Wild Nights by Lynn Hagen

20450691Title: Wild Nights

Series: Predatory Hunters, # 3

Author: Lynn Hagen

Genre: Futuristic/ Paranormal

Length: Novella (87 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-62741-336-7

Publisher: Siren Publishing (February 17th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Gilbert Guy has no idea what is going on when he is taken from the local YMCA. He finds himself on an auction block, being sold off to the highest bidder. But when Gil wishes to escape, and a handsome man appears, Gil thinks he’s conjured the guy from his imagination.

Domingo has no idea what to do with Gil. The man is nuttier than hell. Not only does Gil keep calling him Bob, but Gil swears that Domingo is a figment of his imagination. Domingo had gone after Gil on the request from his alpha, Max. But Domingo is starting to wish that Max had sent someone else. Gil is a walking disaster.


What started out as a simple extraction assignment turns into a road trip from hell. Domingo’s car catches fire, forcing the two to walk from Arizona to California. Along the way, they run into trouble time and again. But their wild nights turn into so much more when the attraction between the two ignites.


Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/wild-nights-hagen


Review: Oh, I love Lynn Hagen. She always gives a good story to laugh about. This one had me rolling on the floor laughing. I love it when the characters are a bit quirky in this story however


Gilbert takes the prize. He is so goofy you can’t help but fall in love with him. He has the best attitude and nothing seems to phase him. Not the bear, nor the fact that his mate turned into a panther to fight the bear, nor the danger that comes for them at every turn. He thinks that he just conjured Domingo up to save him from being sold at auction. So much to the fact that he calls him Bob.


Domingo, aka Bob thinks that Gilbert is a bit on the nutty side. He was sent by his alpha to rescue a Chekota Breeder, but what he finds is a sexy if not crazy man who calls him Bob. He is the head Sentinel of the River Walker clan, which means he got it because of his brute strength and cool demeanor. Yet here he was losing what cool he had, because of a hot and quite possibly off of his rocker man.


This story is one of the best paranormals I have come across. A quirky man who can get pregnant, a panther shifter with attitude, tattoos, bears, and all around laughter. I am so glad to have had a chance to read this series and if you want to find a book that, where you laugh your ass off this would be the story to read. I have always loved books where the world they are living seems so much better than the one I am in.

I want to lose myself into their world and have the chance to see what it is like to be truly loved as these characters do.


As Spring Rain by Valentina Heart

9ada5813e455db09ee2a1647f4d95af4.image.300x450Title: As Spring Rain


Author: Valentina Heart


Genre: Contemporary, Twincest


Length: Novella (85 pages)


Publisher: Silver Publishing (27th October 2012)


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥4Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: Michael wants his twin brother Gabriel to be safe from the bad boyfriends Gabriel keeps picking. Gabriel is trying to numb his pain because he’s not supposed to love Michael the way he does… Will they ever make it work?


Michael only wants his twin brother to be safe as he picks one bad boyfriend after another, never even lingering on the thought of loving Michael the way Michael loves him.

All Gabriel wants is Michael, each morning when he faces the day, and each night when he pulls a stranger’s face in for a kiss instead of the one he wants the most.

Fixing Gabriel’s boyfriend problems is a way of life for Michael, but what he doesn’t know happens behind closed doors, where Gabriel welcomes each kick or hit, and where he numbs his pain with the sharp edge of a razorblade.

Can they find a solution to their situation and make both of them happy?


Purchase Link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/as-spring-rain-ebook-p-1220.html


Review: Michael and Gabriel are twin brothers, as close as they can possible be. But Michael worries for his brother as he attracts the wrong sort of man and is physically abused. Michael is there for him when Gabriel needs him, but he secretly desires to be the only man Gabriel wants. Gabriel always finds the worst sort of man, but he can’t help from accepting everything he gets off them as a way to punish himself. He knows he will never find happiness, after all the one man who could complete him is his brother.


This book is a well-written, incredible, despair-inducing story. Michael and Gabriel are two men who draw you in with their pure misery and guilt. Their story will make your heartache and your breath catch. Michael and Gabriel are two brothers who are twins, as close as brothers can be and both suffering from loving the wrong person, but dealing with it in completely different ways. Michael just watches on the sidelines, picking his brother up after every failed relationship. Taking care of the ones who abuse Gabriel, while he desperately wants Gabriel to find happiness even though it kills him inside. Gabriel longing for something that he can’t have and punishing himself with the men he dates. And when it gets too much to handle he has a trusty razorblade to make it all go away.


Valentina Heart has created two characters who bleed over these pages. Their souls are open for us to read and their pain and despair are there for us to witness. Two people who love each other and feeling disgust at themselves. But each handling it differently until the taboo is exposed and they confront their feelings for each other before it is too late. Yes, this story is about two brothers, who love each other in a taboo way, but it doesn’t make light of that taboo. In fact, it drives home the despair that the two brothers feel, but it also shows that their love isn’t corrupt. It’s as natural for them and right as spring rain.  


I recommend this to those who love twincest, deep despair, forbidden love, hot rough sex, two men finding their true love and a happy ending.                 

Boundless by Vivien Dean

20580850Title: Boundless


Series: Bay Wolf, Series


Author: Vivien Dean


Genre:  Dark Fantasy/Werewolf/ Shapeshifter/ Suspense/ Thriller


Length: Novella (76 Pages)


ISBN: 978-1-61124-541-7


Publisher: Amber Allure, Amber Quill Press (January 19th, 2014)


Heat Level: Moderate


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts


Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb: Helping people is what Denny Patton does. Most of the time, it’s through his duties as a cop in San Francisco, but every once in a while, he steps in and aids his brother in an underground battle for those without any rights under the law-werewolves. Their latest mission is to rescue a group of wolves held captive and forced to do the unspeakable. The task will put Denny’s career at risk, but in his heart, he believes it’s the right thing to do.

Especially when one of the wolves turns out to be Elijah Garber, the man who disappeared from Denny’s life seven years ago.

Elijah and Denny were high school sweethearts, until Elijah disappeared from the Bay Area the summer after they graduated. The note he left behind told Denny and his family to move on without him, but Denny has never forgotten his first love. Now, he wants answers as to why Elijah left all those years earlier. But more importantly, he wants the future they were always meant to have…


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Purchase Link: http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/Boundless.html

Review: I have found another favorite story. Vivien has a gift for telling stories. It is amazing how the characters come together and the world just seems different when they are in it. I love how she made Elijah and Denny sound. They had fallen in love with each other while they were children. Then separated when Elijah had been bitten and turned into a werewolf. Elijah had been scared that Denny would reject him if he found out so he had run. Ran from the one person who loved him with all his heart.


Denny had searched for Elijah but never able to find him. He had at one time moved on or so he thought, but realized when him and his brother were saving a pack of wolves from evil men and found Elijah that he had in fact just pushed the love down. He was a police officer and always thought it meant to save people. Not just humans but wolves also, however the government thought different. So he and his brother did everything they could do to save them.

Now that they are back together, they will do everything in their power to stay together and never part again. Denny will do everything to keep Elijah safe as will Elijah. Once you start reading this, you will fall in love with them and cheer them on. Praying that they stay safe and be able to make their future one that is full of happiness.


This story caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves two hot men, amazing sex, werewolves, and danger. Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes, and that is what this story is about also. They place their selves in danger saving those who are being hurt. I loved this story and cannot wait to read it again and again.

Zander's Story by Hennessee Andrews

8616563Title: Zander’s Story

Series: Rough in the Saddle, #2

Author: Hennessee Andrews

Genre: Contemporary Cowboy Romance/Menage

Length: Novella (27K)

Publisher: Siren Book Strand (February 15th 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4Hearts

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb: Zander Wesley feels cursed by his sexuality. While he wouldn’t change it, he is having difficulty coping and finding his place in the world. His family exiled him from their lives years ago, but the pain of rejection still haunts him as well as the memory of the beating he suffered at his father’s hand.

At thirty-two, Zander wants more than a life on the road and working for someone else during the winter. He has saved for a ranch, and all he needs to do is find it.

When Zander runs into Dean Buchanan and John Acker, desire he has held for the two heightens to a new level. He believed the men were straight, but a rendezvous with Dean in his horse trailer proves him wrong. Dean admits his feelings and expresses his want for more than just a fling. The only problem is John. Can he overcome his jealousy and succumb to his desire for Zander?

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/zanders-story

Review: Short, Sexy and Steamy…. My three favourite colors!

Zander Wesley longs for something more than the life he leads on the rodeo circuit. He saves his winnings in hopes of some day buying a ranch, and is on the search for someone to share that life with. He’s long thought of his homosexuality as a negative after a serious beating at the hands of his father when he caught Zander and his high school boyfriend making out. He meets Dean and John one night at a bar and definitely likes what he sees, but he ignores the feelings of desire he has for both men thinking they are straight. Little does he know that not only are they very much gay, but the attraction goes both ways, or three ways in this case.

Dean Buchanan and John Acker have been together for several years, but there is something missing. Something 6’4 with dark hair, smoldering eyes and a domineering attitude. Dean is a natural submissive. Zander an obvious dominate, so where does that leave John? Somewhere in the middle if Zander and Dean have their way. The three share a smoking hot night, but where do they go from there? Zander finds the perfect ranch to start his dream, but that dream has morphed into something more as of late. Something he wants to include John and Dean is. Now he just has to convince them that they can make it work if they can work together as a team and partners, in every sense of the word.

The way these three balance each other out is sort of… perfect. Someone has to be in charge, only one can lead, even when taking his partners into consideration. But in order for Zander to take the lead, John has to relinquish some control. And Dean is just sitting back and enjoying the ride, literally! I love the way the characters play off each other in these books, the author works well with each individual’s strengths and weakness’. The sex is off the friggin charts fantastic! But I have to take points off for that ridiculous display of emotion in the kitchen toward the end. It was like a road bump in the story, I was able to push through though, and I’m glad I did.

This is a must read series for anyone that likes sexy cowboys, ménage and strong-willed characters that can learn how to be flexible.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **


Chasing Seth by J.R. Loveless ~ Audiobook

ChasingSethAUDlgTitle:  Chasing Seth

Series:  *this is the first book in a series that has not been titled yet. Book 2, Forgiving Thayne, is set for an early 2014 release*

Author:  J.R.Loveless

Narrator:  Jeff Gelder

Genre:   Paranormal Romance

Length:  7 hours and 10 minutes

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (September 30th 2011)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   Veterinarian Seth Davies comes to Senaka, Wyoming, looking for peace and anonymity, trying to escape his past. He’s always been a target for trouble and pain, and Seth has had more than his share of both. Kasey Whitedove takes one look at Seth and assumes the worst. No white man could love animals the way the mostly Cheyenne population expects, and Kasey makes Seth’s first days in Senaka more than unpleasant.

Then an accident puts Kasey in the uncomfortable position of eating crow—and helplessly desiring Seth—despite the danger of Kasey’s life as a werewolf and Seth’s stressful secrets. Chasing Seth down and keeping him safe from his past has just become Kasey’s most important job.

Product Link Dreamspinner: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3022

Product Link Audible: http://www.audible.com/search?advsearchKeywords=Chasing+Seth

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Seth Davies has been trying to escape his past for years. A born wolf, his parents raised him to think they were the last of their kind. A created wolf found him after his parents death and convinced Seth that they were mates, and then abused him for months before his best friend Nick rescued him. He spent years moving from town to town until he settled in the small town of Senaka, Wyoming as the new vet. Seth hopes to find a fresh start in Senaka, to leave behind the shadows of his past. Did I mention he is a magnet for trouble?

Kasey Whitedove is the sheriff in Senaka. He is a born wolf as well, the son of the alpha that has been bred to be the future alpha. The Cheyenne wolves believe they are the only true wolves, that any other wolves are created. Created wolves are volatile and dangerous. When Kasey’s horse has trouble in her labor, he is less than pleased to learn the new vet is a white man. Even after Seth saves both momma and baby, Kasey is still down right hateful to him. But Seth has gotten under his skin and soon Kasey is forced to redefine his beliefs.

An accident reveals that these two unlikely wolves are, in fact, mates. Both fight it at the start and in a lovely little twist, its Seth that fights against the bond the hardest. Seth doesn’t trust anyone but Nick, especially not another wolf after what the last one did to him. I also liked the fact that even after Kasey claimed Seth and the bond was in place, Seth still fought it. Kasey is one hundred percent dominate alpha male, and Seth is submissive by nature, but they both want an equal partner. The beauty of this book was watching them find that balance. Learning to trust one another and embrace the bond.

I was completely engrossed in this story line from the start. It was a little bit cheesy and slightly predictable, but there was something about the ornery sheriff that always had to be in control and the fragile Vet that just wanted to be loved, but was too standoffish to let anyone get that close. It was a dichotomy of give and take for them to make it work. Once they find that balance so they can be together they still have to deal with Kasey’s pack. Thinking they are the only pack of born wolves, they assume Seth is a created, not good. All the while there is a shadow looming in the background as Seth’s past comes back to haunt him.

Narration is key with audio books and that is why I marked this one down a notch. If I had read this one, it might have gotten 5 stars, but Jeff Gelder’s mediocre vocals were a little off-putting. His changes in nuance and inflection from one character to the next are barely distinguishable, bordering on monotone. The actual story kept me intrigued though which should be a testament to Loveless’s prowess.

This is a must read for fans of a strong, dominant alpha male romance. There is an added element of surprise, and enough sexy to keep your blood pumping. I’m happy to learn that this is the first book in a series. The title for the sequel tells us that it will center around Nick and Thayne. Nick is Seth’s best friend and possibly the future alpha of his pack, and Thayne is Kasey’s younger brother. It promises to be a very juicy sequel!

Wayne County Holidays by Stephani Hecht

19093156Title: Wayne County Holidays

Series: Wayne County Wolves, #9

Author: Stephani Hecht

Length: Novella (42 Pages)

Publisher: Extasy Books (December 1st, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: The tree is trimmed, the stockings are hung, the lights are strung with care, but none of that matters, because somebody is watching, and he doesn’t give a damn.

Its holiday time at the Wayne County Shifter dwelling, and everybody is in good spirits. Not only have they not heard from their enemies in a long time, but also the pack is thriving and growing. So they are all looking forward to a happy time and a good celebration.

But if there is one thing, everybody knows about the shifter world, one can never get too comfortable when things are going well. Just when they think, all is well, trouble strikes in the worst way possible. It couldn’t happen at a worst time, either. For not only is there the celebration to think about, but the babies are coming.

Product Link: http://www.extasybooks.com/wayne-county-holidays/

Review: Once again, Stephanie has made my week. She has an amazing gift to tell stories. She has the ability to bring you such wonderful characters and an intriguing world to just lose yourself in. When times get really hard, I find a story that catches my attention and just read the day away. This story was one of those stories. To get a true feel of every character you really need to start with book one in this series. It was told in such a humorous way that I just about died laughing. There is a bit of seriousness to it though.


Hale, a really cute beagle shifter was mated to a big, bad leopard assassin. Toby loved his little mate with everything in him. It doesn’t hurt that the sex is tender and hot. Now it was Christmas time and they were getting everything ready. Hale had gotten nominated by the alpha mate of their family to decorate for the holidays. Hale, however, wasn’t too sure he could do it. He was a bit intimidated by all the fierce hunters around him, but when he said he would do something, he would do it. He is not only cute, but extremely smart, caring and very loving. His mate is all alpha type, tough and can be mean when needed, but he lacked the self-confidence to be true to himself. He loved his mate though and was determined to help him with every bit of decoration there was. When Rand group of shifters attacked, things go up in smoke. This book has the perfect amount of excitement mixed with danger. Hale just needed to be reminded what the holiday’s are all about.


It is a great story, one that I have read more than once. I cannot wait to read the next book in this wonderful series.

End Game by Samantha Wayland

71FkN659rOL._SL1500_Title: End Game

Series: Hat Trick, #3

Author: Samantha Wayland

Genre: Contemporary/Suspense/Ménage/MMF

Length: Novel (291 pages)

Publisher: Loch Awe Press (January 14th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: Garrick LeBlanc never intended to fall in love with two people, but he has, and now he has to figure out what to do about it. He wants to make them happy, but is afraid he’s doing just the opposite. To make matters worse, he’s trapped in New Brunswick until the end of the hockey season, while his lovers are both in Boston.

Savannah Morrison has no one but herself to blame for practically shoving her lover into the arms of another man. After all, it was her idea that Garrick take a lover while they are separated for the season. She loves Garrick with all her heart, but how the hell is she going to share him with Rhian?

Rhian Savage used to have such a simple life. Now he’s in love, his dreams of skating on an NHL team are coming true, and he keeps spotting a strangely familiar face in the crowds. To top it all off, he has to see Savannah every day. He knows she’s Garrick’s real future, but he doesn’t have the balls to do the right thing for all of them and end it—until his life goes sideways. As usual.

Now Rhian is alone, Garrick is heartbroken, and Savannah—the one person Rhian figured would celebrate his departure—is beating down his door. What the hell is up with that?

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/End-Game-Hat-Trick-Book-ebook/dp/B00HUHLE06/ref=pd_sim_kstore_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=04Y5SNATZF7W61V45F9W

Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: We know that Garrick is crazy about Savannah, and he’s obviously also in love and lust with Rhian, so what is left now is to get Rhian and Savannah to take a close look at each other and hope sparks fly. First the only thing that seems to happen is jealousy, heartache, and on Rhian’s part depression and lack of self-worth. I hate to see this character take so little stock in himself. Of course having Garrick out-of-town when Rhian breaks down is the plot tool that introduces Savannah as the new hero, allowing friendship and trust to build between the two. She steps up when Garrick can’t and helps Rhian through one crisis after another.
Emotional and health crisis aside, a new familial twist is also added to the drama. It’s good to see Rhian take to the caregiver role with the “mysterious stranger” and good that the three find a way to work things out. Once Rhian accepts his role in their relationship he takes charge and till fill my fantasies, takes Garrick! Of course this is just one big femme sexual fantasy for me, but hey it’s fiction and romance to boot, so why not? Have fun with this heavy helping of drama, love, lust and of course hot hockey players. This is a fun, adventurous twist of a series, I enjoyed each separate type of relationship, and how they were woven together in the end. A hat trick indeed!

Ten in the Bin by N.R. Walker

51zW-UpNsVLTitle: Ten in the Bin

Author: N.R. Walker

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (47 pages)

Publisher: N.R. Walker (June 30th, 2013)

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Heat Level: Moderate

Blurb: A short story, approx. 12.5K words. 

Heartbroken, Dean Cartwright leaves Sydney and heads home, to the coastal town of Newcastle. In a bid to make new friends, he signs up for a local rugby league team where he meets a man known as Macca.

Dean and Macca are both front row forwards, meaning they’re the biggest guys on the team. Over six feet tall and over a hundred kilos each, they’re a force to be reckoned with on the field.

But when Dean gets knocked out, Macca gets even by punching the other guy and both Dean and Macca end up on the sideline. 

Dean soon realizes that being knocked unconscious is the best thing to ever happen to him.

Story is set in Australia, and uses Australian English

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/Ten-in-the-Bin-ebook/dp/B00DPROWWW/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1373917390&sr=1-1&keywords=ten+in+the+bin+by+N.R.+walker

Reviewer: Cat

Review:  Dean moves back home near his family after a breakup with his ex. He is a big man and played rugby in school so he joins the local team to make a few friends. One night while playing an opposing team player hits him hard. One of his teammates; a mild-mannered but man even larger than himself, gets even with the other guy. He offers to take Dean home instead of going out with the guys to celebrate.

This is a beautifully written sweet, charming story of two men that have a slight attraction but are not sure of the others sexuality. The characters are likable and very masculine, the storyline is short but sweet, and the sex is hot and sensual.

Recommendation: If you like, two big guys, sweet romance, rugby, and sensual mansex this one is for you.

Bring the Heat by M.L. Rhodes

400000000000000313937_s4Title: Bring the Heat

Author: M. L. Rhodes

Genre:  Contemporary/Mystery/Suspense

Length: Novel (127 pages)

Publisher: Amber Quill Press (June 28th, 2009)

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Heat Level: Explicit

Blurb: Police Detective Riley Ellison has a new habit…stopping by a coffeehouse called the Java Pit on his way to work. The coffee’s good, but it’s not the rich flavor that lures him to drive blocks out of his way each morning, and it’s not an addiction to caffeine either. He’s half-embarrassed to admit it, but it’s the man who keeps him coming back. The long-legged, painted-on-jeans wearing, dark-haired, edgy sex god with the teasing eyes. He’s everything Riley—who has a history of geekdom and being flustered around hot men—is not. Riley knows he should put a stop to the daily forays because nothing can ever come of it. Guys like that aren’t interested in men like him. Yet every time the hunk meets his gaze across the crowed shop and aims a sizzling grin at him, Riley gives in and comes back to participate in the silent sexy, flirtation another day. 

The last thing he’s expecting when he goes to question a witness about a murder at a local gay strip joint is to discover the witness is his coffeehouse hottie. Dane Scott works as a stripper strictly for fun. He doesn’t need the money—he’s got plenty in the bank from his other career. He just likes to have something to keep him busy a few nights a week. When one of his fellow dancers turns up murdered outside the strip club, the police detective who shows up on Dane’s doorstep asking questions is none other than the sexy, blond cutie he’s been flirting with at the coffeehouse for weeks. Riley Ellison’s a fascinating contradiction—rugged, strong, serious-eyed hero, and bashful boy next door. A combination Dane finds all too appealing and a refreshing change from the selfish, shallow men he’s known and dated in the past. From the moment Riley flashes his badge at Dane, Dane’s determined to show the skittish cop they can make magic together. 

The heat between them quickly soars to the boiling point and not even a murder investigation can cool the passion they share. That is until new information on Riley’s case turns up that implies Dane may not be all seems… 

Product Link: http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/BringHeat.html

Reviewer: Cat

Review:  Riley is a police detective, and like order in his life. He has no idea why he is all of a sudden obsessed with the man he sees in an out-of-the-way coffee shop but he can’t seem to stay away.

Dane is intrigued by the sexy quiet man and everyday he comes in the more he knows he is more than intrigued, He wants to get to know this man and not just in a sexual way. Dane is handsome, outgoing, a successful model and a stripper, but not only is his stereotypical image wrong he loathes those kinds of people.

Riley keeps saying he is going to quit going back to the coffee shop but a case brings them together.

I really liked this story a lot. I loved both Dane and Riley. The storyline of the romance, why Riley hesitates, why Dane wants more, and the murder mystery are all intriguing and fit together well. My only issue was the story was rolling along then BAM! We find out from Dane it’s days later and the case has been solved and how it’s been solved. I would have loved to see it unfold and more about, the case but I can see why the author chose to solve the case in this manner. I really like how the o author drops description and tips through other characters. One of my favorite parts was the coffee barista looking Riley over describing him. I won’t tell you why but his was a very cute sweet scene. You will have to get the book and see! It’s worth it!

I thought the romance between Riley and Dane was awesome. I loved how Dane knew what he wanted and went for it but also knew how to step back and not push too hard, and the dinner in bed was so sexy, sensual, and hot!

Recommendation: If you like, mystery and suspense, police detectives, male strippers, coffee and a sexy, hot romance this is definitely for you.

An Intoxicating Crush by E.M. Lynley

IntoxicatingCrush[An]LGTitle: An Intoxicating Crush

Series:  Delectable 03

Author: E.M. Lynley
Genre:  Contemporary romance

Length: Novel (234pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 10th, 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Simon Ford’s success is hard-won. He grew up in Napa and resents the rich people who have moved into the valley, changing the culture by opening boutique wineries and pricing the locals out of the market.

Austin Kelvin runs an award-winning winery his father started after making a fortune on Wall Street. He lives the posh lifestyle Simon resents but secretly longs to attain. However, Austin’s world isn’t as luxurious and privileged as it seems: he didn’t inherit his father’s business savvy, and his winery is going under.

When Simon’s boss sends him to covertly scope out Kelvin Cellars for a possible takeover bid, Simon sees it as a step toward attaining his financial dreams. Until he falls hard for Austin. The feeling is mutual, but when Austin learns the real reason for Simon’s initial interest, he suspects Simon’s seduction is merely a means to procure the winery at a bargain price. If there’s any hope of winning Austin’s heart, Simon will have to risk it all to prove Austin is more than just an intoxicating crush.

Like all Delectable novels, this book includes the recipes used in the story.

Product Link: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3973

Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: Wow! If the sex scenes aren’t hot enough for ya, there’s plenty of food porn to go around! I must admit I do enjoy wine, so this story had me captured and enraptured. The author successfully transported me to the Napa Valley wine country, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Lynley obviously did plenty of research, because there were scads of vintner details, and wine industry lingo threaded throughout this romance. The tension and drama seemed in perfect balance, a realistic attraction, and development of Simon and Austin’s relationship. Did I mention the food porn? I found myself salivating over descriptive scenes involving food and wine parings that made me reach for my favorite bottle and sparked sudden need to visit the gourmet section of my favorite grocery store. Especially hot was the tasting room picnic where food and fluids were consumed and the dress code was minimal! I thoroughly enjoyed this hot and sexy, tantalizing story. I highly recommend and can’t wait to start the rest of the series! I will also be testing a few of the recipes included in this book!

The Laird's Forbidden Lover by Amelia C. Gormley

17704471Title: The Laird’s Forbidden Lover

Series: N/A

Author: Amelia C. Gormley

Genre: MM / Historical (Scottish)

Length: Novella

Publisher: Riptide Publishing (May 6th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Farm lad Iain Munro knows his love affair with Tavish MacIntyre, future Laird of Creachann-Dubh, is dangerous—discovery could mean disgrace and death. But they’ve been in love since they were boys, and they’ve never been able to resist each other, dishonorable though it is to deceive their families.

Young men now, their sexual explorations have deepened and their love for each other has strengthened. But Iain’s father fears for his eldest son’s future, and Tavish faces dangers and duties of his own: his demanding mother would see him respectably wed, and his interfering sister knows too much—and has schemes of her own.

Facing a lifetime apart, Iain and Tavish must leave their childhoods behind for good as they choose between honor and love, innocence and happiness, and their vows before God and to each other.

Product Link: http://www.riptidepublishing.com/titles/lairds-forbidden-lover

Review: Have I mentioned how much I love historical romance? Or better yet, have I mentioned how much I love Scotts? This novella has it both and I’m glad to say I enjoyed it immensely. I’ll also have to say straight on that the speech was disturbing there at the beginning. That is until I got used to it, because damn it was Scottish all the way through. I had this horrifying fear there for a moment that I won’t be able to get into it, but that was easily overcome and I managed to have quite a blast.

This is the tale of Tavish, future Laird of a place that in all honesty I can’t pronounce, and Iain, a simple farm lad with whom he has a distant relationship.

Iain has always harbored some kind of hero-worship for Tavish, but it isn’t until Tavish is nineteen years old and Iain fifteen that they come to realize they harbor more than that. What starts as mere lust and teenage hormones going wild slowly transform into deep love. The two young men don’t have time to explore those feeling though as their way of life only allows them to see each other once a year, and with some schemes on Tavish behalf perhaps twice, but they get to become stronger with each passing year. The fear of getting caught and dishonoring their families does not stop the two young lovers from making young, naïve dreams that come clashing when reality hits home and they are found. Not in the act but the rumors are strong enough to drive the two apart. But neither man can imagine a future where there is no place for the other in their life, neither one can bear a permanent separation, and while there seems to be no way to win this battle, help comes from the most unexpected source.

I loved it. I loved them both so much. Tavish, so hot-blooded and reckless and wild and sexy and a devil-may-care kind of guy had me around his little finger in a blink and Iain, the shy and gorgeous, steady and thoughtful Iain who got so wrapped up in the web of love that had to go and do the ultimate sin in his head for his bonny Tavish, he had me wanting to hug him tight and never let him go. Weird that sensation.

And speaking of sensations, dear Lord was this read a hot, sensual ride. The intimate scenes between the two young men, from their first fumbling and their exploration, to their first time and later on their exquisite lovemaking, everything was extremely arousing. I don’t know, was it the fact of a time long ago that the fear was a constant companion that made it so, or the men-in-kilt fantasy, or simply a very well written context, but the result was fascinating and hot to the core.

The ending though, might have come a bit weird for me. I will not call it unrealistic, because frankly I have no clue what would constitute realistic in the era this story is located. And you never know what to expect from people, but yeah, that’s it, it was surprising and a perfect solution for the dilemma. Unfortunately, it also left me with wondering what the future would bring for them… three… I swear my imagination is burdensome at times.

Bottom end if you like historical romances, highlands, and men in kilts and the sort of inevitable love, then this is the book for you. I truly had fun reading it.


Game On, Game Over by Chris Quinton

12422228Title: Game On, Game Over

Author: Chris Quinton

Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure

Length: Novel (280pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (8th October 2011)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: John is on a dangerous negotiating mission for MI6 in Tajikistan. He meets freelance photographer Scott, but their casual affair ends when John is injured and disappears. Scott can’t forget him. He tracks John to a sleepy little village in England, determined to take their relationship to a new level.

John Jones, aka Aidan Whittaker, a negotiator with MI6, is currently on assignment in Tajikistan, close to the Afghanistan border. Overtly on a University-run archaeological site, he’s covertly brokering a deal with local tribal leaders. His undercover mission is complicated by the arrival of a couple of Americans; journalist Brent Babcock and his photographer Scott Landon. The two men are there to document the ancient Silk Road, but when Babcock gets wind of a hot news story, he starts asking awkward questions.

Scott Landon is a different kind of trouble for John. Fourteen years John’s junior, gay and single-minded, he wants into John’s bed. Not being prepared to jeopardize his operation, John rejects him, despite being drawn to the younger man. But then events around them spiral out of control.

Purchase Link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/product_book_info/coming-soon-c-2/game-on-game-over-ebook-p-639

Review: John Jones/Aidan Whittaker is on a negotiation mission.  His plans begin to be derailed by Babcock who is sticking his nose where it could cause trouble. Scott just wants to take pictures… and get in the hot archaeologists bed.  But he gets more trouble when his boss Babcock arranges a meeting with a local tribal leader.

This is an interesting combination of settings.  You have the first part of the book set in Tajikistan near the Afghanistan boarder; which is dry, dusty, dangerous and fraught with tension.  Then in the second part of the book you have the quaint village of Avebury, Wiltshire in England; which is green, lush, quiet and fraught with murderous stories of the long dead.

In the first part, we have John Jones MI6 Negotiator who is trying to broker a deal with some of the tribal leaders. His cover is that of an archaeologist, complications set in when a reporter turns up sticking his nose in where it’s not wanted.  Add his photographer, who John feels an instant attraction to and this mission is in serious danger.  There is danger, a rescue mission, hot sex, a parting of ways and a gun-fire fight which ends with John’s life hanging in the balance.

In the second part we have Scott Landon, photographer, who has been affected more than he thought over what happened to John.  He starts to investigate when he realizes that all may not be as it seems and it leads to the discovery of Aidan Whittaker, expert of Ancient Languages and Literature and an archaeologist. From then on we see Scott’s pursuit of Aidan as he tries to become friends and something more.

This is a brilliantly woven story about two men who get their wires crossed.  Both of them thinking the other doesn’t want them when they both actually want the same thing. We see Scott trying to get through to Aidan that he wants more than just quick sex.  While Aidan thinks that Scott couldn’t want an older man with a damaged leg who just wants to settle down in the little village he found.

So this is a great book that has a little of everything for everyone, danger, tension, hot sex, gun-fights, slow romance, quaint setting, local hauntings and nosy villages… oh and keep an eye out for the cat TBC (That Bloody Cat) that does battle with Aiden every chance he gets. I highly recommend this one, so get this book, read it and enjoy.

Room at the Edge by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

16247282Title: Room at the Edge

Series:  Room at the Top, Book #2
Author: Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow
Genre:  Contemporary/BDSM/Ménage
Length: Long Novel
Publisher: Loose Id (December 18, 2012)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Three sexy men, one hot relationship. In Room at the Top, devoted sub couple Jay and Austin went looking for a no-strings attached Dom and ended up falling for Liam, who, much to his surprise, turned out to be the Dom of their dreams. But their happy ending was only the beginning of their story.

Now Jay is begging Liam to turn up the heat with fire play and Austin wants them all under one roof, no matter what people might think. Caught up in the difficulties and pleasures of their new relationship, it’s easy to miss the way they’re moving dangerously close to the edge of falling apart, not deeper in love.

Product link:  http://www.loose-id.com/authors/g-k/jane-davitt-alexa-snow/room-at-the-edge.html

Reviewer: Heart
Review:  Room at the Edge is the second book in the Room at the Top series, which is about two submissive and a dominant working on their collective relationship and exploring their limits. When compared to the first book, it misses the tension and anticipation felt when the men’s bond, and their shared future, was uncertain. This book shows Austin, Jay, and Liam in a more equal relationship with matured needs.

Submissives Austin and Jay have come to depend on their Dom, Liam. They need his attention and presence: their weekly meeting used to be more than enough, but now they crave more.

Liam is really careful with Austin and Jay’s boundaries, and does his best to give both men what they need,while simultaneously satisfying his own desires. Despite this, they are afraid of their relationship falling apart.While Austin and Jay remain an unbreakable unit, Liam feels like a third wheel but is reluctant to rock the boat.

The authors absolutely succeeded in developing this wonderfully kinky story, specifically in terms of the men’s relationship,in sense of both the conventional and their ‘play’. This sequel introduces some new aspects of BDSM,and brings the mens’ other needs to front and center. Snow and Davitt make their character’s interactions, and their dependence on each other, nothing less than a beautiful, pain-stung dance.

Room at the Edge builds slowly, which in this case was a bit of a negative trait, requiring focus and persistence. Even so, I completely enjoyed this sequel and wouldn’t mind reading more about Austin, Jay, and Liam.

A Beautiful Lie by Tyler Robbins

17861613Title: A Beautiful Lie

Author: Tyler Robbins

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (178pgs)

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (30th April 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: Jesse Reagan has had more than his share of tragedy, and he may have been dealt another blow when, once again, cancer threatens the sister who raised him. Faced with the possibility of being left behind, Jesse vows to care for her young son, though he’s not convinced he can.

When Trip Cantrell returns to town, he’s blindsided the instant he’s reunited with his kid brother’s lifelong friend, Jesse. His inability to find happiness in the years he’s been gone, suddenly makes sense. Love’s been waiting at home all along.

Life begins to look promising, except for the fact that neither have come out of the closet publicly, and that’s not even their biggest problem. Someone has a secret so shocking they may never find a way past it.

Will they be accepted in their small Texas town, or will secrets, lies, and the threat of tragedy destroy everything?

Purchase Link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/a-beautiful-lie-by-tyler-robbins/

Pixie’s Review: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Hearts

Jesse has had a lot thrown at him in his young life, losing both parents, his sisters’ fight with cancer, keeping the business going and helping to raise his nephew and staying hidden deep in the closet. When faced with the cancer attacking again, Jesse vows to his sister to look after his nephew while she fights it. Trip returns to town after discovering that the life he thought he wanted just makes him unhappy. Discovering his newfound attraction to Jesse, the two embark on a secret relationship. But jealousy, lies, and secrecy threaten to tear them apart.

This is quite a good story with the secrets of the past being discovered and threatening to blow a family apart. Jesse has hidden his sexuality from everyone but his sister, Joslyn. Living in a small town, he can’t even tell his best friend, Eric. But, when Trip (Ethan), Eric’s brother, comes back to town, Jesse has a temptation that he just can’t resist. Trip has always hidden his sexuality in the small town, so returning home to his resentful brother he knows that he is going back into the closet again. But, meeting Jesse as a grown-up shakes his resolve. Joslyn has a secret she dare not tell, she has kept it hidden for years, but now it is on the verge of eruption. Eric resents his brother coming home and slotting himself into Eric’s makeshift family, but Eric also knows something he shouldn’t.

I really have mixed feelings about this story because while I thought it was well written and a great storyline, I found it hard to connect to the characters or understand how they could dole out forgiveness so easily. Trip and Jesse dive into a secret relationship headfirst. They are hot together and eventually they settle everything between them. Joslyn was a great sister and a great mother, but not a very nice person at all.

The secret she had would have been taken to the grave if it hadn’t have been discovered by another, and I can’t like a character like that at all. Eric was wrong in his hate and jealousy, but you could understand why he acted the way he did. He felt abandoned by his brother and hoarded the family he created.

Trip never deserved anything that happened and was completely innocent and was so forgiving. you can’t help but love him. Jesse pointed his anger in the wrong places. Just because his sister was ill didn’t justify her actions in any way, shape or form or the fact that Jesse should have been angry with her. I don’t like when someone gets automatic forgiveness, just because they are family or dying.

I recommend this to those who love complicated family drama, finding love close to home, secrets, lies, forgiveness, hot sex, and a happy ending.  

Prime’s Review: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Two small town Texan boys, both have had difficult lives and difficult parents. One has recently returned home. And they’re both buried in the closet, fearful of what could happen to them if they indeed admitted their sexuality. It’s a good story and although I felt empathy, particularly for Jesse, I can’t say that the story immediately dragged me in and had me hooked.

We encounter four main characters, Jesse, who has sacrificed a lot including a social life, for his older sister, Joslyn. Joslyn was seven when their mother left and had since helped their overworked father raise Jesse before their father had a stroke and subsequently died. On the heels of that, Joslyn, who was in her senior year of high school, later became pregnant. A couple of years after that, she got cancer.

The story picks up four years after that diagnosis with the possibility that it had returned and besides Jesse, she only has her son, Jeremy. Then there is Eric Cantrell, he’s Jesse’s best friend despite the fact he has kind of left Jesse behind since Jesse has responsibilities. Eric is a ne’er do well type of character, always sleeping with a different woman and always on a bender on either drinks or smokes.

Although, through all this, he has dependable Jesse and Jesse seems to have to hots for his very straight friend. His older brother, Ethan (aka Trip), has been away for about five years. He went off the college and has returned to his small town home after realising, that he hated the profession he had chosen to enter.

So Ethan’s back and he sets his sights directly on Jesse. However, between the four of them, there are a number of secrets and lies whizzing about, the biggest one of course being that Ethan and Jesse are gay and together.
I know there’s a lot going on and that was just the introduction.

The story ran flat to me, though well paced. I really don’t hate it and I don’t find it boring, it just seems to lack that particular bit of spark that draws me into romance stories. I think the problem is that there is too much drama, secrecy and lies going on and there wasn’t enough time for everything to evolve. It sounds contradictory to what we expect as readers in terms of entertainment value, and while Jesse and Ethan’s love story seems more realistic to those of us in the real world,

I’m pretty sure all the intrigue was giving me a migraine. There was some level of sweetness to the story and lots of sadness, as well as seeing the chain of repercussions from stupid decisions made in the heat of the moment by immature teens. At times, it was even thought-provoking.
Still I find it hard to go beyond liking it.

Another problem, while I like Jesse and his sister, Joslyn, I wasn’t too impressed with Ethan and his little brother/Jesse’s BFF, Eric. Meanwhile, at the same time, Joslyn was the most judgmental character and contradicted herself with a whopping secret of her own.

Eric was really a questionable character to me, he seems a little unhinged at times and in serious need of an intervention. He seems angry for all the wrong reasons and I’m not sure if he likes Joslyn or Jesse. At first, I found it difficult to like Ethan, but he eventually came into his own and ended out to be a very likable guy.

Then again, half the time it seems that Ethan is the one being screwed over by everyone else and I feel really sorry for the guy. While it’s Jesse that’s angry when everything goes down a certain creek, I think that Ethan had rights to feeling more anger. Thankfully, despite the sadness and secrets and lies, there is a happily ever after.

I get the feeling that this book more than most is a bit hit and miss as to whether people love it or hate it. It’s going to appeal to those that like the small town, closet storyline – there’s even a touch of coming of age in it. It’s also good for people who love over the top drama, almost like a soap opera. In the end, it’s a web of the four interconnected lives and complex in places.