The Shattered Door by Brandon Witt

Title:  The Shattered Door

Series:  N/A 

Author:  Brandon Witt

Genre: Contemporary

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Itinires Press ~ A division of Dreamspinner Press (August 13th, 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: After a tortured childhood and years of soul-searching, Brooke Morrison has finally settled into a comfortable life. While his sexuality prohibits him from practicing his degree in youth ministry in a church setting, he’s found a fulfilling job as youth counselor at a residential treatment facility in Colorado. He falls in love, marries the man of his dreams and makes peace with God. He’s happy.

Then his buried past drags him back to the Ozarks.

The life Brooke has worked so hard to build is crumbling in his hands in the face of painful memories and past abuse and his confidence is withering. In El Dorado Springs, where his nightmares come to life.  Brooke desperately seeks closure life doesn’t offer. Brooke must find value in himself, in his marriage, and the world around him. – And create the hope and perseverance to keep his past from swallowing him whole.

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Reviewer:  Cat

Review The Shattered Door is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It begins with an event then goes back seven years and you wonder what had happened to cause him such emotional angst almost to the end. Then when you think it’s over, the plot twist. It leaves you on the edge of your seat, laughing and crying. Written in first person, I felt like I was Brooke. I could feel his angst and pain. The romance between him and Jed was sweet and charming.

Brooke moved to Denver after college to get away from home and put his past behind him. He gets a job at a boy’s center as councilor and makes great changes there. He has a nice apartment and meets the man of his dreams. Then tragedy strikes and he has to go home and face his past.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes a book that is not a run of the mill Cinderella story type romance. If you like angst, friends to lovers, raccoons, story’s set in the mid –south and no sex but still a hot romance, you will LOVE this book.

The New Boy by Maddy Linehan

Title:  The New Boy

Series:  None

Author:  Maddy Linehan

Genre:   Young Adult

Length:  157 pages

Publisher:  Self Published (June 12th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts

Blurb:   Alex thinks he has the perfect relationship with boyfriend Gary. When Dexter moves in next door to Alex, things start to get complicated. Everyone Dexter meets seems to develop feelings for him, and even though the new boy is straight, Alex can’t help but start to fall for him. These concerns he outlines in his brutally honest diary, while also dealing with his psychotic best friend Andie and his parents’ divorce.

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Reviewer:   John

Review:  Alex thinks that his life is perfect with Gary, even though Gary can be very manipulating. His world is slowly coming down, as their relationship crumbles and he has to deal with his parents divorce. But wait, something is shinning a positive light over him. Could it be the new boy next door? Yes. Dexter is the opposite of Gary. He is funny, understanding and very extrovert. He is the life of the party and the guy you want to have around. The main idea of the story is beautifully told by Maddy Linehan since she is a new fresh voice in the YA world. On the down side, there were a few mistakes, but nothing that would make your eyes bleed. I would recommend this story to anyone who wants to experience High School drama, first true love, more drama and coming to terms with your own sexuality.



Choices by Em Woods

Title:  Choices

Series:  N/A

Author: Em Woods

Genre: Contemporary/ western

Length: Novella (12240 words)

Publisher: Breathless Press (September 21, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:   When a rodeo clown, a small town veterinarian and his assistant form a complicated trio, they find it’s their choices that determine who finds love.

When rodeo clown Brandt Collins is forced into retirement by an injury in the arena, he heads to long-time friend Kaden Slater’s hometown to settle down. As far as he’s concerned if that old flame ignites into a wildfire, then all the better.

Kaden is glad to see Brandt, but a little complication in the form of Kaden’s new assistant, Mike, throws a wrench in all their plans. Sexy, smart and young, Mike wants Kaden more than he wants his next breath.

Soon, misunderstandings and the past conspire to tear the trio apart before they’ve even begun. And now it’s their choices that will determine who finds love – and who doesn’t.

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Reviewer: Cat

Review:  Brandt comes back to town hoping Kaden and he can reignite an old flame, one they let go out, with each choosing to follow their career. Now Brandt has retired from the rodeo and back in town to claim the love he left behind. Kaden is a veteran and his new young assistant, Mike is a very good friend. He has always been there for Kaden.  Even when Kaden was pining all these years over Brandt. Mike is devastated when Brandt shows up. He really thought perhaps Kaden would finally let him in his heart and bed. Can Kaden choose between Brandt, the love he always wanted or Mike, the best friend and man he has lusted for? What happens in spring, when the rodeo is back?  What will Brandt choose a threesome or the road? Choices! Choices!

This story was a very fun fast short read. But it seemed I’d read this before. Not that it mattered; I liked the story of Brandt, Kaden and Mike a lot. The sex is hot and the characters are all three swoon-worthy.  I just needed more of it. The story of the hater attacking them was good, also. The only problem that kept me from loving this was it seemed disjointed and the stories seemed rushed.   I would love more. More of Kaden and Brandt’s relationship, then more of Mike and Brandt’s relationship, and finally, more of the threesome. It really never unfolded, just was there suddenly.

I recommend this book to anyone that loves threesomes, cowboys, vets, hot loving sex, and very a poignant love-story.

Could you love someone enough to accept they love someone else and become a threesome? What would your choice be?  Choices, choices!

Let It Go by Mercy Celeste

Title: Let It Go

Author: Mercy Celeste

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: 214 pages

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books (September 24, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:  Eli had a temper. Creed seemed to be the main focus of that temper. For ten years the two of them left a trail of destruction in their wake. Rodeo, beer, and fists were all they had in common. Until the judge in Eli’s hometown had enough and sentenced them to house arrest. In the same house. They’d learn to get along or they’d kill each other. Either way it was a win for the tax payers.

Trapped alone on Eli’s rundown Florida ranch, Creed discovered Eli’s secret, one that he shared. But he didn’t count on Eli learning all of his secrets, especially the one that would shatter their newfound truce.

Scarred to his bones, Eli avoided relationships like the plague. But there was always something about the quiet Creed that pushed his buttons. Falling in love with him was never part of Eli’s plan. When it happens he’s unprepared and out of his league.

But when a shared enemy comes calling Eli can only think of keeping Creed safe. He never dreamed that their lives were linked or that Creed’s former life could destroy them both. Will love be enough to save them both or will they return to their bitter rivalry

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Reviewer: Showme

Review: I really wanted to like this book.  I love cowboys and the enemies become lover’s trope so this sounded good to me. It didn’t however come with a rape warning and it absolutely should have. There was on page and off page rape, so if that’s not something you can stomach to read about I’d skip this one because there is a lot.  Honestly, I read slave books and love a good hooker story but this was way beyond my comfort zone. I need something to balance out the awful or at least leave me feeling the journey was worth the pain. Sadly I didn’t feel that way about this book.

Creed’s life hasn’t been good one since his mom died when he was eleven. His father was a rodeo rider and an addict and neglected his fatherly duties while dragging Creed around the country.  Creed loves horses. He has a natural connection with them and becomes a star the rodeo circuit riding them. His father however takes his money and he’s forced to sell his body for food from the age of twelve. He’s ashamed but somehow comes to terms with the fact he’s got nothing but his horse and rodeo because what else does a whore deserve? He’s a survivor and hides away the pain. He doesn’t feel capable of love but that all changes after he’s forced into house arrest with a man who proves every time sees Creed he hates him by starting fight.

Eli hasn’t had the easiest life either.  His family is killed in a car wreck and his uncle takes over his care. He’s a truly despicable man. I will say that I thoroughly hated him.  He beats Eli often and Creed showing him up in the ring just fuels his uncle’s fire. Eli can’t seem to control his temper when Creed walks into the room even though he’s never actually done anything. The guys quickly realize all that hate was a masquerade for lust and give into the lust. Is it just lust and taking advantage of the opportunity for good sex or is it more? Can Creed feel love or will he bail when he’s released from house arrest?

The forced cohabitation could have been an enjoyable read if not for the, what felt like, constant abuse flashbacks. I have a hard time falling in love with the guys if I’m pulled out of the love fest   and into a nightmare. Initially I thought I’d like Creed the most because his story is so incredibly sad but I enjoyed Eli’s willingness to love and hope. My stomach actually hurt throughout the book and I couldn’t get into the sexy scenes because my mind was still whirling around one of the abuse scenes. My suggestion is if you think the blurb sounds interesting and are okay with the rape warning, check with a friend who has read it and see if it’s something they think you would like.  In the end this was way too much for me and I wished I’d been warned.

Splintered Lies by Diane Adams and RJ Scott

Title: Splintered Lies

Series: In the Shadow of the Wolf 03

Author: Diane Adams & R.J. Scott

Genre: Shifters, Alternative World

Length: Novella (164pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (29th September 2012)

Heat: Moderate

Heart: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Joe is consumed with grief about his wife and baby and wants nothing more than to lash out. Nick is Joe’s best friend, but he will do anything to help Joe fight the people who want to kill them both.

Joe Christie is consumed with grief, and when new information about his wife and baby comes to light, his first instinct is to kill.

Nick Alexander is first and foremost Joe’s best friend. When Joe met Mara, Nick stood to one side and respected Joe’s decision to settle down, despite being in love with the man who was his lover. Now, in the middle of a case that is murder and betrayal, he has to fight his love for Joe and the people who are trying to kill them both.

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Review: This story is part of a series and I recommend they be read in order. Joe is still grieving the loss of his wife and unborn baby when he is told new information about them.  Rage strikes and he needs the help of his friends to get to the truth. Nick is Joe’s best friend and ex-lover and has stood on the side lines for years and is there for Joe no matter what.  But, getting Joe to keep calm is next to impossible when they discover the depths that some humans have gone to.

Splintered Lies is the third book In the Shadow of the Wolf series and is an excellent addition to the series. Joe suffers from grief over the loss of his wife and baby, but he also harbors guilt over his attraction to Nick.  He forces himself to ignore the attraction, as he tries to discover the truth about the new information.  But, as he struggles with his emotions, his need of Nick won’t be denied. Nick stood aside when Joe chose Mara, but he never stopped loving him. After the shocking revelations concerning a senator, Nick knows that Joe needs him more than ever, but will Joe ever accept what Nick has to offer?

I must admit to being torn with some of the storyline. I wasn’t quite sure how to take Joe’s adamant vows of love for Mara, who was he trying to convince, himself or me? It was also the way that he phased his relationship with Mara as ‘He had made a choice’ and ‘The decision had been a good one’ it seemed cynical. Anyway, the rest of the book was spanking good, his guilt over feeling attraction to Nick made sense and his rage when the new information came out was not unexpected. Nick was a darling, pure and simple; he was there for Joe through everything and loved him that much, that he let him go with no recriminations.

The new discoveries that the men made were haunting and there is a bit of danger as a result. there are some passionate sex scenes with one or two tinged with guilt. Joe and Nick are great characters and we also get to see characters from previous books as they are still integral to the continued storyline.  There’s angst, guilt, anger, rage, grief and some happiness. Joe has been through a lot and it leads others to make choices about how shifters should really be treated.  Nick also goes through a lot and it shows just what a strong character he is, that he can let things go when some of us might have been screaming blue murder.

So, I will recommend this to those who love shifters, danger, a complex continued storyline, a range of emotional distress, some hot lovin’ and a new beginning for Nick and Joe.


Down Memory Lane by Heidi Champa

Title: Down Memory Lane

Author: Heidi Champa

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (5k)

Publisher: Amber Allure (September 23, 2012)

Heat level: Moderate

Heart rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: Kyle knows he shouldn’t, but once again he finds himself waiting for Quinn, the sexy man who drove out of his life years ago, but keeps turning up when Kyle least expects it. Every time Quinn’s car would come rumbling down his street and stop before his house, Kyle would eagerly jump inside the passenger seat and go anywhere Quinn wanted to go.

Yet this time, Quinn is back for good. Or so he says. Will this be the start of something special for Kyle and Quinn, or just one more passionate drive down memory lane?

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Reviewer: Heart

Review: Kyle has spent years waiting for Quinn, his childhood friend and more, and while he only tends to receive crumbles in the form of rare, even yearly visits with a hot encounter or two thrown into the mix, Kyle keeps on waiting and hoping, but also living a life he’s not quite satisfied with on the side.

Although very well written, this short story felt more like a chapter of a novel than a complete work. Coated with despair and bittersweet happiness, it not only left me wanting for more, but also with an unhealthy dose of melancholy. I haven’t noticed if there is a warning somewhere about this being a story without a happy ending, but even if you do find it, take it seriously otherwise you might not finish this on a positive note. The story will only leave you with some vague promise of happiness in a distant future, but even if you disregard that, there should be a cheating label glued to it for those who would rather avoid such books.

The warnings aside, I did enjoy the encounter between the two characters and how the author worked through the anticipation of each action and word. The way Kyle and Quinn missed each other was enhanced with her every sentence and almost from the very start I wished only the best for the guys. The finality of their night together hit me hard and I couldn’t help it but imagine myself in such a situation. It was difficult to relate to either of the characters because there were few reasons or explanations behind their actions, and what little was told didn’t paint them in a pretty light.

Down Memory Lane is just that, one in a row of experiences worth remembering that might or might not lead to something better eventually. If you are ready for the challenge and tired of the classic happily ever after, take a ride with Kyle and Quinn, it just might be your thing.


Not Safe for Work by Michael S. Booker

Title: Not Safe For Work

Series: N/A

Author: Michael S. Booker

Genre: MM/ Contemporary

Length: Novella

Publisher: Self Pub

Heat Level: Low, but what’s there is HOT

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: A month after breaking up with his long-term girlfriend, Eric Dennis decides to go to a gay club one night, something he has wanted to do for a long time. He does not expect much out of the experience: just have one drink and go home. Yet when he meets Mathew Campbell, a very attractive man with an adventurous spirit and a sharp sense of humor, Eric throws all caution to the wind.

Months after their initial encounter, Eric is looking for a personal assistant, and is astonished when Mathew comes in for an interview. A long time has passed since they last saw each other, but the chemistry between them is vibrant as ever. Against his better judgment, Eric hires Mathew, and thus begins a challenge for Eric to keep his personal and professional life from clashing. As Eric’s attraction to Mathew continues to grow, so does the danger of his family, friends, and coworkers finding out the secret that Eric has worked hard to keep hidden for so long.

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Reviewer: Thommie

Review: Ah, the classic “Closet Case” and it is damn great in all aspects. Eric Dennis is a long closeted man. He has actually never been with a man, although all his fantasies are about them. Having recently broken up with his long term girlfriend, Eric finally makes it up his mind to go to a… gay bar. Yes, this character is the classic “coward” that is nearly drowning by his desires. Yet, he will keep keeping that suffocating mask. God knows how he made his feet drag him inside that bar, but he went and there he gets smitten by Mathew. Mathew is HOT, he is sexy, and he has a smile to blind your eyes and a butt to make you drool on the spot. And although Eric is quite reserved, drool he did. Somehow he got himself to Mathew’s apartment, yet the most he did was to grab Mathew’s butt on the stairs up. Any other man would have let himself go and have the one night stand that a helluva sexy guy is practically begging him for. But, not Eric. Fear, fear and some more fear have him running from the apartment and not looking back.

Months later, fate intervenes and one of the applicants for the personal assistant Eric needs is none other than Mr. Sex on Legs, Mathew. And Eric knows it very well, when he hires him, that Mathew is not safe for work, he knows that Mathew is a tidal wave that will shock his life; he can’t resist it though and takes the risk.

Oh boy, I told the whole story here, but damn it I liked it, no scratch that, I loved it. I loved it so much because Eric was a character that I totally despised. Yes, in the end he made good, but dear Lord, till that end came I hated that character with all my might. The word “chickens**t” kept rolling over my head and the terrible desire to slap a fiction character overwhelmed me. Well, congrats to the author, mission accomplished, your protagonist made me feel. And boy did I feel sorry for poor Mathew, but he had it coming, he should’ve known better. But as the book wanted it this was a happy ending story, well… kinda…

I totally recommend this one, it will make you angry, it will make you hot, and it will make you “awwww” in the end. You will hate the main character, love the second one; you’ll be surprised by the friend and pity the ex. In the end, you’ll have spent your time enjoying a very good book.

Wildcat by Scarlet Blackwell

Title: Wildcat

Author: Scarlet Blackwell

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (122pgs)

Publisher: Scarlet Books (13th September 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: He’s one wildcat who needs to be tamed…

Washed-up American TV star Dexter Summerfield is adrift in the UK with no friends and a career full of more scandal than highlights. His boss throws him one last lifeline: searching for the elusive Scottish wildcat as part of a nature documentary. But taking on the job means taking on reclusive, dangerously sexy cameraman Kade Macbeth, just the two of them, alone for a week in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. Kade’s out and proud but Dexter’s straight… isn’t he?

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Review: Dexter is a man who believes that he is owed what he wants. But, that attitude has brought him to the brink of disaster for his career. now he has one last chance to turn his fortunes around and he hates the very thought of a job which he feels is beneath him. Kade is a well-known wildlife cameraman who likes the simple things in life. On his search for the Scottish wildcat, he finds himself attracted Dexter who is nasty, boorish and straight… isn’t he?

Well, this one will definitely get the emotions racing as you try to figure out just how you really feel about the MC’s as the book progresses. Dexter is one of those men who you admire and pant over from afar, but if you got to know him you’d be planning his disappearance and where to bury the body. Kade is the one that you root for, wanting him to shatter the shell that surrounds Dexter and to break down all Dexter’s defensives and to find the man inside that is truly worth loving.

Dexter is a character that you will hate in the beginning and although at times you want to sympathies with him you can never quite reach that emotion, and although he does make you wince a lot you do eventually come to like him but that is solely Kade’s doing. Without Kade, then Dexter would never find redemption in anyone’s eyes. Kade is a great character and you do wonder what he sees in Dexter besides his good looks, because there had to be something to keep Kade wanting the man after he opened his mouth.

Is this a love story that you understand? Will you relate to the characters? Will you be able to fathom the attraction between the two men? And finally will anyone ever understand the ways that love works? I can’t answer any of these, but this story shows two completely different men who somehow fight their way through how they feel and stand up for what they truly want. With one of them managing to change his life around completely in the process and becoming a man that he is proud of.

I am recommending this to those who love difficult relationships, clashes of headstrong men, passionate sex, facing who you truly are and finally a very happy reunion and a happy ever after.



Afflicted by Brandon Shire

Title:  Afflicted

Author:  Brandon Shire

Genre:   Contemporary

Length:  133 pages

Publisher:  TPG Books (September 5th 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥2 1/2Hearts

Blurb:  A high-priced male escort and a blind gay man meet by chance. What ensues is a hot, steamy romance by two men looking for something more than a one night stand. But can they reach beyond their own insecurities to grasp what they really desire?

Meet Hunter Stephens. He’s gay, tall, dark-haired, and he’s hot. Very hot. But he doesn’t rely on the visual cues when appraising a man because he’s also blind. He listens to the timbre of their voice, trembles at the touch of their skin, and luxuriates in the deep richness of the aroma of man. He’s hard of the hand because he’s a black belt and takes no shit, but soft of the heart because he’s lonely and has been for a while.

Until he meets Dillon.

Dillon Chambers is straight man candy. He’s a high-priced male escort that works with an exclusive agency who handles only the wealthiest of clients. But it wasn’t always like that for him. At sixteen he was thrown out of the house for being gay and struggled to survive, turning tricks on the street and finding food and a place to sleep wherever he could. He met two people who changed his life, but he has never met anyone who could change his heart.

Until he bumped into Hunter.

And now they are both Afflicted.

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Reviewer:   Any

Review:  Afflicted.

So am I.

I was really hoping to love this story, I’d heard so many good things, but I just couldn’t get into it.

Initially, I was excited, because this story is partly written from the point of view of a blind man (Hunter)—and I was super curious how it would be written to “show” and integrate the reader into a scene. And to give credit where it’s due, the writing and descriptions in this story are wonderful. I really did get a sense of character and place through the senses of smell, sound, taste and touch.

It was a pity that while the narrative and the writing was solid, the story itself lacked tension. Yes, there was a bit of conflict between characters both internal and external, but I couldn’t care enough about it because I didn’t feel what was at stake, and I never got invested in the characters journeys.

Also, where I thought there might be more conflict, like when Dillon tells Ronald he wants out of the escorting business, it fizzles into a low temperature scene where it’s agreement all around.

Regarding sex scenes. At first, it was hot—at least the lead up, but I was put off (and this may be a personal thing) by the fact they didn’t use protection. Hunter and Dillon barely knew each other—added to that; Dillon is in the escort business—and not a condom in sight.

This might be a forgiving point in the story if I didn’t get such a sense of contradiction. Shawn, someone who was close to Dillon, had watched his closest friends die off in the AIDS epidemic. I would have thought this would make Dillon particularly sensitive to using protection and safe sex.

And while I loved and think it’s fantastic that the author donates 10% of all his book sales to a couple of organizations that help get LGBT kids off the street, I felt nervous thinking of teenagers picking up this story and reading it with all the unprotected sex in here.

I want to end the review on a positive note. Brandon Shire’s writing—the descriptions, use of language, flow of sentences, and variation of imagery—is really quite brilliant. I’ll be interested to read some of his future works.


The Jade Prince by L. Shannon

Title: The Jade Prince

Series: Dragon Bound 01

Author: L. Shannon

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Short (31pgs)

Publisher: Amber Allure (Amber Quill Press) (6th October 2011)

Heat: Explicit

Heart: ♥♥♥2 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When Cal gives his best friend, Jin, a thank you gift, the magical pendant appears more curse than blessing. The moment the jade pendant touches Jin’s skin, he ends up possessed by an insane dragon spirit.

Cal has loved Jin forever, but since Jin is straight, Cal accepts it as one-sided love, never to be fulfilled. Or at least that was what he thought until Jin is taken over by Jade.

Now Cal will do anything, even offer his body and accept a twisted form of his most desperate desire. But is it all to keep the jade dragon from using Jin’s body to rampage through the city or the chance to satisfy his darker desires?

Purchase Link:

Review: Cal and his brother Tory buy a trinket for Jin as a thank you for all he has done for them. But, when the pendent touches his skin something happens that leaves Cal reeling and having to strike a bargain if he is to save himself, his brother and Jin from the spirit in the Jade pendent.

Woohoo. What a spicy little bite sized piece this is. Cal has wanted Jin for years, but has always believed him to be straight.  he respects that and keeps his love to himself, but when Jin is possessed by a spirit that wants to rampage, then he does the only thing he can think of, he strikes a bargain giving himself to the Jade dragon as long as it gives Jin the daylight hours.

Okay, this is hot, and sexy, and scorching with some rough sex which is very passionate. There isn’t much of a storyline other than a Jade dragon spirit taking over the body of Jin and Cal offering a bargain and lots of hot sex, but it is great for such a little short story. The ending will have you spitting nails because it is abrupt and leaves you hanging, but I am happy to tell you that there is a second book The Jade Triangle which picks up where this one leaves off.

So I recommend this to those who love fantasy, paranormal, hot primal sex, an awkward ending and a promise of a second book.


Ethan, Who Loved Carter by Ryan Loveless

Title: Ethan, Who Loved Carter

Author: Ryan Loveless

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (September 17, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   By twenty-four, Carter Stevenson has stuttered and ticced his way to debilitating shyness. Although his friends accuse him of letting his Tourette’s dictate his life, Carter moves from Los Angeles to a quiet California town. He’ll keep his head down and avoid people. He doesn’t anticipate his new neighbor, Ethan Hart, crashing into his solitude and forcing him to get out and live.

From the beginning, Ethan makes his love for Carter clear. But he fears Carter won’t see past Ethan’s damaged brain, even though it makes Ethan more attuned to his emotions than most people. For Carter, there’s a bigger issue: he’s been burned by so-called “perfect” matches, and he won’t risk his heart again.

One way or another, Ethan’s determined to show Carter they belong together. Then Ethan receives tragic news. Suddenly he must turn to Carter for strength and support. Will Carter come through when Ethan needs him most?

Product Link:

Reviewer:  Madison

Review:  In Ethan, Who Loved Carter, Ryan Loveless tells the story of two young men, each with a disability affecting their capacity to interact socially.

Carter has Tourette Syndrome. Because of his stuttering and jerky body movements, he is uncomfortable being out in public. At best, people stare; at worst, they mock or insult him. If it weren’t for his best friend coming around to check on him and pushing him to go out, he’d probably never leave the house. His past relationships have all ended badly, and he’s afraid to put his heart out there again.

Ethan, now in his mid-twenties, suffers from a traumatic brain injury resulting from an accident that occurred nearly ten years earlier. His injury prevents him from living independently, although he can do most things for himself. He lives at home with his parents and his fifteen-year-old brother. He works in a local coffee shop, where his co-workers are friendly, but the customers aren’t always patient or kind. He’s had sexual encounters with men, but has never been in a lasting relationship.

“The stars arranged themselves into symphonies for him. Ethan told his dad how they burst and shone, how he could hear them in his head, sometimes so loud he needed to cover his ears, but that was wrong because the music was in him and if he covered his ears, he trapped it. Dad tried to understand, and Mom did too, but they didn’t hear the music, didn’t see it no matter how often Ethan traced it in the sky.”

When Carter moves in next door, the two men become friends. Ethan wants more, but Carter is skittish. In time, once they’ve gotten to know each other better, and Carter finds acceptance not only from Ethan, but also Ethan’s family, Carter admits his feelings for Ethan. In each other, Carter and Ethan find love, acceptance, and understanding.

These characters had me in tears as I experienced their heartaches and struggles in navigating the world around them. Yet at the same time, it moved me to see how much people truly cared about them. Even Ethan’s angry younger brother, who was often mean to them both, displayed moments of such tenderness and acceptance. It made my heart ache with joy. The way Carter took care of Ethan with patience and kindness when he needed it, never treating him like a child, and the way Ethan then took care of Carter in return, was simply beautiful.

One of best books I’ve read. A must read for anyone who likes their romance sweet and emotional.

Scandal Fever by Hunter Raines

Title: Scandal Fever

 Author: Hunter Raines

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery

Length: Novella (127pgs)

Publisher: Loose Id (18th September 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Flamboyant reality TV star Gavin Cox has a reputation for partying, dirty dancing, and taking hot men into his bed. But his inability to remember what happened the night his cast mate was murdered, combined with a terrifying home invasion, yanks him off the party circuit and brings him firmly under the protective custody of detective Rob Turner.K

Keeping Gavin under police protection may be nothing but a ruse cooked up by Rob’s sergeant to placate the media and the Chief of Police, but Rob takes his duties seriously. He needs to learn whether Gavin is a suspect, a victim, or a witness. Yet the only way to get those answers is to get extremely close to a man who tests every one of Rob’s boundaries, and makes him want to give in to the desires he’s been hiding his whole life.

As their forced proximity brings the passion simmering between them to a boiling point, the risk of scandal threatens Rob’s job, his family, and his way of life. But it’s Gavin’s life that might end too soon… because to keep Gavin from remembering what he saw, a murderer is determined to silence him forever.

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Review: Gavin loves to be the centre of attention and loves being a star on a reality TV show, but now he’s got the attention of a killer after one of his cast mates are murdered.  Just his luck that he was too drunk to remember that night though, now he’s stuck in a safe house with a delectable detective who is in the closet. Rob has to spend time with a sexy celebrity who strains his control, but he has more important things to do like find a killer, keep Gavin safe and most importantly not get on his mother’s bad side.

This is an interesting story that is at times amusing, a bit silly and exciting. Gavin had a hard up-bringing and now he is a celebrity living the high life with everything that it entails, all night partying, dancing and hot men. When one of his cast mates is murdered Gavin ends up in a police safe house and it is Rob’s job to find out what Gavin knows about that night.  But, Gavin has no idea as he was too drunk to remember. Gavin and Rob become close and Rob falls for the sexy Gavin, but Rob has a job to do and that includes finding the killer. But, his attraction to Gavin is too strong to fight.

Gavin is such a colorful character that he blazes through the pages.  Rob is the exact opposite very dependable and more of a people pleaser, putting them together was brilliant and they manage to balance each other out a bit. The mystery surrounding the murder is interesting and it simmers in the background as Gavin and Rob get together. We find out quite a bit about both our MC’s backgrounds so you understand why both men are the way they are. The action is quite exciting and affects both Gavin and Rob, while the sex between them is very hot and erotic.

I will recommend this to those who love a bit of angst and danger, a man who trips out of the closet, a flamboyant man who lives his life to the fullest, a murder, hot sex and a very happy ending.



Monkey Wrench by Xara X. Xanakas

Title: Monkey Wrench

Series: Were Menagerie 02

Author: Xara X. Xanakas

Genre: Shifter

Length: Novel (192pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (19th September 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Twenty-year-old virgin Aaron Thorne has a lot of irons in the fire. He’s on a career-making case investigating a new party drug that induces shifts in werecreatures, and his friend is the prime suspect. Outside of work, a literal silver fox has captured his attention. And just when life start going smoothly for Aaron, a tall, dark, scowly bobcat shifter named Iggy appears and sweeps him off his feet.

After being attacked in the course of his investigation, Aaron starts to feel like he has something to prove. It’s a good thing he’s got all the energy of his shifter animal, the spider monkey. He’s going to need it to solve the case, sort out his love life, and decide what kind of man he wants to be.

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Warning: Some scenes of violence and near rape.

Review: This story is part of a series and I recommend they are read in order. Aaron is a monkey shifter who is a police officer. During an investigation, he is attacked and finds himself doubting his skills and wondering if he has really got what it takes to continue with his line of work. Meeting Gerry, a silver fox, gives him a boost and makes him feel safe. But, meeting sexy Iggy’s eyes across a room knocks the breath out of him and leaves him confused. With the help of his friends, he gets his case solved; his love life mediated and sets him on the road to recovering his confidence.

Well, boys and girls, this book is definitely one not to miss if you want a shifter story that is slightly different from most that have come before (except Snakeskin Boots of course, seeing as that’s the first in the series… you know, I’m just gonna shut up now). Aaron is a cute monkey shifter, a bit hyper and very bouncy. He is working undercover to discover who is selling a new drug, but in the process finds himself in danger from someone he thought was a friend. Aaron meets Gerry and has hopes for something more than friends, but then Iggy comes on the scene and throws him for a loop.

This is not an M/M/M it is an M/M for those out there that are confused by the blurb. Gerry is a hopeful love interest, but they never progress from friends, so no cheating or anything like that. just Aaron feeling very confused by his feelings. Okay, so this book is a mixture of all the best ingredients stirred together and baked so we have a wonderful yummy book that delights the senses as we take another bite and discover a different flavor (oh shut up that description is perfect). One minute we have sweet and goofy, then we have harsh and scary, then we have depressed and scared, then we have sweet and sexy, then we have funny and nervous, so you see the further into the book we get a whole new aspect of Aaron and what the storyline entails.

Aaron is a character that you take to heart quite quickly and he holds a place there all the way through the book. When you first meet Gerry you hope that he will be the rock that Aaron needs, but you soon see that although there is an attraction between them there is a spark missing. When Iggy comes on the scene it is pretty late in the book but you get a great idea, straight away, of what was missing with Gerry. Aaron’s feelings were described perfectly throughout the book. the intensity of them at times made my breath catch, and the storyline was brilliant and was pulled together wonderfully.

Although we don’t see much of Iggy and Aaron together, their scenes together are very intense, and you are in no mistake of their feelings for each other. Aaron’s investigation and the turn it takes add a lot of suspense and danger and will keep you reading to the conclusion. We see a lot of Jeff and Brad in this one and they are still as in love as ever. They add a lot in the way of support without ever once overtaking the story.

So, if you love shifters, an investigation, overwhelming instant attraction, danger, a great storyline and a very happy ending then this is a book that I highly recommend.



A Hold on His Heart by Andi Anderson

Title: A Hold on His Heart

Author: Andi Anderson

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (86pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (22nd September 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Office clerk Justin is surprised when he realizes Preston, the sweet, but nerdy engineer, is crushing on him. But Preston’s friendship and gentle flirtation makes Justin question his hesitations, and soon he realizes love has no boundaries at all.

It’s just another interminable day at the office for clerk Justin Myers. After a wild night at his favorite club, he’s nursing a hangover and wishing he was home instead. All he wants is to get through the day unnoticed and hopes his pounding head will subside. When his co-worker Preston goes out of his way to help him, Justin realizes the nerdy engineer has a crush on him. They’re polar opposites, and at first, Justin isn’t sure what to do about Preston’s gentle flirtation and friendship. But as Preston becomes a bigger part of Justin’s life, he realizes that love has no boundaries after all.

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Review: Justin is suffering from a hangover one morning, when Preston takes pity on him and offers him coffee and aspirin. Justin is grateful, but isn’t sure what to make of the geeky engineer. when they fall into a routine of spending lunches together, Justin starts to realize just how much he enjoys being with Preston. Preston has hopes of getting closer to Justin and when Justin invites him to join him on a night out, Preston wonders if he isn’t too different from Justin to keep his attention.

This is a soft gentle romance that takes its sweet time, as the characters of Justin and Preston get to know each other and discover their love for each other. Justin hasn’t really noticed Preston other than as a work colleague, but when Preston asks him to lunch he begins to enjoy spending time together as friends. Preston has always noticed Justin, but has held back as Justin is his opposite. Confident, outgoing and fun-loving, whereas Preston is quite, withdrawn and geeky. But, spending time with Justin makes Preston lighten up and Justin begins to see Preston in a new light.

I loved this gentle romance, it was very easy-going, progressing from work colleagues to friends and eventually to lovers with no conflict or angst or spanners being thrown in the works, *sigh* just a true romance of slowly falling in love. Justin and Preston are wonderful characters both of them with their own unique personalities but accepting other people’s personalities and seeing below the outer surface. I really liked the fact that the attraction was brought in slowly, while they were getting to know each other, giving them something solid to work from.

I am recommending this to those who love gentle, slow building, love stories, incredible love-making, opposites attracting and finally an incredibly happy ending.

Orgasmic Texas Dawn by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

Title: Orgasmic Texas Dawn

Series: Orgasmic Texas Dawn 01

Author: A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly

Genre: Contemporary, Crime

Length: Novel (237pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (22nd September 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: A Canadian cop running from a romance gone bad. A US Marshal who needs help with solving a bizarre mystery around a cross-dressing Cher impersonator. Add one to the other and watch the sparks fly!

Canadian cop Kieran Fox has fallen from grace after a disastrous romance with the wrong guy–the head of a drug cartel. When Sheriff Dillon DePriest moseys on up north begging Kieran to come to his town of Lone Trail, Texas, to help him deal with a gang of murderous drug dealers, he says yes, if only to get away from the scene of his own crime. Kieran soon learns that the tough little Texas town is knees-deep in an escalating mystery.

There’s a cross-dressing Cher impersonator, a killer missing some gold teeth and his…er…dangly bits. Then there’s Kieran’s growing attraction for Lone Pine’s sexy US Marshal, Jubilee Mason, that he neither wants nor needs…

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title has a HFN ending.

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Review: Kieran Fox is reeling from a disastrous romance which has left him jobless. He’s head-hunted by a Texas Sheriff and finds himself in the town of Lone Trail, Texas to put a stop to murders and drug deals. Jubilee is a US Marshal who’s on a task force that is digging into the drug cartel. Teaming up with Kieran is a great idea when the bad guys begin to drop, but the attraction between Kieran and Jubilee could be a problem in small town Lone Trail…as well as the problem of Jubilee’s closet door.

Oooohhhh!! now this was a great mixture of excitement, danger, banter, interesting characters, astounding pets and the beginning of a romance with obstacles to overcome. Kieran has been badly burnt in his last romance and has no plans for a new one. But, his attraction to Jubilee clouds his mind. Jubilee is in the closet, but his attraction to Kieran has him sticking his toe out. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do, but he can’t fight what he feels. Both men have to focus on their joint investigation into the drugs and murder that hovers over Lone Trail.

God. Kieran and Jubilee are brilliant characters. I loved their banter and teasing and their general interaction. They make a brilliant team both on and off the job and their interactions with other characters are great. Both are very comfortable in themselves and it shows in how they are with others. Dillon is another great character who you will enjoy, there are a few characters that will give you a giggle and make for a very interesting story. While our men are chasing the baddies, there’s a certain baddie that comes for Kieran and he is nasty in his methods of drawing Kieran to his clutches.

There’s a bit going on and you follow the trails as they take you through the suspects trying to find the main drug dealer/murderer Reggie Jones; with an alligator autopsy, gruesome remains, betrayal from an insider and drugs turning up in unexpected places. This is a very enjoyable story that is well written and gives you some chuckles and one or two ‘ugh, ewww gross’ moments. One thing I will tell you is that while Kieran and Jubilee get together it isn’t until near the end and then a bit of a bombshell is dropped on them. Although from the way they are in bed, I doubt it will be anything more than a slight blip, because they are HOT.

So, I am recommending this to those who love crime, guns, alligators, backward hicks, a shoot-out, betrayal, a very conniving bad guy… or maybe two, and a romance that is hard to get off the ground, but with some hot sex and with an opening for the next book.



We Are The Guardians by Edward Kendrick

Title: We Are the Guardians

Series: Phoenix Rising 02

Author: Edward Kendrick

Genre: Contemporary, Action, Adventure

Length: Super Novel (390pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (15th September 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: In addition to their work with Phoenix Rising, Giuliana and Roger are secret operatives for a group run by the ‘old man’. As danger and emotions heat up, will the team members be able to keep their focus on the missions at hand?

With someone out to kill Gregory, head of Phoenix Rising security, Roger Nielson, and new player in the game, Rico Ferranti help keep him and his lover, Daniella, safe; assisted by Giuliana Salvaggi.

Once Gregory’s problem is solved, Robin Seawood, who works for a clandestine group of secret operatives run by the ‘old man’, as does Roger, recruits both Giuliana and Rico to join them, much to Roger’s dismay.

As danger and emotions heat up, will the team members be able to keep their focus on the missions at hand?

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Review: Roger doesn’t just work for Phoenix Rising; he is also a secret operative for a clandestine group who take care of problems that governments can’t touch. now his control (Robin) has approached Giuliana to join the group. Gregory gets a warning that an enemy from his past is looking for him and with the help of an old ally Rico, Roger and Giuliana they protect Daniella and confront the enemy. Robin makes it his mission to get Rico on board and before long; Roger and Rico have to confront their feelings, before one of them ends up dead.

This is a well written story that is written in Parts, so it is as though you get a series of stories from this complex group of people as they are drawn into the workings of the ‘old man’. It’s difficult to delve into the storyline, as although we have the main romance of Roger and Rico, there is also Giuliana who develops a relationship, secrets are revealed and enemies come out of the woodwork. We see the type of work that the ‘old man’ assigns and the type of people who are eliminated.

First off, let’s talk about the action; it’s good, really good. you never quite know what is going to come next or what type of assignment we are going to see next. Then there is the sexual tension, Rico and Roger are a very conflicted pair. They both hate each other, but something lingers behind all the hate and when Roger is hurt trying to prove himself, Rico questions his own actions. This is a suspense/action story that you don’t want to end, just because you want to see what the next mission will be and who is assigned it.

We don’t see much of Urbain and Con in this one, but they are there, especially when everything comes pouring out at the end. This story definitely leans more towards the clandestine actions of the security staff of Phoenix Rising, and questions that sneak up on you throughout the book are answered near the end.

So, all in all this is a well-rounded book of rescues, assassinations, explosions and discovering allies and enemies and I have to recommend it to everyone who enjoys all of the above, along with two men falling in love and Giuliana getting her happy ever after as well.

Whispered Secrets, Hidden Eyes by Amylea Lyn

Title: Whispered Secrets, Hidden Eyes

Author: Amylea Lyn

Genre: Paranormal, Ghosts, Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel (240pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (15th September 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: An abandoned farmhouse and murder long forgotten. A ghost yearning for truth and a man haunted by his past. Joined by a mystery only solved if unlikely lovers learn to listen for whispered secrets and watch for hidden eyes.

Daren O’Connor, a disgraced police officer, seeks solace in a different town, but his new farmhouse is steeped in mystery. A murder victim haunts Daren’s every waking moment, begging for help. Daren feels drawn to the ghost, but can he help the soul find peace?

Shinjiro “Toby” Anderson has been crying out in silence. His spirit wanders his old home, trapped until his murder is resolved. All seemed hopeless until a handsome stranger moves in. Could this man help him cross over to the other side?

As they delve deeper, they discover powerful, unexpected feelings. Can the unlikely pair discover how a man and ghost can be together before the men responsible for Toby’s death make Daren a target?

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Review: Daren seeks solace in a farmhouse that he has inherited from his uncle. He needs time and space to forget the betrayals that landed him in hospital and targeted him for suspicion from work colleagues and friends alike. Now starting over, he discovers the murder and cover-up of a young man nearly thirty years before and vows to set right the wrongs that befell Toby… the ghost he is falling in love with.

Wow, this is one excellent mystery/crime ghost story, not only was the solving of the crime and discovering the hidden secrets great, but the mystery of how Toby and Daren could be together was handled brilliantly, leaving you in suspense for a while and expecting a bittersweet ending. Daren was betrayed by the person he trusted the most, his work partner and lover of two years Mike. Now, months later, after dealing with the investigation and the fall out of that last night, he begins anew and discovers his new home is haunted by the ghost of a murder victim. Toby needs justice to pass to the other side, but he falls in love with Daren. As they get closer to Toby’s murderers and Daren discovers the truth behind Toby’s murder, Toby realizes that he doesn’t want to leave.

This is a brilliantly written story that gives you vivid descriptions of the horror that both these men… err ghost and man have faced and living through the experience with both of them. Daren is a very strong character, even with everything that had happened to him, he still believed in justice. Toby was a wonderful ghost; his story breaks your heart especially when you hear how he tried to comfort his father after he died. He is such a sweet character and Toby and Daren share some wonderful experiences together in the dream world.

The ending of this book surprised me and made me smile as I realized that Toby and Daren would get their happy ending, and it was a very welcome surprise. I think that a lot of you will enjoy the whole murder/mystery and the cover-up with Daren digging into the past and uncovering the clues, and I also think you will be surprised and pleased with how Amylea Lyn has handled the ghost/human sex scenes.

I am recommending this to those who love paranormal, cute ghosts, a great mystery, some danger, hot loving, and an ending with is unexpected but very happy.


Body Magic by Poppy Dennison

Title: Body Magic

Series: Triad 02

Author: Poppy Dennison

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novel (206pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (10th September 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: A pack is only as strong as its weakest member. Rocky Harris knows how the system works. He’s been on the bottom rung his whole life. But when his alpha consigns him to the High Moon Pack to help them improve security, he finds his beliefs not just challenged but outright assaulted.

Cade Montgomery’s confidence took a hit when the pack’s cubs were kidnapped on his watch. He’s prepared to do anything to protect his family, even if it means working with Rocky. Maybe Cade doesn’t trust Rocky, but with the turmoil surrounding pack Alpha Gray’s unpopular decision to break tradition and mate with a mage named Simon, Cade knows more threats are coming.

Then someone declares war on shifters and puts the entire pack in danger. Cade and Rocky will need each other’s strengths to survive the impending battle—and the power of their growing attraction.

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Review: This book is part of a series and must be read in order. Cade is Alpha Gray’s best friend and he feels he could have done more when the cubs had been kidnapped and will do anything to ensure that his pack is safe. Even if it means working with Rocky, who he just can’t quite trust. Rocky is only with Gray’s pack to upgrade security, or so the pack thinks. His own Alpha wants to know all the packs secrets, but the longer that Rocky is with the pack the more he doubts his own Alpha. Gray and Simon are still trying to get answers and Simon’s twenty-fifth birthday is approaching fast and Cormac is preparing Simon to receive his full powers.

This is a brilliant continuation of the Triad series and drags us further into the wonderful world that Poppy Dennison has created for her paranormal creations. This book is focused on the continued storyline from Mind Magic of paranormal beings stealing magic and life-forces from other magical beings. it is focused on Gray and Simon’s pack and their controversial mating. Cade and Rocky both fight the attraction they have for each other for different reasons. Cade because he doesn’t trust Rocky although he can’t pin point the reason and Rocky because he knows that he will have to betray Gray’s pack.

This story is really well woven, bringing together all aspects of the plot and storyline so that you can follow it quite well. All the while feeding the need for a build up to an explosive ending that leaves more questions than answers and a great yearning for book 3. In this one we discover, with the appearance of a mountain lion cub called Riley, that there is something much more powerful than the demon and mage (from Mind Magic) sucking up life-force’s and magic of the paranormal world. We find out from Rocky, that his Alpha wants Gray’s pack and that there are problems facing them from the shifter council.

Although the blurb focused on Cade and Rocky and yes, they are a focal point to what is happening, this story also weaves in Simon and Gray’s still developing relationship. We get fully immersed in the story of these men’s lives and their relationships, with the developing feelings and also the confusion that one of them feels about all the new developments. We see how the pack pulls together in its time of need and how heroes can come from anywhere and be anyone, including an Omega who has been treated badly.

I am recommending this one to everyone who loves shifters, magic, vampires, children, mystery, danger, questions and an ending that while an happy for now, is left wide open for the next installment and hopefully a very happy ending.

Philip's Watcher by Dianne Hartsock

Title: Philip’s Watcher

Author: Dianne Hartsock

Genre: Fantasy

Length: Novella (90pgs)

Publisher: Etopia Press (7th September 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2 – 2 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Can passion melt a heart of stone?

Darkness is spreading in the world with only the powerful Agenor family to oppose it. In the guise of a stone gargoyle atop the castle walls, Adrian has protected Philip, the young heir, since birth, watching him grow from childhood into a strong but lonely man without love.

When the clan chief, Philip’s father, is murdered by those he trusted, Adrian resumes his human form to better protect his beloved Philip. And finds his love returned. As lovers, their passion is all-consuming, but as they fight against treachery from within, will their love be enough to stem the dark tide sweeping the land? And will it be enough to keep Adrian’s heart alive…

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Review: Adrian was made a Watcher to watch over Philip, the Heir to the Agenor family. Philip’s family has fought against the Dark forces, but their losses are piling up with the loss of Philip’s father. Adrian is betrayed by the one he loved many years ago and he has to give his all to ensure that his beloved Philip survives.

This is one of those books that has huge potential, but fails in the world building and background story. Adrian is Philip’s Watcher. He has to help protect Philip’s family in their fight against the Dark forces, but when an unexpected attack comes from one who he thought was an ally and a lover from his past, he feels that he has failed in his duty to his beloved Philip.

I was intrigued by this story at first and thought that I was in for a treat, but I was disappointed by the way the story started to go into Adrian’s remembrances of the past and also of the imagines implanted by Jaimin (Adrian’s lost lover and Philip’s enemy). There was no real relationship building between Philip and Adrian, other than Philip talking to Adrian in his stone form, and Adrian watching over Philip from afar. We see more of Adrian and Jaimin’s relationship than was needed.

As I said there isn’t much world building, we are thrown in the deep end and have no real clue why good and bad are really fighting, just vague references, and we get a vague sense that Adrian was transformed into a watcher somehow. There are some very erotic moments in a dreamlike quality but they aren’t between our heroes, and those moments seem to pop up for no reason at all.

I admit that there was a lot of potential for this book, but it needed a lot more detail and world building to carry it off. I found myself wondering if I hadn’t got the blurb wrong a couple of times and it was really about Adrian and Jaimin and forgiving love etc. But, no. It was about Adrian and Philip.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel any connection between them, except for when they did the spiritual thing and then I felt the connection.

So, I will recommend this if you like gargoyles, fantasy, hot erotic sex, magic and a happy ending.



Cutaway by Liz Borino

Title: Cutaway

Author: Liz Borino

Genre: BDSM

Length: Novel

Publisher:  Lazy Day Publishing (September 19, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb:  Two years after Steve Michaels called, “Action!” on a new phase in his career as co-producer on the television show Ben’s Life, the lights go up again on his Dom/sub relationship with actor Zack Greene, but Hollywood cameras don’t always capture the truth.

A mention of Steve’s past in the BDSM scene has Zack craving new ways for them to connect. All of the couple’s concerns fall away when Steve and his ex, Peter, are in a car accident. The last ones to know, Zack and Josh, Peter’s slave, rush to the hospital. The injuries from the accident force the dominant man to set aside his pride and accept help from Zack. Will the couple get to explore new boundaries in their relationship or will the dependency Cutaway the structure holding their relationship in place?

Product Link

Reviewer:  Madison

Review:  Steve is the director of the highly successful TV show, Ben’s Life. He’s been in a monogamous relationship with the show’s lead star, Zack, for five years. Steve and Zack enjoy elements of a Dom/sub lifestyle, although neither is heavily into the scene. Steve identifies as a Dom, but draws the line at doing anything that would cause his lover pain or humiliation. Zack identifies as a sub, but has a big ego and a feisty attitude that often result in inappropriate behavior.

Steve is so lax, and Zack so obstinate, I have a hard time thinking of this as a D/s relationship. It doesn’t help that the other D/s couple in the story is heavily into the lifestyle and their personalities are extreme. Even so, it’s sweet to see how devoted Steve and Zack are to one another and how deeply they love one another. I admit I know very little about BDSM, so I can’t speak to the authenticity of the character’s actions.

Their safe word made me laugh. 😀

There are several really interesting things happening in the plot, like Zack having to give his collar to a coworker on set, and the accident that causes Zack to have to care for Steve for a change. These could have been played up more, with more emotion, and perhaps in a full-length novel, they would have been.

I was also intrigued by the character Josh. I was a bit shocked at how the story ended. I was hoping for resolution for Josh’s storyline. I’m assuming there will be another book in this series that explores Josh’s story further. At least, I hope so. We’re left with a pretty major cliffhanger! From what I know of Steve and Zack, it’s highly unlikely that they would take in Josh as a third, but I was secretly hoping for that. He needs some hugs and kisses and sweet loving, too. 🙂