The Foxling Soldati by Charlie Cochet

Title: The Foxling Soldati

Series: Soldati Hearts 02

Author: Charlie Cochet

Genre: Angels and Demons, Urban Fantasy, Shapeshifters

Length: Novella (102 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 16, 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Sequel to The Soldati Prince

Foxling Toka has served the Soldati king for centuries, and now he attends to the kingdom’s cherished Soldati prince. It’s a position of honor, and as Toka helps the once-human prince adapt to their magical realm, he finds joy in their friendship. He also grows bolder in his encounters with Rayner, Soldati warrior and the king’s second. But the laws are clear: servants and Soldati are not permitted to mate. It doesn’t matter that Toka lost his heart to the dashing cad long ago.

Rayner never imagined he would fall in love with a servant, but the clever and beautiful foxling has ensnared him, and he resents the regulations keeping them apart. When an arrogant and spiteful king visits from a neighboring realm, Rayner is in danger of losing everything. But Soldati warriors don’t surrender, and he intends to fight all the harder to keep Toka where he belongs—in Rayner’s arms..

ISBN-13: 978-1-63533-659-7

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: As stated by law a foxling servant can not mate a soldati warrior. That does not stop foxling Toka and soldati warrior and second in command to the king, Rayner, from a relationship. When a king that is disgusting on so many levels decides to visit things go from good to the worst thing imaginable.

Let me say I hated Povani. He was despicable, heartless and thought of no one but himself. I could not believe what he set into motion just to make Rayner suffer because he refused to marry Pavoni’s brother years before.
My heart went out to Rayner and Toka for the injustice and lies told to throw their lives into chaos.

This is a truly wonderful story with plenty of drama, action and suspense. I love this series and looking forward to reading more.

Highly recommended.

All That Shimmers by N.J. Nielsen

N.J. Nielsen - All That Shimmers CoverTitle: All That Shimmers

Series:  Wardens of the Guild 02

Author: N.J. Nielsen

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Novella (130 pages)

Publisher: Pride Publishing (May 30, 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 ½ Hearts

Blurb: Sometimes all that shimmers…is the darker side of life

When the only world he’d ever known changed, Eric Meyers had to change along with it. Now he needs to figure out his next steps, especially when it comes to Tagh. Things get even more confusing when he starts dreaming about a man he doesn’t even know.

Tagh’s recovery from battle wounds isn’t helped when he has to face Eric’s continuing doubts. If that’s not bad enough, he also has to deal with more of his kind turning up and what it all means. There are zoos out there filled with people, people who shouldn’t even be there—people who need rescuing.

Jory has been held captive in one of these hellholes for the last few years. His dreams of Eric, a man he’s never met, give him hope that help is on the way, but the waiting is hard. To save the others, Jory stands up to their jailers. The only problem is that he is just one against the many.

What fate brings together, let no person tear apart. But is the trio ready to face a future none of them had ever planned on? Between their enemies and their heavy responsibilities, Eric, Tagh and Jory have to work out more than their immense differences—they have to figure out if their very relationship is strong enough to survive whatever’s coming next. Because come it will…

Reader Advisory: This book involves characters who are kept imprisoned to be used as sexual slaves, discussion of rape and sexual assault, references to starvation and beatings and references to incest. 

Publisher’s Note: This book is best read in sequence, as part of a series.

ISBN: 978-1-78651-580-3

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: After the events in the previous book leave Tagh gravely injured and Eric stays by his side. He learns Tagh is his mate though he is confused by his feelings for the man. Amid that he is dreaming of a sexy man in dire need of help.

Wow this story was a great addition to the series as progress was made in determining who was with who and all the help involved in setting about taking down the zoo’s. I seriously found that part disturbing in that anyone would do that to someone.

The overall story comprised of romance, suspense, action and edge of your seat scenes that leave you wanting more. 

Rescuing Alexander by Grein Murray Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Grein Murray - Rescuing Alexander Banner

Hi guys! We have Grein Murray popping in today with her release Rescuing Alexander, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway so check out the post and click that giveaway link! <3 ~Pixie~

Grein Murray - Rescuing Alexander Cover

Rescuing Alexander

(His Fallen Angel 03)

Grein Murray

Things seem to be peaceful after the battle between the Fallen and the New Angels a year ago, but sometimes appearances can be deceiving. 

Roman and Alexander have been enjoying their work, placing New Angels in various jobs throughout the East Coast, but they find out that the Fallen are not adhering to the rules put into place after the last conflict. 

As Roman becomes more involved with helping the Elders figure out what the Fallen are up to now, Alexander gets closer to a Fallen Angel who Roman doesn’t trust, causing tension between himself and his soul mate. Roman’s warnings to Alexander and the others seem to fall on deaf ears. With Roman preoccupied by a demanding work schedule, will he have unknowingly placed Alexander in the hands of one of the most dangerous and sinister Fallen?

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Jerricho's Freedom by Jake C. Wallace (2nd Edition)

Jake C. Wallace - Jerricho's Freedom CoverTitle: Jerricho’s Freedom (2nd Edition)

Author: Jake C. Wallace

Genre: Angels & Demons, Urban Fantasy

Length: Novel (334 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (13th February 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: As prince of the Anzuni demon clan, Jerricho’s entire life has been planned for him. At twenty-five, he will become the crown prince of the Anzuni, marry a man chosen by his parents, and bear his husband’s children all without choice. If that wasn’t enough, he must remain a virgin until his wedding night. To do otherwise would spark an unimaginable scandal.

With only ten months until his twenty-fifth birthday, the walls close in on Jerry, and the realization that he will lose his small apartment, his job at the library, and his freedom hits hard. But that’s nothing compared to losing the man he loves. Rex is a smart and sexy construction foreman with a keen interest in demon “mythology.” When Jerry and Rex give in to spending one night together, their indiscretion can’t be kept secret for long. But that’s only the beginning of their problems.

Someone wants to harness the power of Jerry’s bloodline and his ability to conceive—someone with designs on horrifying experiments, sex slavery, and murder. Jerry and Rex are at the mercy of power-hungry sadists. With no one left to trust, they must fight for each other, their freedom—and their unborn child.

First Edition published by Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure, 2015.

ISBN: 978-1-63533-308-4

Reviewer: Shorty

Product Link:

Review: So far I have loved every book I have read by Jake C. Wallace and this book was most certainly not a disappointment. This book was a fantastic addition to already great books by this author. It has everything a reader could want; romance, danger, mystery, action with quite a few twists and turns throughout for added intrigue.

Jerricho was stuck by tradition and I felt angry on his behalf that he couldn’t marry for love. It broke my heart at some scenes in the book that had to do with kidnapping and what happened to those individuals. I loved Jerry’s character. Rex is a sexy foreman and Jerricho’s boss. These two set the pages on fire with their passion for one another. These two grew so much that I was amazed with them by the end of the book.

It was great being introduced to a character and trying to figure out whether they were friend or foe to Jerricho and Rex. This story will have you on the edge of your seat and holding your breath at times awaiting the outcome. Fantastic and well written.

Absolutely loved this amazing story. Highly recommended.

Hell Takes A Holiday by Kiernan Kelly (2nd Edition)

Kiernan Kelly - Hell Takes A Holiday CoverTitle:  Hell Takes a Holiday (2nd Edition)

Author: Kiernan Kelley

Genre: Angels and Demons, Paranormal

Length: Short Story (48 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 7, 2016)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Despite a major setback, Lucifer has no time to feel sorry for himself. Running Hell is a monumental task, even though he’s taken steps to modernize it with technology like closed-circuit cameras and security systems.

As he struggles with his infernal issues, an unannounced visitor threatens to break his black heart. Lucifer hasn’t seen Uriel since his Fall, but he remembers how much he loved Uriel and how betrayed he felt when Uriel didn’t stand with him during the War.

Uriel has been sent to inspect the changes Lucifer has made and report back to Heaven. Lucifer has no choice but to give Uriel a guided tour of the Nine Circles, and all the feelings come rushing back.

Uriel hasn’t forgotten Lucifer either, and they pick up where they left off—with enough sizzle to rival the hottest of hell’s fires. But their reunion will be short-lived, unless Uriel relinquishes his halo—which Lucifer is unwilling to let him do.    

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2008.

ISBN: 978-1-63477-736-0

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review:  The first thing I am going to say is this cover rocked.  Kiernan is one author who can put together a book that not only draws you in but just keeps you there.  Also give you a short story that has quite a bit of meat to it.  Usually when I grab a short story, well they fall short.  Not enough substance to them to truly enjoy but this author gives you a hell of a good story with such few words.  

Lucifer went against god and was sent to run hell.  His only pain was the fact that the man he loved went against him in the end.  Now here was Uriel striding through hell to have a chat.  It would seem someone is up to something, but if you want to know more read the story, you won’t be disappointed.

I absolutely had a blast reading this and look forward to reading many more stories by this author.  I would definitely say it is a good read.  Plus you will laugh your ass off also.

Falling Into Darkness by L.M. Brown

L.M. Brown - Falling Into Darkness CoverTitle: Falling Into Darkness

Author: L.M. Brown

Genre: Paranormal, Angels & Demons

Length: Novel (284 pages)

Publisher: Pride Publishing (December 13, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Their love could save the soul of a fallen angel or damn an archangel to an eternity in Hell.

The realm of angels was created as a paradise where angels could watch over the earth as mankind took his first steps. For the archangel Michael, it is the only home he has ever known and he could never envisage another life. Michael’s life changes the day his path crosses that of the favored son of the morning. From the moment he sees him, Michael wants Lucifer for his own. When the two angels come together the passion surprises them both.

Their love is forged in Heaven, but is doomed the moment Lucifer falls from grace to become the leader of an army of demons.

Separated by war, the former lovers know the time will come when they must face each other in battle.

Their confrontation will set in motion events that neither could have foreseen. For Lucifer it is the chance to persuade Michael to stand at his side, as his partner as leader of the demons. For Michael, it is a mission to save his lover’s soul, while risking his own.

Torn between his love for Lucifer and his duties as an angel, Michael walks a fine line, where one wrong step could result in his own fall from Heaven, and an eternity in Hell. 

Publisher’s Note: Although this book contains characters from the Heavenly Sins series, this can be read as a standalone story.

ISBN: 978-1-78651-509-4

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: An amazing journey into the lives of two powerful angels that spans centuries. Archangel Michael has been secretly enamoured of the morning star, Lucifer. When first they meet it seems as if Michael has lost his chance forever but Lucifer seeks him out, and so a hot and passionate relationship starts between the two.

It was a book about taking chances, heartbreak, tragedy, love and doing what you think is right for the one you love. A lot happens throughout this wonderfully written story. Though I’m not going to give anything away needless to say I was impressed by how each man was portrayed. Although I must admit I was a little put off by how Michael seemed so shy around Lucifer at first but it was to be expected. 

There were a few questions left unanswered so maybe a sequel or follow up book? Who knows. Aside from that I loved the entire story. It states that this book can be read as a stand-alone yet is in fact connected to the series Heavenly Sins. I did not read that series so some characters that came into play were written as though I should know them already in certain situations. I wish I had read the series.

The whole story was a gripping epic tale that took me by the most delightful surprises. I never knew what decisions each person was going to make when it came to the difficult ones, which thrilled me. There is not always happy times but they eventually get there. I loved it.

Highly recommended.

Dead Camp 3 by Sean Kerr

sean-kerr-dead-camp-03-coverTitle: Dead Camp 3

Series:  Dead Camp # 3

Author: Sean Kerr

Genre: Erotic Romance, Historical, Horror, Paranormal, Vampire

Length: Novel (272 pages)

Publisher: eXtasy Books (October 14, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: To understand the present, you must first understand the past.

As Wewelsburg Castle burns, Eli carries Isaiah to safety. So much is lost, Malachi is gone, the Demon from Eli’s terrible past is reborn into the world already at war, and to make matters worse, Gideon is back. Yet, before Eli can even reach the sanctuary of his home, he learns a painful truth about Gideon, the truth of why he left him, and Eli can barely hold onto his own sanity. Eli quickly understands that not everything in life, or death, is black and white, and sometimes to protect the ones we love, we have to make the greatest sacrifice of all.

ISBN: 978-1-4874-0858-9

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: I love this riveting series so much. This book continues from the last as Eli reels from the events that took place. He struggles to move forward as secrets are revealed and characters that were mentioned are brought to a brighter spotlight. As per usual this addition is spellbinding and jaw dropping.

It was interesting to see that even though Eli is in all the books we really did not know who he truly was. I was glad to see questions I had throughout the series were answered in startlingly clarity. This is truly a wonderful gripping book. 

Filled with twists and turns that you gasping and others that leave tears in your eyes this story packs a punch. I loved the history and timeline even though it was an ugly period it was still fascinating to see it all play out in the authors writing. 

I will give no spoilers only say that to read the book. Highly recommended.

The Real You by N.J. Neilsen

N.J. Neilsen - The Real You CoverTitle: The Real You

Series: Wardens of the Guild 01 

Author: N.J. Nielsen

Genre: Angels and Demons, Contemporary, Paranormal, Vampires

Length: Novella (126 pages)

Publisher: Pride Publishing (October 4, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: The age-old war between good and evil is bringing changes, and with change comes fear—especially the fear of what is to come.

Isiah Gillis and Claudius Reynar are twins in every sense of the word. No one can tell them apart, yet they’re not related. Since meeting, they’ve learned that they’ve become the subject of a legend, something neither of them wanted.

Their first day warden, Gabriel, tries to kill Claudius and Isiah by turning their True One, Mitch, into a weapon against them. Instead, Mitch now shares his body with Remi, a powerful demon lord who enters their lives—a demon lord who claims them for his own.

Not everyone is happy that the legend has been fulfilled, and they will do everything in their power to tear apart the strong bond the four men possess. Laramie realizes he has to separate from Mitch or risk losing one of his mates so completely that it could break them all.

When old and new enemies alike step forward to destroy who they are, Isiah, Mitch, Claudius and Laramie gather family and friends to fight in the war to save them all. Can things be set right before evil intentions win? 

ISBN: 978-1-78651-473-8

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: Isiah and Claudius look exactly alike except for they are not family. Mitch, a human, needs somewhere to live. His friend introduces him to the twins who happen to have an extra room. The price, watch over the twins as their guardian.

I loved this book. It has so many twists and turns that left me holding my breath and surprised. Someone wants the twins dead. One of those someone’s is Gabriel, Isiah’s cousin. But alas all is not as it seems. There is more going on than even these men know.

There is corruption, action, suspense, romance all throughout. I found myself immersed in the story before I knew it and was not disappointed with the direction it took. I’m very glad this is a series so there will be more to come. 

Highly recommended.

The Soldati Prince by Charlie Cochet (2nd Edition)

Charlie Cochet - The Soldati Prince CoverTitle: The Soldati Prince (2nd Edition) 

Series:  Soldati Hearts 01

Author: Charlie Cochet

Genre: Angels and Demons, Urban Fantasy, Werewolves/Shapeshifters

Length: Novella (97 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 23, 2016)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: One moment Riley Murrough is living a normal life working in a coffee shop, and the next he’s running for his life from demons, learns he bears the mark of a shape-shifter king from a magical realm, and—worst of all—he’s destined to become the mated prince to the arrogant tiger shifter he would rather strangle.

Khalon, the shifter king, is equally distraught at the idea of being bound to a human prince, and along with his Soldati warriors, he sets out to return Riley to his own world where he belongs. On their journey they might discover why the priestess brought them together—if they can escape the demons and make it to her alive.

First Edition published as The Soldati Prince in Charmed & Dangerous by JCP Books LLC, 2015.

ISBN-13: 978-1-63477-580-9

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: Riley is minding his own business when suddenly he is attacked by demons. Khalon and his warriors come to the rescue and whisk him away to another realm. Riley is not happy and tells them all this. He wants to go home. But alas he is the mate of Khalon who is also not happy with the idea of being mated to a human.

They all travel to go to the high priestess to correct the bond. But along the way the two grow closer and secrets are revealed casting a new light on why the high priestess sent Khalon to Riley. 

I really enjoyed this story so much. It was both intriguing and fascinating. Learning about the Soldati was very refreshing. I loved that Riley was no pushover; he was sarcastic and humorous at times as well as understanding. Khalon seemed a bit uptight but that did not diminish the story. His character fit the story perfectly. 

Many other characters were introduced in this first installment. I can’t wait to see what is in store next. Filled with action, drama, and sexy men this book grabs hold and does not let go until the very end.

Highly recommended.

Roman's Vengeance by Grein Murray Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!


Hi guys, we have Grein Murray stopping by today with their new release Roman’s Vengeance, we have Grein’s bucket list, a great excerpt and a brailliant giveaway, so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~


Roman’s Vengeance

(His Fallen Angel 02)

Grein Murray

Continued unrest with the Fallen means that The Elders and New Angels can never let their guard down. The Fallen are up to something bigger than they were led to believe.

Roman and Alexander’s bond has grown, but that bond is threatened by Roman’s duties as an Elder. Each time Roman is called away, Alexander experiences nightmares that seem more a reality than just a dream, leaving him on edge around Roman. Are these dreams really an omen of things to come?

An impending battle looms over The Elders and the New Angels, can they pull together in their first battle together to defeat the Fallen? Can Alexander and Roman overcome the new challenges they face together?

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The Viper's Heart by Lisa Oliver

lisa-oliver-the-vipers-heart-cover-sTitle: The Viper’s Heart

Series: Balance #1

Author: Lisa Oliver

Genre: Paranormal, Angels & Demons

Length: Novella (159pgs)

Publisher: Lisa Oliver (October 7, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Botis, demon lord and ruler of sixty legions is having a rough day. Lucifer set him on a quest to find the potion given to Gilgamesh thousands of years before, which should be easy enough. But being told a visit to the Angel Raziel was a necessary part of the mission wasn’t so easy to understand. Everyone knew that demons and angels didn’t mix, and angels were strictly off limits for his kind. Which was a shame because the moment Botis set eyes on the sexy Raziel his imagination ran into overdrive. 

Raziel has a cruisy life. As the Angel of Secrets there aren’t many who darken his door with requests for finding strange artifacts any more, but he’s content. He has his shop, his taxi and his good friends, Anael and Uriel. Having Lucifer in his cab was the first sign things were about to change, but when Botis walks into his shop, Raziel starts to seriously reconsider his angelic abilities. No demon should be able to tempt him, so why was he affected by Botis’s sheer presence? 

Soon enough, Raziel and Botis learn their meeting was no accident. With forces at work beyond their control, they have to learn to rely on each other if they are going to beat the odds stacked against them. But how is that possible when Raziel’s untouchable, and Botis doesn’t have a heart? 


Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This story can be read as a standalone, however I can guarantee that you will want to continue this series. 

I have read almost every story that this author has put out, but I wasn’t too sure about this particular story at first. It is a very fresh and unique idea and I for one was glad to have had a chance to read it. It has a serious tone to it, but there is quite a bit of humor which was a nice surprise for me. 

It would seem that the man in charge has decided that there needs to be a balance between hell and heaven. The humans were not calling on them as much as they use to so mating sounded good. Six to start but many to come later. Too bad no one warned them about it. Raziel was to find an ancient artifact for one of the demons, but neither had expected a set up. Heaven wanted Angel Raziel and the demon Botis to be mates. However there are some that see it as wrong and want to end it before it starts. The moment they see each other though, the sparks start to fly. 

Now usually I am captivated from the start, but this story took just a little more time in getting into it. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but let’s just say it has ranked pretty high up in her books. I was fascinated by the way seem to start off with distance, but soon they were protecting each other from those who wanted to cause harm.

I can probably guarantee that this is going to pretty much dominate all of your other stories that you have read. It was a big hit with me and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book.

Dead Camp series by Sean Kerr Blog Tour, Excerpts, Reviews & Giveaway!


Hi guys, we have Sean Kerr popping in today with his paranormal horror series Dead Camp, we have Sean’s bucket list, fantastic excerpts from all three books, a brilliant giveaway and Shorty’s reviews of books 1 & 2, so check out the post and click that giveaway link <3 ~Pixie~

Sean Kerr - Dead Camp Cover

Dead Camp 01


Sean Kerr

Sometimes the past refuses to stay buried, and sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass.

Eli is an ancient vampire with an ego the size of a planet and a sex drive to match, but his tumultuous past left him broken, so he hides from humanity and cowers from love, left to endure the crushing guilt that haunts his every waking moment. Even his best friend, Malachi, a ghost who is hopelessly in love with Eli, remains unaware of all that transpired in London. Malachi can never know the truth.
When the Angel Daniyyel pays an unwelcome visit, Eli must face his secrets, secrets that he has tried so long to hide. To make matters worse, a chance encounter with the most beautiful man he has ever seen shatters his beloved isolation, pushing him into the world of the living once more. Something about this strange man seems so familiar, but Eli can’t even remember who he was before he became a vampire, never mind explain the unwanted emotions the enigmatic stranger ignites in his dead heart. So Eli has a choice – return to the world that ruined him, or continue his self-imposed exile with no hope of salvation.

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Sean Kerr - Dead Camp 02 Cover

Dead Camp 02


Sean Kerr

It is said that the Devil is in the detail, but what if the Devil was in you?

The world is at war, a war determined to involve Eli, whether he likes it or not. Hitler, his dark army of feral vampires, and even the Devil himself, all conspire against Eli, leaving him no choice but to fight back, risking Malachi’s soul in the process.

Eli is determined to find Ethan’s father, no matter the cost to himself or Malachi, and in a place filled with death and unending cruelty, Eli realizes that some truths should remain buried, and some truths are just too terrible to bear. When the old enemy, demons from Eli’s dark past, find him once more, they reveal a secret so impossible, so terrible, that it pushes Eli to the very edge of his endurance. They took his boyfriend from him once, and the secrets that they reveal about the man he once loved threaten to strip Eli of everything that he holds dear, pushing him to the edge of his sanity.

Eli thought that he had nothing left to lose, but at Welwelsburg Concentration Camp, he realizes that he was very wrong.

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Dead Camp 03


Sean Kerr

To understand the present, you must first understand the past.

As Wewelsburg castle burns, Eli carries Isaiah to safety. So much is lost, Malachi is gone, the Demon from Eli’s terrible past is reborn into a world already at war, and to make matters worse, Gideon is back. Yet, before Eli can even reach the sanctuary of his home, he learns a painful truth about Gideon, the truth of why he left him, and Eli can barely hold onto his own sanity. Eli quickly understands that not everything in life, or death, is black and white, and sometimes to protect the ones we love, we have to make the greatest sacrifice of all.

Something is coming. Eli can feel it, there, in the darkness, taunting him. The truth of his own mysterious identity. But the road to the truth is paved with the pain of a story that he has to hear, a story that will change his perception of history forever, a story of great love, and a story of two lovers who died to change the world. He does not want to hear it, he does not want to believe it, but if he is to understand who he was, if he is to understand why he was made Vampire, he has no choice but to listen as history unfolds before him.

With Morbius close at his heals, the truth is finally out, and Eli can either allow himself to be crushed beneath the burden of his own identity, or allow the world to be consumed by the evil knocking at his door.

Death is just the beginning – love is the end.

Release date: 14th October
Pre-order: eXtasy

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Dancing on the Head of A Pin by Kiernan Kelly (2nd Edition)

kiernan-kelly-dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin-coverTitle: Dancing on the Head of A Pin

Author: Kiernan Kelly

Genre: Paranormal, Angels & Demons

Length: Novella (137pgs)

ISBN: 978-1-63477-732-2

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (14th September 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When a demon saves an angel’s life, he wins the chance to stay out of Hell and walk the earthly plane until the End of Days.

Cael wasn’t aware of the loophole when he spared the angel Malak, but he plans to exploit it. All he needs to do to earn his freedom is convince Malak to give up his virginity. Three thousand years should be plenty of time. But Malak isn’t interested—not in having sex with Cael and not in being exiled from Heaven as a result.

Time is running out, and if Cael fails, his punishment will be unspeakable. With only days left, Malak realizes he can’t let that happen—not to the demon he’s come to love.

But the End of Days is coming sooner than either anticipated. Lucifer has found a way to unleash the Four Horseman and end all existence. If Cael and Malak want to stay together, they need to seek out all four Horsemen and stop them from bringing about the Apocalypse.

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2007.

Purchase Link:

Review: When Cael saved Malak from the destruction of Sodom he bought himself free time from Hell, as when a demon saves an angel he has a chance at freedom. For nearly 3000 years Cael has tried to tempt Malak into giving in to Cael’s wants and he has only one more year to get Malak to succumb or Cael’s got a hell of a welcome party waiting for him when he returns to Hell. Malak has no intention of giving into Cael but when he learns the truth of Cael’s return to Hell Malak can’t bear the horror that Cael will suffer, he’s grown to love the stupid demon.

Just as Cael and Malak begin to look to their future they get the news that Lucifer has released the Four Horsemen and devastation and destruction are heading Earth’s way, together they are determined to stop the Horsemen and Lucifer’s plans of the End of Days.

This is a great novella of an angel and demon finding love and saving the world. Cael is actually a very likable demon, he might be obsessed with sex but he’s very gentle and teasing towards Malak. Malak is a determined Angel, even with being on Earth for so long he’s never lost sight of his goal of returning to Heaven, Cael makes it hard for him though with his teasing and sexual interest.

Both characters are interesting and we do get little flashbacks to times long gone which gives us some insight into Cael and Malak. Their relationship is rocky to say the least, but it’s passionate and hot. The story then turns around to Cael and Malak stopping the Horsemen from fulfilling their assignments and it’s dangerous, exciting and also very bloody.

The story is really well written and cut up into little books, the first part is all about Cael and Malak’s relationship and then there’s four more books for each of the Horsemen as Cael and Malak vanquish them, they are clearly marked so we don’t suddenly find ourselves wondering ‘what’s going on now?’. The story flows well and the storyline is great, it’s a bit of an easy read and not weighed down with too much detail or unnecessary dialogue.

I recommend this to those readers who love Angel and Demon’s finding love, readers who love a bit of action and danger, who adore great characters and a very happy ending.   

Depth of Return by M. Raiya Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway!

M. Raiya - Depth of Return Banner

Hi peeps, we have M. Raiya popping in today with her upcoming release Depth of Return, we have a great guest post & excerpt and there’s a fantastic comment giveaway, so check out the post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~

M. Raiya - Depth of Return Cover s

Depth of Return

(Another Healing 02)

M. Raiya

Betrayed and left for dead by his lover, North has retreated to a secluded island to nurture his coven of witches and their demon partners. His group uses the magic of starlight to bring as much peace to the world as they can. It’s enough. North has no desire to look for love again.

When an accident on a carpentry job reveals that he is a demon, Alan Holsen is sent to North for training. Alan possesses a rare healing ability—one he might be able to use to close the old wounds in North’s heart. While North teaches Alan magic, Alan teaches North to love again, and they both struggle with the leftover resonance of their haunted pasts.

Just when they dare to relax, North’s old enemy returns—and sets his sights on Alan. To save him, North must enlist the aid of neighboring covens, and he learns he isn’t as alone as he thought. But in the end, only North’s love for Alan and the power of the stars have any chance of saving them.

Release date: 5th September 2016
Coming soon to Amazon US | Amazon UK

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On Wings of Thunder by M.D. Grimm

M.D. Grimm - On Wings of Thunder CoverTitle: On Wings of Thunder 

Series: N/A

Author: M.D. Grimm

Genre: Angels and Demons, High Fantasy

Length: Novella (144 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 20, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Trystan is an unchosen angel—shunned by society, bullied, and without a future. In a hidden well, Trystan discovers a carving of a dragon, who were once the commanders of demons and now believed extinct. But Trystan learns the carving doesn’t depict an ordinary dragon. Stories tell that millennia ago, the great dragon Asagoroth and his demon army nearly conquered the three realms but was killed by the five elders. The powerful angels combined their life forces to cast a spell, sacrificing their lives.

But history is full of falsehoods. The five elders only managed to imprison the dragon, and Asagoroth had cast his own spell—one of releasement. It only needs the blood of an angel to liberate him from his cage….

Asagoroth, enemy of angels, conqueror of realms, is free. But even as the angels prepare for war, the great dragon surprises them with an ultimatum: hand over the angel who awakened him or face annihilation.

ISBN-13:  978-1-63477-409-3

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: I really enjoyed reading about Trystan and Asagoroth. It was different and intriguing the way the author blended the old with the new. Trystan is an unchosen angel shunned and bullied which severely pissed me off as if he can help the way he was born. During one instance of bullying he accidentally finds a carving of a dragon.

Every day he is drawn back to the carving by some invisible force. He researches the archives and discovers a tome that has the answers he seeks. Asagoroth was both terrifying and sexy. Terrifying because of his determination to have the angel no matter the cost and lengths he will go to keep him safe from others. It broke my heart all that Asagoroth has suffered especially losing the one he loved a millennium ago.

I found the part in the story about a secret book of the angels and demons fascinating. It made sense though that could be a possibility as everything has two sides.

Brilliantly written, action packed, mysterious, suspenseful and romantic this book will grab your attention from the start and not let go until the very end.

Fantastic read and highly recommended.