We Are The Guardians by Edward Kendrick

Title: We Are the Guardians

Series: Phoenix Rising 02

Author: Edward Kendrick

Genre: Contemporary, Action, Adventure

Length: Super Novel (390pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (15th September 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: In addition to their work with Phoenix Rising, Giuliana and Roger are secret operatives for a group run by the ‘old man’. As danger and emotions heat up, will the team members be able to keep their focus on the missions at hand?

With someone out to kill Gregory, head of Phoenix Rising security, Roger Nielson, and new player in the game, Rico Ferranti help keep him and his lover, Daniella, safe; assisted by Giuliana Salvaggi.

Once Gregory’s problem is solved, Robin Seawood, who works for a clandestine group of secret operatives run by the ‘old man’, as does Roger, recruits both Giuliana and Rico to join them, much to Roger’s dismay.

As danger and emotions heat up, will the team members be able to keep their focus on the missions at hand?

Purchase Link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/product_book_info/products_id/876

Review: Roger doesn’t just work for Phoenix Rising; he is also a secret operative for a clandestine group who take care of problems that governments can’t touch. now his control (Robin) has approached Giuliana to join the group. Gregory gets a warning that an enemy from his past is looking for him and with the help of an old ally Rico, Roger and Giuliana they protect Daniella and confront the enemy. Robin makes it his mission to get Rico on board and before long; Roger and Rico have to confront their feelings, before one of them ends up dead.

This is a well written story that is written in Parts, so it is as though you get a series of stories from this complex group of people as they are drawn into the workings of the ‘old man’. It’s difficult to delve into the storyline, as although we have the main romance of Roger and Rico, there is also Giuliana who develops a relationship, secrets are revealed and enemies come out of the woodwork. We see the type of work that the ‘old man’ assigns and the type of people who are eliminated.

First off, let’s talk about the action; it’s good, really good. you never quite know what is going to come next or what type of assignment we are going to see next. Then there is the sexual tension, Rico and Roger are a very conflicted pair. They both hate each other, but something lingers behind all the hate and when Roger is hurt trying to prove himself, Rico questions his own actions. This is a suspense/action story that you don’t want to end, just because you want to see what the next mission will be and who is assigned it.

We don’t see much of Urbain and Con in this one, but they are there, especially when everything comes pouring out at the end. This story definitely leans more towards the clandestine actions of the security staff of Phoenix Rising, and questions that sneak up on you throughout the book are answered near the end.

So, all in all this is a well-rounded book of rescues, assassinations, explosions and discovering allies and enemies and I have to recommend it to everyone who enjoys all of the above, along with two men falling in love and Giuliana getting her happy ever after as well.

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