Held Hostage by Morticia Knight

918JvKwqJ8L._SL1500_Title: Held Hostage
Series: Sin City Uniforms, #4
Author: Morticia Knight
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (160 pages)
Publisher: Pride Publishing (June 7th 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: SWAT officer, Cole, can handle just about anything, until he rescues Brett—a man who makes him question all he’s ever believed about love.

As a member of the Las Vegas Police Department’s SWAT team, Cole has seen his fair share of danger, but he’s never taken a chance on love. He’s willing to have some fun when the mood strikes him, but he’s married to the job. Called in on a hostage situation, Cole is prepared for anything and everything…except for the brave and beautiful Brett.

Brett has been burned before, most recently by Officer Parker McLean. He’s hoping to settle down in Vegas, perhaps find someone he can build a life with. The last thing Brett’s looking for is another man in uniform. But when he meets Cole, there’s an attraction that can’t be denied. Still, he hadn’t expected to fall for the chiseled alpha.

What begins as nothing more than two people experiencing a great night together spirals into something far deeper. But will Brett be able to handle the stress that comes with having a lover who constantly puts his life in jeopardy? And can Cole risk his heart on an everyday hero, or will the job he knows so well remain his top priority?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of mild BDSM.

Publisher’s Note: This book is best read as part of a series but can be read as a standalone.

ISBN: 9781784306250

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/held-hostage

Reviewer: Tams

Review: As a LVPD Swat officer, Cole has learned how to separate business and pleasure. Hell, he and his hostage negotiator even have a ‘friends with benefits’ thing going.

Then a call comes in that a local department store is under fire, there are hostages, and Cole comes face to face with the one man who has captivated his thoughts since the night he saw him at a local bar.

Brett doesn’t have the best track record with men, especially men in uniform. Leather however, leather he can do. Then a cute little twink bellies up to the bar and bats his eyelashes at the man in leather, and Brett feels shot down before he even had a chance to make a move. Fate has a way of intervening when she’s thrown off course though. Imagine Brett’s surprise when the store he manages is held up at gun point, and the officer that saves his life is the man in leather.

Brett is an emotional wreck after the day’s events. He just wants to be held, to feel protected, even if it is only for one night. Cole is a bit wrecked as well, the man who doesn’t like attachments finds himself very attached to the smart, standoffish blonde that is always immaculately dressed and well spoken. It’s just supposed to be one night of unbridled passion, with a little bit of domination.

But then those pesky feelings get involved and both men wind up held hostage to the threat of falling in love.

What Knight did with this story was take her love of BDSM and her uncanny ability to write contemporary romance and merge the two.

Cole is a big boy; he’s used to being in charge and getting what he wants. Brett is more than willing to submit to Cole, to let go of all his inhibitions and let the man control him in the bedroom. I especially enjoyed the banter back and forth between Cole and Brett during sexy time. How Cole, while wanting to dominate and take control, always made sure his lover was okay physically, mentally and emotionally.

They both struggled with different things as well. Cole so used to being a loner, almost pushes Brett away completely because he fears opening his heart to the man will somehow take away some of his control. And Brett has always drawn inward and kept his feelings to himself, but Cole can pull anything out of him pretty much from that first night they spend together. So while communication was a struggle at first, Cole made sure those lines remained open.

Definitely a must read and a fantastic installment to this series. If you are a fan of sexy men in uniform, overbearing alpha males, sweaty man sex where one of the men might be tied to a headboard, while being ravaging and romanced by his big, brooding lover… you are going to love this book!

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Constant by Megan Slayer

25543728Title: Constant
Series: N/A
Author: Megan Slayer
Genre: Contemporary / BDSM
Length: Novella (90 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (July 21st 2015) Early Download Available June 23rd 2015
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
Blurb: He demands his submissive’s body and soul…but can he accept his sub’s heart?

Roddy Green never planned to fall in love and certainly not with his Dom, but every time he goes into Darkness, a fetish club, he falls for Vegas all over again. Being in love isn’t the same as being loved in return. Vegas is there to do a job—not to build a romance. But what if the main constant in Roddy’s life is also the one person he can’t live without?

Andrew Vegas knows his job. He’s a Dom. But there is more than one side to him and he’s tired of keeping the other parts of him hidden. One man makes him feel safe and comfortable enough to open up—his pet, Roddy. But will Roddy, the producer of a local news broadcast, want to be with a man with secrets?

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to light knifeplay.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains characters who also appear in Permanent.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-638-0

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/constant

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: This book has both good and bad about it.
What I did like was that they were both men that have been hurt by others before. They finally have a shot with each other to have the best of both worlds. They each want a lover and to be able to have a D/s relationship…all with the same person.

They each have someone who understands and will meet their needs, all of them. And the sex between them was decently hot and sexy, but I really expected a little more BDSM element than it had.

This book starts in what feels like almost the middle of the story. When it begins Andrew and Roddy have actually been seeing each other regularly for two years as Dom and sub. There has never been actually sexual intercourse between them.

However after Roddy is seriously feeling the tension from his job as a news producer for the local news he goes to see his Dom, Master Vegas after several weeks. Once there they finally break past their boundaries and have sex. After that things move in at rollercoaster pace.

There is no back story to really explain how the two of them have started to fall for each other. Nothing to explain why Andrew was suddenly willing to change the rules after two years. It just jumped to let’s do this and have a relationship. I felt like I completely missed something.

Plus there are a few other things that I questioned happening. It all left me a little underwhelmed when it was all said and done. However I did still manage to enjoy the story since the two men did work well together.

So not a perfect book, and if you look past certain things, both Andrew and Roddy are nice guys who manage to find someone to spend their lives with.

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Deathtrap by L.M. Somerton

deathtrapTitle: Deathtrap
Series: The Wyverns, # 2
Author: L.M. Somerton
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (66 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (July 14th 2015) Early Download Available June 16th 2015
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 ½ Hearts
Blurb: A man without scars never had to fight for something he believed in.

A new relationship takes time and effort. A new relationship with Orlando de la Pena takes a whole lot more. As a Dom, Rogue knows what he wants, but Orlando refuses to fit neatly into the box labeled ‘submissive’. He’s feisty, demanding and far too pretty for his own good.

Orlando loves Rogue and he’s learning to love The Wyverns, but he hates being stuck out in the desert. Finding a niche in the world of bikes and fierce warriors is difficult, and Orlando’s impatience gets the better of him. He walks out into the desert and runs into an antisocial diamondback.

Rogue has more than one problem to deal with. The Longhorns MC issues a challenge for territory. The Bellazi cartel is out for Wyvern blood.

The Wyverns are under siege, and Rogue has to work out how to save not just Orlando, but all of them.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of mild BDSM.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-628-1

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/deathtrap

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This the second book in the Wyvern’s series.

Orlando is a feisty, smart man who is in love with Rogue, but feels like all he is a servant. When he decides to go out for a walk despite the danger he realizes he may have been a little too impulsive. Rogue is a dominating man who cares for Orlando deeply but has never told him. When Orlando’s live is in danger he realizes just how deep his feelings run.

I loved Orlando’s attitude in the face of large tough bikers. He seemed fearless and was not afraid to speak his mind. Rogue seemed to pay more attention to the club’s problems rather than Orlando’s needs until it was almost too late. So glad he came to his senses. These two seemed made for each other.

The fight between Wayne and Rogue was intense. I thought it was funny how Rogue took care of the Bellazi problem without having to lift a finger. Great read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Flax's Pursuit by Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn

777364Title: Flax’s Pursuit
Series: AURA, #2
Author: Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn
Genre: Paranormal / Ménage / Urban Fantasy
Length: Novel (255 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (July 14th 2015) Early Download Available June 16th 2015
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: A murderer haunts the city, turning the unwary to stone. Between hunting this evil and corralling new arrivals, Flax struggles to guard both his life and his heart.

Quinn and Valerian have come through the trials of facing an undead lich queen and the perils of falling in love. Now they work to restore AURA to its previous strength and efficiency while navigating their new life with each other. Fortunately, they’re not in this alone.

Kai Hiltas has taken over as the head of the research department at AURA and has become everyone’s favorite workaholic, everyone except his lover Tenzin, who has had enough of his late nights and broken promises. As Kai tries to salvage his relationship, he finds a teacher for Quinn, who also happens to be one of Valerian’s new officers, Flax Wolfheart, a sexy elf with trouble written all over him.

Flax has motives beyond simply teaching Quinn to control his magic. He’s trying to recover from his own losses and failures, but he has a plan. The two newest elvish crossovers, Ash and Sage, are sizzling hot and might even like him. With them as backup as he tracks a deadly stone mage and figures out how to teach Quinn, Flax sees his chance to impress Val and snag a place by his captain’s side.

On the hunt for both danger and redemption, Flax’s pursuit leads him ultimately down trails he never expected.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-622-9

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/flaxs-pursuit

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: This book is part of a series and should be read in order.

This book picks up a little after the last. Since then Valerian has taken on the Captaincy spot that was left open after the prior events. Quinn has started working on a freelance basis for the AURA research department. Valerian and Quinn are now living full-time together as the bonded pair they are. The fire between them has not cooled down and they are still sex as hell together.

But this story is not only about Valerian and Quinn. There is also the Kai and his Tenzin having issues with their bonding. As an extra bonus there is the story of Flax, an elf hunter for AURA who finds his matches in two elf newcomers to Earth. Throughout all the relationships is the ongoing issue of someone with the power to turn people into stone. To say the least, a hell of a lot goes on.

There are the interconnecting relationships, not just the romantic but also the friendships that have developed. Even as they hunt for the person turning people into stone, the emotional bonds of the three romantic relationships are highlighted and explored.
Kai and Tenzin experience bumps in their bonding.

As Kai works himself to the bone, he has put a strain on his relationship. Instead of putting Tenzin first, he has focused on work. And Tenzin takes drastic measures. Now Kai has to learn a different way of balancing his work and personal life.

Meanwhile, Flax has issues of his own. When he first landed in the human world he did not handle it well. Alone he turned to drugs and nearly lost himself. Now working as an officer for AURA he hunts those bent on causing problems. When he is blackmailed into training Quinn, he does with the wrong ideas that nearly backfire on him.

It isn’t until Ash and Sage come through an event that he learns there may be something else out there for him. And let me tell you these three are smoking hot together.

The descriptions and dialogue are rich and lushly descriptive. Even with so much going on with the different relationship that are already established and the new one taking place I did not find myself getting lost. Everything was easy to follow.

I loved the first book and I loved this one too. The concept is different, interesting, and it’s not one-dimensional. Because of that I have been drawn into this world the authors have created. I enjoy the different characters and their unique traits.

This series is turning out to be an awesome urban fantasy and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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The Burning Season by Belinda Burke

theburningseason_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: The Burning Season
Series: Eight Kingdoms # 3
Author: Belinda Burke
Genre: Paranormal/ Vampires
Length: Novel (159 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (April 24, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½ Hearts
Blurb: Winter’s love is blood and chaos…but fire isn’t all that smolders at Summer’s heart.

To claim Bran forever, Macsen has begun the ancient ritual of Sidhe courtship—but such a rite is a trial in more ways than one. Tradition requires that Macsen seek Bran’s favor in his own country, and a Summer courtship is teasing and promising. More than that, Summer’s Queen will come between Macsen and her son however she can.

Despite his mother’s disapproval, Bran’s will is bent to the same purpose as Macsen’s—the achievement of four proofs of love. Proofs that only Bran can determine or acknowledge. One step at a time, they come closer to a day when nothing will be able to separate them—but a familiar foe is more than willing to try.

In the mortal world, the year has continued to pass without a hint of green. The Green King has prevented the spring, and thus all seasons but winter. Still, it’s Macsen whom Dealla blames, and all her plans for violent retribution are directed at him. Failure may cost her everything, but that is a price she has long been willing to pay.

In the wake of her invasion, Macsen is left with a dilemma that might not be easy to solve. Love, or vengeance—which should he choose? Can they live together in the same heart?

ISBN: 9781784305567

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/the-burning-season

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Third book in the Eight Kingdoms series and a great addition. Well written with a lot of details and many things happening throughout. Macsen decides to court Bran according to the Sidhe tradition. Bran’s mother causes a fuss about it even though I thought it was sweet that he wanted to prove his love that way.

Dealla is still up to her evil ways. I honestly thought she would have been taken out in the second book but she escaped. I personally don’t like her at all. She’s mean, evil, and cruel and only cares about herself and what she wants.

Great story with some violence, loss of life and adventure to magical lands. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Great read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

My Marine by LE Franks and Sara York

mymarineTitle: My Marine
Series: part of the Semper Fidelis Anthology
Author: LE Franks & Sara York
Genre: Contemporary / Men in Uniform
Length: Short Story (49 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (May 22nd 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3 ½ Hearts

Blurb: For a man who made his career in intelligence, falling for an Afghani national in the middle of a war zone wasn’t the smartest thing a Marine could do.

Marine Captain Sean Kelley loves his country and the men he serves with, but when he meets Akim, he’s tempted to throw it all away for the mysterious man. He knows better than to chase after a local, but repeat encounters culminating in a moment of passion leave him reeling—he’ll do almost anything to figure out how they can be together.

Akim Bijan has a secret of his own—one large enough to get more than just himself killed if it’s revealed. But from the moment he first lays eyes on the handsome Marine, he’s tempted to do just that rather than hide his growing attraction to the man. Being a translator allows him access to the base and he finds Sean alone one night. They take things farther than he ever intended. If only he could tell Sean everything, but his lips are sealed.

When tragedy strikes, Akim is afraid he’s lost Sean for good and he’s forced to make a decision that will change both their lives. Will love win—or will Sean and Akim be separated forever?

Publisher’s Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Semper Fidelis anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-602-1

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/my-marine

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This story has previously released as part of the Semper Fidelis Anthology by Totally Bound Publishing. I love a man in uniform and this one was pretty good. Although for me it was way too short to truly enjoy.

Sean Kelley is one sexy marine. He has always loved it, but working overseas sometimes sucks. Especially when he falls for a local. It would destroy everything if it gets out, but their one time together has left him wanting forever. Akim is Jordan’s undercover name. He wants to protect his marines, catch the one killing and get promoted. What he does not count in is one sexy marine and a hot night together. Then Sean gets injured and Jordan will do everything to be with his man.

I really got a kick out of reading this. It gives you sexy marines, men in uniforms, danger, excitement and suspense.

I would definitely recommend reading this.


* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Mashing by Sean Michael

mashingTitle: Mashing
Series: Beer and Clay, #3
Author: Sean Michael
Genre: Contemporary / BDSM
Length: Novella (103 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (July 7th 2015) Early Download Available June 9th 2015
Heat Level: Erotic
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: Life is good for Toby and Damon—maybe too good. What happens when someone seems intent on destroying their happiness?

Toby and Damon are growing closer every day, with Toby recovering from the shot to his shoulder and Damon trying to keep him from pushing too hard too fast. Things are good between them.

They’re even better in the bedroom, where Toby is learning all sorts of new things and Damon is happily pushing his limits.
They’ve almost forgotten that someone doesn’t seem as happy with their closeness as they are, when Toby walks into his studio to find it trashed and his little apartment ransacked.

Are the authorities going to be able to apprehend the culprit before Toby decides the best course of action is to remove himself from the equation?

ISBN: 978-1-78430-619-9

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/mashing

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: This book is part of a series and should be read in order.

The book opens up with Toby and Damon still happy and in love with each other. Toby has finally received the approval of his doctor to start sculpting again. Leaving Damon a little worried that Toby will overdo it.

Damon is still pushing Toby’s limits every chance he gets, and Toby is certainly enjoying it. One thing you can count on with Sean Michael, the sex will be damn hot. And this was no different. The sex was off the wall in the hot factor. And there was a hell of a lot of it.

I do like and enjoy both men. They are really adorable, and absolutely steaming sexy together. I enjoy the way Damon is bringing Toby out of his self-imposed shell. Toby still gets embarrassed by certain things, but his world is definitely opening up.

Toby is simply cute. There is no other way to descriptive him. He is innocent, shy, sweet, and yet there is sensuality to him. When he lets go and submits totally to Damon he is truly free.
Damon is everything loving a Dom should be. He takes care of Toby, not only sexually. But also mentally and physically. He tries not to allow Toby to push himself too much while he is still recovering. He also holds onto Toby when he spirals after another visit by the mysterious attacker.

The only issue I have is the fact that the issue of whoever is causing trouble for Toby and Damon is being dragged out. Once again the person strikes, and at the end there is no resolution or clue who is doing it. I find that a bit annoying.

Overall, this was a very sexy read, with some nice tender moments. I look forward to reading more about these two.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Safe Shores by Morticia Knight

safesshoresTitle: Safe Shores
Series: Semper Fidelis Anthology
Author: Morticia Knight
Genre: Contemporary / Men in Uniform
Length: Novella (56 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (May 29th 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Kirk’s Coast Guard lover, Shane, is the only person who can save his son from a vicious storm—if he’s not too late.
Fishing is the only life Kirk has ever known. Born and raised in a small town on the Northern Oregon Coast, coming out of the closet was a struggle. Fortunately, he’s been lucky to find an amazing man to be with who serves in the Coast Guard. But he can’t help but wonder whether Shane wants more than just a shore leave romance.

Shane loves the Coast Guard, loves the sea. That’s one of the main things he has in common with his fisherman lover, Kirk. He just needs to make sure that Kirk knows how serious he is about their relationship and what he plans on doing about it.

Shane and Kirk’s joyful reunion is interrupted when an unusually vicious gale storm threatens the coast. Kirk has to stand by helplessly and wait while his lover battles the raging seas to save his son. In an instant, Kirk could lose everyone he holds dear.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of BDSM.

Publisher’s Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Semper Fidelis anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-609-0

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/safe-shores

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: I really enjoyed this story. The intense emotions between Kirk and Shane were great. I thought it was sweet how Kirk wanted to take care of Shane always. A great love story that takes place in the middle of a raging storm. It was intense yet very tender at times.

Very well written. The plot and characters draw the reader into the story to find out what happens throughout. Hot sex and on the edge of your seat scenes leaves the reader gasping at times.

Another great book by Morticia Knight.


* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

The Captain's Pet by Samantha Cayto Blog Tour, Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Samantha Cayto - The Captain's Pet _BlogTour_SocialMedia_612_final

Hi guys, we have Samanath Cayto and her newest release The Captain’s Pet, we have a guest post from Samantha chatting about names, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway. So enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~ 

Samantha Cayto - The Captain's Pet _800

The Captain’s Pet

(Alien Slave Masters 01)

Samantha Cayto

When a distant planet’s ownership is in dispute, conquering aliens turn defiant human males into pampered sex slaves.

In a not-too-distant future, a lopsided war has led to aliens invading and occupying an Earth settlement. Wid is a young colonist who has been caught harassing the aliens. He and his friends are rounded up and sent to an alien warship patrolling the disputed space. His fate is to serve as a sex slave for the ship’s imposing captain. Wid, at first, fights against his enslavement, but soon learns that not only does he stand no chance against the much larger and stronger captain, he isn’t sure he even wants to.

Like all Travian males, Kell is bound by duty to defend his people. Having risen to the rank of captain, he nevertheless chafes against the boring and endless patrol of the space invaded by the humans. His misses his family and constantly guards against his scheming first officer. He sees his reward of a human sex slave as more of a nuisance. Yet the pretty, fair-haired human’s exotic allure is hard to resist. He finds far more pleasure in the use of his pet than he would like.

Kept naked and leashed, Wid’s days are filled with boredom, while his nights wrapped in Kell’s arms turn from fear into pleasure. Even as the humans plot their escape, Wid and Kell form a bond and their growing affection cannot be ignored. When tensions boil over among the aliens, Wid and his friends may be Kell and his crew’s only chance for survival.

Reader Advisory: This book contains sex scenes of both non-consensual and dubious consent, as well as scenes of violence, abuse and torture.

Like the sound of The Captain’s Pet? Buy it here.

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A Ring and a Vow by Devon Rhodes

aringandavow_pride_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: A Ring and a Vow
Series: A Ring and a Promise, #2
Author: Devon Rhodes
Genre: Contemporary/ Men in Uniform
Length: Short Story (48 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (May 22, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Every promise must someday be fulfilled, and the best way Owen knows how to reward Cary’s faith is with a vow.
It’s been nearly five years since Owen went down on one knee with his Academy ring and promised Cary he’d someday do it for real. With Cary being a naval aviator and Owen a Marine officer serving in Iraq, they’re rarely on the same continent, let alone together.

About time for them to fill out paperwork to re-up, Owen realizes that if they were married, they’d have a much better chance of being stationed nearby. But time is not on their side, so he’s forced to compromise on his proposal in order to make it work.

Cary has been waiting for Owen for years—there was no chance he’d ever say anything but yes. Owen is coming home at last, and wants to make a home with him. However, between the chronic nightmares he’s been fighting and the ever more complicated wedding plans, the next month could be anything but a dream.

Reader Advisory: This book is the sequel to A Ring and A semperfidelis_postcardPromise by Devon Rhodes.

Publisher’s Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Semper Fidelis anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.
ISBN: 978-1-78430-601-4

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/a-ring-and-a-vow

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This story has been previously released as part of the Semper Fidelis anthology. I don’t usually care for short stories because it just gives you a taste and leaves you wanting more. However this one doesn’t really do that.

You learn about Cary and Owen in the first book so you really should start with that one.

Owen and Cary are both military men and are not usually stationed together. Cary can see himself spending the rest of his life with Owen. So when Owen pops the question, Cary can’t wait for it to happen. Now if only the nightmares Cary has will stop.
I had a blast reading this and look forward to hearing more about their lives together. It was a perfect love story for two gorgeous men in uniforms.

I would definitely recommend reading this. It will give you almost everything you could want in a love story.


* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Two Hearts One Voice by Valentina Heart

twoheartsonevoice_pride_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: Two Hearts One Voice
Series: Mending the Rift, #3
Author: Valentina Heart
Genre: Fantasy/ Fairytales
Length: Novella (95 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (June 2, 2015) Available for early download
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: They are at war, fearing for each other, struggling with the upbringing of their children and the survival of their country. They are kings.

With the future of the throne secured, Rin and Merin still have little time to rejoice for their children or the unity of their kingdoms. Stuck in the middle of a battlefield, their lives prove to be once again at risk, and Rin heads out on a long journey home with his heirs, leaving Merin to lead their army.

Rin receives his rightful title of king from the Kari council and for once feels as if he belongs on the throne without Merin there to guide him. Missing his husband, he raises their children the best he can, but there’s no end to the war in sight and, after months of futile conflicts, Rin thinks he sees Merin cut down in battle.

Distraught and with no patience for his council, Rin threatens the Riki, making even his own men fear him. Can Rin cope alone without the love of his life and still win the war, or will his sorrow mark the end of his reign?

ISBN: 978-1-78430-573-4

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/two-hearts-one-voice

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Mending the Rift collection features Rin and Merin. You get to see when they get together and how they continue to grow. You have to read book one first because if you don’t then you can get confused. Now this story is an amazing one but they have a way with them that can actually have you feeling the opposite of what was intended.

Rin and Merin are so deeply in love but a war is in the way. Rin has had the babies and even though they are happy the war has made things so difficult. The Riki are a desert type of people who are running out of water. They don’t trust anyone, so all they do is continue the war. They have brought the war to close to the tent that holds Rin and the children. It is time to go home. Merin misses his mate, but he has to find a way to get it over with. Then he is injured and Rin loses it. His control of his magic is threatened, but damn the man was made to rule.

I must admit that this is not one of my favorite series but they are inching their way there. I love Rin and Merin. Rin is just more out there than anyone I have seen. He is feisty and has an attitude that should never change. He keeps Merin on his toes that is for sure.

It took me a while to get into Valentina’s stories, but I can tell you that she has an amazing gift at giving you a world that you can lose yourself into. I have never been a fan of fantasies but this is one of my favorites in that. There is a lot of danger and action written in these stories that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

I look forward to reading more by Valentina. They are not very big books but they have a lot of meat in them. The characters are well written with a lot of feelings and they seem to mix well with the others.

I had a blast reading them and would recommend reading them. What is better than sexy men, adorable children, hot sex, danger, excitement, suspense and action?

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Undone by Belinda Burke

undone_pride_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: Undone
Series: N/A
Author: Belinda Burke
Genre: Fantasy / Fairytales
Length: Novella (64 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (June 2nd 2015) Available for Early Download May 8th 2015
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: The first step on the road to addiction is desire…

Tighe is Summer’s prince, the second son of the Summer Queen. The blindness of his mortal father cursed him with eyes that see too much, and now he wanders the woods of immortal Summer alone. He is an outsider in his own country or at best a curiosity—never someone anyone truly wants.

Faelan is gancanagh, one of dark Summer’s most treacherous beings. Beguiling as he is beautiful, he, like all of his kind, was made to incite lust and longing, even as he seeks true love. For anything mortal, anything unprepared, even to be in his presence is dangerous.

When the two meet by chance, Faelan can’t help but be curious about this half-mortal prince—and the prince is more interested in a companion than questioning what kind.

Tighe has never seen anything but the lie behind love. Faelan is love’s lie and knows it. Is the beginning and end of everything between them inevitable? Which is stronger, need—or nature?

Publisher’s Note: This book is associated with the Eight Kingdoms series by Belinda Burke.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-577-2

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/undone

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: Tighe, as the son of the Summer Queen and a blind mortal, has very special eyes. They saw everything hidden. He considers them a curse since he sees even truths that people had from themselves. This has led to him being alone and lonely. He is looking for something different in a lover, someone who he can actually love.

That comes in the form of Faelan, a being that draws people to himself through lust. But that lust is dangerous and can become addictive. No one sees beyond Faelan’s beauty. He wants someone to love.

These two are opposites, but both looking for the same thing in life. They want to belong and love someone. They also break their normal patterns and set out to give each other what they both need.

I enjoyed this read. The writing is good, and was very descriptive. Not just the sex, but also the surrounding and emotions. It moved along at a comfortable pace for such a short read without feeling rushed.

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Anomaly by S.A. McAuley

anomaly_pride_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: Anomaly
Series: part of the Semper Fidelis anthology
Author: S.A McAuley
Genre: Contemporary/ Men in Uniform
Length: Short (48 pages)
ISBN: 9781784305918
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (May 15, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Reviewer: Shorty
Blurb: Warning: Untested chemical reactions in process…

When Staff Sergeant Galen Welc is handed Temporary Additional Duty orders that move him to the Marine Corps base at Twentynine Palms, he thinks he’s prepared for what’s to come. Known for his uncanny ability to spot improvised explosive devices, he’s pitted against the latest in defense technology. He trusts his instincts and his training, but they may just be leading him somewhere—and to an explosive reaction with someone—he could never see coming.

Publisher’s Note: This story has been previously released as part semperfidelis_exlarge_PNG-210x336of the Semper Fidelis anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/anomaly

Review: I really don’t know what to say about this story. I was excited about reading it after reading the blurb but was highly disappointed throughout. I felt it was too abrupt an ending. Even though I was disappointed overall there was some enjoyment reading their interactions.

There was too much information on some things and not enough on others. However I did like Galen and Zack’s characters and development but it could have been so much better. The way the story read it seemed like there would be more in the future about the characters.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

My Life Without Garlic by Bailey Bradford

25460975Title: My Life Without Garlic
Series: The Vamp for Me, # 1
Author: Bailey Bradford
Genre: Paranormal / Comedy & Humor
Length: Novella (107 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (June 12th 2015) Available for Early Download May 15th 2015
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Some things in life just might be worth giving up garlic for.
It was simple curiosity that led Augustin to the vampire dating site—he thought it must be a joke started up by a bunch of weirdos. Man, was he right—but it just so happens that those weirdos really are vampires, and when one shows up at his place, Augustin’s world is turned upside down.

First he’s got a psychotic vampire to deal with. Then he’s got one who is much more fun hanging around.

Except now that Augustin knows that vampires exist, he can’t be left alive. Or can he? When an alternative is offered up, Augustin doesn’t care for it, either. After all, he doesn’t want to be whisked off to some disgusting vampire den.

Tony’s the vampire next in line to lead the coven. He wants to be a fair man, and that means arguing against killing Augustin. If he’s also attracted to the sarcastic, adorable man, where’s the harm in that?

The attraction between Augustin and Tony is undeniable, but deny it is what they both try to do. Someone is going to have to bend or break.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously available on the author’s blog.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-587-1

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/my-life-without-garlic

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: From the start Augustin pulled me into the story and I could really connect with him. He is not perfect, far from it. He knows it and accepts it. But that doesn’t mean he lets others put him down. He gives as good as he gets, and damn does his mouth get him in trouble.

It all starts when Augustin gets bored and while surfing the net he discovers a vampire dating site. Curiosity gets the better of him and he keeps trying to create a profile, only it doesn’t work. Little does he know that vampires are real and they are mentoring the site. Augustin has just opened a whole can of trouble.

Tony is one of the vampires who comes to investigate the human. Not too much is given about his past other than he was dying of a disease when he was made into a vampire thirty years ago. The attraction between Tony and Augustine is there from the start. But Tony really needed to work for Augustin to give in.

This book rocked, hands down. I spent most of the time laughing my ass off. The snark and smartassery is insanely hilarious. The interactions among not only Tony and Augustin were funny, but also with the secondary characters.

“Calm your tits,” Augustin said, “and put your damned fangs away. I swear to God, if I find a fingernail file anywhere around…”

That is just one of the zingers Augustin says throughout the book. This book simply has me rolling in laughter. Not only that but I could not put it down once I started reading. I needed to see what next off the wall thing Augustin would say or do. He definitely keeps Tony on his toes.

Plus the chemistry between Augustin and Tony is hot and steamy. They are very sexy together.

All in all it was funny, sexy, and very well written and paced. I simply enjoyed this book to the ultimate. I cannot say one bad thing about it, except I didn’t want it to end.

This is the first book in a series and I cannot wait for the next one.

Portia’s Two Cents: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

To say that I love Bailey Bradford is like saying I like to breath…duh. She is just an amazing author who just does it for me. But, I have to admit, I did not see My Life Without Garlic, and Augustin coming.

Leigh is right when she calls Augustin snarky, what she didn’t mention, that his little smart mouth will have you gasping, belly laughing and blushing.

Yes, there is a tightly written plot, and passionate romance, but my gawd, there is so much humor, that I just had to pop in and add my two cents.
* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Always Ready by T.A. Chase

alwaysready_800Title: Always Ready
Series: Semper Fidelis
Author: T.A. Chase
Genre: Contemporary/Men in Uniform
Length: Novella (49 Pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (June 12th, 2015) Early download available May 15th, 2015
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: Making a living on the Bering Sea is hard enough, but throw love into the equation, and things can blow into a hurricane.
Senior Chief Dean ‘Jake’ Jacobson loves his job as a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. Saving lives is the second best thing he could ever do. The first is loving Phil ‘Rhody’ Rhodes.

Phil is a third generation crabber who fishes the Bering Sea. Being gay and in love with Dean isn’t something he talks about, especially not with the six men he lives with on the Angela Kayla for weeks on end. But he’s been happy with his life.

Until one day the Bering Sea reminds them that she is a dangerous place to work. As her icy waters surround them, they discover one truth. Dean and Phil must always be ready to love each other because life can be taken so easily when one works on the sea.

Publisher’s Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Semper Fidelis anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-592-5

Product Link: https://www.totallybound.com/always-ready

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Now this is what I call a perfect bsemperfidelis_exlarge_PNG-210x336irthday story and present for me. This story has been previously released as part of the Semper Fidelis anthology.

This was a damn good story that I had a blast reading. I just wished that it was longer with more to it. That is a hint T. A. Chase. This is a fast, light-hearted and amazing story. It has a lot of meat to it for being such a short story. I am never let down by T. A. Chase. Her stories are pretty much on automatic buy for me.

Phil and Dean have been together for two years but not living together. Dean is with the Coast Guard and Phil is a crabber. Dean is out with every one where as Phil is in a job that has a lot of prejudice. He wants a full relationship with the man he loves but is afraid of what his family would say. However he knew he would have to tell them. That is until a storm does it for him. Well in all truth he was the only one that didn’t think they knew. Parents know all and see all, but his family is one of the top ones.

I loved this story and look forward, hint hint, to this being turned into a longer story. I had a blast and will be on the lookout for the next book by this amazing author. I would recommend reading it. I mean you get some hot sex, dangerous storms, and men in uniform and excitement.

This is a great story that has a lot of meat to it

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *