

This has a story line and plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat every time you read it. It was well told and delivered perfectly. Troy and Renart have so much passion towards each other as well as anger at first. The pain they both felt can actually be felt by the reader. It makes you want to cry and pull each one to you. However, the love the fee for each other when confusions are cleared makes you just smile and laugh. They are in so much danger, but there is so many who stand up for them and beside them. The romance is there in the way for each other, the way each man lights up when the other is in the room and the way they are willing to give their lives up to save the other.

There isn’t a lot of sex in this story, but what is there is very hot and makes the windows in the room steam up. You can tell just by reading it that there are so many feelings that you stand on the side cheering them both on to get their rewards. This story is very tender but also kind of series. It would be one that you would read one evening with the music turned on lying on your bed. I am glad to have it in my library and will look forward to reading it over and over again.

A Little Bit Country by S.J. Frost

ALittleBitCountry_Cover_50Title: A Little Bit Country

Series:  N/A

Author: S.J. Frost

Genre:  Contemporary/Musicians

Length: Novella (64K)

Publisher:  MLR Press (August 18th, 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:  Rock singer, Ash Ivers, and country music star, Jackson Abrams, have intense passion that brings them together, but will they be able to overcome all their differences when Jackson’s career is threatened?

Ash Ivers says and does what he wants, and with being the lead singer of the world famous rock band, From Ashes, he gets away with both. Three years ago, his mouth got the better of him, and he started a media feud with county music star, Jackson Abrams. When they’re both booked to play a charity concert, he sees his chance to finally confront Jackson in person. Though, he’s uncertain if his anger will hold against his attraction to the singing cowboy.

Jackson Abrams is the darling of country music. He’s polite, charming, handsome…and he has a secret that he fears could jeopardize his career. When it comes to the cocky rock star, Ash Ivers, he’s infuriated and intrigued by him. He wants their feuding to stop, but he also doesn’t want to lose the attention it gives him from Ash.

As Ash and Jackson meet, the heat of anger turns to passion. But when Jackson’s world starts crumbling around him, will their differences make them stronger, or drive them apart?

***Author’s Note***11994343
This is the expanded, full-length novel. The original novella, “A Little Bit Country,” was approximately 28k. This book is approximately 60k. It takes the original novella, and where it ended, this one continues on to complete the story.

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: At first I thought this might be one of those really angsty roller coaster romances, but it isn’t. It’s actually a rather sweet love affair be tween a good ol’ country boy and a punk rockin’ lead singing, out and proud firecracker. The rock world where Ash excels, accepts his homosexuality, but Jackson Abrams’ country music genre isn’t as tolerant, and coming out for Ash could ruin his career. Through the trials and tribulations of coming out, or being forced Ash stays by Jackson’s side, but will their efforts, be enough to keep them together? Can the city mouse and the country mouse make a home and a career together? Read this sweet and hot story to find out!