The Empty Box by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

jdas_theemptyboxTitle: The Empty Box
Series: The Square Peg, #3
Author: Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (299 Pages)
Publisher: Loose Id (April 7th, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ Hearts
Blurb: Dave’s taking life day by day after leaving Travis, his emotionally abusive partner of fifteen years. Working as the cook at the Square Peg is all the social life he has and he’s content with that.

When a swerving car leaves him sprawled on the snowy sidewalk with a broken ankle, being rescued by his new neighbor, young, sinfully pretty Jeremy, seems like the start of something good, even if twenty years separate the two men. But Travis isn’t content to let Dave slip away and Dave’s his own worst enemy, holding Jeremy at arms’ length when Jeremy wants to get as close as possible.

With decisions about his future complicated by his tangled past, can Dave accept the second chance Jeremy offers or will his heart stay empty of love?

ISBN: 978-1-62300-852-9

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Reviewer: KathyMac

Review: We met Dave in The Square Peg so having his own story just felt natural in getting to know all of the characters more intimately. In case you don’t remember, Dave is the cook/chef, at the bar owned by Ben and Shane. He ended his 15 year relationship with Travis a year or so ago and moved to the other side of town.

Walking home one night from work Dave is struck by a car, a hit-and-run, and left on the sidewalk to freeze. He knew right away he broke something which left him lying there, in the snow, helpless. Thank goodness, Jeremy, Dave’s new neighbor from across the hall happens by and offers Dave assistance. He even takes him to the hospital and waits for him so he will have a ride back home.

Jeremy works from home building computers for clients and for the most part has only ever dated women. He knew he found guys attractive but he never experimented too much with them. He also knows that he is and has always been attracted to the older male. If there are streaks of gray in their hair or other age defining marks all the more attractive they appear to him. He is in his later 20’s and doesn’t appreciate being treated like a kid or someone who doesn’t know what he wants.

And…he wants Dave. He immediately has an attraction for Dave, who is in his later 40’s, and he’s also in very good shape and takes care of himself, which doesn’t hurt either. Since Dave doesn’t have anyone immediate to help him now that he has a broken ankle and a cast, Jeremy offers to be there for him, in any capacity.

Dave is flattered by the attention but he’s not ready to hook up with anyone after his fiasco with Travis and he can’t get past the idea that he is too old for someone Jeremy’s age. Jeremy is relentless, however, in pursuing Dave and he doesn’t stop until Dave agrees to give it a try.

The story carries on from here but never really gains any speed. Dave and Jeremy are trying to make a go but there is a lot of resistance on Dave’s part therefore not gaining much ground. If it wasn’t for Jeremy being so persistent I don’t think they would have ever made any headway.

Travis has been out of the picture for a year yet he still has a hold over Dave. Little things start happening with Jeremy’s belongings and it appears that it could be Travis. This was never really proven although speculation was pretty clear. Dave decides he should approach him and ask him about it but all he accomplished was letting him back into his life.

The authors seemed to be adding some mystery and suspense into the storyline which allowed it to pick up the pace but it fizzled out pretty quick. If Travis was behind all of the little pranks, which I feel certain he was, he never admitted to it and it was pretty much forgotten. A tragedy does happen pulling Dave back into Travis’ world but this just caused unnecessary conflict between Jeremy and Dave. Again, this never really has any resolution either and we just seem them moving on to other things.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. I loved catching up with Shane and Ben and, Patrick who you can’t help but love. Dave finally gets to make a dream come true for himself in being a co-owner of a new restaurant, The Empty Box, with Shane and Ben.

My main problem with the story is it never seemed to go anywhere. It was day-to-day activities with low-level excitement and I never had the feeling that Dave and Jeremy really made any progress with their relationship. They do love each other, but I never really felt it from either one. There’s not much passion between them and when Dave slips up with his “I love you” there wasn’t any fireworks. I’m not sure if Jeremy even acknowledged that he heard him.

If you loved The Square Peg, then I would recommend reading this one as well just to catch up with the other characters. Some new characters were introduced so there is always the possibility for another story. If you want a story with a lot of sex or a lot of drama I would probably pass on this one.
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Speak No Evil by Alexa Snow

81IMDGpri1L._SL1500_Title: Speak No Evil
Series: N/A
Author: Alexa Snow
Genre: Fantasy/ Paranormal
Length: Novel (291 pages)
Publisher: Loose Id (January 27, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Blurb: Jamie Kincade’s world is turned upside down when Sebastian, a young man who doesn’t speak and who shares the ability to see ghosts that Jamie’s had since childhood, enters his life. Jamie finds Sebastian fascinating on multiple levels, and is determined to help him learn to speak again. But he can barely keep his thoughts – or hands – off Sebastian, who wants him and makes no attempt to hide it.

The age difference between them – Sebastian is almost 15 years Jamie’s junior – is a problem for Jamie, but Jamie’s reluctance isn’t the only thing keeping them from focusing on the potential they might have as a couple. The collection of ghosts Jamie has been living with in relative harmony for more than a decade has no intention of leaving Sebastian alone now that he’s here. T

heir desperate attempts to get Sebastian’s attention are a distraction Jamie would be grateful for if they didn’t upset Sebastian so much. Jamie is torn between wanting to send Sebastian away for his own good and wanting to drag him off to bed, and with Sebastian tempting him both deliberately and subconsciously, it can’t be long before Jamie’s self-control snaps…

ISBN: 978-1-62300-319-7

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Portia’s Two Cents: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
I really enjoyed this story. It had just the right mix of suspense, angst and paranormal for me. Jamie isn’t so much damaged as shy. He’s found a way to do him, and is okay with pretty much being a hermit.
Sebastian is definitely damaged, and with good cause. He’s been through so much, and chosen silence as his coping mechanism of choice. But, even without speaking, he is such a well-balanced character and I adored him.

I enjoyed the pace of both the romance and the “suspense,” and felt that I was watching a realistic romance unfold. Sebastian wanted to knock boots from day one, but Jamie made him work for it.  But, both of them realized that what was happening to them was special. Not just in terms of their abilities, but the trust that would be their foundation.

Sprinkle in a few ghosts, some pretty hot sheet time, and families mending and this was the perfect weekend read for me. I hope that Alexa Snow lets these do a bit more “housecleaning” in future.

Highly recommend.

Shorty’s Review: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Very well written book although very long and drawn out story about two men who can both see ghosts but only one of them can communicate with them.

Jamie is an older man who is an editor that finds a young man named Sebastian in his shed. Sebastian can see, hear and communicate with ghosts but can’t speak. He wasn’t always unable to speak though. Jamie can only see the ghosts.

There are a few instances in the book were there was a ghost and twice the different ghosts attempted to interact with Sebastian but he freaks out. There is one ghost who can physically hurt them as happens once to Jamie when he’s pushed down the stairs and once to Sebastian when the ghost grabs him and leaves marks as well as later in the story. The scenes involving any paranormal occurrences were over quick except for in the last two paranormal occurrences regarding different ghosts.

It seemed that most of the book was about the two men getting to know one another and having sex when Jaime was ready to. When Jamie sister’s husband dies in a car accident, they both go to see her and find out that when Jamie touches Sebastian while he’s talking to a ghost that Jamie can hear them as well and communicate with them. Interesting read.

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Killing Time by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

jd_as_killingtime1Title: Killing Time
Series: N/A
Author: Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow
Genre: Fantasy/ Paranormal
Length: Novel (371 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-62300-693-8
Publisher: Loose ID (February 25th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate to Hot
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Max and Kaelan, best friends and business partners for five years, are powerful casters with a tendency to get themselves into and out of all kinds of trouble. Pretty much the only thing they’ve been able to avoid is getting romantically involved – until now. Their sexual attraction hits them like a runaway fireball and they can’t keep their hands off each other.

While their sexual attraction burns out of control, they’ve attracted the attention of a dark caster named Jannes who’s planning a spell so potent that it could end the world. To keep them off-balance, he’s targeting Max and Kaelan through those they love, and there’s no one they love more than each other.

With friends, family to protect, and their only allies a group of casters who find it easier to fight than cooperate, the odds are stacked against them. So can Max and Kaelan keep it together and stop Jannes before he ends the world, or is the best they can do just killing time?

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Review: Kaelan had been just buying a drink when he felt a power fairly strong, so strong that he had to find out what was going on. He was a caster, could sum up portals, do spells for good, and stop those who are evil. So when he opened up a portal and found a man and woman casting evil spells, he was surprise to find someone who was blocking himself from being found out. An investigator who was also trying to do the same thing Kaelan was doing. Max was a wealthy man who wanted to figure Kaelan out.

They had agreed to never make their relationship to sexual, but there was so much fire and passion in them. The only major problem was that someone was using that feeling against them. James was planning a spell so potent that it could end the world. So to keep Kaelen and Max off-balance he uses a spell to keep them off-balance. A spell to target the people they love, well it turns out that the ones they love the most are each other. Surprise for them all the way around.
They could not figure out how they knew what each other liked when they had not had sex before, or had they and just couldn’t remember. With friends, family to protect, and their only allies a group of casters who find it easier to fight than cooperate, the odds are stacked against them. So can Max and Kaelan keep it together and stop James before he ends the world, or is the best they can do just killing time?

I love the way they are around each other. One of their major rules is that if they were bringing sexual partners home, that it was done in the bedroom no other place in the house. Of course, Kaelan broke that one once, and what Max did to him was funny as hell. I loved the cold drink against the bare skin. The sex in this story is majorly hot, sensuous and a bit kinky. You can tell from the first chapter in the book that these two want each other bad, so I loved the fact that they did hook up in the story.

They are very strong casters with lots of powers. This story caught my attention from the very beginning and kept it all the way to the end. It is told with just a hint of humor to it that I loved it even more, then the serious tone that it uses. If you love a good mystery, even though it isn’t really a mystery story then you will get a kick out of this story. It brings a fantasy to a whole new level. I have read many stories about witches and warlocks but this one shows the powers that are used for stopping evil casters from hurting others.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves sexy men fighting their attraction, loyalty between friends, powers that are used to fight the evils of the world, hot sex, and quirky attitudes. I would be reading it again, it is perfect book to read when it is cold outside, and you want to lose yourself in a good story.

Motion of the Planet by Alexa Snow

20434328Title: Motion of the Planet

Author: Alexa Snow

Genre: Contemporary


Length: Novella (82 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press, Inc. (December 31st, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 3.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Tyler Brown and his Irish boyfriend Mason Fitzgerald are slowly creating a life together that they both love. It’s a life that includes Tyler’s sister Theresa, her husband, and their two young children; Tyler loves the kids, but insists it’s because he doesn’t have to see them every day.

A sudden phone call interrupts everything — there’s been a fire at Theresa’s house, Theresa and Brian are officially missing, and Tyler and Mason need to take custody of five-year-old Jill and her baby brother Colin. Tyler struggles to come to grips with the reality of having to care for two small children and with wondering if his relationship with Mason changes in ways, he can’t handle. What will their future together hold?

Previously published in Torquere Press’ Family Matters anthology.

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Review: This was a surprisingly nice story though it made think it might be a bit too much on the emotional side. See our main character – Tyler – is a person that has already suffered a heavy childhood with his father abandoning them after many years of abuse and his mother reverting to alcohol and drugs, only to die when he was a teenager leaving him responsible for his six year younger sister. So the story already starts with a heavy past, albeit Tyler now is in a comfortable place in life, having found someone who loves him and his little sister all gone to college, married and having children. Tyler is finally in a place he can call peaceful and that’s all he wants.

Now our second character here, Tyler’s boyfriend Mason, is literally the supporting kind. He was everywhere picking up where Tyler couldn’t. He was simply the perfect character, so much so that he felt a bit unreal.

As for the story itself, it starts with a nice and mellow couple in a peaceful place in life only to be shattered by a tragedy, that instantly colors the entire read with stress, angst, and melancholy, albeit a bit light. Tyler loses his sister and brother-in-law in a fire and gets to be the guardian of their children. The story mostly tells about the transmission from a simple person to a parent. It’s a hard one, having to suddenly care for two children, a five-year-old and a barely one-year-old, and the whole ordeal led me down a trip through memory lane back when I had my own children. Having to shop for everything and deal with everyday things that come with little kids, well this was a well-known area for sure.

So while to story in general was a bit on the depressive side and without much tension, I found it oddly comforting and nice, with an end that makes you smile even as you still feel sad for the ones that were lost. A recommended book on my part!


The Broken Triangle by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

18130957Title:  The Broken Triangle

Series:  The Square Peg, Book #2
Author: Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose ID (July 2nd, 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Vin’s a hot Goth, tattooed and pierced and the most popular bartender at the Square Peg. Want to date him or buy him a drink? Sorry. Vin’s body is a temple and he’s barely been kissed. His heart belongs to Riley, the guy he crushed on in high school and can’t forget.

How about Vin’s BFF Patrick? He’d let you buy him a drink and have your wicked way with him in the men’s room (shh, don’t tell Shane or Ben, the bar owners!) Okay, maybe Vin needs to loosen up and Patrick needs to calm down, but they’re set in their ways.

Enter Riley, looking for Vin, and suddenly everything changes. Vin’s handed a happy ending on a plate and Patrick’s free and easy lifestyle loses its glitter as he sees what Vin has.

But does Vin really have his dream guy or does he just have Riley? Maybe they’re not the same thing, after all.

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: Wow! This story took a tilt I had not expected, but none-the-less cheered for throughout the story! You could feel the train wreck coming just beyond the return of the high school sweetheart, but I was glued to the pages anyhow to see how this story would unfold. The characters are believable, the story so well written I felt like I was walking in their shoes. A wonderful story of people discovering themselves, turning their lives and their love around. This story could stand alone, but we do get another peak at the great couple from Square Peg. Highly recommended.

Room at the Edge by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

16247282Title: Room at the Edge

Series:  Room at the Top, Book #2
Author: Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow
Genre:  Contemporary/BDSM/Ménage
Length: Long Novel
Publisher: Loose Id (December 18, 2012)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Three sexy men, one hot relationship. In Room at the Top, devoted sub couple Jay and Austin went looking for a no-strings attached Dom and ended up falling for Liam, who, much to his surprise, turned out to be the Dom of their dreams. But their happy ending was only the beginning of their story.

Now Jay is begging Liam to turn up the heat with fire play and Austin wants them all under one roof, no matter what people might think. Caught up in the difficulties and pleasures of their new relationship, it’s easy to miss the way they’re moving dangerously close to the edge of falling apart, not deeper in love.

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Reviewer: Heart
Review:  Room at the Edge is the second book in the Room at the Top series, which is about two submissive and a dominant working on their collective relationship and exploring their limits. When compared to the first book, it misses the tension and anticipation felt when the men’s bond, and their shared future, was uncertain. This book shows Austin, Jay, and Liam in a more equal relationship with matured needs.

Submissives Austin and Jay have come to depend on their Dom, Liam. They need his attention and presence: their weekly meeting used to be more than enough, but now they crave more.

Liam is really careful with Austin and Jay’s boundaries, and does his best to give both men what they need,while simultaneously satisfying his own desires. Despite this, they are afraid of their relationship falling apart.While Austin and Jay remain an unbreakable unit, Liam feels like a third wheel but is reluctant to rock the boat.

The authors absolutely succeeded in developing this wonderfully kinky story, specifically in terms of the men’s relationship,in sense of both the conventional and their ‘play’. This sequel introduces some new aspects of BDSM,and brings the mens’ other needs to front and center. Snow and Davitt make their character’s interactions, and their dependence on each other, nothing less than a beautiful, pain-stung dance.

Room at the Edge builds slowly, which in this case was a bit of a negative trait, requiring focus and persistence. Even so, I completely enjoyed this sequel and wouldn’t mind reading more about Austin, Jay, and Liam.

The Square Peg by Alex Snow and Jane Davitt

Title:  The Square Peg

Author:  Alexa Snow & Jane Davitt

Genre:   Contemporary, BDSM, D/s

Length:  Novel (229 pages)

Publisher:  Loose Id (August 7th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:  Benedict, a successful accountant, who’s just been dumped for being boring, is surprised and pleased to learn that he’s inherited half ownership in a gay bar from his estranged father, seeing it as a chance to get out of his rut. That’s until he meets his new partner, a mouthy, disturbingly hot Brit called Shane, and discovers that the bar’s in the red and Shane’s not interested in renovations that could drive away their regulars.

When a late-night confrontation turns into the hottest sex either of them has experienced, they realize there’s one way to fit a square peg into a round hole, but are they solving problems or papering over the cracks? As they explore the new dynamic between them, pushing their limits until Ben’s shocked at where his desire to dominate Shane takes him, the renovations to the bar begin. They’re building something new, something good — but fear and an unexpected act of violence may tear down what they’ve created.

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Reviewer:   Any

Review: I had mixed feelings about this book. At some points I flew through the pages, eager to see what would happen next, and at other points, I was tapping my toes.

Let me start with the things that had me flying through pages:

  • The clean writing. The authors use clear, precise sentences to convey information, and they employ many of the senses in any given scene. That led to a more tactile experience of the book, where I felt, smelled, and heard as well as saw the story being played out.
  • The two perspectives. This choice was great. I loved reading how the other felt/thought. It kept things interesting.
  • The Square Peg. I liked the idea of the bar and its transformation (which nicely echoed the relationship status between Shane and Benedict – at least for the beginning).
  • The sex scenes. Yeah, they were pretty hot for the most part. Certainly they had me flushed. 😉 (More on this further down . . .)
  • Vin. What a wonderful likeable character. His story is going to sweep me away. I can just feel it, and the end of The Square Peg alludes to that story coming pretty soon. This hook was a great way of sucking in readers for wanting more.

The things that made my foot tap:

  • The 180 lust to love. This happened too quickly that it didn’t feel real. I would have liked a little more development emotionally between Shane and Benedict.
  • Ben as a Dom. I think this was the crux of my issues with the book. When I first started reading, I was introduced to a character who, to me, did not feel the confident Dom type. In fact, I was thinking, if anything, it would have been Shane to be the more aggressive of the two. Now, as the story progressed, I accepted the fact it wouldn’t be as I anticipated, and went with it, but that first transition made the experience a bit rocky.
  • Coming hand-in-hand with this ‘something’s not quite right with Ben as a Dom’ was the way Ben seemed to second guess his actions after giving Shane a firm hand. I wavered with this one. Sometimes I was irritated, I guess I just wanted strong and commanding and no quibbles. Then, at other times, I thought maybe these insecurities show a more realistic side to someone trying out being a Dom for the first time.

Overall though, this was a good read, and I would recommend it to those in the mood for a light, erotic read. It’s fun.


Rock and a Hard Place by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

Title:  Rock and a Hard Place

Series: N/A

Author: Jane Davitt/Alexa Snow

Genre: LGBT Contemporary (May 8th, 2012)

Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose Id

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: Determined to outdo each other, business rivals Sean and Andrew land themselves in hot water when their private feud spills over at a very public charity auction. With neither willing to back down over the dream vacation at stake, they’re told by their boss that they’re both going and that they’re to return as friends.

As fate would have it, their plane crashes and they wash up on a desert island where their feud is as likely to doom them as the lack of food and their inability to start a fire. But there’s enough heat between them to set sparks flying once out and proud Sean discovers that Andrew’s gay, but determined to remain in the closet.

Rescue comes, but brings with it new challenges. They’re whisked back to their old lives with secrets to keep and a shared passion that makes it impossible for them to stay apart for long.

Choices must be made, new paths taken, and two men who have always been good at fighting find themselves, finally, with something worth fighting for: each other.

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Reviewer: Thommie

Review: This novel follows Sean’s and Andrew’s “war and love”. Yes, of course, those two go together. Sean is a junior partner in Carney Enterprises. He loves his job and is very good at it. He is also a very proud gay man, coming out to his family ever when he was 12.  He’s not letting anyone step on him, due to his sexuality, at any point of his life. His life whirls around his job that is very demanding, leaving him not much time for personal relationships or even rest. While he thinks that everything is ok, at this point of his life, with little to take care of, there is one person that can unnerve him at any given moment and that is Andrew Carney. Yes, as in Carney Enterprises… Andrew is the boss’s son. In his estimation, Andrew was a spoilt brat, a playboy, having people throwing all over him because of his “old rich” blood. Sean thinks that even his job is being done by hardworking employees that would do anything to satisfy him. And being such a proud person, Sean never lets Andrew’s charm reach him; never hiding his despise and loathing either. And mostly, there is not a single encounter that they don’t fight. It is no wonder that in the charity event they both participate they’d end up in a similar situation. They bet against each other, on Sean’s dreamed vacation, until Harris Carney interrupts them. Harris’s notion of a nice working environment does not include having his two best managers at each other’s throat whenever they’re in the same room. So, he orders both of them on a joint vacation to solve things out. Of course, their plane crashes.  Of course, they land in a desert island alone. And of course, they turn all their need to fight into a more personal level. But, when they are rescued and finally back to civilization things get even worse between them. See, Andrew has been in the closet forever and has no intentions on coming out. He actually intents to marry, have kids and continue living a lie. And yes, things get a lot worse before they get better…

A nice book… but, I found it somehow lacking. I had the feeling the entire read was about a big, huge fight. The characters were constantly on war, even when they got personal they were fighting, sort to speak. It got me quite tired, waiting and hoping they would grow up already. Yes it reminded me, somehow, of kindergarten. While I liked Sean’s character (he had his nasty moments), I was so very disappointed from Andrew’s. He gave me the feeling of a hypochondriac, whining all the while when there’s nothing wrong with him. Always taking one step forward and two steps back. I had to wait until the very end of the book to literally see him grow some… uhm ,spine. J So, while Rock and a Hard Place is somehow a light read, it left me with a sigh.

If you love a good fight and have an inclination towards desert island fantasies and a happy ever after story this is the book for you.

On the Dotted Line by Alexa Snow

Title: On the Dotted Line

Series: None

Author: Alexa Snow

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 161 pages/50,200 words/Novel

Publisher: Torquere Press (March 27, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: From Torquere Press: When college drop-out Paul LeBlanc first meets pediatrician Dr. Cameron Fraser at the emergency room, he isn’t hoping for anything more than good news about his best friends’ James and Alison’s baby. He’s more involved in baby Gabby’s life than the average guy his age might be, but there’s a good reason for that — she’s his biological daughter, a gift given to his friends when it turned out James wasn’t able to father a child.

Cameron asks Paul to go for drinks, but Paul doesn’t want to hope for more than a few dates and maybe some hot sex. As it turns out, Cameron isn’t into casual sex, but Cameron also knows right away that what he wants with Paul is anything but casual.

Paul’s life is complicated. He has a mountain of debt that no one knows about and just paying the bills is a struggle. He’s sick of rummaging in the couch for change to do a load of laundry and worrying about when his junky car will break down next. Still, he suspects that the added complication of a boyfriend might be worth it if that boyfriend is Cameron

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Reviewer: Adrienne

Review: On the Dotted Line centers almost entirely on Paul LeBlanc, a young man who has some obvious inferiority complexes, mainly centered on his financial issues which he is determined to hide from his closest friends. Cameron Fraser is a doctor with whom Paul becomes involved, though he maintains a bit of reserve around Cameron. Because of this emotional distance, the reader doesn’t learn much about Cameron, other than he seems like a generally decent, caring person.

On the Dotted Line could have turned into an angst-ridden book about the poor, down-trodden boy who, through no fault of his own, is nearly impoverished but is saved by his very own doctor in a shining stethoscope. Thankfully, the poor-me clichés are kept to a minimum, and when shown are understandable, making both Paul relatable rather than annoying. I will comment that some mentions of James were intriguing, and I worried this would end up a very different kind of review, but that storyline was well-played and resolved potential issues. My only criticism is that I would have liked to know a bit more about Cameron, and maybe see a bit more development in their relationship, which seemed to move rather quickly.

Ms. Snow’s most recent book is neither boring nor overly dramatic, but instead a fairly quick and enjoyable read, and both Paul and Cameron are rather enjoyable characters.