Misfits by Garrett Leigh Retro Review Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

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Hi peeps, we have Garrett Leigh stopping by with the retro review tour for Misfits, we have a great excerpt, a brilliant giveaway and Tams’ review, so check out the post and click that giveaway link! <3 ~Pixie~

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(Urban Love 01)

Garrett Leigh

Restaurant owner Tom Fearnes has loved his partner Cass for as long as he can remember, but their work often keeps them apart. When he meets a striking young man named Jake on the vibrant streets of Camden Town, their heady first encounter takes an unexpected turn.

Jake Thompson can hardly believe his luck when he wakes up in Tom’s bed. Tom is gorgeous, kind, and . . . taken. Tom’s explanation of his open relationship leaves Jake cold, but Tom is too tempting, and when hard times force Jake to accept Tom’s helping hand, he finds himself between two men who’ve lost their way.

Cass Pearson is a troubled soul. He loves Tom with all he has, but some days it feels like he hasn’t much to give. Jake seems like the perfect solution. Cass risks everything to push Jake and Tom together, but Jake resists, wary, until the darkness of Cass’s past comes to call. Then Jake finds himself the last man standing, and it’s time to dig deep and shine a light for the men he’s grown to love.

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Discovering Dalton by Nicole Colville Blog Tour, Interview, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

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Hiya guys, we have Nicole Colville stopping by with her newest release Discovering Dalton, we have a short chat with Nicole, there’s a fantastic excerpt, an awesome giveaway and Tams review, so enjoy the post and click that rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

Nicole Colville - Discovering Dalton E-Book Cover

Discovering Dalton

(Manchester Ménage Collection 02)

Nicole Colville

At fifteen, Troy and Liam were fostered by the same family, and although they hated each other at first, they gradually became solid friends. As adults, the two foster brothers live together. Both experience tough times, each being a rock for the other, but their love had never been anything other than brotherly.

Until they both fall for the same guy, and things get… complicated.

Dalton is fresh out of a ten year marriage. Feeling lost, he concentrates on the only thing he can control—his body. Developing from a chubby, unfit police officer into a lean, mean inked one, Dalton has never looked better, but inside, he’s never felt worse. A relationship is far from his thoughts, and one with another man makes Dalton even more confused. He takes time to get to know Troy and Liam separately, but Manchester isn’t that big, and sparks fly when fate throws the three together.

Together, these three fight it out between them. Both Troy and Liam demand Dalton choose between them, but what if he didn’t have to choose? What if it could work between three?

The things in life we fight for are never the easiest, but they’re the ones worth holding onto forever.

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Three is Not A Crowd Anthology Cover Reveal & Giveaway!

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Hi guys, we have Wayward Ink Publishing and it’s authors showing of the cover to their upcoming release Three is Not A Crowd, check out the fantastic cover and then click that Rafflecopter link to enter the fantastic giveaway <3 ~Pixie~

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Three is Not A Crowd


Alina Popescu, Aimee Brissay, Rian Durant, Eddy LeFey, L.V. Lloyd, Kay Ellis, Eric Gober, Asta Idonea & Lily Velden

Why would anyone think three was a crowd?

No. No. No. No. No.

Three is a triangle…

and did you know it’s the strongest geometrical shape?

All the best things come in threes…

Musketeers, primary colors, three-ringed circuses, stooges, blind mice, little pigs. The list goes on.

Of course they say trouble comes in three too…

but we won’t go there… or will we?

**giggle** There’s three sheets to the wind.

And **sigh… drool** there’s three piece suits.

And trust us, it’s no coincidence that there are three ingredients in a BLT.

Or only three elements to the game Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Want to get physical???

Well, there’s… three-legged races… (what were you thinking?)

Political? Of the people, by the people, for the people.

Or creepy? Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil.

Why, three has so much going for it we don’t even need to mention a…

1…………          2…………          3………… sandwich

(substitute your own dream guys)

And of course, there’s: On your Mark. Get Set. And Go!

So Go! Read the short stories in…


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Bonded 2 by Sara York Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

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Hiya peeps, we have Sara York stopping by today with her newest release Bonded 2, we have a great excerpt 2 fantastic giveaways and Cat’s review for you to check out, so enjoy the post and click that Raffelcopter link <3 ~Pixie~

Sara York - Bonded 02 Cover

Bonded 2

(Bound in Love 02)

Sara York

Liam Muller’s passion for life, mixed with his abusive past created more problems than Greg Peterson could handle on his own. When the pair meet Chris Edwards, everything changes. Both Greg and Chris keep Liam even, but when Liam’s parents plot his kidnapping, Chris and Greg can do nothing to keep him safe without the help of Chris’s new friend, Agent Samuel Graves.

Samuel is all about the job, but he craves a connection like Liam, Chris, and Greg have. When Sam meets Hudson Radcliff, he’s thrown off balance with attraction. His normally cool demeanor is set aflame with lust and need. Hudson and Sam burn for each other, but their passion is tested when everyone is put in danger.

Chris, and Greg fight Liam’s demons after they are reunited, but Liam’s parents won’t give up without a fight. Three men together may challenge people, but Liam, Chris, and Greg will fight to the end for their love.

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Uncharted Hearts by Amelia Bishop Blog Tour, Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Hi guys, we have Amelia Bishop popping in with the tour for her newest release Uncharted Hearts, we have a short interview with Amelia, we have a great excerpt and there’s a fantastic giveaway so enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

Amelia Bishop - Uncharted Hearts _cover

Uncharted Hearts


Amelia Bishop

Clayton Taylor is smart and skilled, and born into privilege. His expertise with navigation lands him a job on The Irish Lady, a ship which promises a world of new experiences. Half in love with Peter, The Lady’s roguish captain, Clayton signs on for adventure and a chance to test his skill against the sea. Once aboard he meets Jorge, a pillar of quiet strength.

Clayton’s life among the sailors and thieves is happy, wild, and free. He learns to sail, to fit in with the crew, and to cheat at cards. There isn’t a course he can’t chart, or a job he can’t design.

But Clayton can’t navigate love, nor can he plan for the whims of his heart. Bold and direct and often stubborn, Clayton’s uncharted heart will plot its own course, bound for a union with two men who need him as much as he does them.

Together Clayton, Peter, and Jorge will discover the heart has no need of map and compass.

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Love Cubed by Eddy LeFey Release Day Blitz & Excerpt!

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Hiya peeps, we have Eddy LeFey popping in now with his newest release Love Cubed, there’s a great excerpt to check out and just look at that cover! So check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

Eddy LeFey - Love Cubed _Preview

Love Cubed


Eddy LeFey

Three very different young men meet at St-Frederick’s University.

Francis, haunted by his past and seeking a new life.

Andrew, the introverted football jock.

And Sebastian, the charismatic and confident hockey star.

Francis, wary and troubled, didn’t count on meeting anyone he could care for.

Andrew, closeted and lonely, didn’t think anything would matter more than his football career.

And Sebastian, content to float from conquest to conquest, never believed he’d meet someone who could hold his interest.

An encounter with a journalist causes consequences for all three.

Will they be able to take what they need from one another in order to cope?

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Trouble Comes in Threes by M.A. Church Blog Tour, Interview, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

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Hiya guys we have M.A. Church visiting today on her blog tour for her upcoming release Trouble Comes in Threes, our Cat chats to M.A. about the book and there’s a great excerpt and giveaway. So peeps enjoy the post, click that Rafflecopter link and read Cat’s review <3 ~Pixie~ 

M.A. Church - Trouble Comes In Three's _final

 Trouble Comes in Threes


M.A. Church

A snowstorm in the South—on New Year’s Eve—is a perfect recipe for a catastrophe. After two soul-crushing bad breaks, Kirk’s waiting for disaster number three to strike when naturally, two stray cats arrive on his doorstep during the storm and decide to make themselves at home. Tenderhearted Kirk lets them stay even though there’s something decidedly odd about his overly friendly felines.

Out of the punishing weather, and full of tuna, Dolf and Tal are happy to be snug in Kirk’s house. But then their human goes outside for firewood and suffers a nasty fall that leaves him unconscious. Now the two cats have no choice but to reveal themselves.

Kirk wakes up to find the two kitties are actually Dolf and Tal. They’re cat shifters—and his destined mates. Being part of a feline threesome is enough for Kirk to grapple with, but soon he learns they come from a clowder that doesn’t believe humans and shifters should mix. Kirk knew those two cats would be trouble. Little does he know the real trouble lies ahead.

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Three's Company by N.R. Walker

21948793Title: Three’s Company, 2nd edition
Series: N/A

Author: N.R. Walker

Genre: Ménage

Length: Novel (179 Pages)

Publisher: Published April 16th 2014 by Totally Bound Publishing (first published 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: When looking for someone to help heal his broken heart, Wilson Curtis never dreamed he’d find two someones. Love isn’t always conventional.
After being publicly outed and his restaurant business in tatters, instead of vacationing with his lover, Wilson Curtis goes to Key West alone where he meets Simon and Adam. Fascinated by this couple, he strikes up conversation and is soon invited into their bed for some holiday fun.

But once isn’t enough, and the offer is extended for the remainder of his stay. As they get to know each other, in and out of the bedroom, sparks fly and ten days is all it takes to change their lives.

When it comes time for Wil to leave, with outside tensions closing in and time running out, tempers flare and emotions fray. Beneath the misunderstandings and lack of communication is the realization these three men aren’t ready to say goodbye.
Reader Advisory: This book was previously released at another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound.

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/threes-company

Reviewer: GiGi

Review: I think this book is maybe my personal fantasy! Leave behind a narrow-minded small town and stressful job to relax in sun and fun with not one, but two hot guys! Would you relocate to the Keys to start working with two new lovers in an open and safe, fun resort? I sure would! Of course, there’s more to the story. Through one act of bigotry, Will is outed to his narrow-minded community, and suffers the consequences as his closeted boyfriend sits silently and watches the whole thing go down with no act to defend him. So Wil does the only things he knows to: he packs his bags and takes off for the vacation they had planned for two, alone to a gay resort in Key West. Thank goodness, for the kind heart and sexy smile Simon possesses as he invites Wil into his and Adam’s world.

Wil, Simon, and Adam need to weave a delicate balance, and lay down a good foundation of communication, love, and understanding to make their new threesome work. Wil also needs to let go of his past, his wishes that his hometown could have accepted him, and sell off his business and his childhood home. Even after surmounting all those difficulties, another force of bigotry threatens Adam, Will and Simon’s dreams. Will family, friends, and love overcome?

Warning, this story is full of hot sun, hot dancing, hot men, and hot sex. You may need a cool drink and a fan while reading! A fun read, I recommend you take this baby to the beach!

The Out of Towner by Lilith Duvalier

TOOT__07527.1389657051.300.450Title: The Out of Towner
Author: Lilith Duvalier
Genre: Contemporary/Ménage
Length: Novella (53 pages)
Publisher: Evernight Publishing (01-13-2014)
Heat Level: Moderate to Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4.5Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Carlos and Thomas need one night when they don’t talk about planning their wedding.

Carlos’ family keeps butting in, big chunks of Thomas’ family refuse to be involved, and the stress of planning this huge celebration for this many people—many of whom don’t speak the same language—is too much.

Carlos declares that they are going to spend one night together without wedding planning. To sweeten the pot, they play a little game by pretending to meet for the first time at an expensive restaurant downtown.

But at the restaurant, Thomas runs into Jimmy Colton, an old college crush who is in town for business. By the time Carlos arrives, the game has changed, and the three of them are heading back to Jimmy’s hotel room to fulfill a long-held fantasy.
Purchase Link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/the-out-of-towner-by-lilith-duvalier/
Review: There is nothing like a sexy little short to send you off to bed with sweet dreams. And that is just what this book was. Short, Sexy and Steamy, my three favorite colors!

High School sweethearts Thomas and Carlos are planning their wedding, and the pressure is getting to them in more ways than one. Carols sister’s constant nagging about their choice for flower girl is just a tiny drop in the pond of insanity that has become their wedding planning. In an attempt to get away for a night and reconnect, Carlos decides a little role-playing is in order. So he dresses his fiancé up in his finest suit and sends him off to a trendy bar to wait for him, “the stranger” to come pick him up.

Not long after arriving at the pre-determined destination, Thomas is at the bar drink in hand when he see’s Carols waving. Only it isn’t Carlos, it’s a friend from high school that all the boys crushed on, Jimmy. Once Jimmy is let in on the little secret behind tonight’s outing, he decides to deepen the intrigue and throw himself into the mix, so to speak. Will Carlos and Thomas take a chance at crossing an item off their bucket list by allowing another man into their bed? Even if it is a man, they’ve known since high school.

This story was so realistic and intriguing. Before I knew it, I was finished. Duvalier delivered a well-written, well-paced novella guaranteed to spice up about an hour in anyone’s day. The characters just clicked and the story flowed so well. Very steamy but sensual, and the ending leaves me hoping that there may be more to come from this daring trio. Just one little hiccup, toward the end Jimmy is doing something to himself that I’m certain is not humanly possible, and he does this a couple of times. After going back and reading that sentence again I figured out that should have been Thomas.

Like I said… short, sexy and steamy!

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

Where There's A Will by Bailey Bradford

91A45M5UTpL._SL1500_Title: Where There’s a Will

SeriesLove in Xxchange 09

Author:  Bailey Bradford

Genre: Ménage MMM/ Cowboys

Length: Novel (194 pages)

Publisher:Totally Bound (June 4th 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer:  Cat

Blurb:Book nine in the Love in Xxchange Series

Three men who’ve given up on love find it in the most unexpected place.

A rough cowboy, a sassy spitfire, and a bartender—they sound like the start of a joke, but there’s nothing funny about the way Carlos feels when a sexy spitfire of a man blows him a kiss.

Carlos came down to Texas from the Mossy Glenn Ranch in Montana to deliver some bad news to his former boss Nick. Just one problem, his GPS unit is a lying POS. It keeps having him drive in circles and nagging him to turn in impossible places.

Then a man blows him a kiss, and reawakens a part of him Carlos thought was dead and gone. He’s a middle-aged cowboy, tired and unemployed, yet when he stops for directions and sees the sexy spitfire getting jacked off by one very handsome, stacked bartender, it’s a jolt to his libido.

When Will and Troy invite him to play and make it clear they aren’t a couple, they’re just strangers like he is to them, Carlos just can’t resist.

But each of them has secrets, pain and desires, needs and hopes. Will is hated by most the town residents, Troy can’t accept his own needs, and Carlos has let his past control him for almost two decades. Can they find what they need together and in themselves? Is such a thing possible?

Reader Advisory: This book contains light BDSM, bondage, spankings

Purchase Link: https://www.totallybound.com/where-theres-a-will

Review: Warning: this does have a ménage, and some bondage and spankings.

This is book 9 of the Love in Xxchange series.  I am going to admit this is my first in this particular series. I wanted to read it because I have been reading the Mossy Glenn Ranch series and this book is where the main characters, Will, Troy and Carlos meet.  I absolutely love Bailey Bradford and loved the Mossy Glenn series.  Will is one of my all-time favourite characters, another reason I wanted to read this particular book but more on that in a minute. I will say I plan to read this entire series also since the other characters seem to be quite interesting as well. So I do suggest you read the series in order then be sure to jump in the Mossy Glenn series as well.

In this book Will, Carlos, and Troy meet.  I found the way they met adorable. Carlos is zooming along the road from Montana, to talk to his friend about the Mossy Glenn and is already upset for the goings on there. A cutie in a mini cooper passes him and blows him a kiss. Carlos is also lost from the directions of his GPS and pulls into a bar for a drink, to calm down and get directions to his friend’s ranch. He walks in on a sexy bartender and a twink getting it on, on the bar. Then he realizes the twink is the guy that blew him a kiss. The three end up in the storage room.  It just gets better from there.

I absolutely love Bailey’s writing style.  The author really knows how to paint a picture with words.  I loved how she described Carlos from Will’s view.   He simply thought Marlboro man.  That was all I needed to absolutely visualize Carlos.  Now Will is a completely new story and you get his picture throughout this story as well as he seems to grow in the next series. I absolutely love will. He is described as a small guy, with very feminine features. As a matter of fact when he first went past Carlos, Carlos thought he was a girl until he saw him better.  At first, you think of Will as a twink. He is fun-loving, sexy, and very campy. But he is not what he appears. He is very strong, knows what he wants, how to get it and uses his campiness however he needs.  I think that is what I like best about him is that he is not the usual character. He isn’t tall dark and handsome or an Alpha male, he is the opposite but don’t let him fool you. He can hold his own.

I love that this story is a bit complicated. It is a western with cowboys, yet it also has drama, and it deals with a ménage and though it has lots of sex, it still stays interesting as well.

If you like a great series, bartenders, cops, ménage, bondage cowboys, drama, and lots of hot mansex this is for you!

Just Between Us by Aislinn Kerry

41Y1BTkCD0LTitle: Just Between Us


Author: Aislinn Kerry


Genre: Contemporary, M/M/M


Length: Novella (68 pages)


Publisher: Amber Allure (16th December 2012)


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥3 ½ Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: In high school, Alex, Matt, and Gavin had been an inseparable trio, but all that changed when Matt and Alex started dating, and Gavin turned his back on both of them. Now in their late twenties, Alex and Matt are still together, but years of routine have worn their relationship into a rut.


When Alex unexpectedly runs into Gavin during a boys-night-out for the first time since high school, he’s shocked to realize just how hot the other man has become. Alex loves Matt, but he can’t deny his attraction to Gavin. And the more the three friends reconnect, the more Alex starts to suspect that the unrequited crush that drove Gavin away isn’t quite a thing of the past that they thought it was.


And that crush might not have been as unrequited as it originally seemed, either. In fact, Gavin might be just the breath of fresh air that Alex and Matt need to breathe new life into their struggling relationship…if their hearts can survive it…


Purchase Link: http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/JustBetweenUs.html


Review: Alex is dragged out for a night on a town by his friend Liam who says he has become a homebody to keep his partner Matt company, after a little bit too much to drink he gets an unexpected surprise in the shape of an old school friend Gavin. Matt is surprised when Alex tells him he bumped into Gavin at the club, and the truth comes out when Alex admits how hot Gavin is now and both Alex and Matt wanting to rekindle their friendship with Gavin. Gavin, Matt, and Alex used to be friends but Gavin drifted away suddenly, now years later Gavin has a chance to reconnect but the crush he had on Matt never went away and Gavin jumps at what Alex and Matt offer him.


This story started out great, with some great descriptions. A great basis for a friend to lovers ménage romance. The characters seemed great. With Alex and Matt in a happy long-term relationship, and with Gavin being an old friend of theirs. The circumstances with how they all meet up again are good and how they reconnected was interesting. Especially when you take into account lingering feelings. Alex is being one very understanding boyfriend, wanting what his boyfriend wanted and not only because he wanted it himself, but also I felt like he should have had at least a little pinch of worry at one stage.


I was disappointed that it was all from Alex’s POV because I would have really like to know what both Matt and Gavin thought of everything that was happening and what they were feeling, after all it was a big step for them to take. I was happy to get some background on their previous friendships but it would have been better with a bit more filling out. The sex is really hot and was balanced out nicely between the three and showed the level of emotion between them. but, I was expecting a little more disquiet between them before and at one point during, I was expecting at least some hurt feelings.


Over all, this is quite a good story that leaves you feeling like it accomplished what it set out to do, giving us a ménage romance. So if you love hot sex, and a happy ending then this give book a shot.   

Zander's Story by Hennessee Andrews

8616563Title: Zander’s Story

Series: Rough in the Saddle, #2

Author: Hennessee Andrews

Genre: Contemporary Cowboy Romance/Menage

Length: Novella (27K)

Publisher: Siren Book Strand (February 15th 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4Hearts

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb: Zander Wesley feels cursed by his sexuality. While he wouldn’t change it, he is having difficulty coping and finding his place in the world. His family exiled him from their lives years ago, but the pain of rejection still haunts him as well as the memory of the beating he suffered at his father’s hand.

At thirty-two, Zander wants more than a life on the road and working for someone else during the winter. He has saved for a ranch, and all he needs to do is find it.

When Zander runs into Dean Buchanan and John Acker, desire he has held for the two heightens to a new level. He believed the men were straight, but a rendezvous with Dean in his horse trailer proves him wrong. Dean admits his feelings and expresses his want for more than just a fling. The only problem is John. Can he overcome his jealousy and succumb to his desire for Zander?

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/zanders-story

Review: Short, Sexy and Steamy…. My three favourite colors!

Zander Wesley longs for something more than the life he leads on the rodeo circuit. He saves his winnings in hopes of some day buying a ranch, and is on the search for someone to share that life with. He’s long thought of his homosexuality as a negative after a serious beating at the hands of his father when he caught Zander and his high school boyfriend making out. He meets Dean and John one night at a bar and definitely likes what he sees, but he ignores the feelings of desire he has for both men thinking they are straight. Little does he know that not only are they very much gay, but the attraction goes both ways, or three ways in this case.

Dean Buchanan and John Acker have been together for several years, but there is something missing. Something 6’4 with dark hair, smoldering eyes and a domineering attitude. Dean is a natural submissive. Zander an obvious dominate, so where does that leave John? Somewhere in the middle if Zander and Dean have their way. The three share a smoking hot night, but where do they go from there? Zander finds the perfect ranch to start his dream, but that dream has morphed into something more as of late. Something he wants to include John and Dean is. Now he just has to convince them that they can make it work if they can work together as a team and partners, in every sense of the word.

The way these three balance each other out is sort of… perfect. Someone has to be in charge, only one can lead, even when taking his partners into consideration. But in order for Zander to take the lead, John has to relinquish some control. And Dean is just sitting back and enjoying the ride, literally! I love the way the characters play off each other in these books, the author works well with each individual’s strengths and weakness’. The sex is off the friggin charts fantastic! But I have to take points off for that ridiculous display of emotion in the kitchen toward the end. It was like a road bump in the story, I was able to push through though, and I’m glad I did.

This is a must read series for anyone that likes sexy cowboys, ménage and strong-willed characters that can learn how to be flexible.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **


Broken Pieces by Riley Hart

91GpSUkMUZL._SL1500_Title: Broken Pieces

Series: N/A

Author: Riley Hart

Genre: Erotic Romance/Ménage/Contemporary

Length: Novel (443 Pages)


Publisher: Riley Hart (February 4th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb:“Can three broken pieces make a whole?

Josiah Evans is the orphan who lost both his parents. He’s sweet, shy, and all heart. He wants nothing more than to be loved.

Mateo Sanchez is the son of a gang leader. He’s seen it all, and never hesitates to do what needs to be done, no matter what it is.

Tristan Croft is the wealthy attorney who clawed his way up from the bottom to rule his own world. He’ll never depend on anyone but himself again.

Three men who couldn’t be more different…and yet, as their lives intersect they find an uncommon balance that calms the storms inside each of them, and ignites fires hotter than they ever thought imaginable.

Told uniquely in three parts and spanning over ten years, BROKEN PIECES is a journey of healing for three fragmented souls, finding love in the unlikeliest of places—with each other.

Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/Broken-Pieces-Riley-Hart-ebook/dp/B00I87FILS

Review: This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time. It was truly beautiful and sweet. It did have its moments but turned out to be a wonderful story. It shows the strengths people have when they are going through such a trying time. When there are two paths to take and the directions the go to. The ability to overcome such pain, anger, and heartache. To turn those negative feelings into what each one of us truly needs and that is love, the feeling of belonging and friendship.

Josiah and Mateo met when Mateo was put into the foster system and joined him in the home where he was. Mateo was an angry young man who had been raised basically in one of the worst New York gangs ever. He had lost his mom to murder, his father to prison and he had been taken away from the gang. A gang he really didn’t want to be with but figured it was what he deserved. Josiah had lost his family to an accident and even with the pain of loss. He was sweet, innocent, and very loving. With Josiah’s help, Mateo wanted more of the life with Josiah. However, his past never really left, so ending it harshly with Josiah he left. Josiah spent the next several years in pain, missing his love. However he did what Mateo had wanted him to, he lived. Then one day Josiah meets Tristan and even though they had their hard times, he wanted a life with this man. However, he still missed Mateo and loved him each day. Tristan had a hard life similar to Mateo, just not with gangs. He was an attorney who sent people to jail and had a mother he loved. He was hard in most ways. However, he was slowly learning to love. When Mateo comes back into Josiah’s life, things get complicated. However, they can make it work. It doesn’t hurt that Josiah’s and Tristan love life is hot and very loving, but then you add in Mateo and the sheets are set on fire.

This story makes me think of what really can happen when people take the wrong path or the right path. That they can destroy their lives or have everything they ever wanted. It is such a tender story that will make you cry at times or want to smack one of them. It comes off so real to me, that I wish they had gone through a different life. To know what they went through, what they gave up protecting the other and what they will get for a reward. I am glad to have had the chance to read this story. It was amazing.

When Morning Comes by Avril Ashton

20550509Title: When Morning Comes


Series: Fantasies: THR33, 01


Author: Avril Ashton


Genre: Contemporary/Ménage/BDSM/Interracial


Length: Short (48 pages)


ISBN: 978-1-77130-694-2


Publisher: Evernight Publishing (January 15th, 2014) 


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts


Reviewer: Cat


Blurb: Rich kid playboy Logan Sabourin has long been in love with his best friend. He’s learned to keep his game face on and smile, despite wanting to be Ryan Mora’s submissive in the worst way. He can’t be with Ryan the way he wishes, so when Ryan’s birthday rolls around, Logan buys his friend a fantasy. A submissive for the night.


Ryan Mora agrees to the elaborate gift his best friend gives him, only if Logan joins in. Lucky for them, his one night submissive, Cassidy James, is all for it. What started as Logan and Ryan sharing Cassidy turns into something deeper as a whipping scene reveals Logan’s submissive side. Soon Ryan is entertaining the prospect of having more with both men. But when morning comes, and Cassidy and Logan are nowhere to be found, it’s up to Ryan to turn their one night fantasy into reality.


Be Warned: ménage sex (MMM), m/m sex, BDSM, flogging, rimming, and double anal penetration.


Purchase Link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/when-morning-comes-by-avril-ashton/


Review: This is your basic, fulfil a fantasy story. Logan has gotten his best friend Ryan a special birthday gift and is feeling a little blue. There are hints to a secret, but it’s pretty obvious what that secret is. Having said this, I will say this is a well-written story.  It’s very straightforward. Descriptions come in small doses and don’t take away from the story.  I did enjoy the story quite a bit. 

There were things I didn’t quite get like the double penetration scene. In my opinion, it should have been Cassidy on the receiving end of that.

If you are looking for a very hot ménage, light BDSM, friends to lovers’ story this is for you!


More than Everything by Cardeno C.

MoreThanEverythingLGTitle: More than Everything

Series: Family 03

Author: Cardeno C.

Genre: Contemporary, M/M/M

Length: Novel (234pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (4th November 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: As a teenager, Charlie “Chase” Rhodes meets Scott Boone and falls head over heels in love with the popular, athletic boy next door. Charlie thinks he’s living the dream when Scott says he feels the same way. But his dreams are dashed when Scott moves unexpectedly and doesn’t return.

Years later, Chase meets brash and confident Adan Navarro, who claims all he wants is a round between the sheets. When they’re still together after eight months, Chase is convinced Adan returns his love. But then the time comes to be open about their relationship, and Adan walks away instead.

Time heals all wounds, but when Charlie runs into Scott and Adan and realizes the only two men he’s ever loved are now in love with each other, his heart breaks all over again. Scott and Adan tell Charlie they want him back, but Charlie doesn’t know if he can trust two people who have hurt him so deeply. And even if he can, why would Scott and Adan want Charlie when they already have everything with each other?     

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=4342 

Review: This story is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. Charlie (Chase) is just a teenager when he falls head over heels in love for the first time, and when Scott finally admits he feels the same Charlie thinks his dreams have come true. But, Scott transfers to another college to be closer to his new little sister promising to return but he never comes back. Years later Chase meets another man who captures his heart and Chase has high hopes, but those hopes are quashed when Adan shows his true colors by refusing to be open about their relationship. Things change for Charlie/Chase years later when he inherits new responsibilities and both Scott and Adan walk back into his life, time might heal wounds but when the loves of your life find love with each other and say that they both want you, the trust is hard to rebuild.

Cardeno C. hits the spot yet again with this new addition to the Family series, raising the heat level by giving us three hot men and a tricky love story, which has heartbreak and forgiveness. This is a wonderfully written story that has you leaving the comfort of a gentle sappy love story and plundering your emotions as we are taken on a whirlwind rollercoaster of Charlie’s love life. The story is written mainly from Charlie’s point of view, its a scrapbook of his life with him explaining each section and retelling what happened as though we are there watching. We also get Scott and Adan’s point of view during certain times and it helps us to connect to them and understand why they did the things they did, we also see clearly that they never stopped loving Charlie. 

During this story you will be pulled in all directions, we feel the loss as Charlie loses his first love to distance and time, and then his devastation as he realizes his second love wasn’t what he first thought. We feel his love for two men that always lingers in his heart, then we feel his confusion and breathtaking heartache when he sees his two ex loves together and in love. We follow along as both Scott and Adan try to get Charlie to let down his walls to let them in, to accept the love that they still both feel for him and to regain the trust that they both trampled. The characters are perfectly written with each one having their own unique personality, they bring out the best in each other, what one lacks another makes up for. 

This is a beautifully written story and a pure joy to read, the blending of a ménage relationship where they just slot together and become a whole was just perfect. I loved that Scott and Adan recognized that while their relationship was a happy one they still had something missing, something that would balance out two tops perfectly but that they weren’t ever going to settle for less than perfect. I loved that Charlie just didn’t dive headfirst into a relationship with two men even if he loved them, and that when the time came he worried over how it would work between them. And the sex oh boy, it’s steamy enough to make your temperature rise and erotic enough that you won’t miss a word. 

I recommend that you get a copy of this book, lock your house down, curl up in a comfy chair, and read this wonderful story until your heart’s content.                  

Quietly Into the Night by James Cox

18519977Title: Quietly Into the Night     

Author: James Cox     

Genre: Science Fiction, Erotica, M/M/M     

Length: Short (78pgs)     

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (19th September 2013)    

Heat Level: Explicit – Scorching     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts    

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: The plan was simple: get in, kill the target, and get out. Things got complicated, lines were crossed, and hearts were pried open.

My name is Rylan and I’m not who you think I am. I’m never who I appear to be. I am the wind. I am the shadow that fades quietly into the night. I’m an assassin and I’m here to kill the father of the man I love.     

Purchase Link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/quietly-into-the-night-by-james-cox/    

Review: Rylan is an assassin, a very good assassin. He always gets his targets as long as they deserve the punishment. His new assignment isn’t going to be easy. Getting to a man who is paranoid about security will be a challenge. But, when Rylan meets Gold and Loxy, he is determined to take out the Leader, even if he dies trying. 

This is a great science fiction, erotic story that is entertaining, has action, and is sexy. Rylan is alone. It’s just him and his ship. Having friends or relationships is impossible in his line of work as an assassin, but he doesn’t let it get to him. When he takes on his latest assignment, he gets a lot more than he bargained for and he finally loses his heart. But, he is a killer and can’t let his new loves be tainted by his job. Gold is sweet and beautiful. He had a crush on Loxy for ages, but has never been allowed to act on it. meeting Rylan gives Gold the push to finally act on his desire. Loxy spends the night with Rylan and finds himself in major trouble. Rylan comes rushing to the rescue, and Loxy finally finds the happiness he wanted with Gold and Rylan. 

This is a great little lovefest with danger, escapes, and rescues littering the story. Rylan is a great character who loves what he does. Gold seems like a shy standoffish character, until you learn his background. and Loxy is slightly sneaky, but with good intentions. All the characters are great and extremely sexual. one again James Cox has woven a wonderful mix of science fiction and erotica. The story flows well with lots of sexual tension and escapades to heat the blood. There’s daring escapes and rescues that has your heart pounding and a developing love that is sweet and sexy… oh and I won’t even mention the f**k machine :-). 

I recommend this to those that want a sexual short that is enjoyable to read, a good dose of sci-fi with some danger thrown in, sex hot enough and plentiful enough to have you fanning yourself and clenching your thighs and an ending that has you sighing at its sweetness.

Tag Team by S.J.D. Peterson

TagTeamLGTitle: Tag Team

Series: Guards of Folsom: Book Two

Author: SJD Peterson

Genre: MMM / BDSM-Kink

Length: Novel (220 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 4th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5~4 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Following the death of their sub, the former owners of the Guards of Folsom, Robert “Bobby” Alcott and Rig Beckworth, were left to pick up the pieces as best they could. After seven years, these two Doms are ready to move on and find the boy who will complete them. Their painful past comes crashing back when they meet Mason Howard, a submissive who just weeks ago lost his Doms in a car accident. 

Reeling from overwhelming grief that’s complicated by a severe social anxiety disorder, Mason can barely leave his home. When Rig and Bobby find him, he’s hit rock bottom, believing life is no longer worth living. Bobby and Rig set out to prove the younger man wrong. Fate has brought the three men together, but they’ll have to face the pain of fear and loss head-on before they can all truly live again.

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=4241&osCsid=nrolehq1a3rnrtepqd29beknv3

Review: This is quite an interesting read from many perspectives. It deals with loss and the effort it takes to move on after it. Bobby and Rig have already deal with the loss of their sub seven years ago and now they find themselves ready to try to have that relationship again. They find they need to have a sub not only for play, but also to love and care for. In their vacation in Florida, they stumble upon Mason. Mason is a very peculiar character as he suffers from social anxiety disorder. His former Doms held him quite secluded and after their death, Mason is slowly sagging deeper into darkness. He reaches the lowest point of his life, believing all would be over soon, not counting on Fate throwing Bobby and Rig on his path.

So right, here you might think it’s a bit of a big enough coincidence that a sub who has lost two Doms finds two new ones. Truth be told, I was wary of this fact, too. But, it worked fine for me the entire read. What made an impression though and made me quite love this book was the way the author dealt with this idea. So, if you expect the “magic” to suddenly make Mason’s entire life change, magically fall in love again and be perfectly happy ever after with his two shinning knights, then I suggest you leave this book well alone. Because, what you’ll find here is a mostly realistic approach in the way people deal with loss and pain and overwhelming emotions.

I loved how this book starts with a serious blow to your emotions the opening scene being a funeral, and after it has made it a point to shred you to pieces it transport you onto South Florida heaven. What a marvelous contrast of setting and emotions this one was. It manages to swipe you off your feet in a matter of minutes and in only a few pages. Afterward it’s a slow build as the two Doms try to help Mason stand on his feet. The journey is a big one, the understanding and silent support the Doms give Mason, taking care of him without any expectations from him comes a great deal into building a confidence inside the sub he had lost. The guilt that came when Mason finally saw that he could go on living without his former Doms, and that he can feel new emotions for new people was absolutely stunning. Everything in this story, the plot, the pace, the approach on human emotions was wonderfully executed. The erotic scenes between the three of them were more than satisfying, the eroticism, and sensuality ricocheting high.

However, I did expect a bit more when it came to the kink part and I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get that. While the “air” might have been D/s and all, I would’ve preferred some deeper scenes that I had been fantasizing Rig would dish out, what with him being all Alpha Dom and all. Furthermore, while the end of this novel lacks nothing, and was quite hand in hand with the entire theme of the book, I suddenly felt empty when it ended, as if waiting for something to happen which didn’t.

All in all, though I liked the book a lot. If romance between three people exists then this book gives you a great deal of it, along with a good journey of fighting ones way to live. Strongly recommended.


Whirlwind by Bailey Bradford

2276Title: Whirlwind 

Series: Southern Spirits 08     

Author: Bailey Bradford     

Genre: Paranormal, M/M/M     

Length: Novella (87pgs)     

Publisher: Total E-Bound (16th September 2013)     

Heat Level: Moderate     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 3½ – 4 Hearts    

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: Dying sucks, but the afterlife is one hot place to be.

Stefan wasn’t physically perfect in life, and his search for someone to love him resulted in his murder. Now he’s been dead for years, and he’s lonelier than he ever was when he was alive. His physical problems might have vanished when his body ceased to live, but his spirit has to deal with the memories of the past.

Jordan and Gideon are friends who share eager guys when they can find them. But, being in a war zone hasn’t allowed that to happen often. One roadside stop puts an end to their lives. Jordan and Gideon are at a loss to understand what happens to them, why they stay behind when others go up into the light. Searching for answers, they head to Jordan’s hometown—McKinton, Texas—but a hell of a lot of things have changed in the decade and a half since Jordan left.

Namely, the arrival of one wicked, joyful spirit named Stefan.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of voyeurism.     

Purchase Link: http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=2276    

Review: This book is part of a series and must be read in order. Stefan wasn’t mentally perfect when he was alive but now with his spirit free of human restrictions he has grown in leaps and bounds, and with everyone around him, both living and spirit, finding love he begins to long for love himself. Jordan and Gideon lose their lives in a war zone, still stuck on Earth the friends go to Jordan’s hometown puzzled and confused as to why they haven’t moved on. In McKinton they discover more than they bargained for in the form of sweet and sexy Stefan but first they have to prove their worth to Conner, Stefan’s protector. 

Ah sweet Stefan’s story, this is one book that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. We first met Stefan in Aftermath and discovered what had happened to him. If you haven’t read Aftermath, then there is a brief summation from Stefan so you wouldn’t feel like you are missing something. Now, Stefan has friends and for the most part loves his new circumstances. But, he now longs for love like all his friends have. Gideon and Jordan head to McKinton when they find themselves spirits, they have been friends for years and have shared men but have never confessed to each other the longing they both have for the other. Meeting Stefan has both men longing for the sexy mischievous spirit but they get off to a bad start and Stefan has them both confronting their feelings for each other.

This is a great little book with some mischievous high-jinx from Stefan, a spirit brawl, sexy men admitting how they feel and a very protective spirit making sure his friend is treated right. Gideon and Jordan have always fancied each other but decided their friendship was too important to chance more, but now they decide to explore their attraction but they both have their eye on sexy Stefan. Once Stefan overcomes the first disastrous encounter with Jordan and Gideon, he begins to think that he could find love, but when both Gideon and Jordan find it hard to confess how they feel for each other Stefan thinks he has lost his chance. 

I really enjoyed this story and was so glad to see Stefan getting his dream and he is as wonderful as ever. Jordan and Gideon make a great addition to the spirits of McKinton and Stefan sure knows how to handle them. The way the story played out was great with the three of them sorting their problems out under the watchful eye of Conner, although I was surprised that Stefan managed to end up in so much trouble. 

I will recommend this to those who love spirits finding love, some great action, some mischief and fun, hot sexy men having steamy sex and a sweet ending. 



Back to His Roots by Kimber Kahn and Patrick Wendling-Markwell

5e26ccac184100b2dd07d9a552b57467983c02e1Title: Back to His Roots    

Series: Crimes of Passion 01

Author: Kimber Kahn & Patrick Wendling-Markwell     

Genre: Contemporary, Action, MMM     

Length: Novella (117pgs)    

Publisher: Lazy Beagle Entertainment (17th August 2013)   

Heat Level: Low    

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3½ Hearts  

Reviewer: Pixie    

Blurb: This story is told from more than one viewpoint.

Jerrod is not only the biggest, hottest, sexiest, richest and youngest man in Hollywood he is also the only one who, though he loves being there, wants to go home.

After winning an award, in front of a live television audience around the world he makes the stunning announcement that he is gay and going home, walking off stage and going back home to Biloxi, MS where he wants to find someone and try to make amends; maybe even two someones.

Not everything goes as planned however. Lurking in the shadows is someone sinister and ready to ruin his life and the one he loves is not only in danger, but it seems he may never get that second chance he was hoping for.

Along the way, disaster after disaster keeps striking and another old face enters the picture. Can Jerrod and his past become whole again or will it end in a bloody horror bound to destroy not only his life, but also the ones he loves as well?     

Purchase Link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/348526

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Back-Roots-Crimes-Passion-ebook/dp/B00EMPR82M

US: http://www.amazon.com/Back-Roots-Crimes-Passion-ebook/dp/B00EMPR82M

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/back-to-his-roots-patrick-wendling-markwe/1116523441

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-backtohisroots-1269389-171.html     

Review: Jerrod (Rod) is hot stuff in Hollywood but during an award night, he discovers that he isn’t truly; happy because of who he left behind. Live on TV, he announces to the world that he is gay and is going home to find forgiveness from the boy he left behind, but he gets much more than he bargained for. Chris never really recovered from the rejection of his best friend when he admitted to being in love with him, now he protects his heart from being devastated again, but when Rod comes rolling back into town looking for forgiveness and a new start Chris doesn’t think he is in a forgiving mood. Mitch is pulled back into his friends lives when Rod is injured, their friendship was always something special, and now the three of them can be together like they were meant to be. But someone is lurking in the background and they have no intention of letting the three men have their happily ever after.

This is an action packed story of a man just trying to return to the ones he loves. Jerrod finds himself wanting what he walked away from and decides to do something to get it back; leaving Hollywood for his hometown he discovers it isn’t going to be easy to win back the heart of the man he walked away from. Chris has moved on with his life but he will never risk his heart again, when Jerrod makes his first move it is Chris’ f**k buddy who receives the first volley, and the ex has no intention of going quietly. Jerrod and Chris finally lay the past to rest but with Jerrod injured it brings Mitch back into their lives, and just as they all begin to find happiness someone decides they are going to put an end to the relationship for good. 

I found this story to be filled with movie type action and excitement, it was a very interesting storyline and was filled with danger and rediscovered love. The characters are all brilliant and very happy and friendly with each other; they can also plan up a storm and enact it with skill and precision. We meet both Jerrod’s and Chris’ parents who are very nice and we briefly see Mitch’s parents but that isn’t a happy time. The relationship between Jerrod and Chris is very rocky at first but dangerous times cause them to put the past behind them. When Mitch enters the picture it is out of the left field and blindsides you, I never saw it coming because they hadn’t even thought of Mitch until, suddenly, he is at the hospital and they are all over each other, he makes a great addition though and he does seem to be the missing piece for Jerrod and Chris. 

Now although the storyline is exciting and we are told that the story from different people’s perspective I still wasn’t prepared for when it happened, why? Well the perspective didn’t just change, it was also rewound so the scene we had just seen from Jerrod’s perspective was then repeated from Chris’ perspective, and while it was great to get another person’s perspective, it just seemed a bit much to repeat the entire scene. 

I recommend this to those who love action, multiply men rediscovering love, shoot-outs and emergency actions, facing fears and accepting love and an ending that has you wanting more. 


The Other Man by L.M. Brown

3b82cc27cd82ec84303e37858206f36c.image.300x450Title: The Other Man

Author: L.M. Brown

Genre: Contemporary, MMM Menage

Length: Novella (74 pages)

Publisher:Silver Publishing (August 24th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Simon’s open relationship with Jeremy takes an unexpected turn when Max, Jeremy’s American lover, shows up on his doorstep. The attraction is instant, but when Jeremy returns, can it become something more?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title is a re-release. It originally appeared in the Silver Presents: Three’s a Party anthology.

Purchase Link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/the-other-man-ebook-p-1529.html

Review:Simon and Jeremy have an open relationship. He knows Jeremy spends his three months with Max when he is in America; Jeremy is due home from Max’s in a week. Simon gets a big surprise one night when Max shows up needing a place to stay. But where is Jeremy? That is what Max and Simon both want to know.

I loved this story. I felt bad for both Simon and Max but as the story moves on I felt even worse for poor Max. The tension in this story is amazing and the sex is pretty hot. If you like a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and some really hot sex this one is a must read.

I recommend this if you like short stories, open relationships, and threesomes.