Across the East River Bridge by Kate McMurray

Title: Across the East River Bridge

Author: Kate McMurray

Genre: Paranormal, Suspense, Mystery

Length: Novel (162pgs)

Publisher: Loose Id (11th October 2011)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When Finn’s boss sends him to a museum in Brooklyn, the last person he expects to see is his old rival, Troy. Finn still blames Troy for sending his career off the rails, but Troy has research Finn needs. Troy also has an intriguing story; the museum he curates is haunted by the ghosts of two men who died under mysterious circumstances in 1878. Troy strikes a deal: he’ll help Finn if Finn helps him find out what happened to the men who died.

From diaries, police reports, and newspaper articles, Finn and Troy piece together the lives of the two dead men—and the romance that bloomed between them—and it becomes clear that the men were murdered. It also becomes clear that the ghosts are real and are capable of manipulating the dreams, thoughts, and actions of the living. When Finn and Troy start falling for each other, Finn worries that it’s all an illusion concocted by the ghosts to keep them working together to solve the mystery, but Troy is convinced the love between them is real. But how can he get rid of a couple of ghosts and prove it?

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Review: Finn and Troy have been at logger heads for years. Finn hates Troy and tries to keep hold of his resentment while he helps Troy investigate the mystery of two men’s deaths in 1878. Troy needs Finn’s help with the mystery but that isn’t the only reason he asked him to help.  In return for Finn’s help, he will help Finn with the research he needs.

This is a great story that drew me in because of the interesting historical facts as well as a doomed 1870’s love story and the present love story. I must admit that I am a bit of a history nerd and love finding out new historical facts especially when it’s blended in with fiction and this author does that beautifully. This isn’t a light read; I’d class it as medium as we have two historical researcher’s digging into a mystery that is over a hundred years old and they are trying to figure out their attraction to each other; while one of them is fighting it and two ghosts are interfering with them as well.

Finn and Troy are two men that you want to shake.  Finn because he holds onto his resentment and anger like they are a shield and Troy ‘cause he can be a bit of a prat and he loves winding Finn up. These two men have great chemistry and when Finn doesn’t think… well the sparks and heat from these two men could start an inferno. The suspense and mystery were very good and the plot and story-line were smoothly written and flowed well. I liked that Finn was skeptical and wanted to make sure that what he was feeling was real, although I do think that he treated Troy a bit meanly. Troy fully accepted how he felt and wants everything with Finn.

So I will recommend this to those of you who like Mystery’s, finding out about history, love, a great story-line and a happy ever after for two men and two ghosts.