The Hunting by L.F. Blake

51y6+8rPc9L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: The Hunting
Series: N/A
Author: L.F. Blake
Genre: Paranormal
Length: 60 pages
Publisher: L.F. Blake (January 19, 2016)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: It’s been two years since Eric’s lover disappeared without a trace. He’s finally managed to move on, mostly by burying himself in work. That is, hunting down rogue werewolves. But he never did figure out how to forget the first and only love of his life. And he’s never stopped feeling guilty for what he believes was his part in Jackson’s death.

Only Jackson isn’t dead.

When Eric’s latest hunting assignment brings him to his old hometown, the place where he first fell in love with Jackson, he finds his high school sweetheart waiting for him, with one big problem: Jackson is a werewolf.

Torn between duty and love, Eric has one night to decide if he can stand to lose his lover again… by firing a silver bullet into his heart.

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is the first time I have read a book by this author and I can honestly say that L.F. Blake has a wicked gift. This story is very intense with a lot of darkness to it, which for me was not my type of story at all. I was hoping for a lost love story with a bit of twist.

However this one was just a bit off.

Eric had been in love with Jackson, but not as much as Jackson was with Eric. Eric was a werewolf hunter and had hidden it. After Jackson’s disappearance and what he thought was death, he was in shock to find Jackson was definitely alive. The murders happening to some evil people leaves him to believe werewolf was involved. The biggest problem was Jackson was back as a werewolf.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but was glad for the ending in a way. I can’t say I didn’t like it because I did, but it was definitely not my cup of tea. However it caught my attention and now I have got to see what other books this author has out. I just hope for a bit of a story with a lighter tone to it.


Portia’s Two Cents:  I Love surprises.

I bought this as a Kindle Freebie. I’ve had mixed results with those things. Most are absolutely dreadful, but every now and then, I come across and author that I am thrilled to discover.

L.F. Blake is in that category.

The Hunting is deliciously dark. Eric comes across as a bit lost. He’s good at this job, as a Hunter, but I got the impression, he wasn’t happy. There are just too many unanswered questions surrounding his lover’s disappearance.

Speaking of said lover, Jackson is too hot. But his reappearance raises a host of ethical dilemmas for poor Eric.

My only complaint is that The Hunting wasn’t longer. I would have loved to entered the story sooner and lingered longer. Hopefully, L.F. Blake will return to this alternative reality and finished Eric and Jackson’s story.

A must read if you like good guys who do bad things, and werewolves that don’t play nice.

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First Comes Marriage by Shira Anthony

FirstComeMarriageLGTitle: First Comes Marriage
Series: N/A
Author: Shira Anthony
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (262 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspun Desires, Dreamspinner Press (January 15th 2016)
Heat Level: Low/moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts
Blurb: Their marriage was supposed to be all business….

When struggling novelist Chris Valentine meets Jesse Donovan, he’s interested in a book contract, or possibly a date. The last thing Chris expects is a marriage proposal from New York City’s most eligible bachelor!

Jesse’s in a pinch: to keep control of his company, he has to marry. So he has valid reasons for offering Chris this business deal. In exchange for living in a gorgeous mansion for a year, playing the doting husband, Chris gets all the writing time he wants and walks away with a million dollar payoff. Surely Chris can handle that. He can handle living with the most handsome and endearing man he’s ever met, a man he immediately knows he wants in the worst way and can’t have.

Or can he?

ISBN: 9781634768443

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Reviewer: Aerin

Review: I’ve never in my life read a book with an arranged marriage trope, and to be totally honest, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by this book, because it was just so easy to read! I just started getting into it, making friends with the characters, and the next thing I know, it’s all over!

Chris Valentine is an author who dreams about being able to become a full-time writer. Llike many authors out there know, it’s very challenging to make a living and having a comfortable life by being a full-time writer. Chris knows all about it. Between his job at a coffee shop and his constant struggle to put the stories that keep him up at night on paper, Chris is disheartened.

He would do anything to be able to write full time, even marry a virtual stranger….a hot stranger whom Chris would bone in a second if said stranger wasn’t straight, but a stranger nonetheless.

Jesse Donovan’s grandfather was a great father figure to Jesse in life, but his true calling he discovered in death. By becoming a hell of a matchmaker. In order for Jesse to keep his company, he needs to get married no later than a year after his grandfather’s death, or his step-grandmother gets everything. The company is everything Jesse has left from his grandfather, and he would do anything to keep it. And so ladies and gentlemen, a last-minute, unexpected, totally right marriage is born.

Are you all familiar with that centuries-old dance some couples do around each other before they finally give in and fuck each other’s brains out? Well Jesse and Chris have danced plenty, because they don’t have any kind of sex until after the 70% mark, and let me tell you, that’s a lot of dancing! They lust for each other, dream about each other, lie to each other and hurt each other, but they also learn to love each other.

There were quite a few things that had me stupefied, like closeted Jesse’s decision to marry a man after hiding his sexuality all his life. And the fact that he lied to his husband from the very beginning by letting him believe he’s straight and has no interest in men. And the whole weird relationship between Jesse and Wenda, his step-grandmother.

I liked Wenda and her up-to-something-ways, but no matter how hard I tried to understand what caused so much animosity between her and Jesse. I just didn’t get it!

Of course, maybe because I knew this was going to be a slightly cheesy kind of book, I figured out which way the plot was going to go early on. But that didn’t diminish my enjoyment. Besides, the epilogue did have a little surprise for me, along with a sweet HEA that shows the couple a year later.

Jesse and Chris, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love (sometimes), second comes marriage, here comes Jesse pushing a…………….. read this to find out!

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Portia’s Two Cents:  ♥♥♥♥♥4.5 Hearts

I just had to add my two cents to this one.  I really enjoyed this.  The whole idea of the Dreamspun Desires does it for me.  I LOVE knowing that a HEA is coming.

And just like the Harlequins that I grew up devouring, First Came Marriage was predictable, but oh, so satisfying.

As for Wenda, I’ve never been a step- anything, but I’ve had one.  And I could relate to taking unresolved shit into adulthood. I also figured out Wenda mid-book.  She is my kinda mama. 😉

Jesse and Chris were so cute. But, man was I grateful when they got a clue.

Boyfriend for the Weekend by Diana DeRicci

51ew9M0UE4L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Boyfriend for the Weekend
Series: Boyfriend, #1
Author: Diana DeRicci
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 164 Pages
Publisher: MLR Press (August 20, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5 Hearts
Blurb: Can pretending to be in love lead to a real forever ever after happiness?

Jayden Sindler is a member of the wedding party for his sister’s wedding and has been warned to bring someone with him to keep the single hunting women at arm’s length. Luck presents itself in the form of Nash Vargas. Invited to accompany Jayden, Nash convinces him to playact as something more believable-boyfriends.

But what happens when acting turns into real affection? And will there be a future after the weekend?

ISBN: MLR-1-02015-0442

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Diana always gives you a love story that always intrigues you and keeps you captivated. Her stories have a serious tone to them but there is a hint of humor that makes it a lot more fun for me to love. I have read a few stories by Diana and have put her on my automatic buy list. So when I got this story I was a bit disappointed with it.

Jayden was expected at his sister’s wedding, but he was not going alone. He hired Nash to pretend to be his man. He didn’t want women to come up to him thinking he was available. Although he had not expected the heat that he felt with Nash.

This story is a spinoff of the Arbor Heights series, so I was expecting a bit more to it. The plot is well written and enjoyable. I loved the characters but not the fake boyfriend part. It shows the homophobia up front. Although his family is good with it all. It shows how they meet, but to get the full taste of them you have to read the next book. Which for me is a great welcoming because I can’t stand not having a happily ever after.

Now other than certain aspects of the story that I didn’t much care for, this was an enjoyable read. I can’t wait to read the second book, and I can guarantee as soon as I finish writing this I will be starting on the next book.

I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

Portia’s Two Cents:  ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

This book was soooo cute and left me with a smile.

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Little Wolf by R. Cooper

LittleWolfLGTitle: Little Wolf
Series: A Being(s) in Love Story, #4
Author: R. Cooper
Genre: Paranormal/ Mystery/Suspense/ Urban Fantasy
Length: Novel (380 Pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 8, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: On the run from his old-blood werewolf family, Tim Dirus finds himself in Wolf’s Paw, one of the last surviving refuges from the days when werewolves were hunted by humans and one of the last places Tim wants to be. Kept away from other wolves by his uncle, Tim knows almost nothing about his own kind except that alpha werewolves only want to control and dominate a scrawny wolf like him.

Tim isn’t in Wolf’s Paw an hour before he draws the attention of Sheriff Nathaniel Neri, the Alphaest Alpha in a town full of Alphas. Powerful, intimidating, and the most beautiful wolf Tim has ever seen, Nathaniel makes Tim feel safe for reasons Tim doesn’t understand. For five years he’s lived on the run, in fear of his family and other wolves. Everything about Wolf’s Paw is contrary to what he thought he knew, and he is terrified.

Fearing his mate will run, Sheriff Nathaniel must calm his little wolf and show him he’s more than a match for this big, bad Alpha.

ISBN: 978-1-63216-976-1

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone.

I have always loved romance stories especially when they are male on male romance. Now when you put it all into a good paranormal I am usually the first one in line for it. Now I must admit that this story does come off a little dark to me. However it didn’t take away from the story though.

Tim just pulls at your heartstrings. He is running away from his old werewolf blood family. However he is a bit lost. He thinks Alphas are cruel, dominating and just too much for someone like himself. He had listened to his uncle just a little too much. Then he meets a sexy Alpha. Nathaniel just draws him in. He makes him feel things he didn’t feel before. Now it is up to Nathaniel to show him the true meaning of mates.

I would definitely recommend this amazing story. It has a lot to offer you in many ways that some paranormal stories just don’t have. I have not been one to be captivated by a story’s darkness. However this one is a pretty damn good story. Now to get to the down and dirty. I was not pleased that it took Nathaniel too long to admit that they were mates. It does drag just a bit though.

I had a blast reading this and look forward to reading the next story. To me it had way too much description in it then was needed, but it didn’t take away from the story. It had enhanced it. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I also had such a blast with the title. It gave me almost everything I could want in a story.

I look forward to reading the next book in this series and others by R. Cooper.

Portia’s Two Cents:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

It is those dark aspects that I loved about this title.  The romance is strong, but the suspense is its equal…

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Phoenix by Kim Fielding

PhoenixLGTitle: Phoenix
Series: 2015 Daily Dose Delivery Package – Never Too Late
Author: Kim Fielding
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Short Story (44 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC (June 1st 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb: First a soldier and then a diplomat, Juberi now spends his solitary days on a single ambition: trying to resurrect the phoenix, which has been extinct for centuries. He’s not pleased when he is obligated to attend a public ceremony in memory of an elderly friend and former colleague. But at the ceremony, Juberi meets the friend’s beguiling son, Desen. Despite being from a markedly different culture, Desen has much to offer. But after decades of denying his own desires, Juberi fears there is no alchemy that will reopen him to love.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Daily Dose package “Never Too Late.”

ISBN: 978-1-63476-423-0

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is part of the 2015 Daily Dose Delivery Package-

There’s something to be said for maturity and experience, whether it’s a second chance at love, a May/December romance, or finding a soul mate later in life. These stories prove that it’s never too late for new love.
There’s something to be said for maturity and experience, whether it’s a second chance at love, a May/December romance, or finding a soul mate later in life. These stories prove that it’s never too late for new love.

Never Too Late. At first I was a bit leery of the story itself. I am not one for short stories. You never really get enough to sink your teeth into. It is told in a fantasy way, of a magic carpet ride and a Phoenix.

Juberi had been a soldier and now was an ambassador. He comes off bitter to me. In their world it is wrong to lie with another man. He closes that off until he met Desen. Desen was the son of a friend and he has come to mean a lot to him. He has spent many years trying to bring back the Phoenix, but is he willing to lose someone important to him.

I do hope that this will be expanded into a longer story with more to it later on. It was a great start but only gave me a taste, did not really fulfill my wants. It is a cute and very sexy little story though.

Portia’s Two Cents: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

I really enjoyed this story.  In my opinion, Kim Fielding is one of the most adventurous authors in the genre.  Suspense, Contemporary or Fantasy, Kim has a smooth writing style that just does it for me.

Juberi is content to settle into retirement. But, the sense that he was bored off his ass and resigned to his life, oozed off the pages.

Luckily, sexy Desen pops up, just before Jeberi dies of sheer boredom. His attention is enough to wake up both Juberi, the man and Juberi, the scientist.

I loved the chemistry between these two.  Also, the world building was very nice. And honestly, if you are only going to invest in a couple of the Daily Doses…PLEASE make this brilliant little story one of them.

Highly recommend.
* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Forever for Now by Scotty Cade

ForeverForNowLGTitle: Forever for Now
Series: N/A
Author: Scotty Cade
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (79 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 13th, 2015)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Leeland Jeffers is a contented single man with a thriving career in Atlanta. He’s had a few unsuccessful relationships over the years, but no one has even come close to his first love, Harrison Rhinehart. They met in college when a mutual friend, Suzie Garrison, introduced Harry into their close-knit group.

When the supposedly “straight” Harry made a move on Lee, the two men entered into a tumultuous secret love affair. In their senior year, the relationship finally ended when Harry informed Lee he was marrying Suzie.

Since graduation, the college friends have drifted apart. However, an unexpected invitation to a destination wedding seems set to reunite them all. Lee’s speculation on whether Harry and Suzie will make an appearance threatens to derail his attendance.

But Lee decides the hell with it and makes plans to go, Harry Rhinehart or no Harry Rhinehart.

ISBN: 9781634762045

Product Link:

Reviewer: Prime

Review: I always look forward to any book written by Scotty Cade, he quickly has become one of my favourite go-to authors – to date I’ve not been outright bored or just hated any story that I’ve read of his.

That being said, although this is not my favourite of his, it’s still a good read and chock-full of emotion. I’ve now decided that the reason for this is that there is more angst than I prefer in most stories (too much angst bores me to tears), so I’ve decided to bump the rating up a bit higher because I know that is just me.

The story is told by Leeland Jeffers, Lee, for the most part. He likes to think that he is happy in both his personal and professional life, though he does not have any long-term boyfriend. Meeting with Harrison, his college boyfriend, stirs up a lot of uncertain feelings. In college their relationship had been secret but the attraction was dynamite.

Harrison Rhineheart broke Lee’s heart in senior year college when he left Lee to marry their friend, Suzie (who is also clearly a woman). Harrison has a lot of grovelling to do to get his life back in order. Unlike Leeland, his personal life is a mess, albeit one that he created himself over the years.

All this culminates in a story about reconnection between two guys who have some fantastic chemistry. However, there is a lot more that was crammed into it too: closeted vs. openly gay men, emotionally dealing with both of these, love and fidelity.

There is also the very real thing that everyone can relate to – your group of high school/university/college friends drifting apart and somehow reconnecting with them years later.

Portia’s Two Cents: As much as I LOVE Scotty Cade, I’ve got to agree with Prime on this one.  Definitely not my favorite.  If Scotty ever reprints this, I’d wish for about a hundred more pages.  All of Harry begging for forgiveness and kissing Lee’s ass.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

My Life Without Garlic by Bailey Bradford

25460975Title: My Life Without Garlic
Series: The Vamp for Me, # 1
Author: Bailey Bradford
Genre: Paranormal / Comedy & Humor
Length: Novella (107 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (June 12th 2015) Available for Early Download May 15th 2015
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Some things in life just might be worth giving up garlic for.
It was simple curiosity that led Augustin to the vampire dating site—he thought it must be a joke started up by a bunch of weirdos. Man, was he right—but it just so happens that those weirdos really are vampires, and when one shows up at his place, Augustin’s world is turned upside down.

First he’s got a psychotic vampire to deal with. Then he’s got one who is much more fun hanging around.

Except now that Augustin knows that vampires exist, he can’t be left alive. Or can he? When an alternative is offered up, Augustin doesn’t care for it, either. After all, he doesn’t want to be whisked off to some disgusting vampire den.

Tony’s the vampire next in line to lead the coven. He wants to be a fair man, and that means arguing against killing Augustin. If he’s also attracted to the sarcastic, adorable man, where’s the harm in that?

The attraction between Augustin and Tony is undeniable, but deny it is what they both try to do. Someone is going to have to bend or break.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously available on the author’s blog.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-587-1

Product Link:

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: From the start Augustin pulled me into the story and I could really connect with him. He is not perfect, far from it. He knows it and accepts it. But that doesn’t mean he lets others put him down. He gives as good as he gets, and damn does his mouth get him in trouble.

It all starts when Augustin gets bored and while surfing the net he discovers a vampire dating site. Curiosity gets the better of him and he keeps trying to create a profile, only it doesn’t work. Little does he know that vampires are real and they are mentoring the site. Augustin has just opened a whole can of trouble.

Tony is one of the vampires who comes to investigate the human. Not too much is given about his past other than he was dying of a disease when he was made into a vampire thirty years ago. The attraction between Tony and Augustine is there from the start. But Tony really needed to work for Augustin to give in.

This book rocked, hands down. I spent most of the time laughing my ass off. The snark and smartassery is insanely hilarious. The interactions among not only Tony and Augustin were funny, but also with the secondary characters.

“Calm your tits,” Augustin said, “and put your damned fangs away. I swear to God, if I find a fingernail file anywhere around…”

That is just one of the zingers Augustin says throughout the book. This book simply has me rolling in laughter. Not only that but I could not put it down once I started reading. I needed to see what next off the wall thing Augustin would say or do. He definitely keeps Tony on his toes.

Plus the chemistry between Augustin and Tony is hot and steamy. They are very sexy together.

All in all it was funny, sexy, and very well written and paced. I simply enjoyed this book to the ultimate. I cannot say one bad thing about it, except I didn’t want it to end.

This is the first book in a series and I cannot wait for the next one.

Portia’s Two Cents: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

To say that I love Bailey Bradford is like saying I like to breath…duh. She is just an amazing author who just does it for me. But, I have to admit, I did not see My Life Without Garlic, and Augustin coming.

Leigh is right when she calls Augustin snarky, what she didn’t mention, that his little smart mouth will have you gasping, belly laughing and blushing.

Yes, there is a tightly written plot, and passionate romance, but my gawd, there is so much humor, that I just had to pop in and add my two cents.
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Technically Dating by Jena Wade ~ Audiobook

TechnicallyDatingAUDLGTitle: Technically Dating
Series: N/A
Author: Jena Wade
Narrator: John Paul Barrel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 2 hours and 28 minutes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (02-25-15)
Heat Level: Mild
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5 Hearts
Blurb: Meek and mild Bruce Collins decides to set aside his life in technical support for the evening and try a wild night on the town. Self-described nerd Bruce meets suave Westley Taylor at a club, but the night doesn’t go as planned. When they run into each other the next day, Bruce is determined to get the details right and finish what they started.

Westley is impressed and invites Bruce on date after date. Bruce figures they’re technically dating and might even be in a relationship, until he accidentally overhears a phone message intended for Westley. Every aspect of their time together comes into question.

Now, it’s time for Westley to set the facts straight.

Product Link:

Reviewer: Tams

Review: Bruce Collins is a computer geek that wears Wolverine ties by day, and an eyeliner wearing, sexy, seductive guy by night. He meets Westley at a hotspot gay bar and the two really hit it off. Sadly, life gets in the way and what they want to be a very fun night gets cut way too short. Then the next day Bruce sees Westley at the hotel he is staying at in town for a business conference he’s attending, working at the hotel. Can you say awkward?

Bruce bends over backwards to get Westley’s attention and try to finish their plans from the previous night. The two start dating until miscommunication gets in the way. Bruce is sort of a geeky dork and a bit insecure, then he mishears something and winds up pushing Westley away.

So the story itself was cute in a sugary sweet sort of way. Light hearted and a bit romantic. I did not like the miscommunication. If you’ve been dating someone for months and the relationship is progressing, has the promise of so much more, you don’t just walk away over something you overheard without asking questions.

There is a happy ending, again sugary sweet, but there wasn’t nearly enough begging.

Now, the narration… it was horrible! This was the first audio I listened to from Barrel and it will definitely be my last. He sounded like he was on a red bull high the entire time, overly excited throughout. And there really weren’t any changes in tone or inflection from one character to another. I just wasn’t impressed and I’ll pass on his audios going forward.

If you are looking for a short, sweet, romantic read then you just might like this one, buy the book though, skip the audio.

Portia’s Two Cents ~ ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Well, I haven’t listened to the audiobook, so I can’t comment on that. But, I have read the book and I loved it. These two are so clueless. And yes, there is a sick part of my brain that gleefully anticipates when they will wake up and realize that they are in love.

This read was short, sweet and feed my little ole’ romantic soul.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Speak No Evil by Alexa Snow

81IMDGpri1L._SL1500_Title: Speak No Evil
Series: N/A
Author: Alexa Snow
Genre: Fantasy/ Paranormal
Length: Novel (291 pages)
Publisher: Loose Id (January 27, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Blurb: Jamie Kincade’s world is turned upside down when Sebastian, a young man who doesn’t speak and who shares the ability to see ghosts that Jamie’s had since childhood, enters his life. Jamie finds Sebastian fascinating on multiple levels, and is determined to help him learn to speak again. But he can barely keep his thoughts – or hands – off Sebastian, who wants him and makes no attempt to hide it.

The age difference between them – Sebastian is almost 15 years Jamie’s junior – is a problem for Jamie, but Jamie’s reluctance isn’t the only thing keeping them from focusing on the potential they might have as a couple. The collection of ghosts Jamie has been living with in relative harmony for more than a decade has no intention of leaving Sebastian alone now that he’s here. T

heir desperate attempts to get Sebastian’s attention are a distraction Jamie would be grateful for if they didn’t upset Sebastian so much. Jamie is torn between wanting to send Sebastian away for his own good and wanting to drag him off to bed, and with Sebastian tempting him both deliberately and subconsciously, it can’t be long before Jamie’s self-control snaps…

ISBN: 978-1-62300-319-7

Product Link:

Portia’s Two Cents: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
I really enjoyed this story. It had just the right mix of suspense, angst and paranormal for me. Jamie isn’t so much damaged as shy. He’s found a way to do him, and is okay with pretty much being a hermit.
Sebastian is definitely damaged, and with good cause. He’s been through so much, and chosen silence as his coping mechanism of choice. But, even without speaking, he is such a well-balanced character and I adored him.

I enjoyed the pace of both the romance and the “suspense,” and felt that I was watching a realistic romance unfold. Sebastian wanted to knock boots from day one, but Jamie made him work for it.  But, both of them realized that what was happening to them was special. Not just in terms of their abilities, but the trust that would be their foundation.

Sprinkle in a few ghosts, some pretty hot sheet time, and families mending and this was the perfect weekend read for me. I hope that Alexa Snow lets these do a bit more “housecleaning” in future.

Highly recommend.

Shorty’s Review: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Very well written book although very long and drawn out story about two men who can both see ghosts but only one of them can communicate with them.

Jamie is an older man who is an editor that finds a young man named Sebastian in his shed. Sebastian can see, hear and communicate with ghosts but can’t speak. He wasn’t always unable to speak though. Jamie can only see the ghosts.

There are a few instances in the book were there was a ghost and twice the different ghosts attempted to interact with Sebastian but he freaks out. There is one ghost who can physically hurt them as happens once to Jamie when he’s pushed down the stairs and once to Sebastian when the ghost grabs him and leaves marks as well as later in the story. The scenes involving any paranormal occurrences were over quick except for in the last two paranormal occurrences regarding different ghosts.

It seemed that most of the book was about the two men getting to know one another and having sex when Jaime was ready to. When Jamie sister’s husband dies in a car accident, they both go to see her and find out that when Jamie touches Sebastian while he’s talking to a ghost that Jamie can hear them as well and communicate with them. Interesting read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Love on an Owl's Wing by Charlie Richards

22028377Title: Love on an Owl’s Wing
Series: Kontra’s Menagerie, #18
Author: Charlie Richards
Genre: Paranormal/ Shapeshifter
Length: Novella (117 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-931-3
Publisher: Extasy Books (May 1st, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: On the Road: Sometimes intervention comes from the most unexpected places.

Having been married at one time, over a century before, Luc Laurent never expects to find another to spend his life with. His confusion is understandable when his son hands him an extra helmet and tells him to hang onto it. Luc understands later that afternoon when he rolls his motorcycle to a stop in front of a fellow shifter’s home and discovers that the shifter’s cousin, Dylan Sudderson, is his mate. While the fact that his mate can walk only with the aid of crutches concerns Luc, it’s certainly not the deal-breaker. Dylan seems to think it is. Luc is far more concerned about the fact that Dylan is human, so very young…and in the closet. While Dylan is more than happy to get physical with Luc behind closed doors, he’s afraid of losing his parents if they find out he’s gay.

What will it take to convince Dylan to not only come out of the closet, but also accept that Luc shares his spirit with a European Eagle Owl?

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Review: This is book eighteen in this series and they need to read in order. It will help you get to know the characters of each book and give you an insight into their lives. I have always loved Charlie’s books. She has one amazing gift at telling a story. I hope she never stops either. I always have loved the paranormal world. It gives you a fantasy that you can lose yourself into every time you pick one up. When it comes in a romance, it is even better. You will love Luc and Dylan.

Dylan was injured pretty badly by a drunk driver and since he was human, he wasn’t healing as fast. He was interested in guys, but was afraid to tell his family. However, that changed when he met Luc. Luc is everything he ever wanted in a man, and he wanted him more than he thought possible. However, he was afraid of what his parents would say.

Luc knew he wanted his mate. From the first time, he not only seen him but also got his smell. He knew that there might be some trouble but he definitely wanted him. Now all he had to do was figure how to tell him that he was a shifter. He turned into a European Eagle Owl.
Talk about a sweet and hot story. The sex is tender and very loving. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. I loved it, but then again with Charlie it is usually a given. This book has everything you ever want in a story, love, sex, danger, excitement, two hot men, and adventure.

Portia’s Two Cents: I love this series, but I was a little disappointed with this episode. Luc is to die for hot, and I’ve been waiting for him to fall, for a few books now. Dylan would not have been my choice for him, but hey…I’m not Fate. But, my biggest disappointment was the lack of action. Charlie has a way of weaving romance with action, like nobody else, and I missed that in this title.

To Kiss a Killer by Amber Kell

18000966Title: To Kiss a Killer

Series: Banded Brothers #5

Author: Amber Kell

Genre: MM / Fantasy – Paranormal

Length: Novella (108 Pages)

Publisher: Extasy Books (August 18th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Blurb:   What would you do to protect your family? For Aden, the answer is anything.

Aden Gale has always protected the boys he chose as his. Gallen Theos refuses to become another one of Aden’s projects. He might have been bespelled by his father but he was Aden’s mate and he refused to take anything less than a full partnership. If the cool-eyed killer thought he could wiggle away for Gallen’s own safety, well he had a lot to learn about the tenacity of sorcerers.

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Thommie’s Review:  ♥♥ 2 Hearts

It’s so disappointing when you have a book in your hands, with great premises and promise, and it comes up short and lacking.

Here we have book #5 of Banded Brothers series that introduces us to Aden’s story and his mating with Gallen, the sorcerer we met back at To Enchant an Eagle #3. It’s also the first of the spin-off series to come named Dragons of Seattle.

In this book, Aden is facing his retirement. He’s tired of being nearly killed on a daily basis and figures it’s time to stop. However, he can’t imagine how his life would be any other way and finds himself restless. Thinking he’s of no use anymore, now that his son is all grown up. But, when he’s faced with being the mate of a Sorcerer, his mind spins in all directions. He’s too old for Gallen (it doesn’t matter that Gallen is 100 years old, he looks twenty for crying out loud), his life is too dangerous and could endanger his mate, and he’s mortal and thus will die in a few years, meaning his mate might die too with him or at best live a miserable life after he’s gone. Not to mention there are dragons around Seattle that seems focused on him lately. Oh did he forget the mob family dead set on him and his dearest? God, how about Gallen’s controlling psycho Father? How do you protect your mate from a powerful sorcerer?

You can see how exciting the premises are. They are full of possibilities; possibilities lost in my opinion in such a short, short book. With the amount of events happening in this story, the pace and time frame are too fast, too furious. We go from one intense incident to another, without the luxury of time and development to properly feel the story unwrap and the emotions stick within us. The surprise of Aden being Gallen’s mate is totally lost, so is Gallen’s surprise at finding that it’s Aden who is his true mate and not Eaton. The fact that both men don’t take a moment to communicate, rather jump to conclusions is a bit annoying. The fact that Aden seems to effortlessly leap from denying the bond to nearly devouring Gallen in a heartbeat leaves you reeling with the speed and indecisiveness. The human criminals that come around the corner, the paranormal ones that pop out of nowhere, the actions scenes that are done and over with in the blink of an eye, and the end that is such a cliffhanger, stopping the story in a most abrupt way. The sexual bond that came, went, and lost all its intensity and importance when Gallen’s mom pops in the middle of the bedroom. Agrrr!

Perhaps I’m expecting too much, or perhaps I’m too damned picky. I just wish – and it’s not the first time I say this – that this author’s books were a bit more substantial. I wish they had space to grow and provide time for the read to feel the full impact of the story. The imagination involved is quite remarkable, yet they always leave me wanting, not for more, but for the one I have in my hands to be, I don’t know heavier, stronger, with greater impact. And thing is, they can achieve all that if they weren’t so rushed. In the end, I’d rather wait a year and have a truly great book in my hands, than go through the frustration of this fast spinning of a tale that leaves you a bit hollow inside.

Portia’s Two Cents:  ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

This is the story that I’ve been waiting for, forever.  I don’t know if it’s because Aden is not paranormal, but he has always been my favorite character in this series.  I don’t know how it would feel trying to read this title as a standalone, but having read the 4 prior books, I loved the action with just a bit of steamy romance. The pace worked for me. I felt like I was getting another episode in a weekly drama, and not knowing everything was just fine.  I don’t know how Amber keeps track of all the characters in her series, each maintaining a distinct voice, but I give the highest praise for writing that keeps me coming back for more.

It's All Geek to Me by J.L. Merrow

ItsAllGeekToMe_500x750Title: It’s All Geek to Me

Author: J.L. Merrow

Genre: Contemporary Romance with a shot of Geek

Length: Novella (51 pages)

Publisher: Riptide Publishing (February 10th 2014)

Heat Level: Mild

Blurb: Jez is on a mission of mercy: to replace a tragically deceased comic book for his injured best mate, Tel. Venturing into the Hidden Asteroid bookstore in London—the temple of geekdom itself—Jez is bowled over by the guy behind the counter.

Rhys is the poster boy for hot geeks: tall, gorgeous, and totally cool. Jez is desperate to impress him, so he bluffs his way through comic book jargon . . . and then dashes back to the hospital to beg Tel to teach him how to speak Geek.

Tel’s happy to oblige, and Jez is over the moon when Rhys asks him out. He’s even more thrilled when they discover a shared love of rugby, something he won’t have to fake for Rhys. The question is, how long can Jez keep up the deception, and what will happen when Rhys realizes he’s going out with a Fake Geek Guy?

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Tam’s Review: Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 2.5Hearts Jez wanders into the local bookstore one afternoon in search of a comic book for his best mate. He’s struck speechless by the guy at the counter. Rhys comes across as the proverbial geek, and Jez enlists the help of his pal so that he too can master the language. Jez doesn’t consider himself to be anything above average and doesn’t think he can be himself and stand a chance with the tall, slender and gorgeous Rhys.

Jez spends the next day getting geeked up with Tel, his best pal, in preparation to go back and make an impression on Rhys. Jez transforms into a fairly convincing Geek and that first date turns into a trip to comic con, which turns into a wild, yet verbally awkward, sexy night. In the end, both Jez and Rhys have a confession to make.

I’m not a huge comic book fan, so a lot of the comic/geek speak was foreign to me. I am, however, a huge Star Trek and Battlestar fan from back in the day. And I know how hard-core fans can be, so I was able to see where the author was going with this story line. It’s not your typical M/M romance, that is for sure. The two ML were obviously comfortable with their sexuality, but the sex was written slightly awkward, so the story didn’t blend well in that aspect.

I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. Just an okay read, but hard-core Geeks, sci-fi and comic book fans are sure to love this little short story.

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

Portia’s Two Cents:  Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts Well, I speak Geek proficiently, and I LOVED this book.  It didn’t have the angst that I’ve come to expect from J.L.Merrow, but it showed her playful comedic side and I thought it was brilliant.  Rhys is a hottie, who happens to be a nice guy.  Jez is a nice guy, who doesn’t realize he’s a hottie.  I was rooting for them from speechless moment one. I loved every misunderstanding, every misstep and the awe with which both came into the relationship.  It was just two nice guys falling in love and I really enjoyed watching them do it.

My only complaint is that Tel is straight.  I’d have saved of my money to read about the guy who could tame that hard-core geek.

Stubborn Heart by Ken Murphy

StubbornHeartLGTitle: Stubborn Heart

Author: Ken Murphy

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (224pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (29th April 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: After breaking up with his cheating boyfriend, Mark Smith keeps life simple: his nursing career and a place of his own, but no dating. He’s steering clear of romance and the heartbreak that goes with it. After losing both parents and having all his relationships fail, he figures happily ever after is a myth.

When Dr. Trevor Hayes crosses Mark’s path at the hospital, he falls hard for Mark. The attraction is clearly mutual, and Trevor is determined to parlay that attraction into a relationship. Mark is just as determined to avoid exactly that.

But Trevor chips away at Mark’s resistance, and facing hardship and sorrow together brings them closer. Still, Mark can’t shake his belief that their romance is temporary—until he’s unexpectedly faced with the danger that he might lose Trevor for good. Mark must choose between guarding his heart and giving it completely, the risk he swore never to take again.

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Review: Mark is happy to concentrate on his nursing career. After having yet another boyfriend cheat on him, he has no plans to embark on a new relationship. So when he is pursued by cardiothoracic fellow, Trevor, Mark is wary of getting involved. Trevor falls hard for Mark from the first second he sets eyes on him. But, getting Mark to go out with him is harder than he thought. Cracking through Mark’s shell has Trevor hoping that they can have something special, but Mark is more stubborn, determined to only see them as temporary. Until Mark has to confront his feelings, when he nearly loses Trevor.

This is quite an easy flowing love story where the choice is protecting your heart or accepting love. Mark and Trevor are a very easy couple to like, even when you plainly see Mark acting like an idiot trying to deny what he is feeling. Trevor seems really cute and gentle, but he goes after what he wants. Mark is nice and stubborn and believes in protecting his heart. Put the two men together and you have a slight angsty relationship where they are perfect together until they begin to think of the future.

I liked the flow of this story and the way it played out. The storyline is quite simple, ‘man gets cheated on, man protects heart from future hurt’. The characters fit together well and their relationship progresses at a nice pace. They have some hot lovemaking and have some really nice dates and make some great friends. Trevor chips away slowly at Mark’s shell. Mark is there to support Trevor during a hard time and finally realizes what he could be losing by protecting his heart against love.

Although this is an enjoyable easy story to read, there were one or two moments that threw me, like one moment we were seeing things from Mark’s view point and the next second it would be Trevor’s and then jump back to Mark’s after a couple of sentences, not well done at all. I was impressed with the medical knowledge and medical descriptions, I’d like to applaud Ken Murphy for making it interesting and weaving it into the storyline so it blended well into the lives of Trevor and Mark and their progressing relationship. This story is very well done for a first published work.

I have to recommend this to those who like developing love stories, a touch of angst, learning to trust your heart, grabbing onto love while you can, sweet lovemaking and a very happy ending. Oh if you like the writing style of Étienne and Tinnean then you will enjoy this story.  

Portia’s Two Cents:  I agree with every thing that Pixie said in her review, I just wanted to add my two cents.  Having worked SICU and ER, I loved the way Ken Murphy brought those nursing units to life.  The characters are so realistic, as well as the dialogue.  I can honestly say, this was the best medical romance I’ve read in a very long time.  As a nurse, I thoroughly enjoyed the interplay between Mark and his colleagues and the positive portrayal of acute care nursing…Kudos Ken for a job very well done.

Lighting The Way Home by E.M. Lynley and Shira Anthony

Lighting the Way Home - E.M. Lynley & Shira AnthonyTitle: Lighting The Way Home

Series: Delectable 02

Author: E.M. Lynley & Shira Anthony

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (206pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (29th March 2013)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: World-class chef Joshua Golden is homesick for Paris before he even arrives in New York, but he’ll endure it—his parents need him to help run the family restaurant while his mother recovers from surgery. Running a place so far beneath his talents is bad enough, but bad turns to worse when Josh discovers his former best friend and lover, Micah Solomon, is living at his parents’ house with his ten-year-old son, Ethan.

For ten years, Josh has done his best to forget how Micah shattered his heart into tiny pieces. Now Micah’s back, fresh out of prison, and helping out at the restaurant. Micah may not be the kind of sous chef Josh is used to, but he is more helpful and supportive than any of the other employees. But Josh finds it hard to keep his distance when, time after time, Micah proves himself a better man than Josh thought. Reluctantly, Josh realizes there is more to Micah than his lousy life choices… but that doesn’t mean Josh is ready to forgive him.

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Review: This story is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone. Josh comes home to New York for the first time in five years.  His parents need him to help with their restaurant, while his mother recovers from surgery. Josh gets a shock though, when he discovers his ex-best friend and lover living at his parents’ house along with his ten-year old son, and that the ex-con is working at the restaurant as well. Micah made some bad choices in his life and regrets them.  making things up with Josh is not easy to do, but he tries to show the man he has changed. Can Josh ever find it in himself to forgive Micah for the hurt he suffered?

This story is about forgiving the past and starting anew and opening your heart to love. Josh has been a high-flying chef in Paris.  Returning home to New York to help with his parents’ restaurant isn’t what he really wants. But, it gives him the chance to see what he has really been missing for the past several years, after running away from the pain of his heart. Micah made many mistakes when he was younger and he has paid the price, but the person who he hurt the most, Josh, has never given him the chance to prove himself, now he has that chance.

I found this story to be interesting with the twisting emotions that Josh goes through and with self-realization as he looks at himself and what he has missed out on. The story is from Josh’s point of view, so we see everything through his eyes.  He is quite unforgiving of his ex-best friend and at first I couldn’t understand why he was acting like such brat.  But, then you discover they really were lovers for a very short time. It was hard to be too sympathetic with Josh though because he came across as self-serving for most of the book.  Micah, on the other hand, isn’t trying to prove anything, other than he is truly a good man who lost his way abit.  I really liked his character and was rooting for him to get through to Josh and make Josh listen to him.

The storyline was good and the food descriptions were mouth-watering.  I liked how Micah and Josh finally connected, with the entire truth being brought out in the open and that Josh was more forgiving than he seemed. I also liked the fact that Josh took a step back and had a look at his own actions over the years and he accepted his own faults. The two of them coming together was hot and you can easily see how good they are together. The secondary characters are great and add a wonderful family feeling.

I will recommend this to those who love forgiving the past, great characters, great family, rediscovering love and a happy ending.

Portia’s Two Cents:  I agree with everything that Pixie said…I just wanted to add that this story brought to life a side of Judaism that I rarely see in fiction.  This story could very well have been titled, Mizpah. This family aren’t those Jews that celebrate Passover and Chanukah and that’s it.  Their faith is so much a part of their lives.  It was really beautiful to see the generations use their faith, in different ways, to get through some very trying times. The theme of mizpah is what guides Micah, it allows Josh to forgive and it allows the Goldens’ to open their home to Micah and Ethan.  Absolutely beautiful.

Facing the Truth by S. Dora

Title:  Facing the Truth

Series: Calling the Shots 01

Author: S. Dora

Genre:  M/M-BDSM

Length: Novella

Publisher: Total-e-bound

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

BlurbSometimes the question being asked might not be the one that actually needs to be answered.

When twenty-two year old Tom asks his older, conservative lover Isaac for an afternoon of kinky sex, that experience turns out to include much more than bondage, adult toys and spanking.

Both are surprised to discover Isaac’s need to dominate his lover as much as his lover needs to be dominated by him.

Excerpt From: Facing the Truth


Isaac Newhouse knew that voice like he knew his own thoughts. “Yes, Tom?”

“I was thinking… You’re not going to get angry at me? Or think I’m weird?” The twenty-two-year-old looked genuinely shy, and Isaac wondered if it was about something other than sex. Because after the vibrator, the blindfold and the handcuffs, what could possibly make Tom worried that his lover would frown in disapproval?

“Why don’t you tell me? Probably the worst you’ll hear from me is ‘sorry, this time it’s no’. And you know very well there isn’t much of a chance of that. I admit I lack somewhat in the fantasy and imagination department, but luckily I have you for that.” Isaac smiled reassuringly. “Unless you’re asking me to go to a bar, pick up a stranger and have sex with him while you’re watching us, because that is one of the very few things I’m unable to give to you.”

“What…? You think I’m some kind of pervert?” Tom huffed. “It’s nothing like that at all. I want you to tell me what to do. That’s all. As long as it has something to do with sex, of course, in case you’re thinking about the kitchen floor needing a good scrub.”

Isaac scratched his head. He loved Tom with all his heart, mind and body, but during moments like this he couldn’t help but wonder if they even lived on the same planet. “Tell you what to do? Why? When I’m in the mood, you’re always more than willing to have sex. What more could I possibly ask of you?”

“This was a stupid idea.”

“Not stupid.” Isaac touched his lover’s shoulder. “Please don’t say that. But do I understand correctly? You want me to ask you to perform a number of sexual acts over the day and you promise to do them?”

“Sort of.” Tom shrugged. “It’s the weekend, we have two days to ourselves and I’ve been having fantasies about being dominated by my strong older man.”

“Oh.” Isaac fell quiet.

“Please don’t think what I think you’re thinking. I don’t want you to be a domineering brute who couldn’t care less about me. I love you for being sweet, patient, introverted, old-fashioned you. Knowing you, you’re going to order me to do things I love anyway.” Tom gave Isaac a quick kiss. “Just pretend you’re a bit more dominant than we both know you are, please?”

Isaac kissed him back. “Promise you won’t be disappointed?”

“That would be a first. Perhaps you don’t have a natural talent for kinky stuff, but you’re willing to give almost anything a try because of me. And oh, man, that is really something.” Tom now stood even closer to Isaac.

Very, very close.

“Getting excited about what I might ask of you? Wondering if it’s something we’d usually do anyway? Perhaps I’m going to order you to go to the drawer where you keep all the sex toys and lube. Or perhaps…” Isaac teased his lover.

Tom ghosted his lips against Isaac’s ear. “You think this might be the perfect moment to confess I bought some new stuff online?”

“You did, eh? Then I have to personally inspect the sex toys drawer to see if I actually approve of what you’ve bought. Now, you be a good bloke and make us a cup of tea while I take a look at what you ordered at the web-store for grown-ups.” Isaac patted Tom’s behind and walked straight to their bedroom, knowing when he got back there would be two mugs of hot tea on the table and one extremely eager Tom waiting for him on the couch.

He recognised most of the objects—the half-dozen different brands of lube, the handcuffs and the blindfold, the vibrating, bright red dildo and… Oh…

Tentatively, he took the larger-than-average butt plug in his hand. The solid weight of smooth black silicone was something he both could and couldn’t imagine pushing inside his lover’s arse, keeping him stretched and ready for almost immediate use. Once the plug was fully inserted, the flat round disk would be the only reminder of what was hidden inside. Isaac realized Tom could wear the plug while fully dressed.

He didn’t even look at the other recent purchases. This was more than enough for now. He placed the plug on the bed, together with a full bottle of lube. After getting a towel from the cupboard, he looked one more time in the toy drawer and hesitated at the sight of the leather cock ring, remembering the last time Tom had used it. He tried to ignore the erection pushing against the fabric of his cotton boxer shorts.

Although, why should he?


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Reviewer: Cat

Review:  Facing the Truth is a very beautifully written story of two men in a long-term committed relationship, taking whatever steps necessary to fulfill the needs of their partner.   I am a hopeless romantic at heart.  There is nothing I like better than a romance that has two people so madly in love with each other that they would do anything the other needs. (Well perhaps a really good chocolate).

This story is about 39-year-old Isaac Newhouse and his much younger lover, (21 years) Tommy.

They have been together about two years and love each very much. Isaac loves Tommy so much that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone and learn  how to be a dominate. This is quite a big step considering he is anything but dominating.  But, he knows Tommy has these needs and is willing to explore this new sexual desire to please his lover.  Isaac has a few qualms about this. He is also afraid that if he can’t take this step and trust Tommy to not go overboard, and to keep the games safe, he may lose him.

So Does Isaac give Tommy what he needs?  Does this change their relationship? Does Isaac find out things about himself and Tommy he would rather not know?

I’m not going to tell ya. You will have to read it for yourself.  Why not? It is short and sweet and extremely hot.

Portia’s Two Cents:  This was an interesting book.  It’s not often you are given an opportunity to peek into the beginning of a D/s relationship.  Tom recognizes his own submissive nature and ask Isaac to dominate him.  Isaac is floored with just how much he loves having Tom submit to him.  This is his story.  Between some scorching hot love scenes, these two talk a lot.  And somehow, those conversations added to the sensuality of the book.  And I have no idea whether the author is male or female, but the dialogue had a masculine authenticity I liked.  *mini rant– Regardless of orientation, men tend to view life in terms of tasks/goals.  When I am reading and a male character starts rambling off tasks, I hear a feminine voice in my head…very distracting.*

I also liked that Isaac was open with his insecurities.  Again, normally, when you meet a Dom, he has already identified his personal kinks and at least begun training to safely dominate his partner.  Isaac is on square one and watching him embrace his nature was very enlightening.  There is more “plot” in Facing the Truth, then there was in Three, but the raw sensuality is the same.  I highly recommend this title for those of you who like a bit of kink with your loving without it being over the top.