Wildcat by Scarlet Blackwell

Title: Wildcat

Author: Scarlet Blackwell

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (122pgs)

Publisher: Scarlet Books (13th September 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: He’s one wildcat who needs to be tamed…

Washed-up American TV star Dexter Summerfield is adrift in the UK with no friends and a career full of more scandal than highlights. His boss throws him one last lifeline: searching for the elusive Scottish wildcat as part of a nature documentary. But taking on the job means taking on reclusive, dangerously sexy cameraman Kade Macbeth, just the two of them, alone for a week in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. Kade’s out and proud but Dexter’s straight… isn’t he?

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Review: Dexter is a man who believes that he is owed what he wants. But, that attitude has brought him to the brink of disaster for his career. now he has one last chance to turn his fortunes around and he hates the very thought of a job which he feels is beneath him. Kade is a well-known wildlife cameraman who likes the simple things in life. On his search for the Scottish wildcat, he finds himself attracted Dexter who is nasty, boorish and straight… isn’t he?

Well, this one will definitely get the emotions racing as you try to figure out just how you really feel about the MC’s as the book progresses. Dexter is one of those men who you admire and pant over from afar, but if you got to know him you’d be planning his disappearance and where to bury the body. Kade is the one that you root for, wanting him to shatter the shell that surrounds Dexter and to break down all Dexter’s defensives and to find the man inside that is truly worth loving.

Dexter is a character that you will hate in the beginning and although at times you want to sympathies with him you can never quite reach that emotion, and although he does make you wince a lot you do eventually come to like him but that is solely Kade’s doing. Without Kade, then Dexter would never find redemption in anyone’s eyes. Kade is a great character and you do wonder what he sees in Dexter besides his good looks, because there had to be something to keep Kade wanting the man after he opened his mouth.

Is this a love story that you understand? Will you relate to the characters? Will you be able to fathom the attraction between the two men? And finally will anyone ever understand the ways that love works? I can’t answer any of these, but this story shows two completely different men who somehow fight their way through how they feel and stand up for what they truly want. With one of them managing to change his life around completely in the process and becoming a man that he is proud of.

I am recommending this to those who love difficult relationships, clashes of headstrong men, passionate sex, facing who you truly are and finally a very happy reunion and a happy ever after.



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