Behr Facts by Pat Henshaw

Title: Behr Facts

Series: Foothills Pride 03

Author: Pat Henshaw

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (92 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (28 Oct 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Big, burly CEO Abe Behr is dismayed to discover someone—possibly a family member—is stealing from Behr Construction, which primarily employs Behr relatives. Abe takes the unprecedented step of hiring an outsider, likeable CPA Jeff Mason, to go over the books and help find the culprit. They are drawn to each other as they talk to workers, including Abe’s two younger brothers and their shifty cousin.

Since he has sacrificed romance all his life to build the business, Abe’s surprised by his feelings for the handsome Jeff. He’s even more shocked when they are confronted by bigotry in the Sierra Nevada foothills community, which is being inundated by gays moving from the San Francisco area. As he and Jeff get closer, Abe must come to grips with coming out to a family and community that aren’t very tolerant. Fortunately, being the head Behr helps him find his footing and grab onto love when it bites him.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-270-0

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Prime

Review: This is the third instalment and Pat Henshaw’s Foothills Pride series and I am still in love with it as much as I was when I first had the pleasure to read and review the first book. All books in this series can be read as a standalone, but I recommend that you read it in order. There is a lot of overlap with characters popping up and even in a supporting role, these characters are such a key to the life of the town that I doubt that anyone could help but go back and read the stories of at least four other members of the community. But that’s just me, I suppose, since I’ve already stated just how much I love this series.

I am aware that fans of the paranormal/shifter genre may get tricked – Foothills Pride sounds like a shifter pack rather than it being the LGBTQ community of the Sierra Foothills being who they are/not hiding who they are. Being a fan of shifter books as well, this thought has crossed my mind a time or two since the first book.


Behr Facts is a wonderful addition to the series. The pun intended in the title is a big clue for anyone who likes their men in the form of big, burly men (bears). Behr may be the last name of MC, Abe Behr, but he is also the bear of the title. He is the CEO of the family construction company, which hires a great deal of the Behr family living in the local area. Since the death of his parents he has been trying to look after his younger brothers and then run the company with a single-minded determination which has meant that dating has been something he has pushed to bottom of his list. Things change when he meets freelance accountant Jeff Mason. In fact his presence not only saves his business and helps Abe find the bad apples in his company, but he also makes Abe want to be a man that Jeff is proud to be with (which includes having to come out).

Abe and Jeff are a very sweet couple. They’re both the type of personality that is quiet on the outside, hiding the depths are on the inside. They have a very quiet strength between them and the result of this is some understated but crackling sexual tension between them. The story is simple but it continues with the bigotry of the community with the increasing homosexual population (I think that’s how you say it). Abe is frustrated with the bigots and is keen to get rid of as many as possible, as well as trying to find out who is stealing from the family company. There is also a bit of set up for the future with Abe’s younger brothers, Ben and Connor.

Abe is a hard working guy who has always put others’ needs before his own, I’m glad he got his HEA with someone that complements him perfectly!

As a quick PS, if you go to be Pat Henshaw’s blog ( there is a map of the fictional Old Town in Stone Acres, California – where the series is set.

Far From Home by Madeline Urban

Title: Far From Home

Series: Anthology

Author: Madeline Urban

Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel

Length: Novel(196pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 1, 2008)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb: A collection of three m/m sci-fi novellas by Madeleine Urban: Enhanced, Close Encounter, and Following the Sun.


In Earth’s not-too-far future, a talented scientist stumbles over a plot to use the genetically enhanced military to declare martial law and take over the government. Dr. Ryne Siler enlists his friend, Dr. Cary Matthews, a brilliant engineer, to figure out how to stop it. When the investigation goes awry, they’re on the run, and the only thing between them and capture is a hidden cache of sleeping soldiers with enhancements of their own. Ryne and Cary are desperate, but will waking these soldiers help – or just make things worse?

Close Encounter

Space privateer Tris is just doing his job – delivering canisters to a military science vessel – when he discovers that he is transporting people infected with an engineered virus designed to exterminate the human race. In the midst of an alien attack, can the rogue pilot save patient Retter – the key to the cure? Or will he lose both humanity’s salvation and his heart?

Following the Sun

The nearly fatal crash of their spacecraft leaves Jack and Samuel stranded on a verdant planet far from civilization. Discovered and sheltered by a native tribe, the two resign themselves to new lives – lives that include a new culture, a new language, and even new love. But their new home isn’t at all what it seems, and when war and illness strike, they find out just how far from home they are.

ISBN-13: 978-0-98150-841-2

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Three short stories that would have been much better if there was more to them.

Enhanced is about Rhyne and Cary waking up two engineered level one soldiers to take out level three killing machines. Interesting but too short with too much romance.

Close Encounter is about a space privateer, Tris, who is transporting goods and realizes he is also transporting a young man infected with a virus that could either destroy humanity or cure it. I enjoyed this entertaining story that was sealed with a kiss.

Following the Sun is a strange story about a tribe who worships the sun. Two men, crash land and get saved by the tribe. Alas I can not really expand on that or else I’ll give away the entire story.

All three stories were entertaining but way too short. Needed more information in all three.

The Plumber by Serena Yates

Title: Plumber

Series: Workplace Encounters 10

Author: Serena Yates

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (117 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (21 Oct 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts

Blurb: Hard work and long hours have made Will Kovar’s business, Total Plumbing Solutions, a success. When he’s called to fix a bathroom at the Safe Home for Girls and Boys and sees how tight money is for the charity, he’s happy to donate his time. Meeting the home’s manager, Steve Hayes, is an added bonus, especially when Steve invites Will to dinner to thank him for his generosity. Will learns Steve’s wealthy family isn’t happy about his choice to make a career in social work, but neither man expects Steve’s parents to leave eighteen children out on the street to prove their point. Will is determined to help Steve figure out how to provide a safe and happy home—for both the children and themselves.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-519-0

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Prime

Review: This is a short and sexy book, which is the seventh book in Serena Yates’ Workplace Encounters book. Each book is standalone, with new characters and no overlapping characters. This instalment is completely new to the series and it is a wonderful addition.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a hot blue collar worker? This is going to be a book that will appeal to a great many people who are into MM.

Will Kovar is a plumber with a heart of gold. He works hard and owns his own business and he’s pretty damn successful. It’s on a call out to the Safe Home for Girls and Boys that he meets an equally as generous man, social worker Steve Hayes. The two just click and while there is plenty of sexual tension there is also a lot of sweetness and cuteness between the two of them. It’s a well-rounded story where we see Will and Steve’s personal and professional lives clash together (and not always in good ways).

The Model by Serena Yates (2nd Edition)

Title: The Model (2nd Edition)

Series: Workplace Encounters 09

Author: Serena Yates

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (125 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (23 Sept 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 2.5 Hearts

Blurb: When successful fashion model Fabio Bonardi discovers his first wrinkle, he knows it’s time to move on to Plan B. He is tired of the loneliness and drama of the modeling world, so he enlists shy financial advisor, Edwin Zachary, to help him start a business. Edwin is the first man who sees something beyond a pretty face in Fabio, and the connection between them is immediate and surprisingly deep. But insecurity, fear of rejection, and the fact they live on opposite sides of the country make pursuing a relationship challenging. Before they can figure out the details, a mysterious stalker tries to drive them apart. Then Fabio disappears after a photo shoot, and both men face an unexpected battle for the lasting relationship they both so desperately want. 

ISBN: 978-1-63476-322-6

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Prime

Review: I really don’t know how to take this book. I really am finding myself at a loose end, trying to figure out what to say. This is book nine in Serena Yates’ Workplace Encounters and can be read as a standalone book, as none of the books have any plot or characters in common.

The story is about Fabio, a model who is beginning to worry getting old and wrinkles (well, one) at 28. Finding that it is time to retire from the modelling gig, he is ready to move onto some other business plans. He just needs a financial advisor to advise him about what investment or what business he should start. This is where Edwin steps in. He’s a bit of a whiz when it comes to business and it is his job to help Fabio set up a new one.

I think that my problem with this particular book is that it has all the plot devices there set up for what should be a cool book. There are a couple of strong MCs, who also happen to be hot. There is some mystery and danger. There is more than enough drama. And the last, but not least, the spark between the guys is strong. However, for me, these plot devices are not used to their full advantage and so in the end the story falls a bit short.

Lovers & Fighters by Nash Summers

Title: Lovers and Fighters

Author: Nash Summers

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (127 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (9 Sept 2015)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb: Scott Halleck and Julian Reeves are polar opposites in almost every way. Scott, a modern arts curator at a museum in Chicago, relishes the finer things in life. Julian is a strange photographer whose hair color changes as frequently as his mood. As far as Scott can see, Julian is an erratic know-it-all who lives his life one day to the next. To Julian, Scott is an uptight, too-coiffed perfectionist.

As the two men continue to run into each other, their dislike grows, but beneath that animosity, a fire is beginning to spark. Scott is baffled when he realizes he is falling for Julian, a man who burns hotter than a wildfire. Scott will have to decide, for the first time in his life, if he’ll let the flames take over.

ISBN: 9781634765312

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Prime

Review: This was a difficult one for me to review. This is a fantastically put together book and the artist within the two main characters comes out clearly in the writing, to the point of poetry. However, and this is a big however, I just wasn’t feeling it. Let me explain:

Firstly, this story about art curator Scott Halleck, told from his POV. He’s got a pretty ordinary life with an attentive boyfriend that he realises his feelings aren’t so strong (yes, it’s completely okay to feel sorry for both Scott and Ryan, I understand and appreciate both perspectives). Then at a bar he meets Mark, who is basically an arsehole, but what the hey… then he meets Aaron, which is just Mark’s alias and again the guy is an arsehole… and then finally he meets Mark/Aaron as Julian, estranged brother to his best friend’s girlfriend. There is an instant connection between the guys, but Scott has Ryan and Julian is just continually being combative/ destructive to anyone who wants to make nice with him.

Now, this is where I wasn’t feeling it. I felt the sexual tension and the attraction between the MCs. I felt the conflict within the characters, too. I get that this is meant to be an unhealthy type of romance with no real HEA other than what we do get. But for some reason it just didn’t completely gel for me. Too much was left unresolved while Scott and Julian miraculously held hands and wandered off into the sunset with their HFN, they spent too many angst-ridden pages running from each other.

Of course, it might just be that I am only one of a handful that feels this way. As I said before, the writing is almost poetic and yet the talk of hollowness, destruction, etc. makes me think that Scott is borderline obsessive over Julian. While Julian has his own demons to face (which I don’t think was fully addressed by the end and could have had more), Scott also talks of his state of mind that screams to me like unaddressed depression. Neither of those sits well with me. I don’t mind dark romances, the kind of head-fucks that speak of destructive relationships, but at the same time I don’t like stories that don’t fully do justice (or acknowledge) any physical/substance abuse and other mental problems.

Yet, in all that, this is a well thought out and thought provoking book, thought provoking in the fact that I was ready to yell at my screen on public transport while reading. The writing is as artistic as the characters, though you could never really, on face value, call Scott a haunted artist. This is a dark romance where both character are fighting themselves and each other.

All About the Boy by P.A. Friday

Title: All About the Boy

Series: Anthology

Author: P.A. Friday

Genre: Contemporary, BDSM, Erotic

Publisher: NineStar Press (July 25, 2016)

Length: Short Story (51 Pages)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 2.5 Hearts

Blurb: Some men like gentle loving—others like to switch up the power. In P.A. Friday’s collection of stories, explore the raunchier, edgier side of lust—a space where domination and control can be the greatest turn-on.

From Stefan finding out the hard way just how straight he isn’t, Jake who has to learn to behave or take his punishment, to Kel juggling two very different lovers at his workplace, doing what you’re told has never been sexier.

ISBN: 978-1-91115-364-1

Product Link: NineStar Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: What I thought was a short story turned out to be 3 very short stories. The problem was they were not really stories, just some hot sex scenes.

Pretty Little Straight Boys

Rufus came out to his friends that he was gay but what he had not told anyone was how he wanted Stefan. One of his best friends but the man was straight, or so he thought. One hot night of drinking leads them all into a game of hide and seek. The one found had to forfeit something, but when Stefan was found it turned out to be something else.

For such a very short story, the author did a good job of making it seem just a bit longer. It was not really my taste, but it was a bit hot.

Making Amends

Jake is in trouble with his master and he needs to be punished. Alessandro has one major rule for him to behave. The problem was Jake like his punishment just a bit much. Except maybe this punishment might just be a bit to much. Just give him to Leo.

No real story here but it was still pretty hot. Just a bit of kink to go with the day I suppose. However it was really just to much for me. I think giving your boy to another is degrading and gross in my eyes. Especially if you know your boy doesn’t like the other man. It was a complete turnoff for me.

Office Politics

Kel has two sexy lovers at his work place and liked to be bossed around a bit. Dean and Peter who would have thought.

Just a bit to much for me. Sounded a bit violent and I don’t much care for the way they were treating one another, although it was still hot I suppose. Kel has two lovers who don’t know about each other. He is a dominant and a submissive, basically a switch. Dean is a violent dom, where as Peter is a complete submissive. To me two lovers who don’t know about the other is cheating, and the book dropped completely.


I really need to pay attention to blurbs on books. I came close to liking the first book, but the other two books were complete flops. I don’t like cheating and I can’t stand a man giving away his boy to a gross man whom the boy doesn’t like. So all in all, total degradation in my eyes. The first book has a chance of being turned into a complete story, but the other two were just porn to me. I am afraid this book will go straight to the discard pile. Definitely not a book for me.

The Chauffeur by Serena Yates (2nd Edition)

Title: The Chauffeur (2nd Edition)

Series: Workplace Encounters 02

Author: Serena Yates

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (120 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (4 Mar 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb: Scarred former model Kyle Anderson leads a double life. By day, he works as a chauffeur for his uncle’s limousine rental company. Since his wages are too low for him to become financially independent, he works nights as an exotic dancer, donning a mask to hide his identity and the facial scars that got him rejected by his parents. Kyle catches the attention of Nick Giddings, a forklift driver who visits the club to let off steam. Nick is stuck in a low-skilled dead-end job after being kicked out of school for a prank he didn’t commit. The two men immediately connect, but when Nick is laid off and Kyle’s uncle pushes him to date a woman, everything comes crashing down.

ISBN: 9781632168368

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Prime

Review: The Chauffeur is the second book in Serena Yates’ Workplace Encounters series. However, none of the books are related and are stand alone stories. This is the second edition of The Chauffeur, with Dreamspinner Press re-releasing the whole series. I read the first edition and could not tell the difference for the most part (my memory is a tad dodgy, though). Serena Yates herself has said that the difference between the first and second (this) edition is that she added a couple scenes, adding approximately 2500 words to the story.

The plot of The Chauffeur is enjoyable, so before I go into the story I’m just going to put this out there: the writing style is not going to be to everyone’s taste. Sometimes the wording was a bit clunky and some of the details that I wanted to know about Nick and Kyle was lost in the words. Also, the wording of the sex scenes is sometimes rather clinical – e.g. using “ejaculate” instead of “come” or “climax” or “release”. Another thing that I’ve realised since reading other books in the series that the general plot that is followed is very similar, but considering there are no characters to connect the books, this is not really an issue. Finally, I think that the blurb offers information much more clearly than it is presented in the book.

The book itself is about Kyle and Nick. It is told from both their POVs (in third person), something that I enjoy and sometimes prefer over one POV or first person of one character. Kyle was a model and very successful. That was until an accident left him scarred and revealed his family’s true colours – they ignore him after that. He now works as a chauffeur for his uncle’s limousine company. Desperate to supplement his income he becomes a stripper and this is where he meets Nick. Nick is a forklift driver (something that I found difficult to see by the wording used)… to be honest, though, I just got more information reading the blurb than I did the book. However, the main thing is that Nick is a low-skill worker and his job is in jeopardy. No matter the skill level it is a relatable position for most of us in the workforce.

If anything I would have liked a bit more background about both Kyle and Nick. I just felt like I was being teased about their background and what traumas/events are shaping their current lives. These guys have a lot of chemistry and a lot more potential.

Overall, this is enjoyable and a good way to pass some time. It’s the type of book you read if you’re in the mood for something that you don’t need to think about too much as you go along.

The Bricklayer by Serena Yates (2nd Edition)

Title: The Bricklayer (2nd Edition)

Series: Workplace Encounters 04

Author: Serena Yates

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (136 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (15 April 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts

Blurb: Mike Brown has been a bricklayer working for the same construction company since leaving high school at eighteen. While building a conservatory for a Victorian house northwest of downtown Baltimore, Mike meets Ash, the landscaper hired to restore the gardens, when Ash distractedly stumbles over some of Mike’s equipment. Mike offers to take Ash to dinner as an apology, Ash hesitantly agrees, and the two men start dating. Then Mike is pulled away from his next assignment of building fireplaces by a promotion he doesn’t want, only to be fired for incompetence two weeks later. Three of the fireplaces have collapsed, one seriously injuring a cleaner. With Ash’s support, Mike must figure out who sabotaged his work, and why, before he faces a lawsuit.

ISBN: 9781634760218

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Prime

Review: The Bricklayer is the third book in Serena Yates’ Workplace Encounters series. However, none of the books are related and are stand alone stories. This is the second edition of The Bricklayer, with Dreamspinner Press re-releasing the whole series. I read the first edition and could not tell the difference for the most part (my memory is a tad dodgy, though). I could not find exactly how the word count has changed on this new edition.

The plot of The Bricklayer is enjoyable. However, this also has the same problem of the previous books: the writing style is not going to be to everyone’s taste. Sometimes the wording was a bit clunky and some of the details that I wanted to know about Mike and Ash was lost in the words. Another thing that I’ve realised since reading other books in the series that the general plot that is followed is very similar. One or both the MCs are closeted and somewhere along the line, an MC faces losing their job (or business). Considering there are no characters to connect the books I’m not going to consider this to be a major issue.

I like both Mike and Ash – they are great characters with great chemistry. Mike is a mason, he works his butt off and he loves his job. He is close to thirty and still in the closet because he is terrified how his family would react (again, understandable but I love the family’s reaction). In general, Mike is just really sweet and relatable. He is a lot easier to relate to than Ash. Ash, on the other hand, is a landscape gardener who has been hired to work on the same house where Mike is contracted. The guys literally bump into each other, which leads to a rather awkward dinner which may or may not be a date. Ash is a kind of stand-offish characters – or he’s just really shy. But when Mike needs the help, he steps up and things start to fall into place.

I figured out pretty quickly what was going/the direction of the plot. This is a light and enjoyable read, especially if you’re in the mood for something that you don’t need to think about too much as you go along.

Duty & Devotion by Tere Michaels

Title: Duty & Devotion

Series: Faith, Love, and Devotion 03

Author: Tere Michaels

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 12, 2015)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: A year after deciding to share their lives, Matt and Evan are working on their happily ever after—which isn’t as easy as it looks. As life settles down into a routine, Matt finds happiness in his role as the ideal househusband of Queens, New York, but he worries about Evan’s continued workaholic—and emotionally avoidant—ways. Trying to juggle his evolving relationship with Evan and his children, Matt turns to his friend, former Seattle Homicide Detective Jim Shea. 

The continued friendship between Matt and Jim is a thorn in Evan’s side. Jealous and uncomfortable with imagining their brief affair, Evan struggles to come to terms with what being in a committed relationship with a man means, and the implications about his love for his deceased wife, the impact on his children, and how other people will view him. His turmoil threatens his relationship with Matt, who worries that Evan will once again chose a life without him. But now, the stakes are much higher.

ISBN: 978-1-63216-581-7

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is part of the Faith, Love, and Devotion series. They need to be read in order, so that you learn about Evan and Matt. To see how they come together when it was needed the most, how they fell in love, went through some difficult times together and get what they deserved in the end.

It is a tender heart book that will draw you in and keep you captivated. There are some wonderful memories that these two men will carry with them for a long time. I am not very good with my words but there is something about this book that makes your heart beat faster and your breath quicken, your desires are met and the rest of the time you just want to smack someone upside the head.

Evan had spent twenty of his years married to a beautiful woman whom he loved with his entire heart. Then she died suddenly leaving him in a spiral downward. Then Matt made him love once more. Now here he is with the man he loves and still finding a way to screw it all up. He wants what Matt wants but is afraid of the out come. Matt wants to be out and live life to the fullest, yet here he is like a scared rabbit. Then his in-laws are threatening to take the kids away, the chief wants him to be promoted to head of his department and he is about to meet the one man that Matt had slept with in a one night stand. Talk about pressures of his life.

Matt had not been in any serious relationships till Evan and Evan was all he wanted. His one night stand was a good friend who just wanted to help, but it seems Evan just couldn’t get past it. That is until someone makes a move and places Jim in danger. Then Evan realizes that Jim is so deeply in love with his man, that he really needs to get over his crap. Matt just wants to be able to go out in the world holding his man’s hand. Was that too much to ask for. I mean Evan didn’t even like labels. There are a lot of fears between them, but their love proves to be stronger than all of them.

Matt needs Evan to realize that they are worth the chance, worth the troubles and worth the effort to be something more than just roommates with benefits. Even though most every one knew that they were together there seems to be a bit of tension still surrounding it all. I must admit that even though it actually comes off as a very real in the life story, there are parts that drive me crazy. It is a wonderful story that gave me almost everything I could want in a story. I loved it and would love to hear more about these two men in the future. It is an amazing story and I had a blast reading it.

I would definitely recommend reading this story. It will have you smiling at parts and crying with others. There is so much feeling that was put into this story and it gave me so much joy reading it. It gives you gorgeous men, quirky kids, pain in the ass in-laws, a bit of angst and pain, entertaining thoughts, some very hot sex and a love so strong that you would be powerless against it.

Signs by Anna Martin

Title: Signs

Author: Anna Martin

Genre: Contemporary, New Adult

Length: Novel (195 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (20 Mar 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: After spending most of his life in special schools, Caleb Stone now faces public high school in his senior year, a prospect that both excites him and threatens to overwhelm his social anxiety. As a deaf teenager, he’s closed himself off to the world. He speaks a shorthand with his parents and even finds it hard to use American Sign Language with people in his local deaf community. But Caleb finds comfort in his love of photography. Everything he can’t express in real life, he posts on his Tumblr.

Struggling to reconcile his resentment for his father’s cruelty with the grief of losing a parent, Luc Le Bautillier scrolls through Tumblr searching for someone who might understand his goth look and effeminate nature. When Luc reblogs a photo by Caleb, sparking a conversation, they both find it easier to make friends online than in person.

Luc and Caleb confront their fears about the opinions of the outside world to meet in New York City. Despite Caleb’s increasing confidence, his parents worry he’s not ready for the trials ahead. But communication comes in many forms—when you learn the signs.


Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Prime

Review: This is one real heart warming story. This is the story of two young men, recently turned 18 and starting to think about college and the future. They meet online by chance and beautiful relationship blossoms. Much of the story is told from Luc’s side. He’s a native New Yorker with a complicated home life, though he loves his big sister and she supports him throughout. Then there is Caleb, he lives somewhere in or about Boston – he may be deaf but he is also a gifted photographer. Caleb is also blessed with amazing parents.

This is just sweet and simple: its two boys growing up into men with their own set of complications, as well as these boys getting to know each other and falling in love. I really loved both MCs and they were easily relatable and felt real. I really loved who Anna Martin was able to articulate Caleb, which I am certain is more than tricky when he communicates only using American Sign Language. This is also a whole major thread of the book and it really does show that love is a fantastic motivator and that angst isn’t a requirement of a young adult story. Best of all, there is a happily ever after!

This is an excellent read and not just for young adults, anyone can enjoy this one. I think everyone at some stage feels like a Caleb yearning for their Luc (of course, not in the literal sense!).

Hiding Things by S.C. Wynne

Title: Hiding Things

Author: S.C. Wynne

Genre:  Contemporary

Length: Short Story (71 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 23, 2015)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Mason Downing is good at a lot of things, but math isn’t one of them. What he is good at is hiding the fact that he’s a poor kid on a full scholarship at elite Bragson University—though he won’t be there for long if he can’t get his grades up.

Carter Lantor is the embodiment of all that Mason pretends to be: rich, confident, and smart. But when Carter is handpicked to be Mason’s new math tutor, Mason learns that he’s not the only one hiding things. Soon, Carter’s picture-perfect façade begins to crack under the pressure of his father’s expectations and his own unhappiness.

Together, Mason and Carter must teach each other that no matter how much they question their place in the world, their love for one another might be the answer they are looking for.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-495-7

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is one of the first books that I have read by this author and I have to say that it is a joy to read it. I can understand prejudice and beliefs that one is never good enough, but I loved how Carter handles it all.

Mason was almost perfect in school, except he was about to flunk math. He was supposed to get a tutor so he could keep his scholarship, but he didn’t want anyone to know he was poor. He felt that people would treat him like crap if he was. So when he took a part time job to pay the tutor, he was shocked to meet Carter. Talk about a lot of shocks for the poor guy.

I actually enjoyed this, even though Mason has a chip on his shoulder that you would love to smack off. I thought that this is a world that is fairly known that is for sure. Although rich people do tend to treat poor people differently, this story shows a bit more to certain things.

I loved it and look forward to reading more by this author.

Between the Devil and Pacific Blue by Charlie Cochet

Title: Between the Devil and the Pacific Blue

Author: Charlie Cochet

Genre: Americas, Ghosts/Spirits, Historical, Paranormal

Length: Short (60 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 31, 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: For the last six months, Detective James Ralston has worked the nightshift as security for the Pacific Blue Hotel, and every night at 2 a.m. his rounds lead him to the radio room where the handsome and mysterious Franklin Fairchild sits listening to waltzes as old as the hotel itself. James is drawn to Franklin, but Franklin is a man at the end of his rope, and James has no intention of getting caught up in whatever trouble Franklin is in. A heated encounter late one night sends James down a disturbing path and has him questioning everything around him, including his very sanity.

ISBN-13: 978-1-63476-629-6

Reviewer: Shorty

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review: I loved the couple in this book. James is military veteran and works at the hotel. Franklin is a true gentleman that keeps to himself though he follows the same routine every night. James is attracted to Franklin so when one night Franklin is not in his usual spot James goes looking for him. They then become drawn in a fight for their lives as the mystery begins to unravel. 

I loved this entire book. It draws you in from the start and does not let go until the very end. Great details along with breath-taking suspense scenes leave the reader wanting more.

Highly recommended.

Forged In Trust by Mickie B. Ashling

Title: Forged in Trust

Series: Bay Area Professionals 04

Author: Mickie B Ashling

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (200 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (4 Sept 2015)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5 Hearts

Blurb: Dr. Ethan Marshall is the young medical student on call the night Tessa Duran murders her husband for abusing her twelve-year-old-son, Rino. Ethan stays in the cubicle while the rape kit is performed and is surprised when the boy resorts to prayers instead of tears.

Despite compelling evidence, Tessa is sent to jail for life. To avoid placing Rino in foster care, their parish priest agrees to raise him. Ethan is touched by Rino’s plight and visits whenever possible, but the connection is broken when the priest and young boy leave the area months later.

Raised by the Dominicans in California, Rino considers joining the order until a romance blossoms with a fellow student. After much soul-searching, he turns his back on everything familiar, and chooses his orientation over his perceived vocation. Upon graduating dental hygiene school, Rino takes a job at the office of Scott Gregory and Robin Kennedy.

Seventeen years have passed since that horrible night in the emergency room. Forty-three-year-old Ethan is now a Dominant in search of a full-time submissive. Twenty-nine-year-old Rino is adrift, longing for someone or something to help him find the serenity he’s lost along the way. As they rekindle their friendship, they realize they might be perfect for each other.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-470-4

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Prime

Review: I am going to state this warning up front, this is a very graphic and confronting book in more ways than one. First off, there is the BDSM aspect, which like everything does not appeal to everyone. Secondly, there are some very graphic description (not of the acts) but more so of the horrific outcomes. This book is not for the squeamish and includes prostitution, rape and paedophilia just in the first couple chapters. There are also some traumatic/PTSD later on but nowhere near as horrific as the first few chapters.

Forged in Trust is the fourth book of the Bay Area Professionals. However, it can be read as a standalone book.

The story starts off in the early 90s with Rino and his mother, living in poverty in the Philippines and things were looking worse for them because the US military were evacuating. They do get to the US (under some shady circumstances) and we jumped to when Rino is 13, which is where we first meet twenty-something, idealistic ER doctor, Ethan Marshall. The two form a companionship over a couple months but Rino is really just a traumatised child at this point. Then Rino is taken away, out of state, and we pick up with both Rino once more almost fifteen years later. It’s here that Ethan once again enters his life.

It’s a complicated story and I fear that explaining one thread might give too much away!

I’m pretty sure Tinder and smart phones are referenced at a time when they did not exist, but that is neither here nor there.

The characters are wonderfully developed, although part of me is certain that Rino’s character could have been a bit more given a bit more time. I felt like Rino and Ethan’s story ended a tad too soon because Rino had just gone through a massive personal growth period.

Really well written, fast paced book that is brimming with emotion, I found it impossible not to become engrossed in the story. I really want to read the first three books now.

How To Be A Normal Person by T.J. Klune

Title: How to be a Normal Person

Author: T.J. Klune

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (290 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (16 Oct 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Gustavo Tiberius is not normal. He knows this. Everyone in his small town of Abby, Oregon, knows this. He reads encyclopedias every night before bed. He has a pet ferret called Harry S. Truman. He owns a video rental store that no one goes to. His closest friends are a lady named Lottie with drag queen hair and a trio of elderly Vespa riders known as the We Three Queens.

Gus is not normal. And he’s fine with that. All he wants is to be left alone.

Until Casey, an asexual stoner hipster and the newest employee at Lottie’s Lattes, enters his life. For some reason, Casey thinks Gus is the greatest thing ever. And maybe Gus is starting to think the same thing about Casey, even if Casey is obsessive about Instagramming his food.

But Gus isn’t normal and Casey deserves someone who can be. Suddenly wanting to be that someone, Gus steps out of his comfort zone and plans to become the most normal person ever.

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

ISBN: 9781634765794

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Prime

Review: I am going to be totally frank from the outset: I am ever so slightly a massive fan of TJ Klune’s novels. I have now decided that I have a personal definitive rating of TJ’s books and this one falls second, behind Bear, Otter and the Kid (series). For the sake of all our sanities, I am not going to gush further about how awesome all of TJ Klune’s books are.

Like other books by the author, this is full of hilarious descriptions of other characters/situations, a lot of laugh out loud conversations and enough feelings to send the reader on an emotional roller coaster.

So… How to be a Normal Person… Like all of TJ Klune’s books this is a quirky but thoroughly relatable look at how two guys who are poles apart in personality can get together and fall in love. The story is mostly told from the POV of Gustavo Tiberius – aka Gus. Gus struggles with his social skills and before the death of his father; his father was also one of his only friends and his link to the rest of the world. In the small town he calls home, Gus has a very settled life with a set routine. He also has some interesting acquaintances, including a cafe owner obessed with alliteration and three lesbians who may or may not be sisters that are the sole members of the town’s vespa gang. Then there is Casey – the asexual stoner hipster who turns up in town to work for his aunt, the owner of Gus’s local cafe. It doesn’t take Casey long to realise that Gus is a bit of an oddball (which we learn more about through some of Casey’s POV sections). He’s a scruffy looking surfer dude that sounds very yummy and very sexy!

Both these guys are relatable and the attraction is both sweet and sexy. Yes, with Casey being asexual there is not a lot of physical love in the book. However, there is a very gentle and passionate romance coming to life within the pages that is not dependent on the characters having sex with each other. It is very clear that both of the guys bring something that the other needs in his life.

My heart ached for poor Gus. I really connected with him. I suppose that is because, partially, I can recognise some of his anti-social behaviours and also because we get a couple very important lessons here. The lessons being that you can pretend to be someone else but it is not necessarily going to make you happy or feel good within yourself. I hate that Gus needed to “be a normal person” so that he could be with his asexual stoner hipster, Casey. Seriously, I want to give Gus hug even though I think I know his character well enough to imagine the reaction!

If you have followed the author’s blog, you may know that this is a somewhat personal book and he is ready to explain what it is to be asexual for those of us who do not understand. In this situation, I have to say that I love Casey. He is just a lovable ball of energy and happiness. Although he doesn’t get pleasure from sex, he is ready with a hug to brighten the day of everyone around him. Isn’t that just the most awesome type of person?

As a bit of a teaser, while some of Gus’s flash backs to conversations with his father are both sweet and at some points very sad, they were also quite funny. Then there are the “recorded phone calls” with his internet provider – OMG, so funny, I loved the book for those few bits of dialogue alone.

Healed Hearts by Logan Meredith

Title: Healed Hearts

Series: Heartland 01

Author: Logan Meredith

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 24, 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Even men afraid of donuts deserve a happy ending.

Second-grade teacher Seth Ray has experienced more than his fair share of heartbreak. On his own since his mother’s death, Seth remains burdened by frequent anxiety, which he manages by steadfastly avoiding anything that might set it off—including men whose names start with the letter J and donuts. Unfortunately, after a night with Jude Murphy, he encounters both and flees into the street.

Jude’s not your typical twenty-something-year-old gay man. The youngest of six boys, he desperately wants to start a family of his own. The puzzling morning-after with Seth reminds him why he doesn’t sleep around.

When Seth discovers the man he brushed off is the uncle of one his students, he’s compelled to smooth things over to save face, but Jude lays it on the line—he wants Seth, but he doesn’t do casual. The allure of the sexy redhead compels Seth to face an entire family of J names for a chance at happiness.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-308-0

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Now I am one that doesn’t much care to try new to me authors because I don’t really know what to expect of them. However the title caught my attention then I read the blurb and knew I had to read it. It was such a cute little taste, so I knew I had to bite.

Seth, like many, have lived through heart break and pain. He is a elementary school teacher who has some anxiety. He also seems a little bit odd to me, which means I like him even more. He has two little rules that he follows and one of them is he stays away from donuts. Like I said the man is odd. Donuts are good but he also stays away from men whose name starts with the letter J.

One night with Jude and damn he is going to go nuts. He can’t seem to get away from both. Jude however has the hots for Seth and is trying to figure out what to do. He wants children, but he is left with questions after his hot night with the sexy man. Now one would wander why a man doesn’t like donuts, well it is from his father saying he was going to get donuts and never coming home. A seven year old is left remembering that statement. Then in highschool he is attracted to Jason and gets beat up for it. Well that explains those two hates, but it seems he actually might just like them both.

Now Jude’s problem is he introduced himself by his middle name Daniel and asked him if he wanted a donut. Talk about setting off Seth’s buttons. Yeah I can see why he ran, but damn there is so much heat there. It has some drama that was not really needed for this story and a bit too much detail that could have been left out. However I had so much fun reading this that it made me want to look at more books by this author.

That is not to mention the hot sex and damn kinky parts to this story. It also had a lot of heart put into this whole story. You get so many feelings coming out there that you are left feeling it too. The story is well written that flows off the pages. I enjoyed it and would see myself reading it more than once.

This story rocks my world.

Beautiful Thunder by Louise Lyons

Title: Beautiful Thunder

Author: Louise Lyons

Genre: Contemporary, New Adult

Length: Novel (220 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 31, 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Can romance and rock ‘n’ roll dreams survive with a storm raging around them?

Alex Randall has always wanted to be a rock singer. When he answers an ad from a local band, his dream finally comes true. He loves the stage, and the group’s fans love him. Things couldn’t be better, except for the attraction he develops for the band’s guitarist, Lindsey. Alex is surprised and initially worried, since he only had one brief flirtation with a boy in his teens. But even though he and Lindsey become close and start seeing each other, Alex fears commitment, and Lindsey worries that Alex might only be experimenting.

When Lindsey’s ex contacts him following a health scare, fear and anger drives a wedge between Alex and Lindsey, which causes rifts within the band. Alex and Lindsey’s relationship is still new and fragile, and with Alex unwittingly blaming Lindsey for their problems, it becomes a true challenge for them to weather the storm.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-394-3

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: It seems to be my week to find authors that I have not read before, but I have to tell you that I was pleased with this story. There is a lot of emotional parts in the story that kind of dragged for me, but other than that it flowed pretty damn good. What called to me about this story was the title. It wasn’t until the end when I found out where the name came from. It was a great surprise and I loved it.

Alex’s family passed away when he was younger and left him with quite a bit of money. He owned his home and really didn’t need to do anything if he wanted. However for most of his life he wanted to be a rock singer. Now many kids want this life, but damn can Alex sing. He answered an ad for a singer, and his life was about to make a turn. He falls in love with Lindsey and things just blow up in their face.

Lindsey left Alex, the band and went to London. Now he is back for a contest and they see each other once more. Time has changed and they need to see if there is away for them to be together once more. The heat is still there and damn they are sexy.

With Lindsey’s past boyfriend, I can see why he is a bit leery but you can just see the heat they both set off. They both have problems, but like all things in life many things get in the way. There is a chance for them to make it together once more.

The ending was pretty good but it seems a bit strange. Now I must admit some parts of it is the fact that it is told in a different country type of story, so some of the language might be a tad different. The ending is left in such a way that it is up to you to decide how it ends. Or maybe reach their own thoughts on it.

I had fun with it, although it is a bit on the slow side it was fun. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading more by this author. I would definitely recommend it.

Human Frailties, Human Strengths By Jaye McKenna

Title: Human Frailties, Human Strengths

Series: Guardians of the Leythe 01

Author: Jaye McKenna

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Sword & Sorcery

Length: Novel (274pgs)

Publisher: Mythe Weaver Press (September 30, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: What do a god in exile and a goth geek from Nowhere, Minnesota have in common?

Not a damn thing.

Ashnavayarian is a god in exile, condemned by the Dragon Mother to live as a lowly human. The only way to appease the goddess and earn back his place at her side is to learn compassion — or bypass her entirely by raising the power to break his exile.

Tor MacAran is stuck in a dead-end job in a tiny town that’s barely on the map. He’s been alone and hurting all his life, and he’s about ready to end his pain by whatever means he can.

When a Halloween encounter dumps Tor at Ash’s feet, the two men find themselves tied together by the Dragon Mother in a way that neither can escape. Can Tor teach Ash what it really means to be human? Or will Ash’s bid for freedom destroy Tor and plunge the Westlands into a war no one can win?

Note: Human Frailties, Human Strengths is a stand-alone novel (~90,000 words) that takes place in the same world as Human Choices.

Note: This story contains hot guys who have the hots for each other


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: I have to admit after reading Guardians of the Pattern I was quite shocked at Ash in this story. He was completely different. Conceited, mean and only seemed to care about what he wanted. As a form of punishment Jhara stripes him of power, then manipulating Toryn into venturing out of the human realm and depositing him at Ash’s feet.

Ash was a complete ass to Toryn for a long time. But that slowly changed as Ash started caring for the man. But alas danger happens time and again to these two. Along with a leythe Blade bound to Tor. I loved this story minus Ash’s attitude at first. It was a remarkable adventure fraught with suspense, danger and action.

Brilliantly written it captures the mind in a journey of finding oneself and setting right what has been made wrong. I love the books by this author. The ones I’ve read so far submerge me in a world where darkness and light fight to overcome the other. But with the help of a few the balance is slowly being restored.

I will warn readers that there are scenes of mind manipulation into having sex.

Fantastic read.

Into The Dark Void by John Simpson & Robert Cummings

Title: Into the Dark Void

Author: John Simpson & Robert Cummings

Genre:  Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 31, 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Is Earth alone in the universe?

In an attempt to answer that centuries-old question, scientists sent probes into the void, hoping they’d be found by intelligent life forms. In hindsight, it’s decided that giving possibly hostile races directions back to Earth might be a dangerous idea, and the United Space Force Marines are dispatched to recover the probes.

Corporal David Creswell has become a little too close to Blake Bickford, a recent graduate from Marine training, and fraternizing is against regulations. They manage to keep their romance under the radar until they are reassigned to a classified mission to retrieve the probes—aboard a ship where they’re clearly not welcome. While trying to discover who is playing with Earth’s toys in deep space, they’ll give new meaning to “leave no man behind.”

ISBN: 978-1-63476-310-3

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: When I saw who the authors were of this story I knew that I had to read it. They write stories that give you a world that has a bit of humor to it even though they have more of a serious tone to them. They also give you sexy men with a lot of depth and detail to them; it feels like you know them. After seeing the cover of the book, I can tell you my eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. What I wouldn’t give to have a man like that.

This is a bit of an oddball story to me, but it was a lot of fun. You get gorgeous men in uniform who are working in outerspace. David and Blake saw each other and knew what they wanted. David is a corporal and Blake was a private, but it didn’t seem to mind with these guys. They are very hot together.

Then while in space one saves the other, and it gets real close for a while there. They came close to death and were going to be in deep trouble with the military. Then more danger surfaced and it was up to them and their friends to keep everyone safe. I must admit that this story is a bit harder to get into and difficult to follow in some parts. The marines have a saying about not leaving any many behind, and these two are definitely backing that saying. I love how protective they are of each other, but that they are still marines.

The story itself is an amazing story but the last few pages seemed a bit forced to me, like they were trying to rush the ending a bit. Other than that, it was a great read. I had fun with it and couldn’t stop reading once I started. I love the author’s gift that they have.

I would definitely recommend this book.

My Aim Is True by Lee Patton

Title: My Aim Is True

Author: Lee Patton

Genre: Historical (1978), New Adult 

Length: Novel (230 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 9, 2015)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: When sixteen-year-old Guy Dimchek comes out in 1970s San Francisco, his best friend dumps him, his mom splits, and he’s left largely on his own just in time for his first ever sexual experience. 

Things don’t get any easier when Guy’s father becomes a candidate for state office. Having a gay son doesn’t do his candidacy any favors, especially under the antigay “family values” fervor sweeping the nation. Compounding the situation is Guy’s new stepmother, who opposes openness on the gay issue and especially the revelation that Guy has a boyfriend—one he might be falling in love with. 

Around Guy, self-help charlatans, radical cults, and extreme politics forecast 1978’s perfect tsunami: the Jonestown massacre in Guyana, Anita Bryant’s homophobic campaign, and gay city supervisor Harvey Milk’s assassination at city hall. In the midst of a perfect storm of antigay sentiment, Guy faces the supreme test when his father’s political opponent launches a smear campaign that employs both dirty tricks and physical violence against Guy. 

Following the attack, an injured Guy must confront his own flaws and reunite with his fractured family—all while staying true to himself and connected to the boy he loves.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-535-0

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Now I am one that doesn’t much care to try new authors because I don’t really know what to expect of them. However sometimes the title or blurb is what catches my eyes. For me the title was what did it to me. That is until I saw the blurb.

I have always loved a good romance though. I am also crazy as hell and will try anything first. Now my problem is I am never good with teenage years or coming out. This packs a strong statement on what many youth lives through though. So I thought what the heck read it and see if you like it.

Guy came out to his family and his friends. He got the wrong reaction that is for sure. His mother leaves him and he has no one to ask questions. Then his best friend dumps his ass, because he didn’t want to have anything to do with gay. Then his asshat of a father puts his two cents in. Only he is running for state office so his father has to stand behind his beliefs. What a jerk. Then there is Guy’s stepmom, who is such a bitch that you want to beat the crap out of her.

He is attacked and left with feelings of pain. He just wants to be loved. He also wants to be with the one he loves. However what is surprising is how they manage to all come together in the end and shows what a good family should be like.

I enjoyed this story and look forward to seeing what other stories this author has out there. I was quite surprised since I was going in with a bit of ill feelings. Like I said I was never good with books about youths, but this one was a big surprise and I was intrigued. I actually had a blast with it and would definitely recommend it.

All the Heaven Will Allow by D.W. Marchwell

Title: All That Heaven Will Allow

Author: D.W. Marchwell

Genre: Contemporary 

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (21st November 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts

Blurb: Jimmy Campbell has owned his own bar for the past twenty years. While his past is troubled, his present and future make life worth living. He has good friends, more than enough money, and he volunteers—along with his Yorkie, Bozo, and his Maine coon cat, Miss Alicia—at the local hospital every Friday. He couldn’t ask for more. That is, until he meets Derek “Dizzy” Roberts.

Derek is a musician who tours the country with his band. He’s an ex-cop, was married once, and has the bitter ex-wife and two spoiled children to prove it. He’s finally living his dream, and that includes bedding all the groupies who think he’s every bit as good as his music. He doesn’t worry much about the future, until he meets Jimmy.

The two men begin a long-distance romance, sneaking weekends here and there, until a tragedy forces them to realize they might lose the only thing they both want–a future together. Now, they’re asking for everything heaven will allow.

ISBN-13: 9781632161673

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer:  GiGi

Review: If you like sugar-sweet romance, long distance romance, slow build-up romance…this is the book for you. It was nearly too sweet for me, but hey it’s a warm and fuzzy feel good read.

Jimmy owns his own bar, is a bit of a control freak in all areas of his life, and he REALLY loves his animals. He’s such a do-gooder he volunteers his time not only helping out rescued animals, bit then trains them to be therapy dogs and brings them into hospitals and yes….children’s hospital wards. Do your teeth hurt yet?

Now Derek is a playboy. Recently out of the closet and divorced he’s been eating at the man-candy buffet for a while and knows he’s a hot package. Only his one-liners don’t’ seem to work on a cute, sexy bar owner, that’s Jimmy, and it immediately snags his attention. He’s ready for more than a one-nighter, but Jimmy is putting him through his paces.

The two develop their courtly romance the old fashioned way, emails, texts, letters, dates….actually getting to know each other before jumping each other’s bones…which when they do is really hot.

But both have a past, that combined with fate may destroy these two…or who knows….tests of faith may bring them closer.

A slow build, in more ways than one, and again….cotton candy sweet. If you need a break from angsty, kinky reading…this is a good diversion.